I was in the audience at a concert one night amazed by the size of the arena, the volume of the cheers and applause, and the excitement of being in this moment. At one point all eyes went to a ten year old little girl who was acknowledged by the singer and given the happy birthday wish of a lifetime.

As I sat there and thought about how exciting it must have been for that little girl to get the attention thousands others craved from this star, my mind wandered away from the concert.

I imagined Jesus standing up on that stage. I imagined the whole crowd fading away as He points his finger straight up to me. Little ol’ insignificant me, sitting in row 116, section R, seat 24. And then He speaks straight to me, “I love you Lysa and I have chosen you. Can we spend some time talking about this?”

I smiled. Then the reality of the concert brought real life crashing back. To the rock star the person sitting in row 116, section R, seat 24 is just another face in the crowd.

But to Jesus there is no such thing as just another face in the crowd. Somehow to God, we are all unique souls who He desires to call out, recognize and invite into a more intimate setting.

Unlike a human pop star, Jesus can give this kind of individual attention without excluding others. Every single person in the crowd could have their own individual encounter with Him. The only requirements are the desire to experience Him and the belief that it is possible. Sadly, very few people have either of these.

I know. I used to have the kind of relationship with God where I viewed Him as The One who makes sweeping glances over thousands of people per minute just to make sure no one was getting out of line. But the possibility to have God pause in the midst of everyday life to spend a little time with just me wasn’t in my scope of possibilities at all.

It almost seems a bit presumptuous to think God would want to notice me, choose me, call on me, and converse with me- doesn’t it?

Maybe the answer to this question is yes in human terms but not in Biblical terms.

In human terms the word “chosen,” sends my mind reeling back to playground kickball days. These were not some of my finer childhood memories.

“Chosen” was not at all a word I would have used to describe myself.

So, when I first heard that word in relation to God’s feelings toward me, I couldn’t process it. In human terms it did seem quite presumptuous to think that God would pause to pay attention to me. My earthly Daddy never did that. My kickball team mates certainly didn’t do that. It seemed quite upside down to think that a girl the world ignored and passed over would actually be handpicked, on purpose, by God.

The Bible is full of reassurances that this is exactly the way God wants us to process life.

Colossians 3: 12 says, “Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.”

Psalm 25:12 says, “Who, then, is the man that fears the LORD ? He will instruct him in the way chosen for him.”

And John 15:19 says, “If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world.”

I am a chosen person, with a chosen way, who has been handpicked by God on purpose to live a chosen life set apart in this world. But please don’t mistake this as an exclusive country club type membership. No, this is the truth that every person can stand on no matter their race, background, or their past. If you proclaim Jesus Christ, son of God, as your Lord and Savior, this is your chosen reality.

The problem is we have been trained to process life based on the way we feel. We think we must feel love for love to exist. We think we must feel wanted for it to be true that we are chosen. We think we must feel God’s presence for Him to really be close. But God never meant for us to feel our way to Him.

God wants us to stand on the absolute truth that He is with us no matter how our feelings may try and betray that reality. When I process life through my feelings I am left deceived and disillusioned. When I process life through God’s truth I am divinely comforted by His love and made confident in His calling on my life.

So, back to that concert when Jesus gave me the visual of Him calling out to me- choosing me, I learned something profound that night.

God made each of us with a vulnerable place inside our souls to be wanted, loved, and chosen above all others. I think that’s what ultimately drives people on both sides of an arena filled stage. The one on the stage is looking to have this vulnerable placed filled by the screaming crowd. The screaming crowd somehow thinks this famous person has it all figured out so if they can just get close maybe some of that fulfillment will rub off on them.

All the while Jesus stands off to the side and wonders if anyone realizes He’s the One our souls long for… not the fame… not the attention of the famous… and not the millions of other things we’ll spend our lives thinking we must have.

The answer to our deepest desires is not the seemingly perfect life… not the most romantic husband…not the smartest and most well behaved kids… not the bigger house… not the better job… not the awards and recognition of man and not in trying to feel our way to God.

It’s making the choice to recognize that God is close. Whether we’re at a concert, on a playground in the middle of a sorry kickball game, or sitting in a chair in our den- God is there. Loving. Assuring. Teaching. Calling. Choosing to spend time with us.

Becoming more than a good Bible Study Girl means never settling for needing to feel our way to God or to simply limit our experience of Him to those few minutes we call our quiet time.

It’s being able to sit in the noise of the arena of life with every worldly distraction imaginable bombarding you and suddenly thinking of Him- talking with Him- smiling with Him- and realizing every longing I’ve ever had in life to be more than just the girl in row 116, section R, seat 24 is already filled. By Him. The One who sees me as chosen.

I am giving away a copy of my book “Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl” to 3 randomly chosen commenters today.

By Lysa TerKeurst

  • Stephanie

    Wow, we were made with a craving a desire nothing can fill but Christ. How sad that so many people fall so far into despair trying everything BUT Christ to fill this longing. so thankful that He has overcome the world:)

  • Amy Hunt

    Lysa, this is really so powerful. And it’s one of the biggest truths–the biggest–to conquer the concern about what *other people* think. He IS always there and the difference happens when we make the choice to believe that He really is that close. Such a good reminder today and what a way to start the day!

  • Lisa H

    Thank you so much for this! I never thought I was ‘chosen’ by God, I was just another face in the crowd. That is if I even thought God was watching me, which I wasn’t. But He never gave up on me and he waited for me to sink to the bottom of the pit and finally say “I give up”. That is what it took for me to realize that he wasn’t far away at all, he still looked after me even though I never looked for him. When I stopped trying to control my world around me and I gave up, God took over for me. When I started reading and learning scriptures after this he kept pointing me toward scriptures like the ones you put in your post. But it was so incredibly hard for me to accept that God would choose me! I couldn’t believe it was true, I was so brainwashed by my own negativity that I simply could not believe he truly wanted a relationship with me! But with a lot of prayer, scripture, and wonderful women he placed in my life to help me understand a little at a time I began to believe this was in fact true. I am amazed at the transformation that has occured in my life the past four years but God’s not. He already knew it would happen because he chose me to do his work here on this earth. I am still trying to find out where exactly that work is to be done but I am willing. Being ‘chosen’ is such a wonderful, life changing experience!

  • Nimmi

    Wow, thank you for this. Being handpicked by God is such an awesome thought and just what I needed to hear today.

