I still remember one particular January 1st in the 90s. I was in college, and I was determined to make that year one of my best. My head was a bit foggy from a late-night gathering at a friend’s house the night before, but that didn’t damper my mood—I was armed with a journal and a pen, and by golly, I was going to make some resolutions.

Equipped with a cup of joe at the local coffee shop and headphones plugged into my old-school CD player (which I’m sure was playing something like The Cranberries or Spin Doctors), I scratched out my resolutions:

  • Give up Dr. Pepper
  • Wake up at 6 a.m. and have hour-long daily devotionals
  • Read through the Bible in a year
  • Clean out my car every day
  • Write all my papers a week in advance
  • Read one book per month, for fun
  • Go to the gym four times a week
  • Learn how to play the guitar

I don’t have to tell you how smashingly these resolutions failed. I don’t even remember their outcomes, which tells me I was probably gung-ho until about January 12, when I started to waver. By the end of the month, I’m sure I was back to bicycling past the gym after class in order to crack open a Dr. Pepper and watch the latest Friends episode.

What went wrong?

Now that I’m a bit older and have a smidge more experience under my belt, I can look at this list and immediately see that I set myself up for failure. For one, I had eight New Year’s resolutions. Eight. No human could successfully adopt that many good habits at once, no matter how resolute.

Secondly—I was erecting huge mountains in my path. Forget waking a few minutes earlier to pray, or to cut back to only a few weekly sodas—I was an all or nothing gal. Each of these lofty goals required undivided attention, but the mere fact that there was more than one meant divided attention was unavoidable.

I’m a perfectionist by nature, so I know these resolutions were meant well. I wanted better for myself, and they addressed the imperfections I saw. But I left no room for grace.

Heaps and heaps of grace

I’m all about the grace now. 15 years and three kids later, I know too well that I only have 24 hours in a day, and my brain cells can multiply only so many times. I still fight that beast called perfectionism, but I know I’m human.

I prefer striving for excellence, not perfection.

This is the main difference between resolutions that work and those that don’t. The ones that stick around for the long haul are enveloped in grace and focus on excellence. The ones doomed to fail are armed with whips and require perfection.

New Year’s resolutions get a bad rep, for good reason—they’re impossible to keep. But I love making goals. There’s something about turning a calendar page to a new year that motivates our conscience. It’s a clean slate. We’re hopeful for the next 12 months.

I say use that to your advantage instead of pooh-poohing New Year’s resolutions’ stereotype. Make those goals. But do so realistically.

I wrote my second book this past fall—it’s called One Bite at a Time: 52 Projects for Making Life Simpler. It’s a great compendium to your goal-making this month, and as the title suggests, it feeds you morsels of motivation so that you can simplify your life a bit at a time. Instead of drinking from the fire hose, the book invites you to cup your hands into the stream of grace.

The book is uber-practical: categories include money management, time stewardship, organizing your space, and living green. Topics covered include decluttering your kids’ art collection, establishing a morning routine, and switching to non-toxic cleaners. 52 all together.

You can use the code HAPPYNEWYEAR to get $1 off the book until this Tuesday, January 10.

I’ll be back on Wednesday, sharing my own personal 2012 goals. Be thinking of yours!

  • ellen mcneill

    my most daunting new year’s resolution? probably involved either weight loss or a huge change in my outward actions in devotion to Christ…I gave up making resolutions years ago:)

    • Dessie Coyle

      My most daughting New Years Resulotion every year was to go to college. Which always fails. I have this fear of school and failing. Getting closer to God. I been trying so hard but I get so distracted with my kids, work, ect..

      • Bettina Kim Young

        Dessie, I wish for you the courage to go go to college. You can not fail if you take one step at a time and believe in yourself. What is the worst that can happen? You find that school isn’t for you. You fail but learn about a new topic. You succeed and find it wasn’t as hard as you feared! There is nothing to fear for the only one judging you, is you. I too, had a fear of college, fear that I might not be smart enough or able to learn new things at my age, etc. It took me 6 years to finish a 4 year degree due to psychological disabilities, money and work. I encourage you to walk through the fear, or you never know what’s on the other side. I started college late with similar fears and found I was a success although not perfect . I became a elementary school teacher and am passionate about what I do. Give it a shot, it can make dreams come true, fulfill your passion, and prove to yourself that you can do it. Many blessings and good {{{{{vibes}}}} to a positive look at an old fear.

    • Dessie Coyle

      daughting New Years Resulotion every year was to go to college. Which always fails. I have this fear of school and failing. Getting closer to God. I been trying so hard but I get so distracted with my kids, work, ect..

      • Bettina Kim Young

        my most daunting resolution was to help other’s when I was incapable of doing for myself.

    • Kristy Cruz

      Mine was to give someone a compliment everyday. You would think it would be so easy, but I would get wrapped up in life and forget.

  • Julie A

    I was probably 13 or 14 and had a list a lot like yours…perfect grammar, straight white teeth, perfect posture, perfect hair, perfect grades, read my Bible all the time, be uber popular, etc.

  • Sheri

    I truly love this fresh perspective, thank you for sharing. My most daunting New Year’s Resolution would have to be associated with weight loss. Thankfully, I have since refocused my perspective on goals rather than resolutions.

  • http://www.crystalkrueger.blogspot.com Crystal

    Losing weight and exercising more – long story of unsuccessful attempts. This post is really making me rethink things. And that book looks like exactly what I need to read – thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.stampinup.net/esuite/home/jensimon/ Jennifer

    My daunting resolutions all involve unattainable goals like 100 lbs in 6 months or reading the Bible in 3 to 6 months… Things like that. I always start out gung ho like you and lucky to last to the beginning of February. I don’t do resolutions anymore. I just try to be the best person possible every day. It’s not easy but it usually works for me….

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this book.
    God Bless!

    ¸…´¨¨)) -:¦:-
    ¸..´ ..´¨¨)) -:¦:-
    ((¸¸..´ ¸..´ -:¦:- -:¦:-
    -:¦:- ((¸¸.Jennifer-:¦:-

  • Caroline

    I think this year is the most daunting. I have ME and need to start a new routine that maps out the activities and timings for everything that I do during the day – in a hope to stabalise my symptoms and give a foundation to vuild upon. I know it is the way to getting better but it is intimitating to say the least. Unfortunately I have been delayed in starting due to a virus! Good luck to everyone making a determined step into 2012.

  • Pepina

    The resolution from last year: living one year in the raw, meaning, eating 100% raw food only. no need to mention I missed my hot spicy soups too much. This year the resolution is: one green smoothie a day. no matter what else I eat.
    happy new year!

    • clara mitmesser

      I live 7 miles from a Living Foods Health Center,(CHI) and have been going out there for 35 years on and off. A few years ago, the director said-Clara-You need to go 100% raw and I thought-no way will I commit to that for the rest of my life. Then about 2 years later, I committed for a short time- whatever- and lasted 3 months. It iwas very helpful for my health and since then I maintain 90-95% raw. Like you said, the green smoothie each day is attainable and is crucial to all who want to be healthier, espcially if you include sprouts in it or in addition.

  • http://francineclouden.typepad.com Francine

    Several years back I made a resolution to have “perfect hair and skin”. Yeah, still working on that one! I love the idea of One Bite at a Time – it’s what I’ve had to remind myself since my son was born!

  • http://cdebacafamily.blogspot.com/ Kelly

    My most daunting resolution has always been along the lines of weight loss and quiet times… this year, it is to be more intentional…and after reading this article… to give myself more grace. :)

  • Averiesmom

    My most daunting resolution always involved weight loss… Now I focus on health and don’t have to remake that resolution. Your book sounds wonderful!

  • Angie

    Weight loss

  • http://itwasbroughtonbylove.blogspot.com Southern Gal

    Most daunting? Always weight loss. Funny, but when I look back at pictures from years ago I wonder what I was thinking to put weight loss at the top of the list.

    I bought the book last week, but would love to give one to my daughter.

  • http://trust-do.blogspot.com Kris

    Last year’s goal, named “Ruthless!” – was to declutter the entire house. Didn’t even come close!

  • Lynn

    My most daunting resolution will change my family’s lives. I want to get a new business off the ground so that I can quit my full time job and work from home. Originally l, wanted to be home for my kids after school. But now my husband is sick and I need to be home for him too. I know it’s going to happen. This is God’s plan for me. He has graced me for this. I’m excited to see all that God has planned for us this year!

  • Emily Carlson

    Losing weight. Is there anything more daunting? :)

    • clara mitmesser

      Yes, getting rid of your addition to cooked food. The weight loss is ofter easy after that. see web site; into@creativehealthinstitute.

  • http://www.mommyneedscoffee.wordpress.com Michelle Richards

    Great post. I love the new year as I prepare with my list of resolutions. I prefer to call them intentions. My most daunting one? For some reason, daily waking early is a hard one for me. It keeps ending up on my list year after year.

  • Tania

    I’m sure mine was something along the lines of decluttering the house by June, reading the Bible in a year and losing X lbs…so, thrilled for the grace of a new year.

  • Tracy

    I am a think way ahead planner. I had to laugh as I bought One Bite a day before the deals and freebies started. It had been my plan to get it for the new year and I finally couldn’t wait any longer. Tsh, for all you and your family have given to me and mine, full price is just not enough to pay. Happy New Year!

  • http://www.missionalmamassoul.blogspot.com Missional Mama

    Weight loss is always a hard goal to accomplish and was my most daunting after having kids until about 2 years ago.

    Happy 2012!

  • http://charinabrooks.wordpress.com Charina@Pondered Thoughts

    I would say say worrying about tomorrow…..

    not until I surrender everything and give my full trust and faith in Him.

  • Angela

    My most daunting? Probably when I resolved that my husband and I would have a baby THAT YEAR. As if any of that were in our control. Two years later, we had a beautiful son: in God’s timing, not ours! Oh, the lessons that taught me :)

  • Jar

    Weight loss….daily quiet time…. A cleaner home… A more organized home…. I’ve had them all. Book sounds amazing …. I thank God His mercies are new every morning, let alone every year.

  • http://marijosings.wordpress.com Marijo Napier

    I think ALL of my new year’s resolutions have been daunting!
    Usually, it was because I, like you, lumped 8 or 10 “biggies” in together!
    Recipe for failure.

    Great post!

  • http://www.aprilanecdotes.wordpress.com susan

    Daunting resolutions? Hmmmmm… I put those to rest and came up with this.
    Less attitude/more gratitude
    Less fling/more bling
    Less chair/more stair
    Less sigh/more try
    Less stuff/more enough
    Less chatter/more matter

    • Denise

      great list!!

    • Patty

      Amazing list. Memorable and focused. And, since it is “less, more” even a little progress is meeting those goals. Love.

  • Melissa Walters

    I don’t think I’m going to set myself up to fail with a New Year’s Resolution this
    year. I’m making a Lifetime Resolution. To be less judgmental, more
    self-controlled in not only eating/health habits, but in words, actions and
    deeds. To love others more than myself; to be an encourager; to be positive
    and less vocal. To think before I speak and act kindly. This will not be
    an easy feat, but with the help of my Lord Jesus all things are possible.
    “I can do all things through Christ that gives me strength” ~Philippians

  • http://www.thecultivatedmother.blogspot.com Kimberly B.

    I don’t do resolutions anymore. They never stick and just make me feel like I’ve failed at something. I would like to try to stop drinking Coke Zero, but just cutting back a little would be an achievement.

  • http://lagomtoday.blogspot.com Sara

    I probably had a list like yours. This year is a new year and I’m setting attainable goals. Excited for what’s in store.

  • Stephanie

    I know I’ve made some daunting New Year’s resolutions, but I honestly don’t remember most of them. I do know that there were a number of times I clipped photos of impossible physiques out of magazines and aimed to look EXACTLY like that by year’s end. As a perfectionist, I was always disappointed by the failure to achieve perfection, rather than feel good about any small improvements I might have made. These last ten years or so, I don’t think I’ve even made any New Year’s resolutions. It seemed like the psychologically healthier way to go.

  • Sarah

    In the past it is always weight loss. This year I am going to try for a series of one small change a month.

  • http://www.tjsmhanesfamily.blogspot.com Stephanie Hanes

    Last year I attempted to do a Project Life (photo a day), but “life” got in the way. Ha! I’ve decided it’s much more important to ENJOY the moments than worry about getting a photo. :)

  • Denise

    I don’t really make New Year Resolutions, but I do keep trying to lose weight. BUT I love t the idea of doing 52 projects! Thanks for a great post.

  • Nicole

    Probably lose 100pounds in a year! Still working on that one many years later :)

  • http://dianeshiffer.com/ Diane

    Hmm… most daunting? I’m not sure about that. I’ve never had a great deal of success with New Year’s resolutions, which I suppose it proof positive that they’ve all been daunting, or at least too daunting for me! In fact I think I’ve only ever actually kept one: at the age of five I firmly resolved to stop drinking beer. This was announced at a large gathering of extended family…. yes, one can only imagine my mother’s pride and delight. I can proudly attest that, despite my immaturity at the time (and notwithstanding a few iffy years in my youth) I have done an excellent job at keeping that resolution, thank you very much. Yay! Success!

    Anyhoo… the book looks tres interesting. I like the idea of incremental change. It seems to be the only thing that really works for me :)

  • Debora

    I LOVE the fresh start of a new year…but I do tend to come up with unrealistic expectations each year…getting up early, the daily focused prayer & quiet time, the super organized home and schedule, the healthy meals, excersize, intentional focused time with my husband and children. This year I will be intentional, be thankful, and be joyful…by grace alone.

  • Dana

    Impossible resolution? Lose weight, of course! This year, same goal, but more realistic expectations.

  • StacyBrick

    To drink water. I always do good the first day but by day two I am like somebody give me some Sweet Tea!

  • http://www.terelina.typepad.com Tracy

    Most daunting? I would say it was the year I resolved to stop worrying. You can guess how well that went. This year I have a one word resolution, but the more I think about what that word means, the more I wonder how big it could be.

  • Michelle

    My most daunting resolution? That would be in 2011..
    I was determined to have our whole family eat healthier and lose weight.
    So right from the gunho I got rid of all foods I considered unhealthy.
    Then I went to the store and bought `garden` foods (lettuce, tomato, etc.)
    We were to eat only garden foods the whole year. HA!
    I was totally serious. We were going to become healthy.
    Plus drink lots of water.
    A month into this rigorous diet, and we were back into our regular diet.
    I am hoping to eat more healthy this year, but not to that extent :)

    Happy 2012 Everyone!

  • Jackie s

    I dont think i ever really made a resolution… I probably know i wont accomplish it, therefore to avoid the failure, i dont make one. Sad. I would like to win a book though! Haha

  • Hannah

    It might be telling that I can’t remember most of mine! One daunting one from last January: overcome my phone phobia! Not sure how well I did, because I still much prefer email or texting to making phone calls!

    • http://dianeshiffer.com/ Diane

      Hannah…. I just needed to respond because I thought I was the only one with a “phone phobia!” I am absolutely horrible about calling family or to arrnage playdates or for appointments or any kind of business… or any kind of anything really. urg. I have nothing of value to add, but I just wanted to say that it’s a relief to know I’m not the only one who feels this way…. so thanks :)

      • Nina

        Nope – you’re not alone. I hate getting on the phone. I’m always looking for email addresses and websites to contact people or companies. And now texting is such an acceptable medium, that I use that too. I’m just not a phone person, and I’m actually not worried about changing it. :)

        • Jennifer

          I’m another. Anything that took a phone call didn’t happen till the very last minute. I hate talking on the phone. What helped me overcome procrastinating calls that need to be made was focusing on how much trouble I was causing for others by not making that call & how much stress I was putting on myself by having my mind remind me every day, ” you really need to make that call…”
          As to my most daunting resolution….. hmmmm…… weight loss. Health problems had my doctor telling me “you can exercise & diet all you want but utill we get this fixed you will not lose weight. ” Now that I have been given the go ahead to exercise I put it off. Why? Because everytime I start something goes wrong healthwise & I am afraid to put my self back where I was. This year I have no goals for weight but, to teach myself exercise my body gently.

  • rjb

    I can’t even remember..guess that shows how well I do with resolutions!

  • Aimee

    Oh Tsh! I’m so glad I’ve discovered you! I honestly can’t remember because it’s been so long since I’ve made any resolutions. I’m sure it had something to do with something I already felt like I was monumentally failing at…like being perfect…or it was a list of multiple things.

  • Lisa

    Getting up earlier than the kids to exercise. It might have worked better if the house were bigger and the kids couldn’t hear me get up…me walking quietly down the stairs wakes them up!

  • Sarah

    Weight loss was (and continues) to be a daunting resolution, along with “making myself happy”. Now I just try to appreciate every moment along the way, and thank God for the life that I have. Works better! (but the weight is still there….)

    Thanks for the opportunity to win your new book!

  • Lisa w

    2011 I lost weight…this year I learn to maintain it! And I’d like to grow closer to Christ and commit to better quiet time!

  • http://freedomtopraise.wordpress.com/ Becky M

    Getting up and walking and having prayer time every morning — I was depressed and my doctor suggested both. It took some time, and it wasn’t every morning, but I did fairly well. A health crisis set me back and I haven’t returned. I am praying again to put myself back in my walking shoes and my Bible this year.

  • Tracy

    For the first maybe 10 years of our marriage my resolution was to lose weight. Shockingly its never happened haha. This year my husband and I are making goals together that 10 years ago (possibly even last year) I never would have believed would even be a thought. We realize we need to work harder at being better examples for our boys. – from making wise food choices to spending more time reading the bible. What a great moment to hear that out of my husbands’ mouth! Looking forward to reading this book.

  • http://breebrasil.blogspot.com/ Bree Brasil

    Every year I make at least 10 goals – so that in and of itself is the most daunting. But having a baby was probably the most daunting – since clearly I’m not in charge of that – God is.
    Hope I win your book

  • http://muchadocorrecorre.blogspot.com Jane

    Love this post. Instead of making a ton of resolutions, I simply pick a word and verse for the year to help me focus. Just downloaded your book – looking forward to reading it! Happy new year!

  • http://cathylbaker.blogspot.com Cathy

    15 years ago when we moved to a new state, I was determined to visit all 79 state parks in one year! 15 years later, we still haven’t made it to all of them! But have enjoyed the ones we have visited! Your book sounds great! I’ll have to check it out!

  • http://girlstogrow.blogspot.com/ Tracey

    I don’t remember one specific daunting resolution, but any that have involved BIG changes have always flopped. I have found that I need specific, measurable goals that can be taken in small steps.

  • Julie W

    I don’t know if I’d call it a resolution, but three years ago I wanted to have another baby so that was my goal that year. After two miscarriages another January rolled around and pregnancy was still a goal. Fortunately by last January I had a healthy 3 month old baby!

  • Katie M

    My most daunting resolution I am sure was related to my strengthening my relationship with Christ and my prayer life. I would get up early every morning, read, pray, keep a detailed pray list, with dates and answers of course and journal every day. This as a single mom who worked full time. Of course, it crashed and burned quickly. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.identityingod.blogspot.com Tristi

    giving up desserts

  • Terri

    I usually don’t make New Year’s resolutions, precisely because every year there are articles galore about how they don’t work! LOL But if I had, the most daunting would surely have been about exercise.

