A little over a month ago we announced (in)courage would be providing eight sponsorships to the Relevant conference this year!

All kinds of lovely proposals came flooding in from you. It has been a joy and delight to see your ideas, hear your hearts, and get to know you better.

A team of DaySpring folks prayed over every creative submission and beautiful heart represented, and thanks you so much for sharing your stories with us.

We wish that we had a zillion sponsorships to give. The chance to be with you in person at Relevant sounds even better than a hot fudge sundae with extra cherries on top.

If you sent a proposal and your name isn’t below, please know we’d still love to connect with you! For example, we sure can offer you the opportunity to host a giveaway of some fun DaySpring product on your site or partner with us in other ways. If you are interested in partnering with DaySpring & (in)courage, please let us know here!

And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

(in}courage and DaySpring are proud to partner with these bloggers to connect people with the heart of God through messages of hope and encouragement every day, everywhere.

1. The Hope & Encouragement sponsorship: Kristen {Chasing Blue Skies} 
My blog, Chasing Blue Skies, offers fresh-air encouragement and looking-up hope to women. I want to hunt down the good in every circumstance, seeing God’s presence come rain or shine. I want to encourage other women to do the same as I share my heart and listen to theirs. We all experience joys and sorrows, and I want women to feel safe sharing both with me while I share both with them.


2. The  (in)courage photographer sponsorship: Heather {Sprittibee}
Ever since I can remember, I have loved cameras and photos. I never could afford film as a kid, but every chance I got to develop film, I did it. It wasn’t until the dawn of digital photography that I was able to really start developing more than just an image, though… because with digital pictures, you can play until your “mental picture” is the same as what the camera produces – given enough practice, patience, love and some good tools.


3. The Home blogger sponsorship: Myra {The Casabella Project}
Casabella means “beautiful house” and that’s why I blog…because everyone wants a beautiful house.  I want to inspire you because beauty doesn’t need to cost a fortune! I love hitting up thrift stores and yard sales for perfect pieces that need a new life.  I’ve been known to pick “junk” up off the side of the road and turn it into a treasure.  Spray paint, burlap, chippy wood, old windows, and hot glue pretty much make any day an awesome day!


4. The Frugal blogger sponsorship: Mandy {Pennies and Blessings}
Finances can be a difficult area of life to navigate well, and can quickly become discouraging. I am so excited to share some of our family’s personal lessons of finance, and giving! Pennies and Blessings can provide you with a great resource for family activities, date nights, and ideas for home decor ~ all with budget in mind!  The most prominent new category, though, is that of “Save and Give.”  I spent years of my adult life believing we could not afford to give.  But in the past two years God has proved me wrong in that area.

5. The Micah 6:8 Sponsorship: Michele {From the Unpaved Road}
All journeys that truly matter really do start deep inside us. And the only journey I have authority to speak of is the one I live out everyday. In 2006, God called me to move site unseen across the world into the warzones of Southern Sudan and start taking in children. All that needed a family. He does not set the lonely in orphanages, but in families. Mine has grown to include 110 sons and daughters who live with me, a school for over 500, multiple churches and hundreds more children being helped in the communities we serve.

6. The Writer’s Craft sponsorship: Cara {Whimsy Smitten}
My blog is a place where I live out loud in the hopes that others may do the same.  So I tell my stories… to use my real and messy life to encourage and uplift and wrap a virtual arm around you. Since I’ve recently moved thousands of miles from home and family to embark on a ministry opportunity to parent ten kids as a houseparent at a children’s home, I have so many daily victories and failures that I always hope will connect to the hearts of anyone that crosses my path.  

7. The Newbie sponsorship: Jennifer {You Are My Girls}
“You are My girls” is the phrase that got this blog started. It is the name the Father gave for a group of women He has been bringing together each week to work through a study on identity. What began as a series of emails sent to encourage the group and to share my heart, led to His promptings to write more regularly. You Are My Girls is a blog for women pursuing the truth of their identity – the truth of who they are in the eyes of their Father.

8. The Veteran sponsorship: Mary {Mary DeMuth}
I’ve blogged regularly since 2004, first as a way to connect to our friends and family back home while we were church planters in France. I’m chef wanna-be, a sometimes tri-athlete (note emphasis on sometimes), and a passionate follower of Jesus. My deepest dream is to see stories—mine and others—change lives as they’ve changed mine. Although I write both non-fiction and fiction, I’m especially fond of the latter because of the power of story. Stories saved me. From the parables of Jesus, to novels like To Kill a Mockingbird and The Book of the Dun Cow, stories swept me away into a world of hope and possibility.

Please take a moment and go visit these wonderful women; say hello, put your feet up on their furniture and enjoy getting to know all that we love about them. 

Thanks again to everyone who sent proposals! You’re wonderfully creative and have such beautiful voices to share with the world. We’re so grateful to be part of (in)courage with you!

Warmest of wishes, Lisa-Jo {Community Manager at (in)courage}

  • http://delightinginthedays.com Stacy @ Delighting in the Days

    Very excited for these ladies! Thanks for being so generous!

  • http://grittygrace.com martha brady

    congrats ladies:) i look forward to getting to know you better through your blogs…and in the Fall at Relevant11. martha

  • http://stopnsmellthechocolates.blogspot.com Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates

    Yay!! Some lovely ladies and sweet friends – so happy for them! Congrats to all!

  • http://just-starting-out.blogspot.com melissa newell

    Congrats ladies!

  • http://www.chattingatthesky.com emily freeman

    oh I’m so excited! That means we get to meet all these girls! Yippee!