  • rene

    If this is anything like the book I want more :)

  • Kristin

    Such a beautiful reminder – thank you. Sometimes I forget that I was chosen. The idea that God would have sent his Son even if just for me is overwhleming and difficult to grasp so I brush it off….the magnitude of His love for each of us individually is amazing isn’t it?!

  • Angie

    Thank you for this reminder and your endless encouragement!

  • Sami

    Grateful every day that God chooses each person on the face of the earth! The question is, have I chosen Him? Thanks for this post!

  • Natasha

    wow — thanks Lysa! After just spending my quiet time with Jesus — this was very encouraging! I can’t wait to read your book!

  • wanda

    Working with teenagers reminds me daily just how common it is to feel awkward and insignificant.
    The biggest time of influence and for many of them–the years of molding and shaping who they’ll one day be…..and one little comment can create a lifetime of doubt, fear & insecurity!
    I wish EVERYONE knew….they were handpicked by Him!

  • Marleah

    Thank you for this today. I’ve been going through the motions for the last few days, and I needed this reminder that God has chosen me and loves me and I can have that intimate, encouraging moment with Him.

  • Bekah

    Thank you for this post and I hope I get a chance to read this book someday; it sounds amazing.

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for the encouragement Lysa.
    It is amazing that God knows everything about us,
    and is always there for us…..assuring us that we who are in Christ,
    are chosen. It is an identity we all need.

  • Jessica

    I love this and love knowing that I am His chosen one!

  • kristin

    I especially love reflecting on being chosen because God created our family through two adoptions. I made both my kids books about their stories and my daughter’s book is called “Chosen.” Through adoption, God has reminded me of his faithfulness and his desire to bring us into his kingdom.

  • Kathy

    This is beautiful! So thankful for the truth of God’s Word!
    kathy k.

  • Patricia

    This writing is profound to me for it made me realize that so many times, I am relying on my feelings, rather than on faith alone. It made me see that I still look for ways to feel his presence, when in reality he is always with me. Thank you so much for sharing this. It will change me going forward in my journey.

  • jennifer

    As I can’t attend church right now, this blog is part of my daily relationship time with Christ. Thank you for your words and encouragement.

  • Trish

    So beautiful! Thank you. To know that He is always with us – because He chose us…….it’s very humbling.

  • http://N/A Celie

    Words that can be applied, yes they can! Would love to be random chosen for the book but blessed to know I’m not random chosen for the path God has for my journey.

  • Christy Johnson

    This is the first time I have read your blog and I want to say thank you for sharing this. I am reading Ann Voskamp’s book 1000 gifts and watching the videos in my Bible class this semester. I have grown so much in faith and acceptance for myself during this study. This post on your blog brought me even closer to the realization that I am important to God no matter what. I will definitely be bookmarking your page. Thanks again!

  • Jean

    From the time I was a little girl I was taught to look to God as my father since my earthly one was only involved in my life via “special cards by mail”. But there was always that feeling of not being good enough for God, how could I be I certainly wasn’t for my earthly one. As a thirty something year old wife and mother I still battle those thought. I strive to make sure my children know the are worth it, not only to me and my husband but above all to God and He will always be there for them. I think your book will be a great encouragement to not only my daughters but to me as well. Thank you for using your gifts for God!

    • Anna

      Jean I can totally relate, I think it will be an encouragement to me and my daughters as well.

  • Jennifer

    “God wants us to stand on the absolute truth that He is with us no matter how our feelings may try and betray that reality. When I process life through my feelings I am left deceived and disillusioned. When I process life through God’s truth I am divinely comforted by His love and made confident in His calling on my life.”

    Amen, Lysa! That’s something I have to be reminded of daily.

  • Amy Pitman

    It is such an awesome place to be in our walk with Christ–to be in a mega, roaring crowd and be able to be still and commune with Him. Such sweet times! I tend to feel, in times like these, that I am the only one who exists in the Father’s eyes. He makes me feel like I am the only one that matters in that point in time. I know that everyone matters to God, but His love for little ‘ole me makes me feel like I am the only one in the world. Magnificent! Thanks for sharing encouragement on this topic!

  • Betty Draper

    I read the Old Testement for four years before I finally surrendered to this one who while hanging on the cross looked through time and saw me and you. I understood His love would not be distracted even by the pain of the beating, the nails in his hands and feet or the crowd who were mocking Him. This understanding came from those four years of reading the Word and learning His love was not frail and when He made a promise nothing kept Him from keeping it. All through those four years He drew me with that love, love chased me everywhere I went. Driving one day listening to Willie Nelson singing Amazing Grace I was so over come I had to pull off the side of the road…love penetrated the car that day as my mind recalled all I had read about this God who unconditionally loved me. Finally I accepted that if I had been the only person on earth He would have sent His Son just for me. The truth as you penned it, ” Jesus can give this kind of individual attention without excluding others will set us free on a daily basis as we walk through this journey. His divine love has travel with me to some of the most remote places on this earth on our missionary journey, never left me, is going with me to busy California to minister.

    I love this post, believe it will bring freedom to all who will just believe the truths you have given out. It’s going on my facebook. It has encouraged my heart once again to tell the old old story to those I meet….if you were the only person on this earth Jesus would have died for you. Thank you, Thank you Lysa

  • Katie

    Thank you for this post. This is a wonderful and much needed reminder and great encouragement. Your posts are always so positive and encouraging. They help me get through the rough tough days!!!

  • Jennifer

    Loved this post! It’s good to remember that God is always near and He has chosen me.

  • Laura

    “The problem is we have been trained to process life based on the way we feel. We think we must feel love for love to exist. We think we must feel wanted for it to be true that we are chosen. We think we must feel God’s presence for Him to really be close. But God never meant for us to feel our way to Him.”
    Oh how I needed to be reminded of this today. So many times I fall into the trap of relying on my feelings as a truth instead of trusting God no matter what my feelings may be saying to me. Thank you for sharing this message.


  • cheryl

    What a needed word, Thanks for sharing!

  • Mari

    You have made a lot of great points that ring true to me. It is so hard for us to imagine in our finite minds that He longs for a meaningful relationship. He has called our name, You are right; it is not exclusive, we are all chosen.

  • Courtney

    oh – its exactly what this broken messy girl needed to hear this morning. thank you, Lysa. Would love to win a copy of the book. :)

  • cheryl

    Thank-you! I needed to hear this perspective of chosen today. Learning to rest in God’s love in a performance related world is tough.

