The Beauty Of You.

Walking past the full length mirror in her room she glances at herself and stops.  Taking a step toward the mirror she frowns.

Her face is too fat.

Looking at her self with appraisal she begins to list her faults.

She runs a finger over her eyebrows thinking how bushy they are and makes a mental note to make an appointment to get them waxed.

She glances at her midsection and deems it too big and makes a vow to start exercising …tomorrow.

Her eyes are too far apart.

Her nose too pointed.

Her neck too wide.

Her fingers too stubby.

Her legs too short.

In the midst of the litany of things she is telling herself she hears a small whisper.

I knew you before you were born.  I created your innermost being.  (Psalm 139)

Stopping her deluge of negativity she just looks at herself in the mirror.


A still small voice speaks again…You are my child.  (1 John 3:1)

I love you with an everlasting love.  (Jeremiah 31:3)

You are my workmanship. (Ephesians 2:10)

I have redeemed you.  (Ephesians 1:7)

You are beautiful.  (Psalm 45:11)

I chose you.  You are mine.  (Ephesians 1:4; Colossians 3:12; 1 Thessalonians 1:4)

You are no longer a slave.  (Galatians 4:7)

You are a new creation.  (2 Corinthians 5:17)

She looks again in the mirror.  She looks at her eyes.

She sees them brimming with compassion.

She turns her head and see her ears…always ready to listen.

She glances down and sees her hands…always ready to pitch in and help.

Looking again at her face she sees her lips quirk up.  Her mouth always ready to lend encouragement to someone else.

And she smiles at herself.

Seeing the beauty she really is.

The beauty He created her to be.

By Christy McGraw, Critty Joy Blog.

  • Kristen

    This is the most beautiful thing I’ve read in a long time. So true, so encouraging, so powerful. <3

  • Paula

    Just beautiful Christy. Love it, and you!

  • Carrie


  • Katarina

    A wonderful reminder this morning that God has created each one of us perfectly, just as we are. Thanks for the scriptures to back it up.

  • ~VA~

    :) That was great!

  • kendal

    from one who listened to the lies for long enough to be really sick, thank you. the scripture – yes. I’ll throw in some counseling terms: have positive self-talk ready to combat the negative. scripture is it! thanks, christy1

  • Abby

    yay christy! this is so good…i just came across this singular verse and knew how it began, but didn’t know how it ended, so…

    The eternal God is your dwelling place,
    and underneath are the everlasting arms.
    And he thrust out the enemy before you
    and said, Destroy. ~Deut. 33.27

    You exemplified this verse to a T with this piece! Wonderful job! and Wonderful heart!

  • Deborah

    Love this post. We need to teach our babies this early,
    and ask the Holy Spirt to avert the thief of this beautiful truth.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Diane

    Thank you sharing these beautiful truths. We need to remind ourselves of these daily.

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  • Ginger

    Such a beautiful post Christy! :)

  • Sharon O

    I posted it on my facebook. awesome.

  • Andrea

    Absolutely beautiful!

  • Mel’s World with Melissa Mashburn

    This is ABSOLUTELY spectacular…love love love it Christy!

  • Nikole Hahn


    This is too beautiful.

  • Amy Sullivan

    This is one of my favorite (in)courage posts. We all have these moments. Mine don’t always end with the same compassion showed here, but they should.

  • JennaFarelyn

    Wonderful affirmation, and something so very many women can identify with. The constant critiquing in our heads. Having the truth of scripture right there in your head (or printed out next to the mirror) is a great affirmation of what’s real. That we are all beautiful.

  • Lisa

    Thank you for writing this. We need to silence the lies and listen to and be reminded anew of His Holy Truth.

  • Nicole

    Beautiful thoughts and words….thank you.

  • Erin

    So beautiful, Christy! I love how He replaced the lies with TRUTH!!


  • Monica Duenes

    Thank you for this beautiful reminder!! I really needed it today!!

  • Jen Ferguson

    Oh, yes. So important to listen to that still small voice that speaks the TRUTH. So glad I know you! Wonderful writer, girl, wonderful.

  • Jo Princess Warrior

    Love this!

  • deidra

    Oh, beautiful you! Such beautiful words…such truth!

  • Victoria

    Beautiful and moving, sweet friend! Moving me to tears and to my knees…

  • Wendi

    Um… what were you doing in my bathroom this morning?! ;-)

    Thank you for these words today…

  • Rachel

    That was beautiful!

  • kara

    Oh how I needed to read this today. Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart, Christy.

  • Katie @ Imperfect People

    Beautifuly said! I am all about loving our imperfect selves

  • Chosendia

    Thank you so much for sharing this. For years I discouraged my ownself until God blessed me to see me as He do. I am still learning from people like you. Thanks again. God bless you

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