  • http://www.jennifervdavis.com Jennifer

    Congratulations, ladies! Have a wonderful time at Relevant ’11 this fall! :)

  • http://joyfulmothering.net Christin

    Yay! Congratulations girls! :)

  • http://29lincolnavenue.com Stacey

    Yeah for the girls of @incourage!!!!! Praying God uses this in mighty ways in your lives, may you be (in)couraged at Relevant11 and use what you learn to go and bless many lives!

  • Deidra

    How cool is that???? Congratulations, everyone!!!

  • http://Www.OneRoofAfrica.com Michelle@OneRoofAfrica

    Congratulations, beautiful ladies!

    May the Father richly bless you as you continue to seek His will and walk out His calling in your lives.

    I am rooting for you!

  • http://liferearranged.com/blog jeannett

    Congratulations to the winners! What a fun opportunity!!! :)

  • http://pensieve.me Robin Dance ~ PENSIEVE

    Thrilled for all!! :)

  • http://melissabrotherton.com Melissa Brotherton

    Congratulations to all! :)

  • http://www.sdgartistry.com Sherri Ohler

    Congrats to all! Can’t wait to see what else God has planned for you and your blogs :)

  • http://www.reflectionsandimperfections.blogspot.com Brianne

    Congratulations to all!

  • http://www.heseesme.wordpress.com Danelle Townsend

    I am so happy for all these wonderful ladies. Excited to visit all of your blogs!
    Wanted to also put down here in comments what I just read up at the incourage tweet box, and it meant a lot to me. . .”you don’t need a sponsorship to have a voice. . . ”
    Just a reminder to all the sweet, talented ladies who tried and didn’t receive.
    I crawled out of bed at 6am to see if I had been chosen.
    And it sort of felt like I was seeing if I “had been chosen”, if you know what I mean.
    But I know He has plans for us all.
    His Timing.
    We all have unlimited futures and unlimited blessings in store.
    Love to my sweet incourage family!

  • http://www.marydemuth.com Mary DeMuth

    Wow what a nice Monday surprise! What a privilege and a surprise!

  • http://thecupcakesprinklesinlife.com Rachel

    Yay! Congrats Ladies!

    I look forward to maybe meeting some of you at Relevant :)

  • http://puttinggodfirstplace.com Ashley

    Congrats to everyone!!!

  • http://athankfullheart.blogspot.com Miranda

    Congrats to all the ladies! I’m excited to read all that they experience at Revelant. I’ve only heard of Myra’s blog before so I’m excited to check out all the new blogs.

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  • http://sahmiam77.blogspot.com Dianna @ Sincerely Me

    Congratulations, ladies!!!!! Wishing I could go with you all. :)

  • http://janudlock.com/ Jan Udlock

    The Lord has so much in store for you all. Enjoy this time.

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  • http://melindatodd.com Mel @ Trailing After God

    Congrats ladies! I bet you have a blast!

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

  • http://asoftplace.net Kimba

    Congratulations to all of you wonderful bloggers! You’ve selected an amazing group of women.

  • http://myhomesweethomeonline.net Dawn Camp

    Congratulations everyone! Yes, you don’t need a sponsorship to have a voice. :-)

  • http://fromtheunpavedroad.com Michele Perry

    Honored, humbled, a bit amazed, quite surprised and thinking this bodes well for the week! Since leaving Africa for my trip in the US to share our journey in person with new friends and faithful family I barely have had time to turn the computer on or look at a calendar. So when this came through this morning on my blackberry, my jaw hit the ground even before my toes! Can’t wait to meet all of you in person!

  • http://sprittibee.com sprittibee

    Woo to the Hoo!

    I wrote a post about it… the joy bubble in this house totally threw my morning off track!

  • http://www.stumblingaroundinthelight.com Teri @ StumblingAroundInTheLight

    So delighted for all of these gals…and fun that I’m already familiar with all their blogs, but the ‘newbie’…which I shall go check out right now!
    What an incredible gift & joy!

  • http://whimsysmitten.blogspot.com Cara @ WhimsySmitten

    Can’t wait to meet you all at Relevant! Blessed beyond measure to have this amazing opportunity.

  • http://www.seedsofpax.blogspot.com Mary Jo

    Congratulations to all… and many blessings!

  • http://casabellaproject.com Myra @ The Casabella Project

    I’m so humbled, thrilled and otherwise overjoyed! Thank you DaySpring and (In)courage! :)

  • http://www.youaremygirls.com/2011/03/30/935/ Jennifer

    Such a thrilling opportunity to partner with this beautiful community. I am so, so grateful. Thank you, thank you!

  • http://www.chasingblueskies.net Kristen@Chasing Blue Skies

    This girl who is really just a big dork and a hot mess humbly says thank you. With or without a sponsorship, I am crazy-wild about DaySpring and (In)Courage!

  • http://moreenough.wordpress.com Melody

    Congratulations Ladies, you must be so excited. I will look forward to reading about your adventure(s).

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  • http://www.thehagemeisterclan.blogspot.com Kelley

    Congratulations to all the beautiful ladies who were blessed with a spot! I’m hoping something miraculous will happen and I’ll still be able to go! Have fun and I can’t wait to check out your blogs!

  • http://www.undercovermother.net Hyacynth

    Congrats, ladies! Looking forward to meeting everyone. :)

  • Sue

    Such a great bunch of women and doing so much good in your lives for all that don’t have as much. Keep up the great work and you all have such great ideas on how to help so many.!!!!

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