  • Laurel@chippingwithcharm

    Wow…this is EXACTLY what I need to hear today. Thank you, Laurel
    PS…I was also just day dreaming about how to “make” my hubby more romantic…LOL! God is good :)

  • Jamie

    I so loved this post, Lysa! “Chosen” is such powerful word and I loved the picture of God calling you out of the crowd. What a great image to remember!

  • Chelsi H

    Thank you so much for this today. It was beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. It was exactly what I needed to be reminded of right now.

  • suzanne

    this was so perfect for today ~ i just recently broke off an engagement to my childhood sweetheart because he was just not God’s best for me. after fighting that and really wanting “that story” for two years, i finally submitted myself to the fact that as great as that childhood sweetheart story was, God’s would be better. i feel confident in my decision for myself, but i still struggle with what “others” must think about me being still not married – aka, not “chosen” in my mind. even though i was chosen and still chose to walk away. it’s more of a society thing. what do they think of my bare ring finger? no kids? etc. like they are judging me as not being worthy enough to be chosen — these “they” who don’t know any of the facts. it’s ridiculous. yet, it’s there. and sometimes, it seeps into my mind and i become one of the “they,” judging myself. thank you for this reminder that i am chosen. over and over again.

  • Carolyn

    What an awesome word picture! Thanks for helping me to understand what that word ‘chosen’ really looks like!

  • Andrea

    This was beautiful.

  • Elizabeth

    This is so difficult to truly believe deep down. Logically, I can know that this is true, that God sings over me, but I cannot seem to convince my heart. Thankfully, God knows this too! And He is perfectly able to change my heart for me. Grace!

  • Kim Mora

    This is so true- I forget that God is right there with me through the day- not just in a “HOLY” place such as church or when I’m reading my Bible. Thank you for the reminder!

  • LO Clement

    I absolutely LOVED. this post. Most of my friends are musicians and I am often confronted with the “star struck” fan. My heart is always stricken by this fact but I haven’t exactly been able to put into words why . . . you did perfectly! Thank you for the use of the Scripture here as well. It really helped me to understand exactly what your “chosen” focus was. Blessings!

  • Monica

    Thanks for sharing that word, Lysa. I have a hard time believing this in my soul right now but it is good to meditate on today. I needed it.

  • Mia

    He chooses ME! :)

  • Mary K

    Thank you for reminding me of God’s promises today. It’s hard to know in your heart what you already know in your head- thank you for the scripture.

  • LaDonna

    Oh Lysa! You always seem to hit the nail on the head – are you reading my mind? I have only to listen to you on the radio or read your encouraging words to be simply reminded of how human (i.e., normal) I am. Thank you for this!

  • Melanie

    What a powerful reminder when it is so easy to feel insignificant and unimportant. Every one of us is important and significant to God–all the time!

  • Mandy

    I definitely needed this today! Such amazing peace knowing that God sees me, not just looks *at* me, but sees who I am…

  • Mama Cook

    Beautiful! Chosen in today’s moments…not in accomplishments, because of success, or “getting it right”! Chosen because He loved us before we first loved Him! Thank you!

  • Becky M

    Before graduating from high school, I had moved over 25 times — I was the unchosen in school because I was always “that new girl”. Thanks for this reminder that God chose me — everytime I moved He was there chosing me.

  • Nicole Reiner

    This is so good. I have to remind myself of this all the time. Its hard to wrap my brain around this amazing fact

  • Becky J.

    What a treasure to be so treasured by God-that He sent Jesus, His Son..blessings one and all!!

  • Kari

    I LOVE this ‘CHOSEN’! I would also not choose this word to describe myself, why? I don’t know. But OH when I hear it and when I read those blessed verses of love and hope…my heart cries YES! I am a CHOSEN and BELOVED Child of God, amen and amen!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  • Sherry

    Wow. God’s been showing me this Truth, but I still have a hard time fully accepting it. I have also longed to feel “chosen.” The way you explained about not trusting in our feelings and being chosen by God has deeply touched me. Thank you so much!
    I’m part of a Bible study and the topic today is God’s love for us. I’m excited to share this blog with them!

  • Jan Udlock

    Sometimes you just have to say, “Lysa, thanks for loving on women.”

  • Ronel

    Love how He chooses each one of us and His plans are far larger and better than we can even imagine.

  • Sonya

    “So, when I first heard that word in relation to God’s feelings toward me, I couldn’t process it. In human terms it did seem quite presumptuous to think that God would pause to pay attention to me. My earthly Daddy never did that. My kickball team mates certainly didn’t do that. It seemed quite upside down to think that a girl the world ignored and passed over would actually be handpicked, on purpose, by God.”

    These words rang loudly when I read them! This is how I have always felt until yesterday. I had a breakthough of sorts. While sitting doing my quiet time it hit me hard that He PURSUES me and all I could do was fall to my knees and weep. I don’t even remember what I was reading when this knowledge hit me, but oh did it! I now understand my worth to Him and know that He calls me into His life and I don’t think I will ever forget that moment. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Corrine R

    Your reminder that we are chosen brought to mind a few wonderful verses:
    But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. 1 Peter 2:9 (This verse has also been set to music)
    Listen, my dear brothers and sisters: Has not God chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and to inherit the kingdom he promised those who love him? James 2:5
    When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, The moon and the stars, which You have ordained, What is man that You are mindful of him . . . Psalm 8:3-4a
    I also remember those playground kickball days – even times of being left out by older sisters who didn’t want to let me join in because I was the ‘little sister’ – younger and smaller. Hands coordinated on the piano keys were not so coordinated in sports!
    Thank you for the reminder that no matter our size, origin, etc. God is interested in each and every one of us, and is with us, loving us, every step of the way!
    Corrine R, Des Moines
    Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

  • Heidi

    Lysa, this is great!! “Chosen” is never really something I gave too much thought to. Love it!!

  • Heidi

    Lysa, this is great!! Chosen is never really something I gave too much thought to. Love it!!

  • Corenae O’Green

    So funny….reading this blog by the end I knew it was you writing it… you work Lysa! You are a true blessing for the kingdom. Thank you for the reminder that God has time to carve out for just me and He wants too!!!

  • Tammy

    It is always a challenge for our finite minds to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ for us. So awesome that we don’t have to understand it to believe it. His perfect love has filled my void and all my relationships have improved because of it! Thank you Lord Jesus!!

