The morning tasks behind me, I stared down at the pile of dishes from lunch waiting to be cleaned.  A sigh escaped my lips and words  spilled out of the depths of my heart, “Lord, I love being a stay at home mom. My children are such an amazing blessing. Being able to be here with them inside of these early years is something I will be forever grateful for. But sometimes, Lord, I long to do something grander with my days. Ugh…I feel like I just contradicted myself. How can I be grateful and still long for more in the same breath?”
My head came to rest on the cupboard beside me. “What is it you even want?” I asked myself with some measure of disgust.
A long silence followed.
I just want to make a difference in this world,” I finally uttered.
As the words tumbled out, I heard a quiet whisper…as if He knew what I was going to say even before I said it and responded in the exact moment I asked.
Abide in Me and I will bring the fruit.

I recognized the words from John 15 and picked up a soapy plate as I chewed on them.

All three children were napping and the house was still. In between loads of laundry, I heard my phone beep. It was a high school girl from our youth ministry. She had a friend who couldn’t see any reason to keep on living and she wanted to know if I had time to sit down and talk with her.

I definitely had time.

Before long, I was ushering them into my kitchen, pouring coffee and settling in to listen to her story of heartache. As the words came, it was as if her heart unlocked and everything that was horrible came gushing out onto my kitchen table. It was a story of her dad’s unfaithfulness, her mother’s suicide, destructive coping mechanisms, her own struggle with thoughts of suicide…and then it was quiet, all the words spoken.

I gave the only thing that I had to offer- a relationship with Jesus Christ. With careful words, I told her of the life she was designed to live, the goodness of God that she was meant to experience. But how humanity betrayed the Creator and the door to sin was opened.

Tears slipped down her cheeks as I spoke of a love so powerful, so deep, that would cause God to give up all that He had to invite her back into relationship with Him. She wasn’t worthless and she didn’t have to try to prove that to everyone, including herself, anymore. God saw value in her. Despite every mistake she had made, His grace could redeem her life back to the one she was designed for. Her eyes locked on mine as she drank in every word.

Together, we bowed our heads and invited the Savior of the world into her life.

As I closed the door, I thought back to my frustrations from earlier of days filled with monotonous routine while my heart longed for adventure. But God had brought my heart’s desire right to my doorstep in the form of a broken girl who needed to hear the Gospel message.

A supernatural plan had been in motion behind the scenes the whole time.

I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing.  John 15:5 (NAS)

By Jamie Schulz, Creating Home Journal

  • Betty Draper

    Oh Jamie He is the only thing we have to offer to those who have no hope because of what ever sitution in their life. Praise God, God send His son to seek that which was lost and used you to help get her found. The angels in heaven are rejoicing.

  • Holley

    So, so beautiful and true. Happy tears here!

  • Brittnie (A Joy Renewed)

    So powerful, thanks for sharing.

    It is SO true… God can and WILL use us exactly where we are. Just because we are not working in the business world does not mean we are any less important or that we can not do as much good for our King. What an example you are!

    • Jamie

      Thank you, Brittnie. That is a lesson I am learning, over and over again! I have to remind myself that my greatest strength actually isn’t mine, but His. And that the most important thing for me to get really good at is being weak in His Presence so that He can become strong through me.

  • ToniaBooker

    Jamie…amazing!!! So willing to be used. To put ourselves down and pick up His work. Love this story!
    I am so excited right now…I really thought I was alone here in ID when it came to (in)RL!! I live in Meridian!! Where are you in Nampa?
    Here is my email…
    would love to hear from you…I am hosting a (in)RL meetup in April! Maybe we could get our churches together?

    • Jamie

      I will definitely email you, Tonia! How fun that we live in the same area!

  • Christy

    Powerful, beautiful story Jamie!

  • Colleen

    How amazing that you were able to help this young woman! Praise God! And God bless her friend for bringing her to you. You must be known as someone who cares.
    Let me say that after 15 years of being a stay at home mom it was definitely worth it! My advice is to keep outside interests, too, as I lost myself in the job. Three of my boys are young adults now, and I cherish the time I got to spend with them. It’s amazing how I remember all of the good and not all of the fighting (and wrestling!) You are doing very important work, right where you are. God will use you for other good, too. In time (way too short!) you will have free time to pursue other things. Bless you.

    • Jamie

      Thank you for your words of wisdom and encouragement, Colleen! I appreciate them so much.

  • Linda @ bushel and a pickle

    spoke to my heart this post did indeed. Thank you for sharing His word with us readers. Merry Christmas!

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  • Donna Conklin

    I remember being very broken at one point early in my life and the words of Salvation were shared with me. I wasn’t saved that night but several years later. You never know who you might impact when you simply share your Faith. Being kind and listening to people is one of our best testimonies as Christians. Great message in this story.