  • http://www.adventuresinimperfectionism.blogspot.com Vanessa

    My biggest goal this year is getting my kids on a regular chore routine. It’s challenging, but I’m sure that the pay-off will be worth it.

    Is there a way to use the code on the Kindle version? I can’t see how I would do that…I’m really excited to read this book!

    • http://iguessmylifeisprettygood.blogspot.com Jennifer

      I’d like to use the code on Amazon too, so I can get it for my Kindle. I mean, I don’t mind paying full price, but it sure would be nice to get the discount :)

  • http://bahava.wordpress.com katy

    Oh resolutions! I love them, but I can definitely bite off more than I can chew sometimes! Last year I had two big ones that were daunting–run a marathon and write a book. I did the first and am still working on the latter!

  • http://www.frugallysustainable.com Andrea @ Frugally Sustainable

    I love setting goals for myself…but the problem comes in when I’m unable to attain them! I’m my own worst enemy! I LOVE this post Tsh. It is all about Grace…

  • Charlotte

    Lose weight.

  • Dana

    My most daunting resolution is this year’s . . . NOT to make any resolutions. But after reading your post, I think maybe there’s a sane way to approach resolutions so I may make a few after all.

    Happy New Year! God bless.

  • vanessa

    I used your first book (simple home) for a mid-year cleanout of house and soul – it worked!
    Hardest resolution? To break huge ovrarching goals down into managable parts. I tend to create grand sweeping
    projects that either never get off the ground or grind to a halt after a few weeks/days of heroic effort.

  • http://dontstampthebaby.blogspot.com amy bordoni

    To simplify. It’s become a lifelong effort, not a simple task. But worth it.

  • http://ajoyrenewed.blogspot.com/ Brittnie (A Joy Renewed)

    My most unrealistic New Years resolution was probably “working out 5x a week.” I cannot expect myself to go from zero workouts a week to 5x a week! Ha!

  • http://www.shewearsshortshorts.com/ Christina@WhoWearsShortShorts

    Most daunting: 2007 resolution: get out of the toxic relationship. I failed. 2009 resolution: get out of the same toxic relationship. I failed.. until July 2010, when, after all those years, I got out :)

  • Paula

    My most daunting resolution was weight loss…looking at the whole amount to lose rather than setting small, attainable goals.

  • http://ashleyhaupt.blogspot.com/ Ashley

    Most daunting: be cleaner. :)

  • http://www.advocare.com/11115528 Jenni Potter

    My number one goal for the year is to be more connected to my family. As a SAHM of 5 it is hard to believe that I am not already involved in their lives. I want to be intentional in loving them, raising them, encouraging them and helping them be the best they can be.

  • Liz M.

    I am doing Twelve in ’12 and probably the biggest goal that I want to accomplish is spending more quality time with my family. More dinners at the table, more talking, more doing, more being.

  • Melanie

    Did I write this post? Because that was totally me in college! I’m more of a goal person than resolutions for exactly that reason. Perfectionism and an insane number of goals- still have to watch out for that in my life!

  • Farm chick

    Starting over..without starting over.

  • Jessica Y

    I want to make progress in my prayer life and my cleaning habits. Thanks!

  • http://thepregnancycompanion.com Jessica W

    My most daunting new year’s resolution usually involves losing weight and exercising. Would love to win this book!

  • http://www.fromtracie.com Tracie

    Last year I resolved to live a year focused on courage. It was daunting – and hard – and wonderful.

  • http://www.phuketfamily.blogspot.com The Bradley’s

    I still need to make my resolutions this year! I have always been bad at doing it. Probably for me it is to become more organized.

  • http://quiltingalonglifesway.blogspot.com/ Brenda

    Probably my most daunting resolution was to lose a lot of weight and to completely declutter my house. Neither one happened.

  • karen martin

    I am brand new to your website and I was immediately encouraged so I sighned on. My hope for this year is to listen more to my husband’s heart cries and to give God permission to pour into me His grace. My husband and I have been separated for four years. There is always hope.

  • Debbie L.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of your book! I have to say my most daunting resolution was to run the Houston Marathon in January of 2009. It was also on my bucket list, and both my daughter and I finished it!

  • http://www.thepaperbagprincesses.blogspot.com Christy

    No resolutions for me either! Just goal setting and an overall vision….for the past ten years, this has involved writing and Africa. For the first time in 2011 I tackled my writing vision. Africa is still on the agenda :)

  • Pam

    The most daunting resolutions for me would have to be in the areas of maintaining healthy eating and thus a healthy weight and being a more organized homemaker. I am very much in love with the idea of being both:)

  • Hope

    To finish every book I start. It sounds silly but I’m notorious for starting books and getting distracted by another book. Let’s just say it’s on my list again this year. ;0)

  • Jules

    I just loved reading your post… I too always seek perfection… and am so far from it… yes the usual resolutions… to loose weight… to spend less…. to read more and yes… I fail at it every year…. I am inviting the grace this year…. I liked what I read…. and although I’m not able to purchase this book at this time…. I will definitely seek to purchase it as soon as I can…. Thank you!!!

  • Dana

    I think my most daunting new years resolutions from past as well as present is to find time to do devotions on a daily basis. I have tried saying just 3 times a week…I have tried the whole reading through the bible in a year thing and yet it always seems to be one resolutions I fail at miserably. So this year, just like every other year it is one of my resolutions, maybe this time it will stick.

  • Lisa

    Every year I vow to give up soda……… every year I make it a couple of weeks and……well you can guess:)

    This year I believe I will give up soda M-F and have one only on the weekend!!!!!

  • Kristena

    To become more organized.

  • Leyla

    My most daunting resolution ever was to write letters again (paper + pen), but I barely had the time (I tend to write a lot) or energy – still I made it again this year.

  • Carrie K

    daunting? a toss up between “read the bible in a year” and “lose 100 pounds”

    your book sounds great…crossing my fingers for the win

  • http://gibsongirl247.wordpress.com Dawn

    Definitely weight loss. There have been times that I have lost, became a gym addict…..but, as soon as I can’t do that anymore…it creeps back on. Sigh.

  • http://www.jennadamsblog.blogspot.com Jennifer

    I’ve always been an all or nothing type of goal setter. So, pretty much every goal I set is the most daunting, until recently. I finally figured out that you “eat an elephant one bite at a time”. :)

  • Catherine

    I have actually given up making New Year’s resolutions just because I was never able to carry them out. It makes far more sense to choose just one thing to work toward – as you say – excellence, not perfection.

    As others have shared here, losing weight and incorporating exercise into my daily life have been, by far, the more challenging goals I’ve set.

  • Shannon

    Oh, would LOVE some direction with all the topics mentioned in your book!

    • Shannon

      Forgot the rest of my sentence: The most daunting is always to “lose XX number of pounds” and “get healthy.” The “get healthy” part is a little ethereal to me.

  • Michelle

    Probably losing weight. I don’t do new years resolutions because they always fail within the first week, so now I try and stay true to my goals, which I frequently re-list many times a year. Grace, right? Would love to read your book as I feel very similar to your post above!


  • Ruthy

    Daunting resolution? Stop living in medicrosy…. Very vague, daunting and overwhelming! Always had the same 2 goals since I was 12: lose weight and save money. 28 years later, pretty much the same. :(

  • Hannah

    My most daunting was to get pregnant! My husband had been trying for a year, and it sadly took over my life. We still don’t have kids, but I am learning that it is all in God’s hands.

  • Katie

    My most daunting (and failing) resolution has always been trying to give up soda for water!!! But I too gave up resolutions long ago for goals. Love this perspective!!!

  • Jeanette Albright

    I don’t really make them but I know I always strive for losing some weight or exercising.

  • Christi Combs

    Walking/running 3 miles a day for 3 weeks…… ugh.

  • http://incourage Mitzi Melton

    Thanks for your devotion. It rings true with me. Thanks for the reminder of small steps to success and change for the good. My most daunting resolution is the one I am making for 2012…to write and produce a movie. I have the movie theme which I have carried in my head and heart for 4 years and is based on a real-life experience. This year it will take shape in writing and move on to production when writing is completed. I want to read your book!

  • Deborah

    The most daunting New Year’s resolution definitely involved weight loss for me as well. This year I’m trying to break down my to-do list (resolutions???) into manageable chunks, and I’m calling them goals.

  • http://www.cupcakedd.blogspot.com Julie Weller

    Losing weight is always the most daunting resolution! I’m good until about April, and then I slowly fall back into old habbits and by the end of Summer, I’m right back where I started! :(

  • http://www.missalamode.blogspot.com Scooper

    I LOVE the idea of this book. I bought Organized Simplicity last year and loved it. I dragged it back out over the weekend, resolving to get rid of more stuff and to pursue simplicity anew. My most daunting resolution? I can’t even remember but probably one in which I resolved to eat completely organic…or when I went vegan. I lasted 3 months as a vegan but ultimately my abiding love for cheese got the best of me.

  • Christen

    My most daunting resolution was in 2002. It was to run a marathon and quit smoking. I knew that smoking and training for a marathon were incompatible with each other. I quit smoking in May, 2002, and planned to run a mrathon in October, 2002. I overtrained and injured myself in August, 2002. But I did not start smoking again. It’s almost 10 years later, and it is one of the best things I have ever done. I learned a lot from quitting smoking that I have used to quit other bad habits. You can do it! Not running the marathon wasn’t a fail. Quitting smoking was a win!

  • http://www.christine-mary.blogspot.com Christine

    My most daunting resolution is to give up sugar and coffee. Still struggling with that one. Looking forward to reading your book. I am a recovering perfectionist, myself, and I love the idea of changing my life in 52, bite-sized ways. Thanks for writing it!

  • Tara

    I remember when I was fourteen or so, resolving to do one of those 90-day Bible plans, so that I could read the BIble FOUR times in a year. Did I mention I had never been able to even follow one of those Bible-in-a-year plans before? Ha!

  • http://www.wendyalton.blogspot.com wendy

    My most daunting resolution two years ago was for our family to pay off all short term debt. It took us two years but we did it!

  • Paula

    Definitely has to be with losing weight. I see a theme among women here . . . and I promised myself I’d try again this year.

  • http://www.forsuchasthese.blogspot.com Charisa

    weight loss. always weight loss. start of great…..and it slowly creeps back in..

  • Lucy

    My most daunting resolutions have always involved weight loss and de-cluttering. Opening my life to God and His intentions for my life have helped me focus on being healthy and clean for the good of His kingdom…at least most days!

  • Lynn Bass

    The most daunting New Year’s resolution I’ve ever made was to get organized: I work at home – wife to an entrepreneur of several businesses, mom to Holly & Maxx. I manage the real estate portion of our business, fill in at Tony’s office when needed, make his travel arrangements and try to keep our home going. Everything is a mess. I resolved to get everything organized home, home office and myself as well as our budget. That was two years ago and it all still needs to be accomplished! I look forward to getting all in order.

  • http://reflectionswithcoffee.com Betty @ Reflections with Coffee

    Daunting! Not argue with husband. Eat fewer sweets.

  • Beth Williams

    Normally don’t make resolutions. This year my hubby and I did make some–work out w/weights 3 times weekly, walk 2-5 miles daily and lose about 10-15 lbs, be a better husband. Those are his!

    Mine include working with weights, getting in shape for 5K, much, much less attitude and more especially at work, eat better.

    What got me thinking about resolutions is not a new year, but a new book “The Resolution for Women” by Priscilla Shirer. Reading it has brought some new and fresh ideas to mind.

    Best wishes for everyone in 2012! God bless you all at In Courage!

  • Sara

    LOVE IT. Excellence and Grace. . .

  • christy

    Losing weight and exercising are by far the most daunting!

  • http://amandaisapanda.wordpress.com amandasuzanne

    give up sugar

  • http://vintagevelda.wordpress.com Molly B

    make a quilit. . .yeah, still working on that one 10 years later! lol

  • Edith Bailey

    Through the years I have always tried new resolutions mainly the weight loss, & to have a closer relationship with God. I want to stress the importance of daily alone time with Him, which I fail to do regularly. But with His help hopefully I can keep those resolutions this year. So anxious to read your book and share it with my daughters.

  • Sara

    Tough resolution: eat healthier. Not specific enough.

  • Noell

    Need I say it? Weight loss, of course. I have joined the millions of people (mostly women I would bet) in resolving to lose the weight and have set myself up for failure every time! I haven’t made a resolution in years because quite frankly I’m tired of failing!

  • Nicole Pierce

    Ugh. The difficulty is truly wanting to change some things.

  • Karren

    When I was in high school, a million years ago, I lived with a messy family and was always embarrassed to have friends come over. I decided to clean up and really organize the living room and made a New Year’s resolution for the entire family…..every time anyone left something in the living room they would have to put a quarter in the jar I set up. I was sure that not wanting to pay a quarter would transform our family into being neat and organized……this did not go over big…..the living room was a bigger mess and nothing was ever put in the jar. Note to self, you can’t make resolutions for other people!

  • http://iguessmylifeisprettygood.blogspot.com Jennifer

    I have never been good at following through on my resolutions. I always need to lose weight and get in shape…and I never seem to do it permanently. I need to keep my house cleaner and set up routines to get and keep it that way. I need to work on my son’s bedtime/sleeping habits so that I can do my bible study before he wakes up in the mornings, though I like that he sees me studying and praying daily. I’m sure there are tons more goals I could set for myself, but these are the biggies.

  • http://mydevotionalthoughts.com/ Ruth Hill

    The most daunting New Year’s resolution was to lose weight when I was so overweight. But I did accomplish the goal eventually.

  • Nina

    Can’t say that I have made any daunting resolutions. I don’t tend to make them. But this year I am working on making some healthier lifestyle changes and creating a blog to share my progress with friends and family to encourage them as well. I agree that smaller goals are much more achievable.

    I recently finished your Organized Simplicity book – loved it and would love a copy of this new one. Thanks

  • Catherine

    My most daunting resolution was last year…when I decided to stop limiting my family’s experiences because of fear (of getting hurt, of failure, of things being too hard, etc.) and just say “yes” to things that could enrich our family. We learned to ski together, went camping, watched a parade live in a busy downtown area, and held an awesome lemonade/cotton candy stand—all things I would have said no to before.

    Can’t wait to read your new book!

    • http://yahoo Roslyn

      Oh Catherine Yes Yes Yes~I can identify with you Sister. When Satan tries to steal our joy and our Christ Given Gift to an Abundant Life is stifled by his lies. John 4:4 “Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world.” We shall Pray for one another in Christ! Roslyn

  • Kathy

    Be perfect in living live, losing weight, cleaning house, etc. Set up for failure and disappointment, for self loathing, no room for grace,mercy or love. Result depression, disgust, and a critical demanding spirit. Losses=marriage, self control, self respect. GAINS = 100#, the fight of my life with the invisible foe. Realizations = God is my Advocate General and the victory won. Resolutions = Remember God.

  • Marie

    It seems silly to me now but here it is. In grade six in a Catholic school we watched a movie ( an actual movie that went into a reel projector!) about Mothere Theresa. I was so taken with her love that i was sure i would become a nun. Of course I was encourages in this by the sisters at school I remember praying sohard about Mother Theresa and showing her love. Somehow thatdidnt translate into being kinder to my annoying little brother. I am not a nun but a kind and loving mother,wife,teacher,andfriend.

  • https://mobile.twitter.com/#!/winsomsouls Melissa

    Beginning a new season and schedule of homeschooling. Wasn’t ready for today to be Monday :)

  • guida

    Dauting! Allmost all new year resolutions became dauting… especially the ones such us “waking up early in the morning”, “setting an efficient routine”, …being an organized and focused person…
    No way to achieve it, year after year!

  • Ellen Roth

    My goal is always the same: lose weight. I’ve finally wised up and am committing with 2 friends to really give it all to the Lord this year. We are going on our own “retreat” this week to plan our strategies for healthy eating, healthy thinking, and following the Lord’s plan for us.

  • Sharon Turner

    My most daunting resolution was from 2011 when i decided to give up smoking for good. I’m proud to say, here I am a year later and I am smoke free! :) I allowed some room to be so not perfect and forgiving of myself in the event I did partake of the nasty habit; swore I wouldn’t beat myself up if I did ~ and am proud to report I only smoked 5 cigarettes in the entire year…. all of which were extremely stressful moments…. and all had taken place before June.
    I agree with the goal setting approach to a resolution ~ tiny victories end up winning the battle. This year I’ve committed to being better to myself by eating healthier and exercising regularly ~ ONLY to feel better as I approach 50 in a couple of years. If I *happen* to lose some weight and get toned in that process? So be it. But, I will still allow for baking pink cupcakes with my grand daughter when she visits, as this is one of our most favorite activities to do together.

  • Stephanie

    Getting off the Dr. Pepper has been on my list for years. And yes, just like you its an all or nothing thing for me each year and each year I fail. I’m thinking that this year I will do it by cutting it down a little more each month till I’m not drinking it anymore by Dec.

  • Lia

    My most daunting involved weight loss. Although, last year one of my New Year’s goals was to run a 5k (my 1st ever) and I did it! I was so proud :-)

    Just ordered Organized Simplicity and had no idea who you were. I rarely make on the spot purchases without researching the author, but it just looked so good, so I did. Later, as I was researching a few things related to classical homeschooling, I found myself reading an article of yours and then found this website and I discovered that you were the author of the book I had just placed in my cart. I didn’t realize I had so much in common with you! Looking forward to reading and applying Organized Simplicity this year.

  • Vicki Hornsby

    Coming from a home where parents have been married 62 years, I felt very inadequate after 3 failed marriages. I remember the year, 24 years ago, making a promise to myself and God, that I would stand firm in my faith and if possible could he send me someone to share my life with, if it was his will. He did and 25 years later we are still very happy. I stood firm and never let anything lead me away from my God, my faith, my values, ever again. We as little children, must learn that our heavenly Father will supply our needs as we grow.

  • Julie

    Grace and perfectionism can’t co-exist. This clarified something for me that I have been struggling with – extending grace to myself, allowing an occasional failure to reach a goal, to be more accepting of progress rather than the end all achievement. It also means I need to extend grace to others rather than an impatient criticism I found I had towards others (co-workers, husband, children) who weren’t striving as I was towards achievement that I thought they should be doing! Thank you for this post – I will work towards excellence as I set my own goals for this coming year!

  • http://marinaskitchentable.blogspot.com marina Bromley

    My resolution is to NOT make resolutions!! :)

    Several years ago, I’ve sought out a word/phrase to apply to my life, or a spiritual attribute to “go deeper” with God on. Some of the past years have been things like “prayer” or “simplify”, and although I haven’t quite figured out what the word/phrase is this year, I think it is dealing with being more “intentional” in how I live my life day to day.

    Thanks for the post, and the give-away!! I always love a good book!!

    Grace and peace in the New Year…

  • amykay

    my most daunting wasn’t a single resolution but a big ol list like yours. just overwhelming to try and change everythig at once! reading John Trent’s two degree difference book helped me realize that giving myself the grace to make SMALL changes really is still effective :)

  • sabina

    Thank you for this post! I was not going to do goals this year. I love goals and alway do them even with my children, but 2011 was a hurricane, ripped out all my roots and left me feeling whipped for 2012. I needed your inspiration. THank you!!

