I hurried and dressed quickly to get to the church early. I couldn’t afford to run late since I was leading the children’s program that morning. I quickly grabbed a pair of pants off the top of a stack, not remembering that the pile was supposed to go to the cleaner’s weeks before for repair.

That was my first mistake.   

I got there just in time to open the classrooms and double check the list of workers. Kids filled the classrooms and I remembered I’d left my notebook in the worship pastor’s office. I slipped in quietly while he was on the phone and pointed to my pile of stuff. He nodded and I squatted to get my things.

That was my second mistake.  

My seam of my pants ripped from front to back, leaving me exposed, literally. I glanced quickly at the pastor with my jaw open as he laughed loudly at his phone conversation, not seeming to notice my unbearable dilemma (or perhaps he just covered well).  
(I think it bares mentioning that I chose a lesser form of undergarments to avoid a panty line, possibly mistake number three).  

So, I did the only natural thing: while looking at the back of the Pastor’s head, I tiptoed over to the coat rack and stole his overcoat, wrapped it around myself and ran to my car, calling my husband on the way home.  

I may have laughed and cried the whole way home.  
I learned a lot of from this experience: 1. Don’t wear pants with tears in the seam, no matter how small. 2. Don’t wear minimal underwear (for several reasons, actually) 3. Don’t squat in public 4. Don’t neglect myself.  

Motherhood has blessed me so much. It’s taught me great character. I’ve learned to put the needs of my children in front of my own. I make sure they are clothed and fed and doing well.

I need to care for my physical body, so I can take care of theirs. I need to take concern over my spiritual life, so I can feed theirs.   
The old adage

  • http://mieletlait.com Miel Abeille

    Today, I need to remember that I am not alone. I need to recognize that I’ve been trying to do things myself for too long and it’s okay to admit to Him that I need His help.

  • http://www.peacebegan.com Britt

    I just said last night that a hot bath may very solve 78.3% of the world’s problems…or at least of this woman’s problems. I agree with you whole heartedly! We have to take care of ourselves and fill our selves up before we can give to others! It’s so easy to forget that! Thank you for reminding me!

  • http://thescienceofmusic.blogspot.com Rachel @ the science of music

    I really really need to start exercising agian. I know I need to take better care of myself, but I ususally get up out of bed and get the day going, which doesn’t include an appointment with the treadmill.
    My plan for the summer is to incorporate more activity into what we do. I just hope the plans work out.

  • http://www.treasuredupandpondered.blogspot.com bevy

    This whole post was right on… loved the line “it bares mentioning”, like someone else noticed and commented.
    I wonder if “everyone” is going through something of this sort. I needed to read your post today….and take these words to heart. (It seems to reflect a bit of what I wrote about today, too.)

  • http://a-tisket-a-tasket-books.blogspot.com/ Michelle

    Great reminder! We definitly need to focus on what IS important to God and not what we necessarily think is.

  • http://www.andthensomore.blogspot.com Brianna

    Oh, I am so struggling with this very topic lately. Especially as we approach the quickly approaching summer break when both of my kids are home all day with me. I so badly want to make the most of my time with them. But I also need to make the most of my time with my Lord. And with myself.
    Thank you for the refreshing reminder.
    p.s. Thanks for making me laugh, too. :)

  • http://thequeenmommy.com Debbie

    Yep – I had a friend that this happened to TWICE! And she used staples temporarily to get the seams back together.
    Just a few weeks ago, I was getting into my van in an old pair of pants, and somehow, some fabric got caught on a lever and it ripped a HUMONGOUS gash in the seat of my pants as I moved to sit in the driver’s seat. I still had my daughter to pick up at school, and at my mother in law’s… Wow – TOTALLY embarrassing!!!

  • http://www.rohalcall.blogspot.com Lynn

    You are looking especially thin in this picture. ;o)

  • http://mandiesmumblings.blogspot.com mandiesmithsegura

    This is too funny! :) Love it!

  • http://29lincolnavenue.com Stacey

    Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor???
    Best life lessons happen when we can laugh too!

  • Lori

    Great inspiration. Thank you!

  • http://www.MelissaMashburn.com Mel’s World with Melissa Mashburn

    Girl, you continue to make me giggle…thank you for sharing (or bearing) your heart to us and for the great reminder/lesson!
    Big Hugs,

  • http://www.lauraleighparker.com Laura@Life Overseas

    Great, funny post! I love the reminder that sometimes the best things we as mothers can do is care for ourselves. It may feel selfish, but it is so true that if we aren’t healthy and our cups aren’t full, we don’t have much to give those around us. Brilliant reminder. Thanks. :)

  • http://www.sonshinensmiles.com KrisDot

    Thanks for the reminder! I’ve been saying this very thing to myself -both on the physical part and the sleep parts especially. I started working a few weeks ago on getting in better shape and getting to bed earlier/up earlier. Did well for awhile, but I’ve slacked off in the last week or two and I’m feeling it, both in my physical response and my heightened level of agitation and lack of engagement with my kids. (they’re 5 1/2 & 2)It’s funny how it’s about THEM, but you have to also be attentive to YOURSELF in order to do that. I suppose it’s all in the perspective, right?! Selfish vs. servant…