We are an unlikely jewelry shop.

Copper bits underfoot. Tools next to trikes. Hammering from the garage all hours of the night.

A family stringing beads, love together.

It isn’t who we thought we’d be.

It isn’t what we thought we’d do.

But isn’t that they way of God?

Pressing us out of our comfort zone into His Presence…

My husband, the artist:

Little known fact-he’s a kind-hearted Southern boy who is also a mean seamstress.

I married up.

Oh, and also, on our very first weekend of jewelry-making this summer, he spilled a container of 1,000,000 beads on our tile floor. I still hear a crunch when I vacuum, upstairs.

Do you have any Mercy House jewelry? Tell me what you love/have in the comments!

  • http://www.terilynneu.com Teri Lynne Underwood

    I have a Mercy wrap and a Love Mercy necklace. Gave a Love Mercy necklace to my BFF for Christmas this year … she loves it too.

  • http://www.hopefullydevoted.com Shelli @ Hopefully Devoted

    I have the Love Mercy necklace and love it. It looks great with a red turtleneck and my daughter borrows it, too. It gets worn at least twice a week!

  • ~VA~

    I don’t have any, but they all look super cute.

  • http://www.historichomemaking.blogspot.com Nicole :)

    How can I get it? I absolutely love it all!! And I know friends who would love it!! :D

  • http://makeroomfor.blogspot.com/ Tracey

    We have lots of Mercy House jewelry! My husband looks H-O-T in his Radical necklace. I gave it to him for Christmas and he said it was his favorite gift. I also love my red necklace (looks like coral) because I haven’t seen another one and it has the 3 copper medallions instead of just 1.

  • http://www.aholyexperience.com Ann Voskamp@A Holy Experience

    Our sons have the Mercy House “Radical” necklaces… and so we pray.

    What you are doing here? It’s us witnessing the changing of the world.

    I’m reading Hole in Gospel again… and your heart beats on every page.

    I am praying for you and loving you and cheering you on with the angels….

    All my love…

  • Deanna

    My 13 y/o daughter supports a Compassion child in Ghana whose name is Mercy. And we love her. I love you and Ann and Tonia and… well, I love God more for crossing my desperately thirsty path with such beautiful women in this space. We will be thrilled to order a “LOVE MERCY” necklace soon.

  • http://www.jarfullofrocks.com Jenn @ Jar Full of Rocks

    I have the Pray necklace with green beads….LOVE it. People at church love it also. I need more Mercy House cards so I can give them out when someone asks about it. I’m hoping to buy the Radical necklace for my husband for V-day.

  • http://kendalprivette.blogspot.com/ kendal

    oh… i missed this post somehow. i ADORE my love mercy necklace – it’s the one in the shape of the continent. i most enjoy explaining it to my students who recognize africa (they better since i spent a semester teaching them about it) but don’t get the love mercy part. i pray for the ministry when i see it hanging in my bathroom or when it’s around my neck.

  • Caro

    I would love to have one, but I live in Mexico. How can I order one? Blessings!