  • Shelley

    I’m not big on resolutions, but when I did make them the most daunting was likely the very broad, “get fit.” I know, original. Would love your book!

  • Danielle

    Most daunting New Years resolution, involves some of the same ones – planning to do devotions every morning and night, and exercising every morning, while also planning to cook and clean more, etc. etc. etc. The looonnnggg list scenario.

  • http://www.kirstenslife.wordpress.com Kirsten

    I haven’t really set up a daunting resolution, as I think this year is the first time I’ve set any. And they aren’t all that big (I don’t think) – Read one book a month and to run 10 by the end of the year. I could be wrong, those might be too much, but I won’t know if I don’t try somewhere!

  • Virginia Stewart

    This year….is the first year I have ever had a clue how to walk into the future.
    I am a widow since 97. Lots of brokenness there before after.


    Also….God has revealed recently how satan was able to break my heart…just as he
    spoke a word to Eve that opened the door to all this evil.

    It’s recieving words that kill destroy…..that becomes our idenity satans stronghold
    to steal kill or destroy. I am choosing to persue HOPE .

    2012 my resolutions…..to REST IN THE SOVERGNITY OF GOD
    to ask Him to REDEEM MY SOUL FROM

    In JESUS name amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DebbieRN

    The best resolution that I ever made was to “be happy anyway.” It was a couple of years ago when we lost half of our life savings. I decided to save my husband’s sanity by telling him we had everything we need: enough house, enough clothes, enough food. God brought all kinds of encouragement: Ann Voskamp’s book, your blog, His Word. And finally, with many promptings, we are now sponsors of a precious little boy via Compassion. Our hearts are FULL to overflowing. Thanks Tsh for keeping an excellent blog.

  • Susan

    The most daunting New Year’s resolution I ever made was to stop being cynical and critical and only speak positlvely about people whenI am talking to others. Each time I fail, I resolve again, but even with prayer and God’s grace I still fail–especially with a few certain individuals. However, with God’s forgiveness and help I keep trying. At least I am more aware of the situations and the individuals that tend to bring this out in me and I try to prepare for them ahead of time when possible and bite my tongue (sometimes literally) when the topic or person comes up in conversation.

  • sharon white

    I haven’t made actual resolutions in years, but I woke up this morning and again prayed to become more like Christ, most especially in the area of parenting with grace. I continue to respond to my kids with anger and frustration instead of with gentleness, patience and grace. It’s not how I want to live and or how I want them to live. I want to teach them life is about pleasing God, not doing everything perfectly the way I want things done. How did I get this way? I’m sure it has lots to do with how little time I spend in the Word and in prayer. Then I let all the tasks of the day and needs of life wear me down and make me crazy so that I put that same pressure on my girls. I pray 2012 will be the start of a different way of life.

  • Natasha Westerhoud

    My most daunting New Years resolution would have to be…to write a book in a year…I have never written a book,,,and English is not my first language…but that didnt stop me from making this ‘crazy’ New Years goal…a few years back…well let me tell you I had such a stressful year…thinking I needed to sit for hours in front of my computer and think and write and publish…by the end of the year I think I had 1/2 a chapter of words on a page…I too am a all or nothing person…what I learned from that also…there needs to be some grace…and some give in all of these goals and resolutions of mine…So today…i am still writing but slowy and more assured of what I am doing and more realistic goals … and much more grace…
    Thanks for your words I appreciate them everyday!

  • di

    Daunting is probably an incorrect word for mine, more to haunting. With an alcoholic husband, my was – be a better wife so he would stop drinking. Stop nagging so he would love me.

  • http://www.splendidlittleblog.com Michelle S

    I’ve made the resolution of reading through the entire Bible for a year so many times! Life just happens and I haven’t been able to perfectly live up to that. Thank God for grace and the idea that living out God’s desires (true love) that are in the Bible (daily) is the holy challenge!

  • http://www.marykay.com/hthomas5 Alannath

    My biggest resolution had to do with weight loss.

  • Maria

    My most daunting new year’s resolution is this year’s- to pray for my husband every day through: http://31daystopray.com/31dbbs/ and look for the ways God answers these prayers.

    Last year I decided to read the Bible in a year for the first time (also daunting) and, by God’s grace, accomplished it!

  • kellik

    ohhh New Year’s Resolutions?!? I would say that the hardest for me are the common ones that I have on my list every year: weight loss, exercise more, be more organized and spend more time in the Word!!

  • http://freshbrewedwriter.blogspot.com Pattie

    The most daunting new year’s resolution??? Probably to exercise every day and eat perfectly and drink 8 8-oz glasses of water every day. That usually lasts what, two days? I’m trying to learn about being more process oriented than product oriented these days, while still giving myself some goals for the year. I’m pretty happy with the goals I set for myself in 2012. :)

  • Inna

    Exercise and diet.

  • Sharae Crouch

    The most daunting resolution I ever made was to run a marathon – little did I know, my body and body type wasn’t made for running like that.

  • Velvet Hodges

    LOVED to comment, “Instead of drinking from the fire hose, the book invites you to cup your hands into the stream of grace.” Such a great visual that I’m sure we ALL can identify with. I really can’t remember any of the silly resolutions I used to make when I was younger, and really haven’t made one in quite a while. Wait, finances would be there and being a better Mom and wife. May God truly bless you and yours in the adventure ahead in 2012.

  • Katerina

    My most daunting resolution one year was to organize and simplify my entire home. I went into it with no plans or goals as to how to accomplish the endeavor. Needless to say without a strong plan, goals, and grace I failed miserably within a month. I’m tackling it again this year; however, I have started with a plan (thanks to your book Organized Simplicity). I know I’ll succeed this time.

  • http://ninemonthsandaday.blogspot.com dejah

    Most daunting resolution? Definitely weight loss, which I don’t do anymore. My new New Year’s resolution is not to have resolutions, but rather to act on hopes and dreams for the coming year. It just feels a lot nicer to think of it that way. :-)

  • Jen B.

    Probably my most daunting new year’s resolutions were when I was younger: whiter teeth, study harder, get better grades, play better soccer. I stopped making resolutions years ago. Now I just pick a few goals for the year and commit to making them work throughout the year. And I start whenever. Last year I just commited to getting up earlier in September. I guess I’m saying, why wait till January to make a resolution, when you can commit to change a habit at any time throughout the year, or better yet, when you’re actually ready to see that goal through and complete it.

  • Katerina

    My most daunting resolution one year was to organize and simplify my entire home. I went into it with no plans or goals as to how to accomplish the endeavor. Needless to say without a strong plan, goals, and grace I failed miserably within a month. I’m tackling it again this year. However I have started with a plan (thanks to your book Organized Simplicity). I know I’ll succeed this time.

  • kimberlee

    Most daunting was to wake up before the family every morning. Daunting bc I am a night owl & my son wakes up too early for a normal kid!!

  • Katerina

    My most daunting resolution one year was to organize and simplify my entire home. I went into it with no plans or goals as to how to accomplish the endeavor. Needless to say without a strong plan, goals, and grace I failed miserably within a month.

  • Melissa B

    I used to resolve to lose weight and get in shape. It has always been too general and daunting. This year – get organized in every area of life – is also too general and quite daunting, so I hope I win your book!

  • Katerina

    My most daunting resolution one year was to organize and simplify my entire home. I went into it with no plans or goals. Needless to say without a strong plan, goals, and grace I failed miserably within a month.

  • Patty

    My resolutions have been like many of the ones here … overwhelming, unrealistic and self-defeating. Even when my resolutions were meant to “improve myself” I took an attitude of attacking myself for improvement. But, a few years back (10?) a friend gave me an idea to pray for a verse every year (start in mid-December or so) and to ask God to work that verse deeper into my heart and life in the coming year. Since then I’ve taken that approach. This year: Eph 4:29. I need God’s touch to my words (and the stressed heart that can make my approach to my boys and husband impatient and less than encouraging). I trust Him to work out the inner life that will bring good fruit from this verse as I seek Him and dwell on my verse daily (or as often as I remember to and focus on it). Sure, I want to lose weight (why is that always on our lists!?) But, mostly I want to lose the weight of stress in my heart and my poor reactions to it. I’d rather be 20 pounds bigger than I really wish to be and to be kind, patient and loving than to be in great physical shape and be impatient. That’s my “resolution.”

  • http://www.bucketsofjoyandloadsoflove.com Sallie Howell

    When I was younger, I set resolutions. Many didn’t see past January. As I married, I gave it up with hopes throughout the year for change. This year, I’m Abiding! I am excited to be with God.

  • Brenda Perez

    I guess the most daunting is the weight loss resolution since it continues to be a goal every year. But last year I lost about 20 pounds. It wasn’t what I wanted; I wanted to lose 50. The positive thing is that I am still looking at it as a success. It’s a loss, not a gain, which is what usually happens. So it’s progress in the right direction. I’m refusing to beat myself up which is my usual response. I guess I’ve made some progress in the grace department in 2011 thanks to the the Lord’s help and a great Celebrate Recovery group.

    Yeah, but still beat myself up because I don’t get all that Celebrate Recovery work done. It’s a journey to give and accept grace, isn’t it?

  • peggy

    Like so many women my most daunting resolution has always been about weight loss and I have not achieved that yet! I am an emotional eater and when my emotions get the best of me I eat. This year all I pray is that everyone in my family has a good year and that God will be at the center of their lives. I am trying not to be judgmental of others and not let what others think of me bother me. Instead I will try to remember that God is the answer to whatever my needs may be.

  • http://www.asweetliferocks.typepad.com Amanda aSweetLifeRocks

    Not just to lost weight, but to get in shape so that I have bundles of energy every day!
    That’s the one that haunted me. I started fresh in this area about 8 months ago, and plan to kick it up bcs it is January.

  • Sarah

    Mine was similar, give up Coke and sugar. Needless to say, back to my old ways after a few weeks!

    • http://facebook.com/meganbailey Megan Bailey

      Certainly the worst decision of mine was making a simply unrealistic resolution. It was to be a “Great” mother & wife. Not “better” but great. Apparently my views are scewed because if I wasn’t the patient, loving, beautiful “pleasant ville” mom from the 50’s (dinner always on the table in time, etc) I failed. I was constantly feeling more & more lousy the more I tried. Thank the Lord I have since come to my senses about what a “great” wife & mother are :)

  • Darnetta Bolton

    organizing my entire house with 3 kids ( 3 and under)!

  • http://oneincreation.wordpress.com Angela

    To become an ‘organized’ person (again) after a whirlwind of life-turned-on-its-head change… i.e. to declutter and re-establish routines with a renewed frame of mind… to become a better steward of my finances and time. You know, and just have it happen – NOW, perfectly, admirably, irrevocably “done” by twitching my nose or waving a wand to immediately possess and address all I needed to just ‘make it happen.’ :) I recognize your “all or nothing gal,” and I have also learned (and continue to relearn) to lean on grace to move forward one day at a time. Your book sounds great. I’d love a copy! :)

  • sherri

    Just making resolutions are daunting. I gave up making them years ago. I like the idea of goals and of that I have many and fail at most. So I can’t remember, but I am sure it had to do with weight loss, cleaning, journaling or some such thing as that. I love your new book and would love to have one.

  • Maureen

    My most daunting resolution has to have been to clean out my home office last year. I’ve had a whole tear to do it and i can still barely walk through w/o tripping over boxes of paperwork. I can’t believe a whole year has passed! We just dont use that room anymore. Sigh. I need your book lol. :-}

  • Diane

    I think it was to memorize one scripture a week for a year. Yeah…one a week is too much for this over 50 brain. Now I keep one in front of me for two weeks and while I work to memorize, I use it to meditate on for that period. Much more sticks and I see the outflow effect more clearly when I am not pressing for perfection. I would love a copy of your e-book! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • http://www.simplyrawinspiration.com Angelena

    All I know is that I want to be a good mom and still keep my sanity. How can I be creative, clean, and healthy while I hold, play with, and nurture my 11 month old son?
    Excellence? Still sounds like (yet another) impossible task.

  • Michele

    My most daunting goals always involved high expectations for others to follow through on promises made. (that we would do things together, like exercise or that they would do step one in a multi-step project so that I could do the rest. I have decided that the stress and aggravation of depending on others is no longer worth it….if I want something, I will find a way to make it happen, despite roadblocks put up by others.

  • Sara

    I think my most daunting resolution was to work out every day. I managed to work out a lot last year and lose a significant amount of weight, but I don’t know why I thought I’d be able to work out every day!

  • Debbie Diggs Phillips

    This year’s is the most daunting AND the most exciting…SIMPLIFY!

  • Debbie Diggs Phillips

    This year’s is the most daunting AND the most exciting…SIMPLIFY!

  • Deanna

    I’ve done being able running x miles before and waking up at 5. Yeah, neither of them happened. They still don’t happen. :-)

  • Glenda

    My most daunting New Year’s resolution? Giving up sugar!!!

  • Danae

    I always make this big lofty lists and by February I don’t even remember what I was trying to achieve. Love the idea of setting goals not resolutions. Mine would be give up Dairy and meat. This year maybe I will try to eat less instead of give up cold turkey.

  • Libby

    One year I vowed to floss three times a day….that lasted about 4 days….

  • peggy

    I have not set daunting goals but too many not well defined goals. I do this often. This year I am entering the waters slower and “with more grace.”

  • Elizabee

    I tried to give up procrastination, but then I just kept putting off the day to “really start getting serious about it.” I have gotten better, it probably took the whole year, but I am still not where I had hoped I would be after 365 days. I try to make my resolutions less lofty and more practical now.

  • Tristan

    My most daunting resolution was diet and exercise. I’m a perfectionist, too, so I didn’t give myself any wiggle room. I’ve now learned you have to give yourself room to fail a little, or you’ll fail completely.

  • Jennifer T

    Loved this post! I gave up making resolutions years ago- they were all lose weight/get organized, but I never had a plan, just a vague notion. Love this idea of goals! The thing that came to mind when you asked for “the most daunting resolution” was something I actually did for Lent one year. I decided to write my prayers every night, rather than just say them. It was extremely daunting, but I kept telling myself, “It’s just 40 days” That was a great experience!

  • Alisa

    I have never made a new years resolution! At least not that I remember. Last year I went with choosing a word (well several) for the year and loved how that worked out!

  • Lori Cormier

    The most clear one I remember, was wanting to lose 40 lbs the year I turned 40. didn’t happen:(

  • Jennifer Anderson

    My most daunting new year’s resolution is to wake up before my children! Ugghh…

  • http://debgra5@yahoo.com Debbie Graham

    hmmmmmm……I would have to say like so many other women, losing weight & excercise, that feels so difficult ALWAYS!!! If you have a friend to do it with and hold you accountable, maybe a bit easier, but that is always my most daunting resolution!!!

  • Netty

    I have never actually made a New Years Resolution. I think I’ve always known I would never keep it! But I have just started goal planning, so this book would be AWESOME in jump starting setting a goal and completing it. I have also just recently started to organize my home (with baby #3 on the way, and a small space, it’s a MUST now).

    Thank you for the chance!

  • Karen Martin

    My most daunting new years resolution was to start a blog on our home schooling journey. This is my second year homeschooling and I have yet to start that blog. I still have a desire to start a blog I just don’t know when and if it will ever happen. Maybe this year Lord willing.

  • Homegal

    When I first moved to this country I resolved to learn Arabic.
    It was very tough, but ten years down the line I fulfilled my New Year’s Resolution.
    Accomplishing what seemed at the time was an impossible dream has paid off no end. I feel I’m part of everything now, and I thank God for giving me the patience to persevere!
    Blessings and Happy New Year. I would love to win the draw!

  • Andrea

    I don’t know about the most daunting resolution, but I think often I chose not to make a resolution because it would be too much work. Pathetic, eh?

  • Kristy

    My most daunting resolution was to lose weight.

  • http://www.pathoflifeprints.blogspot.com Amy S

    I, too, am an all or nothing gal. I tend to begin every year with a list that will change me to the point of perfection. Each year, I try to be more practical, but each year I improve a little more. Maybe this year will be the year. :)
    P.S. Your book sounds awesome!

  • Erin

    I am sure it was about weight loss and devotions. I gave them up a long time ago because I learned they didn’t do much more than make me disappointed in myself again and again.

  • Tracy in NJ

    Hmmmm? weight loss? organize the house? exercise program? They are all dauting. but I did keep my commitment to everyday quiet time last year. Go Me! and a big thanks to God for showing up so faithfully!

  • michelle

    When I was younger, my resolutions were the typical ones… eat better, exercise more, etc. Then at one point I decided it was pointless to have resolutions since they never worked! But this year, being newly separated from my husband, I am more focused on real differences to be made in my heart and thus my life… My “word” for the year is H~O~P~E. Some days, hope is all I have to cling to to get thru the day. And if I had a runner-up word, it would be “simplify”. I better go get to work on both of those! :)

  • becky f

    probably to exercise 5 times a week. what a joke. Now I”m lucky if I get 5 times a month.

  • Dayna

    Trying to pass 3 actuarial exams in a year. Haha – I wish I could do that! I thought, how hard can an exam be? I took them all the time in college. One baby later, I’d love to just pass ONE this year!

  • http://stregerlady.blogspot.com Jennifer

    I have always had the resolution to lose weight, to get to a healthy weight. Considering how far away I was from a healthy weight, it was an audacious goal. But I’ve been slowly working at it and this WILL be the year I achieve that goal.

  • Janelle

    To be bikini ready by summer…

  • Jennifer Kindle

    It involved cooking healthier foods my husband and picky children would eat (this was not a modify what we eat goal but a complete overhaul) I have since this failure began to modify and make healthier meals that they would eat and slowly introduce new food items.

  • Donna L. Hogue

    I love leaving room for grace. I struggle with perfectionism and hardly ever live up to the lofty heights to which I would love to soar. I have struggled with my weight since a teenager so now I strive to eat right and get plenty of exercise. If the weight drops, great, if it doesn’t I will not allow myself to fall into despair which only encourages binge eating, I will stay on the path!!!! I will wake up every morning and be grateful to God for my next breath and for the love He has put into my life through my husband and children and friends. I will walk by faith and not by sight and cling to His precious promises. Happy 2012 everyone!

  • Steadfast and Faithful

    To have more patience with my children. Oh Lord, teach me to see me in them, and therefore more patient as I see my own glaring flaws and therefore understand the patient ways of my heavenly Father.

    So, I have tried that on this last year, and well, the Lord is faithful. My 2 year old, climbs bookshelves and pulls to the ground all, I mean ALL the books down. He then on another occasion breaks two dozen eggs and swirls them into the carpet. I endeavored (and still do) homeschool our 1st grader, and well, some days she just isn’t into it. Try getting a non-motivated 6 year old to sound out and blend words is, well, a patience challenge. And then there is the blessed 5 year old, who loves to talk about how she doesn’t like this, and is allergic to that, and how she never gets to do anything!

    This year, Lord, I am asking for more faith. Plain and simple, more faith.

    Covered by grace, Stephanie White

  • JHollyhock (aka Jennifer)

    I think they are all too daunting! LOL
    Getting organized never seems to stick, losing weight always falls second to ice cream, and spending more time with the Lord always seems to fall to the back burner. Hoping this year will be an improvement in all of those things and will stop looking for it to be the year I become perfect at them. :-)

  • http://LindseyMarie97.blogspot.com LindseyMarie

    The most daunting? When I made a list of 100 “goals”.