  • Lara Sadowski

    WOW! Jesus is the GREATEST!! Thank you for giving me that gentle reminder, Lysa, that the Lord chose me personally and loves me unconditionally. What an awesome God we serve!

  • Grace W

    Lysa… you will never fully know how deeply you have helped me… you are such a blessing and your wisdom can only be from God. Thank you for being obedient to our Lord and sharing it with us!

  • Marianne

    I’ve always wanted to read that book. I think I’ve read Made to Crave about 6 times now. Should probably move on to another one. Smile!

  • Annette

    I read your story “Chosen” today and realized God is speaking to me through you. I hear the words and I hear that it is not about feeling but about believing God’s truth. The only problem is I still don’t understand how to do that. Maybe I’m too much into the feeling aspect. I just don’t understand how to turn it around and to just believe…
    That is why the empty place is stil inside of me and I feel such a longing for something to fill it.

  • Mippy

    Thank you Lysa!
    I struggle very hard to find that place where I know He is there for little old me; to feel chosen; to believe I matter. My only frame of reference ahve been teh men I have encountered through life and those have been bad experiences for the most part, all of which have scarred me immensely and confused my relationship with God. I struggle to know why I appear not good enough to others, why I feel not good enough and I also feel I am not good enough for Him. That If I am not ‘perfect’ He doesn’t want me either. I’m 35 going on 36 years old and I still can’t grasp being loved, wanted or ‘chosen’ by God or having a Savior, a brother that loves me. Anyways I didn’t mean to go on…it’s just given me much to think about this day and mull over. Thank you for your profound words adn insight! Have a blessed day!
    ~Mippy :)

  • Katie

    Thank you for the reminder that I have been choosen by God to have a relationship with Him. That He desires for me to converse with and spend time with Him. Thank you again for the blessing of this reminder.

  • Lila

    I have followed Incourage and all its writers and email the devotional study to many others on my email ‘family’ list……I share these insights that I have seen in the two bible studies I lead …we call ourselves the Oasis I&II……because we need these refreshing and encouraging moments together to help us love our God deeply so we can love ourselves well enough that we can love others as He has commanded……the foundational need …Love God with everything, love others as we love ourselves…to picture Him to the world …. His faithfulness and mercy and love…..thank you for sharing your gift of inspiring writing to encourage us all along the way..
    To God be the Glory always–(one of your sisters) Lila :)

  • Pam

    To think that I am handpicked by God on purpose is a beautiful thought for me to dwell on today.

  • Linda

    Very powerful. I can relate to the this so much. Thank you Lysa for putting it into words that just seem to jump off the page and scream the truth of who God really is.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Lysa,
    I am having a “mental health day!” Not doing really great today. Howeve, I am encouraged by these words you shared: God is there. Loving. Assuring. Teaching. Calling. Choosing to spend time with us. Thank you Lysa


  • jshelton

    I am so glad that God chose to save me from alcohol and drug addictions!!!! He chose to allow me to heal from all the hurt and heartaches from an abusive father, abusive boyfriends that turned into abusive husbands, He chose to heal me from the anger at HIM for taking my 5 year old son to Leukemia!!!!! He was there with me when I didn’t have enough sense to know He was there when I needed HIM the most. But above ALL of this, HE chose to save a wretch like me, that was so unworthy of HIS love. He saved my soul from a burning lake of fire, that I can live forever and ever in eternity with HIM and my loved ones that chose HIM before it was too late for them. Especially my baby boy Brandon, I know he is running around heaven “happy” that God chose to save me too!!!!!!!

  • Christina

    I needed to here that I am chosen by God today!
    Thanks :)

  • Treva

    I love this…so apparent, so timely, so true!

  • Rachel Lundy

    “But to Jesus, there is no such thing as just another face in the crowd.” Love this! How blessed we are to be seen, loved, and chosen by the God of the universe!

  • Bines

    I am amazed that God speaks to you so He can speak to me. He must really love you…and me! He gives you the story first hand and then you give the story to my heart. Thanks Lysa! I’m learning that I am not just an insignificant mass of cells that shouldn’t be taking up space in a world full of masses of cells. Sometimes I am so sure of my standing with my Father and that He loves me exactly and perfectly like I am and then I see myself thru others eyes and wonder how that could be reality. How could God love someone so wishy washy and immature like me? I KNOW He does…he has told me. I once asked Him why He allowed me to be born since no one wanted me and I was always just garbage to them. He told me that He wanted me. He didn’t care how I got here, who my parents were, whether they loved me or not and what the circumstances of my life were…I was His and He loves me! He knows all my past, my pain, my sins, my failures but He loves me just as I am! Isn’t that amazing! And yet there are still times when I wonder how He could love me…I’m talking about me. Not you the great writer and speaker. Not Billy Graham. Not my Pastor. Me. But thank God He does and He lets me know in so many ways! So when I am down I tell myself, I’m not a beggar…He fills my cup every day and the battle is His, not mine. All I have to do is surrender my thoughts to Him, have faith that He will take them and make them His, trust He will by His blood and sacrifice of mercy … turn them into something wonderful and then just rest in Him. I’m His…cut from the mold that is never destroyed. What a wonderful thing that is! I just wish I never went to the dark places in my thoughts but I know one day I will live in the light and I will never have that problem again…isn’t that wonderful! Thanks for listening to Him and sending the blessing on to us. I appreciate it so much!

  • Sandra

    Exactly what someone who has recently gone thru her own series of unfortunate events and is emerging on the other side altered and unsure of a lot of things but to hear that He chooses Me is uplifting and hearting. Thank you!

  • Amie

    Wow! What a great image…..God up on the stage with the lights all around Him!

  • Paula Pezdirtz

    “God wants us to stand on the absolute truth that He is with us no matter how our feelings may try and betray that reality” Simply put … I needed to hear this today. Thank you Lysa – you are a blessing to my walk.

  • mary

    a wonderful way to start the day. thanks for this uplifting entry.

  • Tania S.

    What a blessing to know that God has handpicked each one of us. Thank you for this beautiful reminder, I needed to read that today.

  • Bridget

    I needed to hear this today. Thank you Lysa for doing what the Lord tells you to do

  • Leslee

    This is something I so struggle with. When you grow up in a dysfunctional home your perceptions is greatly altered. You think if you just work harder and perform better you will be loved. But the truth is God has chosen to love you (and me) despite my faults and failures. He chose me to die for so that I might live for Him. We need to remember that He longs for our attention and our attention alone. I am so grateful to know that I am handpicked by God, chosen by the Sovereign Lord of the earth. How could I desire anything but Him and His love?

