The pool of camera phone images in our (in)courage Community Photography Project is growing day-by-day. If you haven’t participated, yet, please do. If you have, keep ‘em coming! Images can be added either by tagging them with the #incourage hashtag on Instagram or by contributing to our group on Flickr.

We’re looking for photos of what inspires you, to be displayed both at The Relevant Conference and beyond. Here’s a sample of photos that have been submitted so far:

Bird in the window by @weluvobx


My favorite verse by @funkyfaithgirl


10th anniversary by @emilychats


Letters from my Compassion kids by @lilbearme

lifeguard tower

Lifeguard tower from @Talysa

Jesus chalk

Sidewalk chalk in my driveway, plus my shadow by yours truly (@dawnmhsh).

Read the submission details on the original post. This project is open to the entire (in)courage community—please join us!

By: Dawn Camp, My Home Sweet Home

  • Donna

    This was fun. The other entries here were sweet.

    • Dawn Camp

      Donna, yes, they are awfully sweet. :)

  • Jenny

    oooo – didn’t know that y’all had a photo community until I got this sweet little post in my inbox this morning… now I’m doing a happy dance :) I don’t have an iPhone (I’m a droid user) – so no instagram, but I can definitely upload some pix!

    • Dawn Camp

      Jenny, start clicking and tagging!

  • Rachel

    Are we allowed to put a picture up on Flickr that wasn’t taken with a camera phone? I didn’t join in the project before because I though that all of the pictures had to come from cell phones. However, it looked like there were several photos on the Flickr page that weren’t taken with cell phones. I’d love to join in if pictures from cameras are allowd! I’m still in the dark ages with my cell phone and no data plan. :)

    • Rachel

      I have just uploaded two of my favorite pictures from my time in Alaska. God’s amazing creation and beauty seen there never ceases to inspire me! It inspires me to worship Him and stand in awe of His power.

  • Katie @ Imperfect People

    Thanks for the reminder. My phone is not fancy enough to upload pics but I just got an iPAD!!! Whoo hoo Picture time!

    • Dawn Camp

      Join in the project!

  • Kathy

    Added my photo to the flikr group! Oops just read an earlier comment –was it supposed to be with a cell phone? No worries, I’ll add another using my cell phone! Sorry!

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  • Danise

    What a great idea! Wow! there are some really great photos!

  • Stacey

    I’m soo elated to see my photo “Bird In the Window” above =]. Thanks so much for sharing it with everyone =]

    • Dawn Camp

      You’re welcome, Stacey. Thanks for contributing!

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