    It didn’t work.

    I completed- maybe 10.

  • Laura

    Daunting is keeping those resolutions. I like the idea of managable goals. Still though, goals are tough to follow through on. Especially health related ones (for me) anyway.

  • Katherine

    I too am a perfectionist by nature and typically came up with New Year’s resolutions that were impossible to keep like going to bed earlier so that I could exercise in the early morning hours each day or reading more books, creating a blog, cooking only with seasonal ingredients, taking photography classes and reading my bible daily. So here I am many years later and while I have attempted all of those things I never fully completed any of them. After my son was born my single goal was to get more sleep and I did accomplish that once he started sleeping through the night. Sometimes I feel like I put my life on hold because everything revolves around my son’s care, but after reading this post I have some renewed hope to pick up things again slowly and leave room for lots of grace.

  • Lori W

    I think I always want to make grand gestures…so my resolutions will reflect that. Losing weight, reading more books, etc. My goal this year is health: emotionally, physically, spiritually, relationally. I want to take steps toward health. Daunting, yes, doable, yes!

  • Keisha H

    14 years ago I resolved I would no longer be sidetracked my men or dating. I was going to go back to Bible College, focus on God, and only do things that served him. That also happened to be the fall I met my now-husband. I don’t think of it as a broken resolution – it was precisely the resolution to get my priorities straight that allowed me to see God’s bigger plan for my life! We will be celebrating our 12th anniversary in just two weeks ;)

  • Kristy Lynn

    As so many others I know that my most daunting resolutions have been about losing weight!! This year I am setting out to draw closer to the Lord and focus on getting healthy; spiritually, physically and emotionally! 2011 was one of my hardest years, as my husband and I separated, and I can’t handle repeating the same level of stress, depression, being overwhelmed, and feeling like I went through the grinder over and over. So this year is about surrendering myself to the Lord and waiting on His answers, direction, and spirit over my life. My husband and I are still separated and I have no idea where that is going to go but I know that I can fully put my hope and trust in the Lord to watch over me and my girls because I know that HE is going to bring us through to a place of peace, love, and joy once again!
    Abundant blessings to all of you in the New Year!!

  • cori

    Loved your first book! I have to admit that I’ve never actually made a new years resolution. But the most daunting goal ive ever set for myself was to become debt free after two years of hard work we finally did it!

  • Julie Grubb

    Stop sugar! Made this one several years and lasted less than 24 hours. Ridiculous!!

  • Erin

    I don’t always set new years resolutions. However, I have set goals to meal plan, to exercise more….the classic ones!!! So why is it that we all set these goals, but only a few of us accomplish them???? I hope that is in your book:)

  • Kara

    Apparently, every resolution I’ve made has been daunting, because I haven’t followed through on any of them! Would love to have your book as a guide. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  • Lana

    The resolution I seem to make every year, since I have had children; is on weight loss. I did lose 20 pounds last year. ;) Yeah! Thanks to WW’s, I finally found something that would work with weight lose. – – I would still like to lose a little more weight this year, get in shape, have a little more patience with my children, and walk a little closer with God. – – Thanks for all the incouragement and a chance to win!

  • EFY

    Resolutions are hard. I don’t make “big ones” anymore. I just want to spend more time talking to and being with Jesus. There’s never enough time in the day to “do it” but I hunger for more “with” Him. Blessings. Thank you for a giveaway!

  • Julie

    Last year….I resolved to eat NO fast food. I did it, but not without some inconveniences.

  • Tiffany

    Learn to ballroom dance! LOL it did NOT happen!

  • Becky

    My biggest failure is always the weight loss and exercising more. I have tried this one for the last 20 years and maybe 2 of those years I have somewhat reached that goal. Better luck in 2012 hee hee! Thank you Tsh for providing me with encouragement at the times I need it most!

  • http://UntanglingTales.com Amy Jane (Untangling Tales)

    It’s amazing how much gal you get from a pen and a journal. Once, armed with nothing but a fresh journal, I picked *12* — okay, they were goals and not “resolutions,” but I figured one per month was not unreasonable. and maybe they would have worked, if I hadn’t lost the journal.

  • Susan

    My most daunting New Year’s resolution: give up ice cream for an entire year.

  • Jacky

    The most daunting goal for me always involves weight loss. I have suceeded in keeping other resolutions for a year and turning them into life-long habits, but I just can’t say no to a chocolate chip cookie! Maybe only One Bite of each one instead of the whole one…

  • http://www.calledtothisjourney.com Heather

    The one where I planned to keep my house spotless. Yeah, perfectionism.

  • http://www.ineachcircumstance.com Erin

    I’ve hardly ever bothered to make resolutions; I never, ever keep them and they’re never made with grace and excellence in mind! Thanks for the reminder and encouragement. I’d love to win a copy of your book; I think it’d be perfect for us: new home, new baby…new year!!!

  • D

    I love reframing it by calling it “goals”. It takes the pressure off of it being a “New Year’s Resolution”.

  • natalie

    Reading a book a week. I ended up doing about a book a month. At least I did part of it! But initially reading felt like a task rather than for enjoyment. It ended up being great in the end!

  • Christine

    Mine: never raise my voice or yell at the kids (or husband). Good luck.

  • Renee

    Most daunting resolution ever? Making an intentional effort to “trust” and pray for a peace that surpasses all understanding with regards to my husband’s terminal illness, and lousy prognosis ahead. I need to run to Jesus, and dwell in his promises all will be alright.

  • Kelly

    I made a very daunting resolution this year. It is to love the unloveable people in my life. Be intentional about it – and accept failure and try again. Daunting indeed as I am doing this with my sister-in-law first. Not sure how, but God put this on my heart on 1/1/12 so He will also provide the answer.

  • http://dianeshiffer.com/ Diane

    OK.. I feel rather foolish! I posted above that I don’t really make resolutions, but just a moment ago, someone reminded me of a HUGE one I made a couple of years ago… I resolved to buy nothing all year long. And I actually made it! Well… I kinda sorta made it. Fell off the wagon a time or two, but it was a tremendous experience and I learned so much about what I need, what I think I need (and the huge chasm between the two!) Mostly I learned about myself though… namely how immature and materialistic I am, lol. I blogged my way through the year with semi regular updates, and if that wasn’t a lesson in transparency and humility, I don’t know what would be!
    If it’s not too crass, here’s a link to my final buy-nothing update: http://dianeshiffer.com/2011/01/my-buy-nothing-year-update-11-otherwise/
    Feel free to ignore at will:)

  • Tara

    I didn’t make resolutions for a long time, because I always failed them in the past. I decided that they were lame. Last year I made a resolution to change my diet completely, in order to get healthy and lose weight. I went vegan. Today I am still vegan and the weight is steadily coming off. This year my resolution is more spiritual. I think last year was most daunting, but after making this one….I’m not so sure. I have decided to read God’s word every day. So many times I got to bed having not spent time listening to God speak to me through His word. I get so busy with work and everything else. I hope I am able to keep this one. I can only imagine the amazing things God will do in my life through this.

  • Cathy

    my first year of marriage it was to loose weight. my poor husband indulged me on every crazy diet i tried for about a month, and then said, enough is enough.

  • http://www.myblessingsunlimited.net/carol Carol Sharp

    To “Always” speak uplifting words, still a good goal and something to work toward but recognizing we are “dust” ~ I failed mostly when it came to what I spoke to myself. :)

  • http://www.fredmom.blogspot.com Pamela

    My most daunting New Year’s Resolution would be to establish a routine of exercising and also to spend time with God daily. My most daunting this year, is to work on eliminating our debt… this has always felt extremely daunting to me!

  • http://www.shelleyshouse.blogspot.com Shelley

    I’m assuming the most daunting one that actually happened. That would be to do my 2nd London marathon. Most daunting because I still remembered how much the first one hurt and how disappointed I was with my time. I cried the last hour because it hurt and I was so ashamed at being so slow. However, after about a month I began to see how much stronger I was and I was knocking minutes off every race. So I went for it again. I took 70 minutes off my first London time. The photo that was taken of me with some other friends who did it sat on my desk for several years, it being the happiest I could ever remember being with myself.

    I looked at that photo to remind myself I really can do hard things – just not all them at one time and they have to be things I really want to do.

    I’d love a copy of your book! I could use some new inspiration.

  • Meghan

    Most daunting resolution is to grow my beachbody business. Helping Others loss the weight and get healthy.

  • http://faithhopecherrytea.blogspot.com/ faith hope cherrytea

    ooo the most daunting new yr’s resolution…
    definitely exercising! daunting and failure prone ;)
    obviously not having taken it * one bite at a time * !!
    thx for your generosity & HaPpieSt NeW YR Wishes !!

  • Michele

    For many years I made a long list of resolutions including work out 5 days a week, read the bible every day, read one book for fun a month to name just a few. I get tired just thinking about it! This year I only have one goal and that is to give up perfectionism in favor of grace. Wish me luck!

  • Meme

    waking up before 7, being more organized, clean my kitchen every single night…

  • Anna D.

    My most daunting is this year, to be a better wife, starting with the 40 day love dare from Fireproof.

  • chris

    This is definately a mind set people have trouble shifting I’ve noticed. My goal for the year is to begin investing in myself again (we’re talking everything dressing nice again, eating better, increasing activity level, and challenging my mind). I want to be Chris, not just “C’s Mommy.” Everyone seems to like the idea, but I occasionally hear the same critique – how will you measure it? I have no weight amount to lose, no specific diet regimine, etc. Some people have trouble understanding how I can define success by simply how I feel about myself. We’ll see how it goes, but this is one “resolution” I think will stick.

  • C&L Mama

    The most daunting New Year’s Resolution I have ever made was to become the “Proverbs 31″ woman. (some grand improvements happened, but full success on that one is not attainable in one year, I decided.)

  • julie

    The daunting resolution of last year was to tackle my giant head on: getting my architectural license (7 exams) while taking care of my 1 year old blessing. Everyone thought I lost my mind. I even thought I lost my mind. After crying during the break of my last exam, wishing to be with my baby instead….I got my 6th pass for New Year’s Eve.

    It would have been my 7th pass, except I failed one….I know God planned for it that way – we might set our course…but God determines our steps after all. Discouragement is not from God, and I thank God for His UNBELIEVABLE GRACE in guiding my steps so far.

  • flowersgal

    Unfortunately I have been daunted for many years by resolutions to lose weight and exercise regularly. This year I realized (through the help of Made to Crave) that my focus was all wrong — on me and on man-made deprivation diets from which I developed a deprivation mindset, setting myself up for failure. I have realized that willpower and self-control while they may sound alike are not the same. Willpower is me trying to do something in my own efforts. Self-control is a fruit of the Spirit. My desire is to honor God with my body and my choices. Submission, humility, and sacrifice are the paths.

  • http://milliken4@cox.net Peggy M

    My resolution to lose 25 lbs.was not attainable.

  • http://www.janellekeith.com Janelle Keith

    Most daunting…but most exciting…is full surrender to Christ and exploring the gift of writing that He has given and confirmed this past year. The call of obedience to put pen to paper, or put fingers to keyboard and write a book. This is HUGE to me. I feel like David facing a giant. I am at the water’s edge….gathering my gumption…looking at my own reflection staring back at me. But also searching for the rocks of God’s faithfulness that I can stick in my pocket…hoping I only need one Rock to take this giant fear down. The biggest step is forward, the biggest fear is myself.

    If I don’t write a blog post from this…well…it’s a start right?

  • http://lisanotes.blogspot.com Lisa notes

    This year may be my most daunting resolutions (I make them every year): Venture. I can’t plot it out; I can only be open to seeing opportunities and seizing them. It’s not the way I like to make resolutions. Usually they’re very concrete and measurable. But after last year’s very meticulous year of “Depend and Delight” as my resolution, I’m throwing this one all on God and saying, “Let’s do this!”

  • http://www.OurPhotoStories.com Rebecca Brooks

    The most daunting New Year’s resolutions I’ve ever made are give up whatever soda/pop I am currently drinking, read my Bible in a year (I always quit in Leviticus), or exercise 3x a week. I can never keep those.

  • Paula

    Thank you for your daily words of encouragement. This, in itself, is a good way to get a start on daily devotionals and preparing yourself for the day ahead. My most recent New Year’s resolution, besides every year’s losing weight and getting in shape, is really simple and do-able. I’m a scrapbooker and plan to make and send cards to those people in my life who are special and need an extra special thank you, happy birthday, happy anniversary, I’m thinking of you, get well or whatever seems to move me to think of them. In this day of electronic messages, I’d like to offer a tangible message that brings a smile the lasts more than a few seconds.

  • Kika

    I am going back to school this January – while homeschooling and managing a busy family:) Daunting, yes, but also very exciting – in the step off of a cliff kind of way :)

  • http://happyascanb.blogspot.com Bethany

    Wow! That was a hefty resolution list!! I think my worse ones were always when I’d set my goal to weigh less than XXX. Now, I realize there’s soooo much more to being healthy than a specific number.

  • http://kamrandolph.xanga.com Katie

    Hardest: Improving myself mentally and spiritually – by finally asking for help and seeking it for myself – counseling and support groups to deal with abuse. It wasn’t so much a resolution though, it was just trying to survive through my anxiety turned into depression.

  • http://barryhomelife.blogspot.com Jen

    The most daunting resolution I’ve ever made was to wake up at 5 every morning. I’m so not a morning person. :) so hope I win!!!!

  • patty

    Mine is ususlly the same every year. I want to loose 50 pounds. I think I set myself up to fail. I should try eating right and getting in aome excersize.

  • Jen

    My most daunting resolution is the one I have right now…though I am trying to get realistic about it and make it a goal…but I really, really want to get my house fully organized. All the cabinets, closets, bedrooms…nothing hiding or crammed but really and truly organized. I recently bought the book ‘Organized Simplicity’ and am hoping this will help me on my journey!

  • http://www.jordon-andrea.blogspot.com Andrea

    Keeping the house clean, spotlessly clean, always . . . not going to happen with children 3 and under

  • Carolyn

    My most daunting resolution was probably to get and stay organized (neat home) which is difficult when there are 7 people in our home. Not everyone had caught my passion for it (imagine that!) so it failed spectacularly! Your comment “The ones that stick around for the long haul are enveloped in grace and focus on excellence.” is a new and very refreshing thought to me. Thank you!

    I would love the opportunity to win this eBook! Blessings!

  • Melissa

    Losing weight!

  • Stacey

    I’m sure it was weight loss related! That one always seems to top the list and seems to be the hardest to stick to!

  • Kate

    I was going to lose 50 pounds in a year. I think I forgot about it by February.

  • Debbie Laga

    I seem to make the same New Year’s resolutions year after year…improve my diet and consistently exercise. I go in waves where I do an excellent job managing these two areas, and then life happens and I have a total blow out for weeks at a time. I struggle with doing anything consistently for the long haul, because I don’t know how to keep going when life gets crazy. That is my constant battle.

  • http://kim365.com Kim

    It’s always daunting when I make a resolution to get healthier, whether it be changing the way I eat, or getting more exercise. It’s too broad of a goal!

  • Deb

    Stop biting nails. I’m open to all suggestions as I’ve been trying for years.

  • http://athankfullheart.blogspot.com Miranda

    Its been a while since I made a new years resolution so it was probably to do well in school.

  • Melanie

    My most daunting goal last year was a very specific, “Get out of Debt” goal. This caused many nights of wracking my brain with different ways to get extra money since all of our living expenses had already been cut. What helped me to stop spinning my wheels and get some focus was sharing this goal with my husband. Together we were able to knock out over $20,000 of debt in 12 months and have an actual savings account. I loved together together with my husband for a common goal instead of feeling alone. This year we are starting on an eating plan together and every 17 days have a celebration planned together. Our first one will be organzing the laundry room and putting up new shelves. Thanks!

  • http://thegirlfriendgap.blogspot.com janita

    I would have to say something related to exercising more. Again my resolution this year to get outside once a day and walk . thank you for a chance to win some inspiration. Janita

  • Shan

    WEIGHT LOSS! It has been my number 1 for years and I always find it hard to follow through with my New Year’s Resolution. This book sounds like I can do it! Thank you.

  • danielle

    What’s the most daunting New Year’s resolution I’ve ever made? Hard to decide I think the one I’m trying this year is going to be but I think you are looking more for in the past. Ugh…. learning to control my temper still working on it but I really changed a long time generational issue in a huge way. Lots of books,talking to people etc… finally sweet sweet victory. Hope I can pass on all I learned and am learning to my kids. Now this year’s has already made me cry but darn it if I have the most miserable year yet ,victory is coming in this area of my life.

  • Jennifer

    Mine probably involved exercising, waking early, and reading the bible. All of which I’ve failed!

  • katbe

    I would have to say quitting smoking cold-turkey. That was 19 years ago…one of the best things I’ve accomplished. I would like to eat smarter, move more, get organized and go green in 2012. One Bite at a Time sounds like great inspiration and motivation. Thank you!

  • jessica

    it was actually reading 100 books and I accomplished that last year! It was indeed daunting though…and I did count a few magic tree house books, those count right? :)

  • Lindsay

    The most daunting resolution is when it is too much! Losing weight, plus getting the budget straight, plus eating healthy, plus redecorating, etc. Small, easy to accomplish tasks=lasting success to me!

  • Jill

    My most daunting resolution was to cut sugar out of my diet. Not a very realistic resolution…didn’t think that one through very well.

  • http://www.joyfullythriving.com Kristen

    The goal that challenged me the most was to consistently write on and encourage others with my blog. It sounds like a fabulous book, Tsh!

  • Gwyn G.

    I’m 45 and I’m resolving to be fit enough this year to do a warrior dash/tough mudder event this October! Talk about daunting, but I’m recruiting friends to do it with me and if I want to survive it, I’ve got to make getting in shape a priority.

  • http://www.littletoosk.blogspot.com Lydia

    Most daunting resolution: only use kind words. I failed, in case you were questioning the outcome of that one. Still aiming at excellence~;-)

  • Sheila

    Starting my day at 6am..this has been a daunting goal that seems to make my top 10 every year…I’m not a morning person…I can train for and finish a marathon praise God but for the life of me waking up early seems nearly impossible…it has made it on my list again, but this time I am equipped with the most adorable little alarm. My third boy,Samuel, is here and has been pretty consistent in a 6am feed time…now only if he could ommit the 12am and 3am alarm: )

  • Amy Mathison

    Sticking with an exercise routine is the resolution that feels daunting every year…and every year I continue to set the goal and fall short! I love your thought about striving for excellence, not perfection. Thinking about what that might look like in my life this year. Thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.kelliwommack.blogspot.com Kelli

    Exercise and weight loss! I would love your book!

  • http://Www.jewelielyn.blogspot.com Jewelielyn

    My biggest resolution failure? To give up soda pop. I know it sounds like a little thing and it shouldn’t be that hard to do, but there is something about that fizzy, sweet deliciousness that won’t letme go… :)

  • http://www.thearthurz.blogspot.com christy a

    To wake up earlier so I can exercise and read my Bible before the children wake up. It is completely against my nature, not a morning person (oh how I wish I was) and I have failed every time. Hopefully, someday I will be a success at this!