  • Tori

    Thank you so much for sharing this was an on time devotion/blog that spoke directly to me in the midst of the valley that I am in,

  • Ginger

    Love it! Love your style and the way you describe things…and you are most definitely doing what the Lord has called you to do! I just love, love, love your stuf!

  • Ginger

    Love it! Love your style and the way you describe things…and you are most definitely doing what the Lord has called you to do! I just love, love, love your stuf!

  • Sandy Sandmeyer

    “But to Jesus there is no such thing as just another face in the crowd. Somehow to God, we are all unique souls who He desires to call out, recognize and invite into a more intimate setting.” I LOVE THAT!!!

  • Denese B.

    What better way to greet the day than with the knowledge that God has chosen me as His very own daughter? My prayer is that my thoughts and choices as I meet the circumstances of the day will be based on this beautiful truth so that it may settle down deep into my heart and soul. Thanks for the post, Lysa. : )

  • Anita

    Thank you for the reminder that he is there in everything

  • http://Incourage Jenny Falk

    Thank you so much for sharing this revelation. I have been trying to pinpoint some things in my heart and I think I have found the answer! Resting in the fact that the Lord is more than enough for me is something I struggle with at times and the way you worded it brought new meaning. Thanks for this blessing!

  • Crystal in Way Up North WI

    i really needed this today … God is so great like that!

  • Christine

    Thanks for the encouragement Lysa. I would love to win your book. :)

  • katy

    SO good. such a powerful reminder that we are chosen.

  • Kimberly

    Thank you for your timely encouragement and chance to win your book!

  • Kirsten

    Thank-you for these much needed words!

  • Sandi in MN

    I never felt chosen either, I was always wanting to be included and usually felt I didn’t quite belong. I longed for my daddy’s attention and learning that I have my heavenly father’s undivided attention is something I’m still learning to grasp. He wants me, He loves me, He notices my every need! Amazing, I pray it will really sink in totally one day soon.

  • Diane Bailey

    Okay, It just doesn’t get any better than that! You are getting a standing ovation for this blog! You were so close, in the crowd, that you were able to touch the hem of his garment, all the way in row 116, section R, seat 24. You have blessed me today!

  • Liesl

    Hi Lysa, thanks so much for this post! I need to be continually reminded of these truths…it is hard for my brain to grasp how much God loves each of us and wants a relationship with each one of us. It reminds me of the song by Kutless, “Sea of Faces.” I heard it the other day on the radio and it really spoke to me. Here are the lyrics:

    “Sea Of Faces”

    I see the city lights all around me
    Everyone’s obscure
    Ten million people each with their problems
    Why should anyone care

    And in Your eyes I can see
    I am not just a man,(woman) vastly lost in this world
    Lost in a Sea of Faces
    Your body’s the bread, Your blood is the wine
    Because you traded Your life for mine

    Sometimes my life it feels so trivial
    Immersed in the greatness of space
    Yet somehow you still find the time for me
    It’s then You show me Your love

    And In Your eyes I can see
    And in Your arms I will be
    I am not just a man(woman), vastly lost in this world
    Lost in a Sea of Faces
    Your body’s the bread, Your blood is the wine
    Because you traded Your life for mine

    If only my one heart
    Was all you’d gain from all it cost
    Well I know you would have still been a man
    With a reason
    To willingly offer your life

    I am not just a man(woman) vastly lost in this world
    Lost in a Sea of Faces
    Your body’s the bread, Your blood is the wine
    Because you traded Your life for mine

    Just one in a million faces….

    I also want to thank you and the entire Proverbs 31 Ministries for all that you do! I have grown so much in my walk since I began reading your devotions, joining on-line Bible studies, etc. I have found you and the other leaders/writers/speakers to be so transparent, kind, compassionate, wise, and totally in love with Jesus. It is so encouraging and I look forward to reading the posts every day!

    May God Bless you!
    Liesl M.

  • Heather

    This is such a great post. Thank you for sharing.

  • Hope

    I am so guilty of this lately – it’s so incredibly frustrating and I dont know what it is so tough to give yourself over to what you know will be the only way to make things different. Thank you for this post today – it was very encouraging!

  • Shawn Bensley

    Thank you for your words, Sometimes I get so busy I forget that I am a Daughter of the King, which makes me a princess, and He choose me. Would love a copy of your book.

  • Terri Thompson

    I totally agree and love the TRUTH that you are sharing here!

    I do think it takes a long time to ‘get’ this concept….the “how could he possibly have time to ‘see me, hear me, know me, love… me?” Finially, i’ve got that! (at age 50)

    Now…i am trying to spread this same word–to every person He allows me to cross paths with–especially a young group of ladies i’ve been entrusted with–a small group of teens! I pray they can “get it” now–that they can know that they are CHOSEN–and that their identify can be and is in Christ! I pray they will truly KNOW WHO THEY ARE in Christ…and WHOSE they are!

    I was at your Evansville conference this past weekend…at the last minute i realized the path was clear..i called the church/theyhad two tickets remaining–premiere seating–i was fourth row, front and center…it was such a blessing to ‘hear your story’ first hand–many of the stories i had read…but it means so much to ‘get it’ first hand…to see your face and know the sincerity with which you share…all to bring glory to God and to bring others closer to Christ!

    Bless you for your obedience and for being willing to be transparent…so that others may see and know how Christ can truly turn our struggles into a beautiful thing!

  • Kari

    “Lift your eyes and look to the heavens; Who created all these? He who brings out the starry host one by one, and calls them each by name.” Isaiah 40:26

    I remember “really” reading this for the 1st time and the Spirit speaking to me, saying, “God knows your name too!”

  • Lisa Hudson

    How blessed we are to be CHOSEN! How often I completely ignore this awesome gift & lose myself in the crowd & forget I am chosen by HIM…I ignore this promise, “What great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!” I John 3:1 (NIV) That is the definition of CHOSEN! How can I forget much less ignore that truth? I should be shouting I am CHOSEN from the rooftops & running down the streets & telling everyone I encounter the truth I know!

  • Pamela

    I think life seems much like that concert scene too many times. Loud noise, bright lights, hysteria, chaotic clamor… and yet, He speaks, still and quietly to us, calling us away, to focus on Him for a while. Just like all of that noise ceased, so they could to listen to what the one at the microphone had to say, “This one is special, This one has my attention. She matters.” Isn’t it amazing how He sees us out there in a sea of faces and motion and clamor? How He calls us out and calms the scene around us and stays with us and tells us we are loved. What an awesome God He is!!!