    • Jamie

      Thank you for sharing you story, Donna! It is a good reminder for me today as I am digging deep to find strength from God as I lead some ladies into restoration with God. The process is sometimes longer than we imagined it would be, but His Word never returns void.

  • Launi

    Thank you for your post….I would that I could be a stay at home mom…and am so thankful for my mom who was. Praying for all the stay at home moms who feel like you felt and may they find what God has in store for them!!!

    • Jamie

      Thank you for your prayers, Launi! There is nothing that is so encouraging as someone who takes a moment to speak to God on my behalf. Thank you.

  • Julie Sunne

    Absolutely beautiful post, Jamie! Even with older children, I still often feel this way. So encouraging!

  • Amy Hunt

    Your words–the telling of your choice to give and to See how you can give–it’s such beautiful worship. I’m touched today. Deeply.

    Rich blessings as He shows you purpose in the moments by moments.

  • Amy Pitman

    Beautiful post today, Jamie! As the possibility of my roll in our family seems to be changing, I too wonder what impact or difference I can make on the world. Going back to staying at home after working a rewarding career for 11 years is going to be different for me. I look forward to it so much; but I wonder what impact I can make. Thank you for sharing your heart and a small glimpse into your life. It touched my heart first thing this morning! God knows where we are and what plans He has for us. It’s awesome to see Him orchestrate such simple things in our lives. God Bless!

    • Jamie

      I am so glad that I could encourage your heart, friend. I am so looking forward to seeing how God unfolds His plan inside of your life during this next season!

  • Beth Werner Lee

    Praising God!
    He is so awesome to answer your prayer for more with ministry at your kitchen table. How wonderful, how timely that you can share this sweet example, because so often we moms struggle with the small chores and don’t see how we can have a ministry from our home. Thank you for sharing.
    God has spoken to me in similar ways too.
    I just want to follow your example of giving Jesus!
    Pray for me? That God would open my lips and give the words for another’s heart.

    • Jamie

      I definitely will be praying for you, Beth!

  • Heather @ Better With Veggies

    I got chills just reading that story – what an amazing reminder that God is in control and wants to work through us. Thank you for sharing.

  • Marianne

    That was so powerful. I needed to hear that today.
    Thank you!!

  • Linda Brendle

    What a beautiful and powerful reminder of how God can use us if we just make ourselves available. Thank you for sharing it.

  • Nina

    Wow! You asked … and that very day He gave you an opportunity to make a difference … and you did. Amazing. Brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart.
    You also made a difference with this post, so that gift just keeps on giving.

  • Stephanie Spencer

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m glad you were available and listening to the Holy Spirit, ready to put your tasks aside and invite eternity in.

    Availability- so simple and so profound. God brings great beauty in when we let Him.

  • Emily M.

    Jamie, thanks so much for this post! I am right there with you! The battle between loving being a SAHM and feeling as though I’m not making a difference is a constant mind/heart battle I face. Through your post, I am so challenged to continue to pursue God and trust that He will bring me opportunities to change the world for His glory. I also have to remember that my daughter gives me the opportunity everyday to influence a person for Christ. Thanks for sharing such a great story of life-change!

    • Jamie

      I am so glad that my story could encourage you! And it is so true that our children are such great opportunities to be used by God. I am so amazed by that honor and responsibility. As my kids grow up, I want to be an example for them of a life passionately pursuing the call of God on my life so that they can enter the pursuit with me. It is one of my greatest heart’s desires that they know the joy of serving Christ.

  • Lisa Buffaloe

    Jamie, thank you so much for sharing. I love how God uses us no matter where we are in our lives. Your post will bless many! Thank you, thank you!

    I live just up the road from Nampa. :)

    Merry Christmas blessings to you,

    • Jamie

      That is wonderful! It is so fun to meet people through blogging that are in your area that you would have never otherwise met! =)

  • Sarah

    Wowie….weeping tears of PURE JOY!!!

    Love to see women ready to be used….and watching HIM use them.

    Just a perfect story for Christmas. Thank you for Coming our Sweet Saviour.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Leisel

    What a wonderful story!

  • Regina Forest

    Jamie, you are doing great things in your corner of the world. From diapers to dishes to being used to save the lost! I love it! I find myself uttering those same words…just wanting to make a difference. God has given us those desires–just as he gives us those opportunities! God is faithful!

  • Lisa-Jo @thegypsymama

    Oh Jamie! What a remarkable story. What a gift you had to give. What a God to orchestrate it so well.

  • Lisa-Jo @thegypsymama

    Oh Jamie! What a remarkable story. What a gift you had to give. What a God to orchestrate it so well

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