  • Nancy

    Doing a breakfast devotional with my preschoolers each day…even though watching them mess with their food and bother each other drives me nuts, I thought I’d add in Bible reading for maximum failure value. :)

  • Jen R

    Well, like many others, my resolutions always seem to involve weight loss or getting fit. And usually some sort of good intention to stay organized. I start off on the right foot and quickly lose my step… I need motivation to keep me going. This book looks like a great tool. I’m gonna go check it out!

  • JavaJoy

    I discovered long ago that NY’s resolutions fail for me but improving my posture has been on my list for…oh about 35 years! Perhaps this will finally be the year I succeed :-)

  • Lori

    Weight loss – unrealistic expectations combined with perfectionism

  • Joanna Shaw

    My most daunting resolution was 2 years ago-and it was to wear dangle earrings 5 days a week. This might seem silly to you-but I’m a “small-hoop-stud-wearing” girl and have never ventured to dangles. They seem to make women look “thinner-happier-free” and I wanted this! But to my discouragement I was pulling a sweater over my head and it caught on my dangle earring-making me ear red and swollen and that was the end of dangle earrings 5 days a week! Now it’s just for special occasions! :)

  • christine

    The most daunting new years resolution I’ve ever made was typed on a single-spaced piece of paper, full of other new years resolutions:

    “organize every room and closet in the house in the next three months”.

  • MemeGRL

    Oh, the losing weight thing. I gave up self-punishing ones though and only do ones that prompt me to do good-for-me/my family things, like keeping date nights, etc. Happy new year to all!

  • Kathy

    Probably resolutions that didn’t take “me” into consideration.I can’t change myself
    drastically overnight but need to break my goals into achievable steps.Also,trying to change too many things at once just leads to discouragement.Most important resolution is to spend more time listening to God and doing what he asks.A life of surrender
    leads to joy and peace. Kathy S.

  • http://happylocallife.com Sommer

    Daunting resolutions…hmmm…I know that what has set me up to be less than successful when I have considered a resolution has been the “I’m going to be…” phrase. Like I am going to become someone or something that I am not. This is too big, too vague, and not realistic. I CAN change, but I need something smaller and more specific. Steps to get to a goal, which is specific, usually small, and part of a bigger goal. Small success=confidence and encouragement=bigger success! :-)

  • Tracy C

    Excellent thoughts.

  • http://corvidarium.blogspot.com wendy

    I once resolved to lose 50 pounds by summertime. Yeah. Didn’t go well.

  • Jen M

    My most daunting resolutions are always the ones that involve weight loss. I set very high goals, see smaller results (as should be expected with healthy weight loss), get discouraged, and it’s ALL or NOTHING. I go back to my old, unhealthy ways.

  • Deb A.

    Most daunting? Probably losing weight. I don’t do new years resolutions any more. They always fail within the first week, Now I make goals and try to attain those. Would love to read your book. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Jenny

    Im joining in with weightless and exercise….run 5 miles a day, train for a marathon, lose 50 lbs…..;)

  • Amy w

    I think the most daunting resolution is to hike 14ers, a semi-common thing to do out here in CO. I hiked one, and I’m good.

  • http://everydaylifeline.com jenny

    this year’s honestly are the biggest. but they are plans, not resolutions. long term goals included. the most daunting is to make four times as much money this year as last year, through my life coaching business and seminar work. that is way bigger than i can reach, but God can do all things

  • http://fieldofwildflowers.wordpress.com Sarah

    In college I regularly set myself up for failure with daunting resolutions like: run 2 miles each day; hour-long devotions in the morning; make an impossible number of recruiting phone calls for my job each week; have my homework done early; it’s impossible.

    Even now I set very high standards; however, Now I am trying to weed out legalism and recognize when I am trying to conform to extra-Biblical “laws” of my own that I add to God’s law, as if they make me holier. As someone preached at our church recently, “When we obey, we are given more grace to be empowered to obey further.” – That’s it!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Camaron

    That by the end of the year I’ll be the best wife, mother, daughter, home maker, church goer, service oriented superstar ever. Oh and that I’ll look fabulous while doing it all.

  • http://www.abstractsmixedwithextracts.com amy

    Mine was probably the year I was determined to not stress about anything
    …yep….that lasted about an hour hahaha.

  • Jean T

    I think the last one I made was–Clutter Free in ’93. I’m thinking it didn’t happen!

  • Mandy Martin

    I totally agree with you how 15 years and 3 boys later changes my perspective on new year’s resolution. One year I decided a clean kitchen before I went to bed sounded like a great resolution, of course that only lasted 1 week and I was back to the realities of life!

  • Shannon

    My mosting daunting resolution is the one I make every year – including this year — to lose weight. I’m over 100 pounds overweight and for health reasons, I really need to get the weight. But it’s daunting to know that I have to lose so much!!!!

  • Kate F.

    giving up tv

  • Becky J.

    The most daunting new year’s resolution I ever made was that I would not lose my temper for a whole year-yeah, right…did I mention I am Irish/German? :) and human??

  • http://www.sandeewinrowmilhouse.com Sandee Milhouse

    The most daunting resolution I tend to make is getting up an hour earlier than I need to to have quiet time with God – since I am a night owl this goal is very unrealistic. The other is thinking I could control my appetite enough to weigh what Jennifer Anniston weighs! HA! (I am also a perfectionist!)

  • faith j

    Most Daunting New Year Resolution: “Be Free in 2011″ I set that as my computer password to remind me. Be free in Christ, free from bad habits, bad character traits, negative relationships, free of regret or revenge or hopelessness. And conversely, NOT free of conviction, not free to continue to knowingly continue to sin. I knew that in Christ I am already free, but in 2011 I asked Him to help me to walk as a free woman, His bride. Perfect in His eyes because of what Christ paid for my ransom. Redeemed.

  • http://life-by-nicole.blogspot.com Nicole

    Really am looking forward to reading this book. As a working mom to a 16 month old, I am always striving to find more routes to simplicity. And your blog has been quite helpful thus far!

  • Tricia

    It sounds like your book is just what I need!

  • Lindsey

    Probably the time I made a list of every single item I’d like to fix/change/organize/build in each room of our house and declared I’d have it done in a year. I think I crossed a few things off the list in 2011. Here’s to a more graceful 2012!

  • kathy w

    My most daunting has to be eating food that is good for me so I would not continue to gain my weight. My weight has always been a problem to try and get under control.

  • http://krikeykreations.blogspot.com/ Kristen

    Oh how I need this book! So “What’s the most daunting New Year’s resolution you’ve ever made?” I would have to say to get my life in order and lose weight. I still need to get them done to live life more fully.

  • Rachel

    For something like five years I have resolved to do some kind of deliberate exercise. Running 2 years ago, yoga 3 years ago, pilates 4 years ago, bellydancing 5 years ago – I always blamed the pregnancies for my epic fails. But really, I just hate the time spent that way. I don’t even want to lose weight; I just want that discipline. I love working hard, but I need the results to affect more than just me. (for instance: I will happily spend time every day roofing a house, but I can’t even do 20 min. without a visible goal.) Is there a way to get past this hang up?

  • Rebecca Whitson

    Hello, I wanted to comment on my most daunting New Year’s Resolutions. I have a whole list, but I will only mention two of them. One – To do better with what I eat and to get more exercise, I have always had a problem with my weight. No. two – is to keep the clutter cleaned up, that too is still a problem too. I try to do best as I can through out the year, but I still can not stay with it totally. May the Lord Bless us all in our persuits. Thank you.

  • http://www.teishknits.com Teish

    Well, probably the countless times that I’ve reviewed mistakes made in the past year and resolved, “Next year, I’m going to get it ALL RIGHT!” Absolutely foolish of me, I know! I think that’s why I usually avoid resolutions, I tend to expect more from myself than is possible.

    Perhaps this year I will try to focus on only one thing, learning to be truly grateful in everything. :-) (Which, admittedly, is still going to be a challenge!)

  • Audra

    I always start diets on Mondays, and I always have a long list of resolutions to improve my failings for the New Year. I’m sick of it :)!!! I am full of ideas but out of focus. Help!!!

  • Sharon

    The most daunting one I probably ever made was to give up my boyfriend in college. In the end, I did, but it wasn’t a clean break. I went back and forth on my decision and we were on again, off again. Thankfully, it did stick in the end, otherwise I wouldn’t have wound up with my amazing husband and my daughter.

  • http://my-cup-of-joy.blogspot.com/ Andrea

    I miss the Spin Doctors.

    Oh boy, as an all or nothing gal, I can totally relate! I’m pretty sure most of my past lists have looked like yours did, with the exception of the Dr. Pepper. Although I did resolve to give up coffee once. Talk about daunting!

  • http://www.wholesomewomanhood.com Carrie

    Two years ago, I wrote a list of 101 things I wanted to accomplish in 1001 days. My time is up in September of this year and I still have so many things left to accomplish! Talk about a daunting task! :-)

  • http://www.mitzieaker.com Mitzi

    Lose weight. Some years I’m successful, others I’m not. However, I turn 40 this year and my body is not working like it use to, so I need to make some major lifestyle changes to stay fit.

  • Heidi

    I don’t make resolutions anymore because I always break them.:) But I have been a lot more reflective than usual this new year due to a dying relationship which is making me focus on what really is important in life.

  • Lana

    Likely had something to do with weight loss… I’m glad I’ve moved past that and just attempt to eat healthy…much less stressful.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Lisa H.

    To declutter my entire house… I didn’t know where or how to start. I really need this book! Thanks!

  • kimberlee

    The most daunting resolution I’ve made is to get up before the family. Daunting bc I am a night owl and my son wakes up too early for a kid!

  • Emily

    I always try to bite off more than I can chew, so every resolution I make is daunting & impossible. Thank you for the reminder that even baby steps are accomplishments :)

  • Gin

    Most daunting? To get my entire house cleaned and organized. I have a dream of how freeing that would be…..and yet that freedom scares me. What would I do THEN?? So it never gets done. I have containers of my kids’ artwork, photographs, old newspapers, mementos, etc., and it just continues to accumulate.

  • http://emilyreal.blogspot.com Emily S

    My most daunting have definitely been the Bible-reading, hour-long twice a day devotional ones.

  • Denise

    I know this sounds crazy, but my most daunting New Year’s Resolution has been to (wait for it…) learn how to drive. There, I said it. Yep, I’m 35 years old and have never, ever learned to drive. Why? Well, unlike the vast majority of teenagers, I never really wanted to in the first place.

    Combine that with a fear of driving in general (you want me to go HOW fast?! Why can’t highway travel be set at a comfortable 15 mph?)

    Then as I got older, my husband drove so I didn’t need to. If I wanted to go somewhere and he wasn’t home, I’d either walk or take the bus if the distance was more than a few miles.

    This never bothered me before, but now that my kids are older and are more active in their respective activities, I’m finding that I *have* to learn to drive. By way of another nudge, my oldest is now 16 and at this rate, will be driving before her mother. LOL!!

    So there you have it; my most daunting resolution which I hope to make a reality this year. :)

  • Julie A

    Reading the Bible in a year. I’ve given it a good try several times, but I always get far enough behind several months in, and I give up. I like the reminder of grace!

  • Amy

    Me too: reading the Bible in a year. Can’t do it. This past year I read the whole Bible in just 90 days with an online group! I may even try it again!

  • Melinda T

    The hardest was getting and staying in shape…especially since I don’t like to cook and would always eat fast food or junk food!

  • Lisa

    The most daunting New Year’s Resolution I have made was to excercise everyday. I would love too but am too but just never get to it!

  • Sarah

    I think my most daunting resolution has always been putting specific unattainable weight loss goals on myself.
    This year I am just taking one day at a time for all of my resolutions.

  • Karen

    The most daunting new year’s resolution I ever made was to be a better (i.e. more patient, loving, understanding, etc.) parent. I like to set a manageable goal, but perhaps this one was more than I could accomplish. Sometimes it seems that no matter how hard you try, how much better you think you are doing — it’s never enough.

  • Kimberley M

    My most daunting resolution was to practice humility daily and become humble!

  • http://www.bethcoulton.com Beth

    My most daunting is probably this year’s- to be fearless in 2012!

  • http://www.therealjoy.blogspot.com Joy

    No chocolate – what was I thinking?!? ~smile~ Still working on switching from frustrating resolutions to do-able goals…would love a copy of your book, Tsh!

  • Kirsten

    My senior year of highscool, i had a whole list. To lose weight, to give up sugar and carbs, to never get impatient…the list was massive that year and I didn’t accomplish any of them. :)

  • Marilyn Gray

    To quit smoking…that was the worst of all time……Some years later, having had quadruple by-pass heart surgery and then 2 months later having to re-admit to hospital and have 7 stents inserted because “something” went terribly wrong, I finally accomplished the task….I was too scared to smoke then.

  • Sarah K.

    I think my most daunting resolution was to get out of debt. At 22 I had 5 credit cards, a new car, student loans, and a dead end job. Debt had become kind of commonplace for me and my husband (at the time new boyfriend) was wanting me to change all of my spending habits and get on a budget Dave Ramsey style. I thought he was nuts, and even though it took a little more than a year, credit cards payed off and cut up, doctors bills paid, student loans paid, car sold and I am finishing my last semester of nursing school which we payed for out of pocket without loans. It really took a TON of self-control on my part and the buying of soda and snacks every time I filled up the gas tank or buying new clothes on payday had to stop or I’d still be in over my head in debt, but it worked. This year my new year’s resolution may even be more daunting as I strive to attain some of the attributes of a proverbs 31 woman, but I not expecting perfection just a polishing/refining of my character :) Happy New Year everyone and God Bless you all with your resolutions (we can do all things through Him who strengthens us!)

  • nancy steinke

    always wanting to lose weight-finally did it-but still working on it

  • Donna

    Most daunting, clean and declutter our storage space.

  • Christie

    Most daunting … read through my Bible and get organized at home. I’m a perfectionist too, and give up easily when challenged or behind “my” schedule.

  • Cathy

    Most daunting— to run a half-marathon. I agree with the other comments that weight loss is always on my mind this time of year after all the eating at Christmas.

  • Tina

    I try to be the best I can be with God’s help and don ‘t set myself up for failure. book sounds very helpful.

  • Laura

    My most daunting resolution is one I made this year. To be courageous. This has been my ‘word’ since Nov , and it is my ‘word’ for 2012. To be courageous, to step out in faith and be obedient to what God is asking me to do, even if my knees are knocking together. To be courageous, and to not worry about what others may think when I speak my heart, but to only want to hear my Father’s voice – well done, my good and faithful servant. To be courageous, and to stop and pray with someone right then and there, and not just say I will pray for you. To be courageous, to be the daughter of God, to be the woman He is calling me to be.

  • Heather

    Most daunting resolution likely had to do with keeping a perfectly clean house.

  • christina.vd

    During my first year of university, I resolved to starting transforming my character from angst-y and self-centred to the quiet, gentler, kinder girl I was when I was younger. More than 10 years later, I’m still not quite there but I realise how big an impact this resolution had on my character development.

  • http://www.desisavingmom.com sheeba m@Desisavingmom.com

    The most daunting resolution was made at the age of 12 or 13, you are probably going to laugh on this…to give up chocolates for Lent…lol…well you know what happened on this one…could not keep it for one day even…

  • http://emptynestfulllife.blogspot.com Jackie

    My most daunting resolution would be the one I am making this year, to lose all of the weight that I have put on over time, and to exercise regularly and train to run first a 5K and then a 10k. Needless to say even though I live in the South, we have our coldest days yet upon us, making this even harder. I am going to have to make this a priority for my health.

  • Karen

    Many years I’ve resolved to lose weight and a few years ago lost 20lbs in 20 weeks. Problem is that the last few years have been full of challenges for our family and I feel I’m losing the battle again! This year’s resolution is to try to change our lifestyle to include time for exercise and making healthy meals which is key to winning the battle!

  • P

    My most daunting: To be a better mom. What??!! Better how? Better when? Good grief-talk about vague and unattainable! So instead: To listen more carefully; to realize there are times when they need to vent, they don’t need me to “fix” it; I do need to learn their “love language” and use it.

  • Karen Nguyen

    I promised to follow the advice of Mother Teresa… “Never let anyone go from you without being a happier person…”. Not an easy task… I felt drained with this need to always do what made people happy, but at what expense? In the end, I am not sure always giving in to people is what Mother Teresa meant. It took me a few months and giving up for a bit to realize that we are to approach people with the love and light of Jesus (as best as we can) and send people out with the caring grace of our Father. Once I realized it was not what I did, but what He does through me that makes people “happy” only then can I reach my New Year resolution.

  • Christina

    My most daunting will be this year’s resolution to help my son change his eating habits. He is currently addicted to all cheesy crackers and sees no reason to eat anything else!

  • Kelly

    I am sure I’ve made all the biggies but stopped making them so long ago that I don’t remember details!

  • Kayla

    I have never actually made one because I don’t trust myself to keep it! Trying to do one thing for a whole entire year is pretty scary at this point in life.

  • http://incourage.me Tina J

    My most daunting resolution has been one of losing weight. As you said around Jan 12-I get tired of it, with the realization that is more difficult than it sounds. Having read and thrived on God’s grace this past year, however, I have lost 50 lbs. God’s grace, His Word has been such an encouragement for me daily. For me to make this a lifetime change, it had to become a heart change as well. Thank you! Happy Day! :)

  • http://www.whimsywords.blogspot.com/ Julie Anne

    every resolution I make seems daunting… thinking my word for 2012 is going to be GRACE!! :)

  • Kaitlin

    My most daunting new years resolution was to lose 40 lbs (or something like that). I made this goal when I had an eating disorder, and before I knew Christ.

  • http://www.april-kevin.com April Roland

    The most difficult New Year’s Resolution I have ever made was to be more open to online dating. I joined in February 2011, and went on my first date in March….married him Dec 10th, 2011. I thought it was going to be the hardest, most awkward time of my life…but it ended up being the best 9 month courtship and engagement! I am thankful for difficult resolutions!!

  • http://puttingdownrootsme.wordpress.com Amy

    For years I was sure that I could make my body look like a model in a magazine…ugh! So shallow. Now I make goals and try to break them down into manageable bits. I’m still learning how to make goals that keep me motivated and on track.

  • Blessed Mom

    I used to always make way too many and never succeed, so then I stopped making any at all. My resolution this year is pretty daunting to me, I need to loose 20 pounds.

  • Michelle

    Give up Diet Coke – I have no will power . . .

  • Emily

    Weight loss!!

  • Sheila

    Lose weight, drink more water, knit a sweater.

  • Aimee

    Most daunting: anything I’ve ever resolved to do regarding exercise. It’s so not my thing!

  • mikkin

    give up all sugar! ha!

  • kristine

    My lofty resolutions always tend to be related to weight and working out.

  • http://www.paigefaulkner.blogspot.com Paige

    Losing weight, spending less, staying organized!

  • cheryl

    Lose 45 pounds will be this years goal…for my health. Daunting? Scared to death…not to fail but to buy in to excuses.

  • http://www.bethweststudio.wordpress.com Beth West

    Daunting? Moi? I don’t think I ever set 1 resolution that was super daunting, rather I have a tendency to do what you did in your college days and put together a compendium of resolutions designed to perfect me over night! (The resolutions that I think I’ve found the hardest to keep over the years were to always be cheerful, never yell at my children and never ever argue with my husband.)