  • jessica

    God does love me! Thank you for the reminder today.

  • Mary M.

    Thanks for this post. You’ve affirmed what I’ve been sensing myself recently. I’d love to read and share your book. God bless you!!

  • Julie

    I sensed Jesus speaking to me through you. I am grateful that you were His willing messenger today! Bless you.

  • Kristen

    What a wonderful post. I continue to be inspired and challenged by all of the women who take the special time to be used by God in this BLOG ministry. Thanks for helping me today to remember that I am chosen by the best.

  • http://N/A Helen Tisdale

    You are susch a blessing to the body of Christ! Your writing just goes into the depths of our souls. I can’t get enough of all of your teachings through blogs, and also starting to collect your books. You inspire me tremendously!

  • Melissa


    Thank you so much for your post today. My husband and I recently began attending a different church, and through Sunday School classes, group Bible studies, and morning devotions, my husband and I are beginning to grow deeply in our committment to God and each other. It is amazing what God can do in such a short amount of time. Through my morning devotion (something I get up early to do each morning), I am coming to understand the realization that I was handpicked by God. It is awesome, and I am so grateful for His love for me.

    I am also grateful to all of the bloggers who I read daily who encourage me, for the women on here who write profound comments which stretch me, and for the women I am meeting through church who are all transforming me as a Christian women.

    Thank you for your love of God and Christ and for your ability to reach “little ‘ol me” sitting here in Georgia through your ministry.


  • Gretchen

    I am handpicked by God. I was chosen for this special purpose. How often do we find ourselves influenced by the world and feeling less than special? Jesus treats each one of us special all the time.

  • Tami Tran

    What an encouragement to read your words today. They were just what I needed in this moment. Thanks so much.

  • Marianne

    Thankyou for the post, and timely (or timeless) reminder. So many of God’s Truths don’t line up with human thinking. I am thinking of how God wants us to need Him and lean on Him, yet we think in childen – the need to grow up.

  • Misty

    Thank you for reminding me that I have been chosen by God. Thanks for reminding me that God has not forgotten me, He loves me, and is concerned about me.

  • Katy

    I love this! What you’ve said about how we need to “stand on the absolute truth of God’s presence with us, always” rather than only focus on when we feel that presence or not is so, so true–truth like that is what we’re all really after! Thanks!

  • Betty

    Thanks for the encouraging post today. I know that verse in John talks about the world loving its own and sometimes we (I) get upset when the world doesn’t love us(me), but it is much better to be chosen by God than the world. It really is a place where only God can fulfill the being wanted, loved, and to be chosen above all others.

  • Jules

    What a great blessing it is to know that we matter to God.. To know that he is interested in knowing about our struggles and lifes concerns… Thanks for sharing this today..

  • tinuviel

    This seems to be a theme for me today. Thanks, Lysa!

  • Michele Lucas

    Broken and messy. Describes me exactly.

  • Julie

    Wow! What an encouraging message. If it’s anything like your book, I’d love to read more.

  • Lauren

    Thank you for this!: “not in trying to feel our way to God.” – but – “making the choice to recognize that God is close.” It’s always about shifting my gaze from me (my efforts of feeling towards Him) back to Him – in all His loving, patient, grace-extending nearness.

  • Angie Swanbeck

    I so remember the kickball days…. always the last to be chosen. So comforting to know that we are all God’s first picks. Thanks again for a message that heals.

  • Debbie

    Thank you for this wonderful reminder that no matter what the world thinks – we’re no. 1 with God.

    This was a wonderful motivator today – a little cold and lazy – channel surfing (how can you have hundreds of stations and nothing decent to watch?) and I watched bits of pieces of some movies and just couldn’t bear the sadness and pain of our human condition – the hurting, the deceived characters that didn’t know Christ and understand the cause of their pain. Ugh.

    Thanks to all the (in)courage contributors – a beautiful community of believers and support.

  • Teresa

    Knowing that I am chosen has been a crucial part of dealing with the death of my son. Chosen to be his mom for 12 beautiful years, chosen to live and learn through this pain, chosen to be a woman of faith.

  • laurie

    I loved reading about being “chosen” in Kelly Minter’s book, The Fitting Room. Now I am intrigued by the the title alone of your new book!

  • Debbie L.

    Wow, thank you for this beautiful reminder!

  • Rebecca

    I am trying to let go of the expectations I put on myself and be ok with who I am right now in this moment. You reminded me that He loves me right now, just as I am in this moment and all I need to do is smile back.

  • Georgiana

    Talking to God and having a personal relationship is what true Christianity is all about – not a mere religion. Thank you for the encouraging post and giveaway! :)

  • Bev Carpenter

    Thanks so much for the reminder. I struggle “wrapping” my mind around that I AM Chosen.

    Would love to read the book.

  • Amy

    How did you know that this is the message I needed to read today? God is so good to encourage our hearts through His Word.

  • Lisa Cox

    Wow…lots going on in my life right now. After reading this, I am imagining Him pointing at me. Thank you for the encouragement!

  • Christina P

    I loved Lysa’s Made to Crave, I could probably learn a lot from this book too! It’s hard to believe we are chosen. To wrap your mind around the God of the universe knows my name and cares about me is so huge and hard to fathom.

  • Terri S

    Thank you so much as always for great insight.

    Terri S

  • Christina P

    I loved Lysa’s Made to Crave, I could probably learn a lot from this book too! It’s hard to believe we are chosen.

  • aussie monica

    Thankyou for the encouragement!

  • Tina

    Hi Lysa,

    I started reading the first few pages of this book on I would love to obtain a copy so I can read it when I finish reading “Made to Crave”.

  • S Rondon

    Thank you for your ministry and for bringing us this much needed message.

  • Isabel

    Some days, I have a hard time believing I am chosen… is one of thoae days.

  • Christine S

    Thank you so much, this is exactly what I needed. Now I know that I don’t have to be accepted by the world or what it has to offer. The One who has chosen me is just waiting for me to run back to His loving arms that have been open and patiently waiting for me! Thank you again Miss Lysa!

  • Pam P.

    Thank you so much for your words and encouragement. The world needs more women like you in it.

