We’re counting down to September 9th and the big reveal of something brand new and deliciously (in)couraging.

Our 30 contributors can barely contain their excitement. So they’re slipping you 30 reasons why they’re psyched about what’s coming on September 9th.

Can you match the slice of life below to the right writer before we tell you who’s who tomorrow?

Go ahead and give it your best guess in the comments!

  • http://www.rainintorainbows.com Shari@Rain into Rainbows

    My guess is Robin!

    I simply cannot WAIT to see what all of this is about!!

    • http://pensieve.me Robin Dance ~ PENSIEVE

      Well…since I work part-time for Chick-fil-A and my blood is about 50% sweet tea, this **could’ve** been me…but as you know now, it isn’t. Love you thought it could be, though! :)

  • http://cindyinpa.blogspot.com/ Cindy in PA

    Kristen from We are THAT Family?!

  • http://sandraheskaking.com Sandra Heska King

    I want to play. Yep. Kristen.

  • http://www.mamahall.blogspot.com Eryn {mamahall}

    Kristen W. @ We Are THAT Family :)))

  • http://betty-wiseheartedwomen.blogspot.com Betty Draper

    Kristen from We Are That Family……getting more and more excited as the clue keep coming.

  • Patricia

    this is exciting – but the waiting is hard

  • Beth Williams

    Waiting is truly hard! Can’t hardly stand to find out what the nice surprise is!!

  • http://www.queenieslittlekingdom.com Wanda

    I’m going with Kristen @ WATF! Girl thinks a lot of sweet tea!

  • http://www.megmassey.com Meg

    My guess is Robin!

    • http://pensieve.me Robin Dance ~ PENSIEVE

      Meg, it makes my Southern heart happy you thought this was me; even some of the (in)contributors thought it was!!! #y’allwerewrong!

  • http://openmyearslord.blogspot.com Janis@Open My Ears Lord

    If Kristen lives on sweet tea, I’m thinking she’s a pretty good guess for serving up sweet tea and sweet talk.

  • Karen


  • http://makeroomfor.blogspot.com/ Tracey

    gotta be Kristin Welch!

  • http://onegirl-itjusttakesone.blogspot.com OneGirl

    How could it be anyone but Kristen?! :D

  • http://www.simplylivingbyfaith.blogspot.com Stacey

    Kristen =]