  • Mary

    I would love to win your book! I, too am an “all or nothing type.” My most daunting resolution was to always be on time for everything. Not happening in this lifetime!! The harder I try the later I get! But, try I will!

  • http://mattashleypittman.blogspot.com Ashley

    My most daunting resolutions would probably be to either lose weight or organize my whole house.

  • Christina

    I think my most daunting resolution usually is about reading the Bible everyday. I start it with fear, knowing it’s the most important thing I could do, and also knowing that I’ll fail. I’m trying to approach it more with grace now, praying He will give me a hunger for His Word, and striving to make it a regular part of life.

  • http://www.christianmothering.com Susan @ christianmothering.com

    Improving my posture!

  • http://www.harvestingtulips.com Teresa

    I can’t think of a daunting one, because I never make them!

  • Sarah

    Controlling my tongue! I haven’t given up yet. And since I tend to allow myself an awful lot of grace in this area, I’m trying to limit that, too!

  • http://busyds.blogspot.com/ Leah

    Read the Bible in a year. I resolved that twice. First time it took about 14-1/2 months. Second time, I got so behind I put it away for a couple of years but did eventually finish it. It became daunting when I got behind.

  • Christina Burrell

    Reading the Bible in a year…I failed miserably and gave myself no grace :-(.

  • Teri l pastorino

    Oh that one is easy, same every year. Get in shape and lose weight. And of course what is going to happen with such a broad goal? Nothing as always

  • Aimee

    Of course it was to lose weight. Never happened!

  • Jenny

    I’ve moved from resolutions to goals for January 1 of each year. There isn’t the stress that they all have to start on January 1st, it’s more of an evolution. The most daunting goal, running a marathon the year after Abel (my little boy) was born. I just didn’t scratch out the time to train.

  • http://www.sixbrickshigh.com Jamie

    My most daunting? Either lose a ton of weight or memorize bunches of scriptures. Both worthy goals but I failed – just too overwhelming.


    perhaps every new years resolution I have ever made has been daunting. Optimistically I make a resolutions and in the flurry of live they get forgotten.

  • Andrea

    My most daunting resolution had to be an all or nothing “give up sugar” failure.

  • http://www.thimblenest.blogspot.com Wendy

    Usually something involving healthier eating, exercise, or consistent Bible study.

  • http://www.archerfriendly.com Archer

    This is crazy but one year I decided I wasn’t going to eat any junk that began with the letter “C”. Lots of junk begins with that letter: chips, cake, cookies, candy, etc.

  • Bernadette

    Getting organized~ has always been my most daunting resolution ~ I just can’t seem to get it together and at 50 I want to enjoy life not watch it pass me by!

  • Cindi

    My most daunting new year’s resolution/goal was a beyond basic
    exercise protocol that I set up for myself…
    Thanks, Cindi

  • Bobbie Soeby

    Tsh, I’m a huge fan. Resolution fail: Husband and I had a couple of years when we resolved to do 50 sit-ups a day. I petered out befor the end of the month, one year within two weeks. Hubs made it through March one year…

  • Mary-sue

    Last year I had such a long list… 19, actually. I did one of them, thanks to your first book! I let go of a LOT of stuff… Would love to read this book! Thanks!

  • Celeste

    Resolutions always seem daunting to me, but I still like to make them. A daunting resolution which I succeeded in keeping was to not eat fast food or drink soda for a year. My husband and I did that one together. A daunting resolution I’ve never managed to keep is to finally organize all of our photographs.

  • Gwen

    My most daunting resolution will be to lose the extra baby weight that has collected with each child.

  • http://urbanwildflowers.blogspot.com christyb

    I’m sure daunting resolutions are made especially for teenagers to tackle and fail to teach us, oh, something, I’m sure! (“grown up” now we know the need for grace in our lives!) I’m sure mine were equally terrible: better grades, be “happy” more, etc.

  • http://seekingjoypursuinglove.wordpress.com/ Sarah-Anne K.

    I’m reluctant to make it a resolution this year, but it’s swirling about like one: change from being a night owl to waking up EARLY so I can work out, have quiet time, stay caught up on computer stuff, meal plan, and… then I feel defeated and discouraged, as I’m longing to do the above perfectly, and I’m intimidated and overwhelmed just thinking about these changes… So yes, I’m pretty daunted about my hopes/resolutions about this year. Thank you for emphasizing GRACE.

  • http://wholesomemum.blogspot.com/ Maegan

    I can relate to have too many items on the resolution list. My most spectacular failures involved being a certain (unrealistic) size by a certain (unrealistic) date. This year, no resolution, just “one little word”.

  • Liz

    Anytime I make a New Years resolution to lose weight it’s sure to fail. I do much better starting something like that in the spring when the world is a little warmer.

  • Mirissa

    last year I resolved to stop wasting food. Got a good laugh out of that today as I emptied out bits of this and that from the fridge. I guess I can start again this year!

  • Kris

    I’d love to win a copy! My most daunting New Years resolution was to read the Bible in 90 days!! With 4 little ones underfoot, it just wasn’t realistic. This year I found a plan to get me through the Bible in a year…much more doable!!

  • Aimee

    To lose weight. I actually need to make this my resolution this year… but 50 lbs. seems pretty daunting.

  • Mary H

    My most daunting resolution was to attempt to complete my associates degree in one year. At the time I was stationed overseas with my military husband who was deployed at the time. I had two school age children and a set of twins on top of working a full time job. Needlessly to say it didn’t happen. I completed one night class, and then couldn’t handle the pressure. I have yet to complete it twenty years later, but all and all God is good. No resolution this year, just action with much prayer.

  • ~VA~

    My most daunting resolution so far would probably be when, after 8 months of not hurting myself decided I would resolve to never be tempted again…well thinking about not being tempted naturally led to actually being tempted which led to even more concentration on not being tempted and the resolution was eventually given up when I realized how ineffective it was.

  • Becky Blankenship

    I’ve never been much of a New Year’s Resolution kind of gal, so I can’t actually think of any *big* ones that I’ve ever made!!

  • Leslie Jackson

    Most daunting resolution I have made was “to be more organized.”. What makes me laugh about this is that it was before we hade children and all the many school papers, keepsakes and photos that I will scrapbook ” one of these days when I have more time” :) grateful for the grace you mentioned in your writing!

  • Leslie Jackson

    Most daunting resolution I have made was “to be more organized.”. What makes me laugh about this is that it was before we hade children and all the many school papers, keepsakes and photos that I will scrapbook ” one of these days”

  • Diane

    I’d also love to win a copy! For me, this year, what is on my heart is to be more faithful one day at a time and each day to live out one more way of faithfulness.

  • Rachel

    Most daunting? Anything I was trying to do in my own strength without His help. And there was the year I did my first triathlon…

  • Suzanne

    I never have been a goal setter (which of course means I never made resolutions) for the very reason that I knew I’d fail so why bother. Embracing the understanding that failure is a perspective knowing that God’s grace comes in the form of life being one great learning process and that God never gives up no us! God’s perspective is different than our human one…learning to depend on God to give me the strength to do His will is what allows me to become who He created me to be. This is the goal I stay focused on!!!! Great blog!

  • http://shoppingforbestpricie.com Rita Harvey

    Having been born in Berlin, Germany and speaking no English when I arrived at nine…. I learned the English language in 3 months. I had to. That was in the 50’s and kids called me a Nazi. I stopped speaking German…forever. As an adult, secure and a lover of America my New Years resolution has been to learn German again. It hasn’t happened. I don’t make time to learn. I guess it isn’t as important to me. It’s on my bucket list.

    I enjoy your blogs. Happy New Year!

  • April

    Thought I could lose 80lbs in a year. Ugh! Also, I try every year to get better about managing paper clutter……overwhelming!

  • Janet

    My most daunting New Year’s resolution was trying to eat healthy and lose weight myself instead of asking the Lord’s help in doing so!!

  • Jennifer C

    I, too, have had many failed attempts at New Year’s resolutions. This book would be a blessing! This year, my resolution is to focus more on Jesus :)

  • Julie

    My most daunting resolution is better use of time management. I think if I stay more schedule-oriented then I’ll be more complete (family, physically, mentally, home, work, friends, etc.)

  • http://ourhappysong.blogspot.com Rebecca

    After so many failed attempts at resolutions I find it hard to be courageous enough to try to tackle something hard. I’ve learned so much from simplemom.net and made so many “small bite” changes last year that I feel more empowered to have a “go” at starting something new for a new year. I’m doing a One Year Bible Reading plan with a friend and I already feel differently this time around. Thanks Tsh.

  • Amanda

    I have one resolution every single year: go to bed earlier, so I can wake up before my kids. It NEVER happens. There’s usually something that I have to finish before going to bed that takes way to long, and before I know it, it’s the next morning and I can hear my boys running around in their rooms. It’s so depressing because early mornings are my favorite part of the day, and I always miss it!

  • Lisa

    My most daunting New Years Resolution was to get up before my kids and exercise every morning. The daunting part was the time I had to get up, 4am. Needless to say this resolution did not last long, I believe it only made it 2 weeks before my body simply refused to give up the nice warm bed. This year my goal is to just actively MOVE for 15 to 30 minutes a day.

  • julie

    my most daunting resolution is the one i’m making this year; it’s to change the way i think! i know with God’s grace i can do it, but it’s daunting because i have 47 years of paths up in my brain already forged, and i want to make new ones that are gentler on myself and those around me :)

  • Anna

    I am in my mid-thirties and this is the first year I have made one. I don’t know that it is as much of a resolution as an “I’d like to this”, because I too have the perfectionist bug and I will just feel self-condemnation if I am too resolute about it. I’d like to read through the Bible this year. Or perhaps I should just say spend more time reading it :)

  • Heather Mader

    Most daunting resolution— getting organized and keeping up with it.

  • Marabeth

    Most daunting, to lose weight, because it NEVER has happened!!

  • Jamie

    Like a lot of you my most daunting resolution is to lose weight. This is almost always my new years resolution and it never works out. It is my goal this year again, still have 10 pounds of baby weight to lose. I was never one for giving up!

  • Tandra

    To be more patient with my kids, wake up before them so i can exersize (this will help me start my day with patients), and to be more organized in my daily routine!!!
    It’s a new year and a new start… We will see this year.

  • http://tundyel.blogspot.com Mandy

    My most…enthusiastic resolution was probably to get up early enough before work to be able to exercise and have devotion time before the kids get up in the mornings. Yeah…I guess that whole exercise thing isn’t enough of a desire for me, because that is one resolution that failed spectacularly!

    Happy 2012, everyone–I hope this year is full of exciting adventures for you all :~D

  • http://clandeis@bis.midco.net Carol

    Oh I was so reminded this morning why my goals for the year do not materialize. I have too many and they are unrealistic. I too am an “all” or “nothing” girl, and Oh I need your help Tsh. I recently found my daunting resolutions for 2011 stuck in a book; so that tells you how my resolutions worked out. Here they are:
    Take a trip to California with girlfriends
    My husband take a trip on his motorcycle with his brother
    Plan for our anniversary (big 40th)
    Call financial advisor for additional insurance
    Talk with daughter upon graduation from college about finances
    Exercise 3 times a week
    Once a month company
    Organize boxes and boxes of photos
    Organize and clean thoroughly each room in my home
    Oh ~ and I ended it with
    Have Fun!!!!
    Thanks for your encouragement today ~ I’m learning!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    this book sounds great-my most daunting resolution was to organize-I am a very disorganized person and still striving to reach that goal-I too am a perfectionist but I am learning to focus on one area at a time

  • Minnetta

    My most daunting resolution was and still is ” TIME! “- in every way. To be on time, not waste time, use time wisely, make time for … and so the list goes on.

    It seems an impossible resolution from the start because it is such a huge thing in ones life. Oh how I would love to change.

    Tsh, Thanks for you writings on (in)courage. Maybe I need a smaller mouth too, so as to not take such a big bite-and thats not easy.

  • Danielle M.

    Weight loss. I had a significant amount of weight to lose and meant it when I made it a resolution when I turned 24. I actually did end up doing it!

  • Jessica

    For me, The most daunting resolution to make ALWAYS involves weight loss because it is such a slow process and requires a lot of patience and determination. It is easy to make resolutions and just kind of expect it all to happen overnight – but developing the resolve to actually make changes is a much harder process…

  • Sara

    I’m not sure what my most daunting resolution or goal was because I always seem to forget it a few months down the line. I kind of just wing it and it makes for a cluttered existence sometimes. Your book sounds right up my alley. I need the motivation and baby steps to take some goal to habit bit by bit!

  • Kirsten

    Like your college list, I used to make major mountains as my resolutions, and forgot them all by February. Usually they involved things to do every day: exercise, read Bible, volunteer, etc. And after skipping a day or two, I gave them all up. And I no longer make resolutions. But I have finally made a few changes, after 3 children, for the better. Just not through New Year resolutions.

  • michelle

    My most daunting resolution is to get my late habit in check. I do this resolution every year….but always put too much in too little of time. This year, my new planner and better organization (another goal each year!) are going to help me succeed. Progress not perfection is my goal!

  • http://www.tarafaircloth.com Tara

    What percentage of these comments have to do with weight loss? ha!
    Add me to the list.
    Though “daunting” may not be the right word…. I basically know I am not going to do what I say. Here’s to a new year and small small steps… THIS WEEK: make sure to eat one full serving of veg every day. Next week… THE WORLD!!

  • Suzi

    Exercise of course. It’s always exercise…and the usual be patient, never yell at my kids, eat more vegetables, etc. Pretty much the same things year after year. The one thing that I still don’t fully seem to recognize or accept is Grace…God’s Grace for me. It still seems like something I must earn. For 2012 I want to understand His Grace.

  • Steph

    I tend not to make resolutions–at least not seriously. I think about what I should change, and then on January 1st, I think…what’s so special about today? Tomorrow I change. LOL.

    The one I considered for this year was my most daunting–to work on my marriage before the birth of my second child by finding some way to be physically connected to my husband every day–not just in the way you immediately think, of course :) Of course, on January 1st, I was exhausted and sick and my preschooler was in rare form. Sigh. Definitely an all or nothing problem!

  • http://yahoo,com Vivecia Coomer

    Due to medication & just plain over-eating, I have been way over-weight for at least 20 yrs. Now it is causing me serious physical problems. It would be nice to look better, but my main desire is to be healthier. I want to believe it’s not too late. I’m 63.

  • Beth

    Ugh! Losing weight! I get so excited and then the task is overwhelming, becasue I am also all or nothing. I am so excited about your new book. : )

  • Colleen

    Love your blog. My most daunting New Years resolution was not one in particular but having 10 goals last year with very specific objectives. It was just too overwhelming to incorporate these into my life with twin preschoolers, husband and a part-time job. I did one of these successfully with the support of others last year and another was completed allowing myself a lot of grace. I think your book sounds great as I also realize how important it is to continue to focus on the goal even if you stumble.

  • Chris

    Exercising after a 3 year hiatus to have 2 kids. Now I am trying for 4 times a week so I made some progress (but in full disclosure it has taken me 10 years!)

  • Sharon

    Probably losing weight…there are so many that I finally just gave up making resolutions. This is the first year that I’m praying about 2012 goals for different areas of my life. I sense God wants me to be living more purposefully in prayer and living. I’m aware I probably won’t attain them all but I’m seeking God and what He wants to do in my life for 2012. I want them written down and praying on them and see what things the Lord wants to do in 2012 in fullfilling his purposes for my life (Ps 57). I’m going through many life changes as my husband is pursuing an unbiblical divorce. I want to see my life come in tune with my Lord, see His glory and fulfillment.

  • Marilyn

    Ah, to get a grip on my finances. Always make it, always fail. Haven’t made resolutions for this year…still forming them. I typically make them around my birthday (2 weeks after the New Year). This year, I’m attending a workshop at the end of January that I plan to make resolutions after. Feeling daunting already!

  • http://www.erinrohman.blogspot.com Erin

    I’m an all or nothing gal, too. Seems silly, but the hardest resolution I ever tried was to quit biting my nails :)

  • Stacey E

    The same ones I try to accomplish every year: get organized, exercise, have more patience. . . Time to try again! This year I’m adding read the Bible more. I’d love to read it all in this year.

  • Emile

    Going gluten free!

  • Angela

    Exercising regularly!

  • Carmen

    Lose 10 lbs (all year). Might not sound like a lot, but I’m trying to stay realistic and not set too high of a goal.

  • Sunshine

    Changing how I acted, thought, worked, performed, lived – summed up in about twenty New Year’s Resolution that I thought would make me appear SO much better to others. It had disaster written all over it. I think I lasted until the ink dried on the list. *sigh* Twenty years later, I start off my year trying to pick picking one thing (or one concept with lots of things that branch off) and sticking to that. I have started naming my year (got the idea from Ann Voskamp) and through that word or phrase seek to aim my life towards Him. This year I really, really am trying to grasp the completeness of Lamentations 3 : 22 & 23. Sunshine

  • http://www.raesdaze.com Rae

    Get debt free! Sticking with it this year, but breaking it into bite-sized, attainable chunks, a la Dave Ramsey.

  • Melanie A

    Most daunting New Year’s resolution? Probably last year when, right after I got married, I determined to take 15 graduate school credits so I could graduate that semester. Amazingly, I did it- although I still wonder how! Now that I’ve been married a year and we’re having a (surprise!) baby, I am really feeling the need to scale back and choose grace-filled living over perfectionism. I also love the idea of a less stressful life!

  • Kirsten Wright

    My most daunting resolution is the one for this New Year – to find my voice again. Somewhere in the midst of work, school, dealing with a marriage that fell apart and raising my son alone, I fell silent. It sounds like it should be easy – just speak up! But it’s going to mean a lot more to me than that – becoming engaged once again, and more importantly, believing that I have something that is not only worth saying, but worth hearing.

  • Johanna

    My resolution is to Do Less and Be More! Sounds like the perfect book to start with!!

  • Leslie King

    My most daunting resolution was probably the goal to plan a date for my husband and I every week for the whole year. Not so bad except I was due with a baby in early May, and well, a pregnant – and then nursing – can only think of so many ideas. Also daunting has been any resolution that was based on trying to be like someone else. I am learning (and constantly relearning) that i have to be true to the person God made ME not who someone else is.

  • Susan S

    I think I kind of gave up on resolutions this past year and so this year I’m rather cynical too…although I’m thinking that maybe I’m looking at this all wrong…

    Anyways, I’ve always been rather impatient and sort of a control freak and I think my first (and maybe only) resolution this year should be something like “Let Go and Let God”. I know only He is really in charge around here. :)

  • Nicole Dufendach

    I’m not much for new years resolutions, but am constantly reevaluating my life to discover what needs to be changed. But, back when I did make them, the most daunting was taking a photo every day. I’m just not one to do the same thing every day! I quit after a miserable two month attempt!

  • Sarah

    Running 3 miles a day shortly after I had my first baby…I had no idea hat I was in for! :)

  • K

    Probably getting a handle on my procrastination with all things concerning paper….

