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My yoke is heavy right now. The stress of the world is weighing me down, pulling me side to side and then shoving me violently into a hole.  Spurts of hopelessness mixed with being able to put it out of my mind are the influencing factor of how many tears are in my eyes. Life is hard.

But the best news is that even though it’s hard, it’s not impossible because of Jesus. He came to give us life and give us more abundant life. Never in the bible does it say that he’s going to bundle us up like babies, protecting us from the harsh realities of the world like mothers do to their first born.

We are not the first born, meant to be sheltered and protected. Germ barriers are not part of God’s plan for our life.  When our bottle falls, it’s not sterilized. When we go near an electrical outlet God doesn’t come running toward us yelling, “Don’t touch that!”  Once when we were new to the faith of Christ we were babies but now we are not.

We are warriors. Broken, bloodied, spit upon, kicked down, trampled on and talked about because of our beliefs. Not in the way that some are today, we have it easy. Oh so very very easy is our yolk.

Yet even the easiest yolks still brings tears. It is still heavy. Our lives, husbands, kids, jobs, houses, and responsibilities all add a few ounces that when added up, equal more than we can sometimes handle. There are the days when you feel like you weren’t prepared for what you are facing in the future and a little more weight will be added. Or the day when your husband admits something to you that crushes your heart and even more is added. What about the day that your child says that they hate you, not matter how young they are…. More weight is added.

Then when it becomes too much to bear and when you know that you can’t go on anymore, Praise Him. As Paul and Silas praised him in prison… Praise Him. When your eyes are focused on him, then your body can’t focus on the weight that is on your shoulders. Let Him remove those weights one by one in the right time. Just focus on Him and know… you are not alone.  Sing praises for those yokes because He bears them with you.

By Bobbie Byrd, author of  Clumsy Crafter

  • Amy Hunt

    Such truth – we bear nothing alone.

    Rich blessings, Bobbie, as you continue to speak this truth to the darlin’s He’s lent you to raise…

  • tinuviel

    “We are not the first born, meant to be sheltered and protected. Germ barriers are not part of God’s plan for our life…. We are warriors.”

    This section especially speaks to me, as I am the first born in my family. God has been growing me up through a long boot camp season. It has not been fun, but your words remind me that it is good and part of Him shaping me into the woman of His choosing.

    Grace and peace to you! May you experience the presence of Christ as your yoke-fellow today.

  • Gosia

    Friends, Please pray for me as I battle my addiction to alcohol. It does not do any good for my physical health but, most importantly, it takes me further and further away from the teachings of our Heavenly Father. I’d much rather me addicted to God’s Word!
    Thinking prayerfully of you all,
    your friend Gosia :-)

  • Stacey

    Thanks for this – my yoke has been dragging me down hard the past couple of weeks. I’m learning to praise God – and it sure does help!

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  • rass

    Thanks for this beautiful post, I needed to read these words and they gave me strength,

  • Nicki Woo

    Well said, friend.

    Say it again, and again, and again. Sweet Music To My Ears. May God’s Peace be with you always.