  • TJ

    This post spoke straight to my heart today. Your books have been a huge blessing to me. Thank you for saying Yes to God and allowing Him to use you to bless us!

  • Linda

    Loved your writing as always.

  • Heidi Kellems

    How God ordains a day is too profound for me! This morning listening to the Steven Curtis Chapman song “Do Everything” and how many people feel insignificant and that there day to day routine doesn’t make them feel valuable because they aren’t the public speakers, book writers, etc. The position God places us is important to Him. We are chosen, royal priestesses, and He has called us into our positions for such a time as this! Awesome article God bless!

  • Carol

    Thank you, Lysa! I will remember the rest of today that I am chosen by God. Thank you for your wonderful way of bringing God’s word to life for me! (fyi I popped over from your site.)

  • Brittnie (A Joy Renewed)

    This message speaks volumes to me. Thank you for sharing. So powerful!

  • Christie

    Needed this today.

  • Heather Marsten

    I love that it is not difficult for God to give each of us special attention without slighting others. I needed your message today, needed that encouragement from God.
    Have a blessed day.

  • Kelli S

    What a timely word. Thanks forthis blessing.

  • Crystal

    The picture you paint is so vivid and real to me today! Yes – He does desire to spend time with me, chosen me! I AM “highly favoured”! And I would love to have your book – thank you for sharing.

  • Ellice Blaylock

    Hi, I’d love to give this book to myself! I like the lines about {I used to have the kind of relationship with God where I viewed Him as The One who makes sweeping glances over thousands of people per minute just to make sure no one was getting out of line.} That’s the truth! I’d also like to let my children read the book as we are all Christians but sometimes God seems far away.
    Love and thanks,

  • Judy

    That is such a blessing. Thank You

  • Risé Brown

    I loved this post. I was blown out of my mind 20 years ago when God chose me … I mean, really! Rejected by my own parents and this Being who is holy, perfect, sinless, decides to choose ME … a soul who is NOT holy, and SO not perfect, and sin … oh, the sins.

    It’s an awesome thing when Someone so perfect, who doesn’t have to notice you, who doesn’t even have to acknowledge you because His perfection separates us by this huge chasm, chooses to make a way to save wretched souls. The Way is Jesus – Jesus is that bridge across the great chasm. It’s a great and awesome thing to be saved, to be chosen. And the most awing thing to me, is that with each person He chooses, He makes us feel like we are His only one, like we are His only child when we aren’t – there are so many others also chosen just as I was.

    ‘Thank you, Lord, for choosing me, for adopting me and being to me what you promised to be … my Dad, and my Mother … my Parent – and there is no greater love in all the earth than Your love … and I am awed.’

  • Laurie B.

    Love the analogy…and will ponder that one for awhile…thank you for reminding me how special we all really are in God’s eyes….chosen :)

  • Denise Jarman

    Thank you for those words. Even though I’m 63 and have known Jesus for 52 of those years I still desire that word from God. I heard it now as I read your words and I could see myself in a big stadium and Jesus calling my name, actually singling me out. Wow! I will never stop being amazed that He chose me. I feel loved!

  • Karen

    Wow, I love when you said this, “God wants us to stand on the absolute truth that He is with us no matter how our feelings may try and betray that reality”. Today I was at a bible study and we were talking about how our feelings can really lead us in the wrong direction. And then I read this and realized, if we don’t take our thoughts and feelings captive we can go off on the wrong path. Our steps are ordered and each one of those steps leads us closer to him. I love the way you write…it really challenges my every fiber.

  • Linda

    I read an exerpt from the book in another devo. Ordered 4 copies and love the book. Have one to my friend who read it twice. Great book, great job. Thanks for all you do!!!

  • Natasha


    love the thought of that.

    we serve an amazing God, do we not?

  • SK Holloway

    Thanks for the insight on being chosen. It will definitely give me a new perspective on how to think about my relationship with God.

  • Tammie

    Thank you Lysa, for sharing your heart and for touching mine!

  • Carolyn

    So thought provoking!

  • Ellen Roth

    I love the way you put into words what I feel. I sometimes think about God choosing me and each one of the people around me when I’m in a crowded area. It’s an amazing thought!

  • Katie

    Thanks for sharing! I haven’t been asked out on dates at all (except for to one dance back in high school), which is sometimes painful. I would like to get married, but know that God’s will and ways and timing are best. If it is part of God’s plan, than he will bring the right man along. But still, I sometimes feel overlooked in that and base the desire to be chosen too much on human relationships. Really I know that what matters most is being chosen by God. But sometimes I forget that I am Loved Like That and Chosen Like That – especially by God and that I am not just a face lost in the crowd. But He does love each of us truest and best and wonderfully uniquely. Thank you for letting God speak through your words straight to my heart :) Just the other day I was telling my sister about wanting to be chosen – and today God answered through your words – the reminder that I already am and always will be by Him :) Many thanks! Much love, and God bless!

  • Heidi

    You summed up how I felt on my way home tonight from zumba (which I’m horrible at by the way, but go to de-stress:) and felt so distracted on my way home (ahem, until the cop stopped me for not having my headlights on). Thank you for this reminder. I’m in the middle of a not-so-good situation which leaves me feeling lonely lots of times. Then my mom called tonight to check in on me. And now I read this. Thank you for your sweet encouragment! May you be encouraged this coming weekend as well!

  • Alicen Stoker

    I love this, so encouraging and powerful. Thank you for posting it:)

  • Kristen

    Yes! There were many nuggets here that resonated with me.

    One was “The only requirements are the desire to experience Him and the belief that it is possible. Sadly, very few people have either of these.” This past Sunday as I gazed out at the congregation while leading worship, I saw apathy on some faces, hardness on others, anger and angst. I swallowed my fear and said something to the tune of “If you are tired of just coming to church and not knowing why, of sitting here thinking, ‘there must be more to faith than this’, you’re right! There is!” I encouraged people to share their thoughts and feelings with God. I was so profoundly frustrated in seeing what I saw in their faces. Such a hardness. I was so longing for a touch for these folk by God. I wanted them to experience God in such a way that they would know that He is real, that he loves them, that he sings over them and so desires that they would just come…. just come and be with him.

    The other idea that really resonated was: “The problem is we have been trained to process life based on the way we feel.” I am such a ‘feeler’!! I struggle when I don’t feel God’s presence, or don’t feel the love. I know Scripture truth overrides feelings, but when I don’t feel things, I don’t feel much motivation. I always have to remind myself that love is *not* a feeling, but a decision, and a verb.