  • Gisela H

    I had my most daunting new year’s resolution this past year: to have more joy! Well, beside the problem “how do I measure my joy level?” I unfortunately failed miserably and have become even more hopeless, recognizing that I can’t “make” joy. It is a fruit of the Holy Ghost, but praying for it didn’t make such a difference.
    On Dec 30, 2011 I went to see a counsellor which was so great! So I guess my resolution for this year is: go and see my counsellor once a week to finally see more joy in my life!

  • http://www.momwithaminivan.com Danielle

    Losing weight and become an early riser. It’s been years of setting those goals. This year, I’m simplifying and finishing one major thing. It’s fun to start but finishing isnt so much fun. This is the year!

  • http://firstpeter310.blogspot.com Rachel

    I cannot remember EVER making resolutions…until this year! There are 2 that are pretty daunting–
    1. Go paperless in my kitchen (possibly moving through the rest of the house as well…but starting at the kitchen)
    2. Get my girl potty trained by December (she will be 19 months at that point)

    The second one is probably, scratch that, definitely the most difficult of the two. It will take so much consistency that it scares me, but I WANT to do it! :)

  • Amy

    I am a piano teacher and actually teach what you said about excellence, not perfection. I find it really relaxes my students. Now, if I could just practice what I preach. Most daunting resolution always involves losing weight and working out more.

  • Laura

    Last year I turned 40 & decided I would run a 1/2 marathon. I had never run more than 6 miles in my life. I ran it as a fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. It was a lesson in persistence that’s for sure!!! And was a wonderful experience!

  • http://jenbaum-laughoftenlovemuch.blogspot.com jen

    I have given up on weight loss as a resolution, rather, decided to turn it into focusing on improving my LIFESTYLE to take better care of myself. SO – in 2009, my resolution was to train and run a half-marathon. I was SO committed to accomplishing that physical task that I lost about 45 pounds, ran my first marathon, felt AMAZING, and learned how to talk to God every day when I was out pounding the pavement, instead of focusing on how much I hate running! :) Most daunting, but also the most blessed resolution I have ever made.

  • http://www.tobegreetings.com Diane

    To eat better and give up soda!

  • http://karawheeler.blogspot.com Kara

    So, um, yeah. True confessions. Year after year I resolve to FINALLY stop chewing the back of my pens. Year after year I fail. My struggle to give up this simple little vice, however, has given me much more empathy for my children as they battle with difficult habits. Recently we started painting my daughter’s fingernails with bitter tasting polish to help her quit sucking her thumb. Imagine my shock when I discovered that she painted the backs of my pens as well! I guess it was high time to receive a taste of my own medicine.

    I would certainly love a copy of One Bite at a Time to help our family chomp in the right places. :)

  • http://www.asimplesix.com/ Stacy

    All NY resolutions are daunting! I prefer to enjoy who I am, where I am and make the most of it all. Sort of a no goals girl, you know?

  • Penelope

    One year I was going to start a journal and write in it every day. Talk about lack of grace, I’d never even had a journal!
    Crash, burn.
    Also, I think I’ve done the devotional thing, over and over again!

  • Jen

    I’ve made many unrealistic and punishing resolutions in the past: extreme weight loss, mastering new languages, facing powerful fears. I just finished reading “Organized Simplicity” and have decided that this year I will try to live in alignment with my purpose statement, “to contribute my best and highest self”. Would love to try to eat an elephant this year too!

  • http://www.twinsinmind.com Jona

    New Year’s reaolutions always seem daunting to me. It’s so easy to think up grand, unattainable goals. Harder is to make manageable, realistic goals. I’d love a copy of the book!

  • Kristin K

    I have made a laundry list like you before that has always failed me. So this year I am setting a goal of living a healthier lifestyle. Healthier in the sense of spiritual, emotional and physical health.

  • http://yahoo gloria kazywiski

    5 years ago I made a resolution to lose weight. It wasn’t just to look better, though that helps, but I have diabetes and so it was a health issue. I lost 45 lbs. and, with God’s help, I.ve kept it off.

  • Suzanne G

    To spend one on one time with each of my seven children EVERY day! It was a challenge.

  • http://onepolkadotday.blogspot.com Katie Holmes

    Definitely weight loss. Still working on it… :)

  • Susie

    losing weight…never a manageable goal written simply like that

  • Jennifer

    Most daunting resolution…to not yell at my kids anymore no matter what they did or how frustrated I was…yup, total and utter failure.

  • Anne J

    I think my daunting resolution is to make sure I’m using my time WELL. I can get sucked into things like pinterest and blogs when I should really be getting something else done! Those things are fine…but not if they get in the way of living life well.

  • http://juliesunne.com Julie Sunne

    Not one resolution sticks out, Tsh. I think I am always a perfectionist when it comes to setting goals for myself. Each year, everything that bothered me about myself would be on the chopping block (the resolution list). As I grow in wisdom and faith, I realize the damage such thinking can inflict, but it is difficult to expect less of myself. Thanks for your words of wisdom! I think this year I just may go for excellence instead of perfection!

  • Trista Higgins

    ok … so count me among the masses of others … my most daunting resolution has been (many a year) to lose weight …… uGH!

  • Tamara

    I tend to make my “new year” resolutions in August as I start a new year of homeschool. They always involve being more organized and having months of pretty lesson plans and they always fall apart about mid-Oct. And they are daunting because impact others besides myself. :-)

  • Kim

    my most daunting new year’s resolution? lose weight..excercise more

  • http://funemployed-berrygirl.blogspot.com/ Mandi

    I’ve never really been into resolutions. Probably tried to diet once… but that’s about all! I like the idea of setting new goals, instead of unreal expectations.

  • Carissa

    My most daunting new year’s resolution is probably the one where I set a goal of weight loss and don’t have a specific plan of how exactly to do that. I have made that one a few times… Now, I make specific, simple small goals, such as “don’t snack after supper” and “do something active every day”.
    I would love to win a copy of this!

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  • Leslie Jackson

    One of my most ridiculous resolutions…..get organized. That was even before we had children and all of the papers that come with them. Thank you for your refreshing reminder about God’s abundant grace.

  • Christy

    The most daunting resolution I have made (over and over) was to start January by organizing and deep cleaning (including paint touch ups) one room a week. Steps toward simplicity … I no longer make resolutions but rather I have a theme for each year – a word or short phrase that frames my year ahead.

  • http://www.charisscofield.com charis

    i can’t think of it! i am not a great resolution maker, but have learned lately how to make obtainable goals.

    my recent post: my top 10 posts of 2011

  • http://www.familia-rodriguezgambrell.blogspot.com Merry

    My most daunting New Year’s resolution was probably about organization – definitely not my strongest point! One bite at a time is a great concept – baby steps, right? :)

  • http://annieathome.com Annie

    I don’t think I’ve ever actually made one… is that crazy? It wasn’t a tradition we had growing up, and as an adult it never seemed just randomly resolving something would lead to much change, so I haven’t. This year was my first. :)

  • http://chilajem.wordpress.com/ Sheila V.

    To be able to keep my new year’s resolutions until the end of the year. Yeah, right!

  • http://modernmrsdarcy.com Anne

    To meet a gigantic financial goal–but we did it on 12/30/11!

  • “H”

    My most daunting task…giving up soda for one year, which then led to several years (yea!) Fast forward to now – we are a military and homeschool family. Hubby just recently retired in Sep ’11 and we are settled into our new home. We have moved 8 times in the past 12 years, needless to say I’ve had unopened boxes move each time. This years goal: slowly but intentionally go through boxes and organize. Ooooh, I hear a box waiting to be opened, gotta run before everyone wakes up :)

  • http://makeroomfor.blogspot.com/ Tracey

    I’m sure at one point in my early 20’s I made a resolution to stop smoking. Thankfully I finally did one year but it wasn’t after a New Year’s resolution.

    I would enjoy reading your book, thanks for the giveaway.

  • http://www.familybalancesheet.org Kristia

    the most daunting goal: I made a goal to run a half-marathon in 2011 and I did it!

  • Lisa

    to send birthday cards to all family members throughout the year. Only those with January and February birthdays got them ;)

  • Christine

    Most daunting–would have to have been to have our new car paid off (umm, if we hadn’t saved the thousands to buy it, what made us think we’d manage it then? Ahh, young & foolish–or dreamers!). Years later, as you say, older & wiser–budget planning & snowflakes make it all happen.
    PS–Love your blog–thanks so much for sharing & writing!

  • Jan

    I once made a resolution that wasn’t really in my power to achieve. Needless to say, I didn’t meet it.

  • Melanie H

    I ‘ve given up on the crazy weight loss resolutions I had regularly made in the past. Self acceptance and a commitment to health have been my day to day resolutions now.

  • Judy J

    The most daunting Resolution…aren’t they all daunting? Most daunting would be to live for God alone; not for the approval of man! Hard for me!

    Thank you for the giveaways!

  • Anonymous

    To run a 5K in support of a sick friend. I am NOT a runner, but it was important to me to carry through with this one.

  • Emily

    To run a 5K in support of a sick friend. I am NOT a runner, but it was important to me to carry through with this one.

  • Anne

    Organize and de-clutter my home!

  • Janelle G

    The most daunting resolution was probably reading the Bible in a year. I finally figured out that it was better to just keep going rather than starting strong only to get stuck in Leviticus every year then give up. Re reading the first 3 books each year doesn’t do the most good :D

  • Kathy Heyerly

    I think my biggest goal is this year’s loose 50 pounds. No, more than that it is abiding in our Lord – keep in His word even on the weekends and school breaks.

  • katbe

    I’d love to live simply and well, with less. One Bite at a Time :)

  • Lillie

    This year, I want to eliminate dairy and sugar from my diet for health reasons. I’m starting with everyother day so I don’t lose my mind.

  • Diane

    Most daunting so far…decluttering! I have succeed in one room and have kept it that way, but getting to the rest of the rooms…well hopefully this year.

  • Kathy Weeks

    My most daunting resolution has been in the area of organizing! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Mary

    As someone who has struggled with her weight off and on for years, the most daunting goal I set for myself (every year), is the goal of finally having victory in that area of my life. Some years the “goal” has more to do with exercise…and some years it is more focused on what/how much I eat…and some years it has to do with both. I had high hopes for 2011…because it was the year I turned 33 and a friend challenged me with the thought that it was my “Jesus” year. Perhaps that would be the year that God would grant me victory at last. However, it was not so. Here I am, probably the heaviest and most out-of-shape I’ve been in awhile. But, thanks be to God, I am not overly discouraged and am still managing to view the year ahead with optimism and excitement. Already, the first few days of this new year have been going better than I expected. I’m leaning hard on Christ and trusting Him for the year ahead…and, Lord willing, at this time next year I’ll be making goals for different areas of my life because my weight will FINALLY be in the healthy range.

  • Shelley

    Getting back into shape after having a baby was the most daunting resolution I’ve made in the past. Would love to have one of your books.

  • Abby

    I think most of mine have been made along the lines of your college self- not very doable! But here’s to a new resolution start!

  • Jen

    I think the most daunting resolution was giving up sugar for a year. I’m not sure I lasted a week!

  • http://snowhytemn.blogspot.com Jessica

    For me, developing and being consistent with an exercise routine has been the most daunting resolution. I don’t really like exercise or any type of physical activity – I prefer to sit and read or write or craft. Finding exercise that does not scare me because it is so difficult at first, or making the time in my regular routine of life for more than running after my kids, or doing the physical exercise that would benefit me most almost seems to be too much. I keep trying, but at times it seems overwhelming.

  • Heidi

    My most daunting resolution was to get up early every weekday morning! That didn’t last long:)

  • Kathy

    Each year I think I will read the bible through…. haven’t done it yet. what a discouragement.

  • Amy B

    As a battler of perfectionism myself, my most daunting resolution included a daily and weekly to-do list/plan for keeping my house totally clean and picked up all the time. After a couple of weeks of futility and frustration, I concluded that the five people who live in this house needed to be able to LIVE in this house! Grace applied to another facet of life…

  • jennybc

    By far the most daunting resolution(s) I made were when I was younger as well…run 5 miles/day (I had two children thirteen months apart…what was I thinking?), clean the house everyday, make healthy meals, earn a certain salary that year as a nurse consultant. I was out of my ever loving mind! I have learned to scale way back…my goals are more general but more deeply related to being the woman God created me to be. Would love to read your book…have so enjoyed your first one. The statement, “I prefer striving for excellence, not perfection, ” struck a cord with me. So true!

  • Laura Gail

    To lose weight and stick with exercising! I never succeed with it.

  • Donna O.

    The most daunting would be the goal to become more physically fit & healthy. It’s been a lifetime battle. I’ve finally had some significant success over the last year & have sanely reached some goals. My favorite was to participate in a yearly 5 mile road race in town – something I’ve wanted to do for more than 20 years. I could barely walk a quarter mile before now. I finished the race with my entire family in November! A huge accomplishment & I’m glad my children encouraged me to make it my goal last February.

  • Sharon A.

    My most daunting goal has been to finish school and / or pay every bill off. I know in order to save more I must first get ride of the things that take my savings, so this past Nov., I gave up cable tv and so far so good. I don’t miss all the crazy reality shows that are on cable and I know believe I will have more time to take walks in the evening.

  • Tracy Essary

    Most daunting New Year’s resolution????? Get up at 5:00 am every morning and exercise. Lose weight. Read my bible every morning and spend time in prayer every morning as well. I have to say, I am not a get up early person so I have never succeeded at these goals. But every year I seem to think I can set these same goals and some how be able to do them and every year, the same thing…..I never accomplish them. Looking forward to reading your book! Thanks! Tracy

  • http://180degrees4singlemoms.blogspot.com Nicole Blean

    The most daunting New Year’s resolution I made was to be happy in spite of my marriage falling apart and becoming a single mom. That was 5 years ago. Now, I am in the middle of writing a book to encourage single moms that they can turn their lives around, I am writing a blog of the same nature, and I am going to purchase my own condo (finally!) for my daughter and I. While I admit that I am sad the Lord has not provided a partner for me, this year my resolution is to go forward on my own and be happy. Maybe I will be paving the way for other single moms.

  • http://consciousfamily.blogspot.com Jessica Walker

    Jeez, tough one to answer! Probably to work out for an hour EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

  • http://mayyourbobbinalwaysbefull.blogspot.com Laura

    I think my most daunting is one I have this year: launch an Etsy/Craft Fair business with my Mom! It’s a lot harder than I thought it would be already!

  • Emly

    I would say the most daunting New Year’s Resolution I have make is making one! I am afraid if I actually write it/them down or verbalize it/them, then when it doesn’t happen I will be disappointed in myself. I really need your book to help me focus and stay positive. Thanks for the chance!

  • Carolyn

    i would say that my most daunting resolution has been weight loss…I have since changed it to a goal…resolution sounds to final!! Goals are much easier.

  • Emily

    When I’ve made resolutions, I find that they are more doable than daunting. I have all the hope in the world when I make a resolution. Drink 8 glasses water every day? Easy! Exercise 3 days a week? Why not!?! Learn Spanish? People do it all the time! To me, the most daunting part of making a resolution is knowing that the hope in it always seems to wane. All whose hope is in the Lord, though, may be strong and take heart!

  • http://www.alifesanctified.com Felecia

    Like 99% of these comments mine too was “Lose Weight and Get In Shape” year after year after miserable year! I finally wised up and stopped kicking myself in the guts for not meeting that goal. Now I live healthily and carry around some extra weight and trust that God made me who I am for a reason.
    Praying that we all are blessed this year,

  • Ellissa Bunch

    My most daunting resolution was made Waaaaaay back in my undergrad days. I resolved to memorize a new vocabulary word and witty quotation every day. This was supposed to make me a more eloquent speaker and win me some popularity in social circles. Alas, I failed and gave up. I am just as inept socially as ever, but I may still have the page-a-day calander I was using for my word source. Maybe my 2012 goal should be DEEP decluttering.

  • http://sandralmac@gmail.com sandra MacGinnis

    Every year I pick a theme or character trait that I feel the Lord wants to work on in my life. One year I felt the Lord leading me to the word “Grace”. Boy was it challenging and very tough. The Lord gave me many areas to apply grace in my life. I grew closer to the Lord than ever before. I learned that He is all I need. Tough lessons.

  • Jacki Brown

    My most daunting resolution was to finish the Bible in a year. I did it, but knew it would be tough since I always get bogged down in Numbers and usually end up quitting.

  • Belinda Isham

    Lose 50 pounds – 1 per week except for the holidays. And exercise 5 days a week -walking 30 minutes a day. This didn’t sound so hard when I resolved to do it last year. But this year I’m getting help and resolving to keep better track of my effort.

  • Briana

    For me, always trying to eat healthier is daunting! I love food and just can’t seem to stick to that resolution!!

  • Lauren

    My most daunting, which I make every year, has been to be a more tidy person (family.) This year I am simply titling 2012 as “the year to get us organized.” my hopes are to donate, give away, sell, or throw out things we haven’t touched in the past year. Then organize what’s left. Especially since we’re planning to extend our family…which means we need more space. My daughters clothes and toys have slowly taken up all we have left.

  • Jennifer

    Sadly, I believe I am echoing the thoughts of so many others who have posted. I fall victim to the losing weight, rather than getting healthy!! This year, I went very small…resolving to take care of my skin daily.

  • http://wehobbits.blogspot.com carol hobbs

    Unsuccessful resolutions? Wow. I don’t even tend to make them, so I really don’t even know. This year I do have some goals. And how I’d LOVE to read your book!!

  • Nikita

    Definitely this year’s resolutions. I have two, which unusual for me as I generally avoid them, due to my fear of failure. I will worry less about that which is not in my control ( which also means I have to stop trying to run the lives of my various family members) and I will follow through on the things I say I will do. I have a tendency to start projects and never actually live up to the commitments. Bad bad habit. I’d love to get this book, as I’m a step-by-step person. I like practical application and direction!

  • Carla

    Most daunting and doomed to fail resolution – to be the Godly woman to others that I so desperately wanted for myself. I forgot that to be this person I needed to be humbled before God in prayerful submission to His will and not have to go out every night with an old friend just so they ‘knew’ I cared. They saw right through me, but I learned a lot of grace that year and cemented the friendships that mattered.

  • Sheri Z

    My most daunting New Year’s resolution? You mean, there can be only 1? It seems that every year I too, along with everyone else, have a list of resolutions that I vow to keep, only to be broken before the month of January ends. Why? Because I’m also an all or nothing kind of girl, a perfectionist by nature (or hereditary, you choose). However, this year, I’ve composed a “Get” list with items such as Get productive, Get organized, Get exercising, Get reading, among others. If I can “get” to just some of these items on my list during my daily routine & let go of trying to be perfect & 100% all of the time, then I will feel that I’ve accomplished what I’ve set out to do, even though it might not be every single goal being achieved every single day. I like my “Get” list because it I don’t get to it today, I can try again tomorrow! Good luck everyone!

  • Keila Taggart

    The most daunting task to me is getting organized! My Mom is extremely organized! Right down to having all her shoes (and there are 60 plus) in clear plastic boxes with pictures on the outside in order by color and season. WOW! However, one can go to the extreme. Growing up that way I did not like organization much less value the teachings. Today I’m a mama of two. One autistic and the other with some learning difficulties, Looking back I wish I had taken up being organized. It is very helpful to my kids to be in an organized environment but I don’t know the first thing about getting that way. Thinking about and making a plan feels very overwhelming! So I am reading lots of information (which is how I found this site) and giving it to the Lord. Every day is a new day and it’s one day at a time.

