You followed my journey to Africa.

You walked into the heart of Hell with me.

I was afraid. But never alone.

I told the story.

You listened.

Even rescued.

It was eight long, short months ago.

I should be over it by now. Back to myself.

I’m not.

I don’t even recognize her anymore.

It turns out that one trip to Africa was just a beginning.

It was a catalyst to The Mercy House.

God is asking me, our family, perhaps you?

To act justly-be the voice of the unborn and the alone.
To walk humbly-be His hands and feet and bring glory to His name.
To love mercy-be compassion to the least.

Lord, have mercy.

Would you consider supporting The Mercy House, a maternity home in the heart of Kenya, providing an alternative to pregnant girls, many of whom are forced into prostitution by the driving hunger in their bellies?

You can do so simply in so many ways. One tangible: shop Mercy through Dayspring.

Our handmade jewelry benefits The Mercy House and Dayspring is now selling four of our designs! And if you shop early (through the end of November), you can save 30% on our handcrafted designs, using the code SUPER30

By Kristen Welch, We Are That Family

  • allison morrison

    Humbled by your willingness to listen to His direction…beautiful jewelry…

  • Dedra

    Always have my support girl. He’s doing amazing things through you. :)

  • Linda Thomas

    You and Mercy House are always in my prayers! Bless you!


  • Teena

    Thinking about you and the Mercy House daily! Praying….

    Your words speak deep.


  • kendal

    mercy. beautiful word. mercy house. beautiful project. praying.

  • Holley Gerth

    Love your beautiful heart, girl, and can’t wait to see your beautiful face that matches it so well this week!

  • Living the Balanced Life

    What an awesome ministry and so important! I will have to go and check it our further!

  • desiree

    I can tell you from experience that you will not feel the same again. It’s hard to after a trip like that. I went to Liberia, Africa almost three years ago and my heart is still torn up for all the people I meet. God left an imprint on your heart so you can make one on others. It’s beautiful how God works in all of our lives. It’s beautiful that you are letting God work through you.