    I also just really liked your analogy of being at a concert and being singled out, chosen, by Jesus. And the picture of Him, standing at the side of the stage….
    waiting… for each one of us.

  • Beth

    Would really love to read this book. This piece really resonated with me, as I struggle to ever feel chosen. Very freeing to think I don’t need to “feel it, just “know” it in my heart and soul.

  • Kirsten

    Thanks for the reminder that the truth of His presence & His love for me are certain no matter how I feel at the moment. Such an encouragement!

  • LeAnn

    “It’s making the choice to recognize that God is close.” This is so true! I’m coming out of a time where I felt God was so distant…. when really, it was all about my perspective and lack of awareness. Thanks for your thoughts today!

  • Patricia

    Beautiful post!! Thanks for sharing this!

  • hippie4ever

    I love how God can use anything, anywhere, any moment to touch our souls and draw us to himself. :)

  • AmyW

    Thank-you for this reminder. I have recently really worked on not following my emotions but looking for God in all situations. It has so helped me handle situations with so much more maturity, patience, kindness, love…more like Jesus.

  • Melissa

    Thank you so much Lysa for such an inspiring insight. Sometimes we forget that as a child of God, we need never suffer spiritual defeat and always feel the warm of his individual arms wrapped around us keeping us safe always. Our days of defeat are over. We will live forever and should live it to its fullest. “In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us” Roman 8:37

    You are truly a blessing to all that are connected to your sight…..God Bless, Melissa

  • Tina

    The book sounds like what I need.

  • Lauren

    Loved this!

  • Julie Sunne

    What you describe in this post is faith in action, Lysa. Yes, He pointed His finger and chose me, yet He did the same thing for each of us. Incomprehensible yet wildly beautiful thought!

  • MH

    I understand what you mean about the confusion of being “chosen”. I was “chosen” by adoptive parents – only to grow up knowing that this was a decision they regretted making; I was “chosen” by my ex-husband (notice the “ex”); and when you talk about the kickball team choices, let’s just say you probably would’ve been chosen before I was! It has taken me 48 years to finally learn in my heart what I’ve been quoting from scripture with my mouth – God does love ME and chose ME simply because He made ME and because I exist. Thank you for ministering to me today :)

  • Katie Ray

    I am chosen! Glory to my Jesus!

  • Debbie

    How beautiful your divine embrace with Jesus and being chosen. Thanking God for the way He so personally touches you Lysa and then leads you into sharing with us. Chosen. It makes me smile :) Thank you Jesus

  • Amy

    In a place today where I needed the reminder that I am chosen. I am handpicked. Thankful for your words through Him.

  • ~VA~

    This spoke to my heart. It can be so hard to remember that God still wants me even when I feel like I am not worth it.

  • Laura

    My favorite part:
    Becoming more than a good Bible Study Girl means never settling for needing to feel our way to God or to simply limit our experience of Him to those few minutes we call our quiet time.
    I have to sit & think about that for a while…..I do that!

  • Tonda Bailey

    Thank you for this! It is exactly what I needed today! Knowing that I have been chosen by God makes everything I am going through worth it! Have a great weekend!

  • Kim


    You just wrote something that really, really spoke to me (and I’m not going to lie – brought tears to my eyes.) I love God. I really do. (Sometimes those are the only words I can use to describe how stuff like this makes me feel!)

  • flowersgal

    Chosen was a blessing to my day. Thanks for reminding us of this important truth. Not only were we chosen in His love but also chosen for His purposes.

  • B Bouffleur

    Now THAT was an awesome post, thank you for the reminder. :)

  • Nicole

    This word was exactly what I needed to hear right now. I have been bound by my emotions for as long as I can remember, and now is the time to release them at the feet of Jesus. Just this morning as I was praying, I kept thinking in the back of my mind, “God, I can’t feel your presence in this time. Are you even hearing me?” It hit me when I read that “God wants us to stand on the absolute truth that He is with us no matter how our feelings may try and betray that reality.” Thank you for this guidance and truth today! What an encouragement!

  • Megan

    Always right on time. Yes please!

  • Hannah

    Beautiful.Our God is beautiful!And to be chosen by Him!Wow!I think we should always remember this..when the world rejects us,when certain dreams reject us..All we need to know is we’re taken..chosen by God!And He is our dream :) and He would never ever reject us..not even when we reject Him!

    If I find your book anywhere,I will be sure to buy it!:)

  • Mary Lou

    He is ALL we need! He, Himself is our great reward. Why, oh, why do we think we “need” this, that or the other and do our feeblest to make others and other things fill up that hole in our heart and soul. I get so mad at myself when I wander off, even for just a short while. Praise God He is always drawing me back. This was a great post, thanks for writing it. Thanks for being so transparent.

  • Sarah Comley Caldwell

    A wonderful blog post Lisa! I would love to read the ‘girl girl bible study’ book – I’m loving “Made To Crave” right now!

  • Rhondi

    Thank you for these great words today. In the busyness of life it is too easy to forget that God is with me. I had the experience once of being in a whole crowd of people and suddenly thinking, Do even notice little old me in the midst of this crowd and feeling God say “yes”. I had forgotten all about that until your post reminded me. How could I forget such a powerful moment?

  • Karen

    Wow, exactly what I needed to read,better yet “hear” today. I had never thought about God experience throughout the day not just the planned times. Ever since I was sent one of your devotionals 2 weeks ago, I have been reading daily and am truly inspired. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts.

  • Heather Kauffman

    Just want to say Thank You! I recently started to read, “Made to Crave” and I have thoroughly enjoyed my daily devotionals sent by Proverbs 31 Ministries. I need them, I appreciate them, and I’m thankful to have found you!

  • Ellen

    Beautifully written! Thanks for the reminder of how much He wants a relationship with me!

  • Courtney

    I was looking for something to do my devotional to today and I came across this and now I have a secret weapon. Whenever someone is bringing me down all I have to do is smile and I will know that God is with me. Thank you so much for the enlightenment that God picks everyone!

  • Cory

    This post made me think of so many people in life…trying to fill that emptiness with things. I want them so badly to know Jesus. To know He loves them. That they don’t have to perform. That the life striving for anything but Him is empty and lonely. I know. I used to live that life. Thank you for the reminder that all we have to do is call His name.

  • Tiffany

    Thank You Jesus for handpicking each one of us. Yeah! I am special!