  • http://faithfulcitymouse.blogspot.com Rachel

    This book is just what I need! My home and life are in DESPARATE need of some organization. Can’t wait to read it!

  • http://www.lindsayblogs.com Lindsay

    The most daunting resolution is the same every year – lose weight. This year, I laid it all out there. I am GOING to lose 20 pounds (or more) no matter what. This is non-negotiable for me. I’d love to win this book!

  • Kristy

    This year – doing all the hand therapy etc to recover fully from hand surgery. It is not necessarily pain free, easy, or fun.

  • Sandi

    My most daunting resolution was a long list, similar to yours… never watch TV again, never drink Coke again, do an intense workout everyday, tone-up, slim-down, blah blah blah…. didn’t exactly work out :)

  • Beatriz

    Last year it was a very challenge year many trail all I was worry sick.
    our family created a poem to the tone of “The 12days of Christmas”
    After the twelve months of 2011, the Benzaquen Family experienced:

    Twelve trips around the US (travelling to see our daughter in NC)
    Eleven birthday celebrations
    Ten moving boxes (moving after 17 years )
    Nine lives of Katherine (daughter car accident)in coma
    Eight miles of training for Haiti (my first haf maratton)
    Seven years Mamita claims she’s 84 years old
    Six lovely children
    Five broken cars
    Four happy grandparents (our daughter is having twins boys)
    Three surgeries
    Two car accidents
    And One sparkly engagement ring!
    And God’s Hand was in it all!
    So why worry this 2012 will be a year of TRUST THE LORD!!!!!

  • Rebekah

    I’ve never been one to really “do” New Year’s Resolutions, but goals that I’ve had that were hard to attain were surrounding weight loss. My goal for this year is healthier eating and living.

  • susan h.

    My most daunting New Years Resolutions were to stop procrastinating………bought a book on the subject a couple of years ago but still haven’t read it yet…………and to try to curb my tongue as I tend to be critical and a little sarcastic.

  • Melissa Kennedy

    I’d say the most daunting resolution for me would be the ones involving exercise. I love the outcome from making the time to exercise just can’t seem to make the time. I have started it again this year and so far, so good. I’ll keep you posted! haha!! Wish me luck!

  • http://www.wordsfromgodfortoday.blogspot.com Angie in Guernsey

    To fast and pray. I have failed spectacularly at keeping this resolution, so much so that it seems I can hardly even pray, let alone fast…

  • http://www.baasfamily5.blogspot.com Sally Baas

    My most daunting resolution was definitely to spend more time in the Word – and I failed. I am trying again this year! :o)

  • Kathy

    Have to laugh – bought my book yesterday! :) Already enjoying it and being challenged. Thank you for putting your gifts out to bless others.

  • Holly Ann

    Getting back into a healthy eating routine is and has always been the hardest “goal” for me. Living in southern Louisiana does not help! ;)

    Your book sounds like a great tool that many of us could use! I would love a copy, even if I must purchase it myself! But free is always nice! Happy New Year!

  • http://www.yellow-emma.blogspot.com sarah

    I think my most daunting would be giving up soda many years ago. Not gonna work, but now I have found a healthy alternative with my SodaStream!

  • http://incourage.me Cindi

    Always most daunting for me–weight loss, again and again and again. One bite at a time or for me, no bites unless it’s healthy! Thank you.

  • http://moreofawoman.blogspot.com Missie

    To finally lose the weight that so easily besets me by becoming a runner.

    Finishing my book.

    Becoming kinder.

  • http://www.fortheloveofnaps.blogspot.com Sarah-fortheloveofnaps

    I am looking to simplify this year. I have kicked off the new year with a strong start. PLEASE pick me!

  • http://www.certainlydiscoveringjoy.blogspot.com cdj

    I have listed “read the Bible through” SEVERAL years. I typically make it to the first of February…still muddling through the Books of Law (irony?) and become resentful and bored and then I’m mad at myself because I’m resentful and bored.

    This year I made NO solid resolutions…I had some goals forming in my mind, but honestly, I just sat quietly while Jan 1-3 slipped by. I’ve released the “every SINGLE day” since i’ve already missed the first 3:) Today I sat with all my little girls, and we read the Bible together. The oldest excitedly asked, “Are we gonna do this EVERY day from NOW ON?” I smiled with calm resolve, and answered, “We’re doing it today…this we know for sure.” (This is where i live:)

  • Tonya G

    I think my most daunting and recurring resolution is to be a “better Mom.” I guess I’m waiting for it to magically happen……not having any real specific steps towards that goal mapped out.
    So, again, this year, that’s my goal. I have tried to give myself some small bites to reach for, rather than just an all around transformation. Being more intentional, spending more down time w/my boys, taking care of myself.
    Here’s to 2012!

  • Jen

    Lose weight & get in shape.

  • caroline

    Most daunting? Decorate my house! It just simply is not my gifting. I know what I like. Basically anyway. I have good taste. Or so I’m told. I have friends who’ve offered their expertise or help, in various ways. But for some reason, it just isn’t happening. So this year, I’m choosing ONE thing. Just one thing. It might be adding those elements of decor to the lofty shelf where my hubby would love to see interesting objects displayed. Or painting my guest room. Can’t wait to read the book, Tsh!

  • Kristin

    Tsh, I always leave your posts a better person. I so agree that we all need a little more grace for ourselves and others. I would have to say that my most daunting resolution was a few years ago when I promised myself I would never again yell at my family. It’s still a daily goal, but saying “never” invited a lot of negative self-talk when I didn’t follow through. I have been wanting to read your latest book. Loved your first, too!

  • Joanne

    Most daunting resolution? At age 26, I set out to meet Mr. Right (aka Mr. Perfect). It took a few years and a realization that Mr. Perfect was not attainable but Mr. right did eventually show up at age 30.

  • Anna

    I would have to say that the most daunting New Years resolution I have ever made is to become more active and eat healthier. I always start the New Year with such good intentions, but somewhere along the way my good intentions fall by the wayside… I really believe in eating healthier and in exercise. I’ve done tons of research on food and KNOW that I am doing a SERIOUS diservice to my body by consuming the food that I do, but somehow, with all my knowledge, I can’t stick to my resolution to change my eating habits…I think that is so much sadder in my case. That I have this knowledge and am still continually posioning my body with junk.

  • Kathy Scott

    Your resolutions are very similar to mine in that I have resolved to dilgently exercise for 2-3 times a week, write diligently on my book or poem and to keep the Word diligently in my daily decisions. Note that the word “diligently” is used and that is the word I want to find fixated in my daily living.

  • lavina coffey

    The new year after my second daughter I tried get back down to the size I wore in high school before summer. That was a 60 pound goal I now realize was a huge waste of emotional stress.

  • Angie

    Work out 3-5 times each week.

  • Amber Verkovich

    I normally have the same goals every year: Get healthy through eating well and exercising and Getting organized. I think they are too large sweeping goals that need to be broken down. Its hard when the goals are SO big. Right now I have the same goals.. but I’m going to try and make them progressive. I hope that making smaller changes each month will lead up to the larger “resolution” being accomplished by the end of the year.

  • Lauri

    I can’t think of ever having made a New Year’s Resolution. My challenge is to actually work toward goals and not err on the side of assuming things will work out just fine!

  • Michelle Ramer

    What an inspiring idea for a book. I will need to look into getting it if i don’t win it.

    I don’t make new years resolutions now and I don’t remember if I ever did. (horrible memory)

    I do have some long term goals that were started late last year and I hope to continue on: loose weight, be a better, calmer mom. (what a dozie!)

  • Miranda

    I love a great project and definitely need to make life more simple this year! I love reading your posts :)

  • Anita

    I really don’t make resolutions, but I am continually saying I need to organize my house & get rid of things, but just never seem to get around to doing it. Also, weight loss is always something I need to be working on, but am trying to focus more on being healthy & making good choices, not be on a “diet”.

  • http://www.heidiharnerart.com Heidi

    Actually, I don’t do New Year’s resolutions anymore, haha! I had always failed in the past. Thankfully I’m now more balanced in those areas of health, a normal weight, exercise, etc (thanks to God), but now, I want to be able to read the Word daily, and I fail a lot. So, I guess I still have resolutions, but I don’t condemn myself if I don’t succeed, because there is no more condemnation for those in Christ Jesus.

    But I am going to take guitar lessons : )

  • http://www.wildwags.com Eleanor

    Currently they involve weight loss. When I was younger they involved keeping up with my homework.

  • Mardi

    Giving up diet soda. I just can’t seem to do it!!

  • Sarah

    It’s not a daunting resolution that I made 2 years ago (after my husband and I had our first child), but rather just a “blink” and the day was gone and the intent was defeated by, well… sleep. I vowed to show my husband how special and important he was everyday. While he knows that, I wasn’t able to do something special everyday for him that year. But did tell me and do I tell him I love him everyday – it’s the least I can do for such a special man.

  • tracy

    Getting my house decluttered and organized.

  • Ramya

    My most daunting resolution was believe it or not-
    ‘Being kind to myself’. I found I was my worst critic and worst offender too. Things that I say to myself are words I would never use for anybody else. To retrain my mind to think kindly of myself and think kind thoughts no matter what was the hardest thing I ever had to do.

  • Linda

    My most daunting resolution is the same every year–lose weight.

  • http://www.mamas-bloggin.com Sarah

    I like goals better also. Creating 1 every few months or so. My most daunting resolutions always revolve around getting up earlier & not wasting that time. Something I, in some form or another, resolve every year. I still haven’t gotten there yet.(the getting up early part) But that’s okay. :) I’ve learned that doing the things I resolved to do (devotions, exercise, more time in prayer) during the day at some point is just as good as doing it in the wee hours of the morning for me. Also, I’ve realized I DO do the things I’ve decided I need to do. They just don’t take hours, or don’t have a set time. I find myself just incorporating them into my day. Doing them when I have down time. :)

  • http://www.twintough.com/ Rachel @ Twin Tough

    Probably my two most daunting (and utterly failed) resolutions were to work out and read my Bible every single day. Life happens, and my resolutions were shot before I even really got started. I’ve learned a lot through the years, and I walk in much more grace than I did then. My only real goal right now is to learn to rest in what Christ has already done for me, to stop striving so much and measuring my worth and value on my performance, and to find healthy balances that enable me to enjoy my life and relationships more.

  • Hetty

    My most daunting resolution was to do some creative writing every day. I stll want to develop that habit, but I haven’t gotten close. Maybe someday….

  • Deb

    Lose 50 pounds by June! :(

  • Kim M.

    Eating better and getting in shape seem to come up year after year! Love sugar too much!

  • http://mothering-matters.com Lori@Mothering Matters

    the “ONE” daunting NY’s resolution? . . . . try 25 of them (at once)! I read your post thinking . . . . what? Only 8 resolutions?? :) No wonder I could never meet the 25-30 I would set! :) Even just this week, my 7 year old daughter looked at my list from last year that was posted in my bathroom and said to my hubby – “Mom didn’t finish all her goals last year”. :) Nope – but I did do some of them. . . . and I’ve realized over the years that I don’t have to beat myself up if I didn’t accomplish all of them (or any of them). A few years I stopped making any goals . . . but last year posted some . . . more as an encouragement and reminder when I was feeling down – and give me something to move towards (it’s about the journey more than the goal!). This past year my goals had more to do with “being” instead of “do”ing (though – there were “do” things in there too). I wanted to have more coffee dates with friends, play more with my kids, laugh more instead of get angry, focus more on my kid’s hearts instead of behavior, etc. And then I threw in a few things that I knew I was already going to do (like run an 8k, and read a book a month) – just so I felt like accomplished something. :) (I know none of you have EVER done that! Or ever written down something on your “to-do list” that you just finished doing – just so you could cross it off and feel like you accomplished something that day! :) . . . . )

  • http://www.cmfi.org Betty Coleman

    My most daunting resolution will be this year’s: to be less judgmental and more Christ-like with people who do not believe as I do, do not look or act a certain way, do not smell pleasant, and the list goes on…so that I can show Christ’s love in all circumstances.

  • Linda

    I don’t do resolutions but look over last year and see how I have failed physically, spiritually and I have grown spiritually and ask God for a deeper relationship

  • http://maxwellhousemoments.blogspot.com Alissa

    I was hoping you would say the biggest difference was GRACE! =)

    I think my most daunting new years goal was to run a half marathon – daunting because it was something I new I COULD accomplish, but daunting in the level of commitment it would require. (and I’ve now run two!) It’s a whole lot easier to make a goal that you know you’ll never achieve.

  • http://thehstudio.blogspot.com/ ~Heather

    While I can’t think of ‘one’ resolution in particular, the most daunting ones are those that haven’t been thought out carefully with ways to carry them out.

  • Ellie

    My most daunting New Year’s resolution ever made surely had to do with weight loss. UGH! Thanks for the chance to win your book!

  • http://tastebudsculinary@sbcglobal.net Melissa

    Most daunting (and thus far impossible) getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night! I wish! I try! I fail:(

  • Shannon

    I used to make ridiculous goals regarding devotions/quiet times … and then live in feelings in guilt and failure when I didn’t meet them.

    I have learned (or at least I’m TRYING to learn) better. Quiet times still need to be a priority, but I need to offer myself the same grace that God offers me. He wants ME, not my ridiculous “rules” … so I offer Him what I am able, and push myself to give Him more and more … understanding that all I have to offer is an imperfect, failure-prone, broken self.

    I have a “101 Goals in 1001 Days list” that I continue working on. My “deadline” for that project is October 31 of this year. So, I keep plugging away, slowly, on those. I won’t reach them all 101, but they have challenged me to live intentionally, so I consider the project a success.

    Beginning last year, I gave up the “resolution” idea and moved to a “one word” theme for the year. For 2011, it was “Surrender” (and boy did it KICK MY BUTT! Haaa!) … this year, it’s GRACE. :)

  • Laura Groshong

    I always resolve to keep the office neat and organized. Somehow, I always end up with a big mess to plow through a few times a year.

  • http://www.agramofgrace.com Pamela

    Probably getting more organized has been the biggest one for me. I am slowly and painfully getting rid of clutter and resolving not to be a keeper of so much. It is a challenge because when I give something away, ultimately I find myself missing it and wishing I had it back…lol.
    Look forward to reading your new book.
    Blessings to you for encouraging us all.

  • Jamie

    My most daunting resolution was to start each day with a happy heart. Thankfully- when I was unable to do this (which was often) I was able to find some happiness in my quiet time with the Lord :)

  • Grace

    it involved weight loss

  • http://currentlyobsessd.blogspot.com Ashley

    The most daunting New Year’s Resolution I’ve ever made is to read the whole bible in a year. I know people do it all the time, but for me it was one of the most difficult.

  • Lyne

    Every year ….I make a resolution to be a better Mom. it’s definitly a work in progress as the children ( I have 3) keep changing faster than I can catch up. I do learn so much from being a mom. This year, I have made a resolution to have more fun with my children.

  • Emily

    My most daunting resolution was to eat an apple a day (and only an apple!). This was when I was a young teenager; needless to say I’ve found healthier ways of dieting since.


    Not really resolutions but try to visualize goals for the year. Last year I had about five categories (Faith, Family & Friends, Work, Health, etc) and I accomplished some in almost all category except health:( This year I am focusing on my energy early on in the year and spreading out some other projects. I love the idea of tackling one project a week:)

  • HeidiB

    most daunting New Years resolution…. to move on with my life & not talk to “that guy” again. Thanks to God that one fell apart, because I was wrong & selfish & we’ve been married 16 years :)

  • Amy

    My most daunting resolution may be the one I made this year. I picked a single word to define my year. And it has already been put to the test. An attitude I want to achieve and live by. “meekness”. Of course I made a few other goals which will all tie in… getting to know God better, spending more time in prayer, and “letting go”. I think I am setting myself up … hopefully though not for failure but to be filled with HIM>
    I would love to win this book.

  • lacey poag

    have a quiet time with God, work out, shower, and make breakfast all BEFORE my children wake up at 5:15 !!!

  • http://www.keeninspirations.blogspot.com Sharon

    Up until this year, I made a looong list of daunting resolutions striving towards perfection and failed miserably every year! This year, I hope to do things differently! I’m excited to read your book as one of my “new beginnings”!

  • Karen

    My most daunting resolution…exercise more and eat less. I never had a plan, just knew I could be healthier. But without a plan, of course, I never made it far.

  • http://christinahomemaker.blogspot.com/ christina

    I resolved several years in a row to learn to french braid my own hair, and seeing how it just didn’t happen, you’d think that was the most daunting. ; ) However, this year my goals are to play a round of golf on a real golf course before the end of the summer and to speak with grace and kindness (always) to my children. That last one is pretty daunting, but it’s so good for me.

  • Courtney

    Weight-loss and quit smoking all in the same year…….the good news is I quit smoking…….and then gained more weight…….(baby steps, baby steps….). God is a good God!!

  • Dwana

    My most daunting New Year’s Resolution was/is to de-clutter my house and get more organized. It’s been my resolution for several years now. I do think it will happen this year, though! I’ve come a long way in overcoming my perfectionism, so I think that will really help me to make progress on this goal.

  • http://www.ernestinestrees.com cally

    Quitting smoking! I did it in ONE DAY! That was exactly six years ago. Daunting, yes, easy, no. But I did it and just like everything else, its all about getting a good, strong mindset and following through.

  • Krista W

    Waking early is always my most daunting. Trying to take “little bites” this year, and hope to finally get there! I *have* finally made exercise a habit and have read the Bible through in its entirety. (Will be doing that again this year!)

    Krista Willmorth

  • Jolene

    I once resolved to get back down to my wedding day weight! :D ha ha
    19 years married- still not there. Of course I’m not trying anymore- now it’s pre-first-baby- more doable. :)

  • Kristin

    Quite simply, I have resolved to be perfect countless times. This year, I am resolving to be as kind to myself as I am to others. :)

  • Andrea

    One year my resolution was to go to the gym 5 days a week. Ummm- when I made it I was going ZERO days a week. Whoops.

  • http://timzladee@carolina.rr.com Denise Y

    Trying to be consistent in journaling every day……I just seem to phase off! boo….I have many unfinished yrly journals!

  • Monica

    Organizing all of my Pictures! They stay unorganized and each year the pile grows….

  • elizabeth

    Deciding to join a mom’s group without knowing anybody after moving to a new town and having a baby! It was scary putting myself out there, but now the group is my lifeblood!

  • Rebecca

    Probably weight loss or my training for a half marathon.

  • Erin

    I don’t have one specific resolution but one year I made a list of 10-15 health & wellness changes that I wanted to make (drink # glasses of water per day, read the bible in a year, get 8 or more hours of sleep every night, lose 10 lb, etc). I think I made it less than a week.

  • Michelle

    My most daunting resolution was/is to give up Coke. I love the stuff!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Holly L

    Definitely something with losing weight. That has got to be my worst resolution ever.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/enckline/ Christie

    To speak more in public. It was actually the year that convinced me that not everyone has to be capable of speaking in public. It worked out well enough, because I finally accepted that this was just something I wasn’t going to be good at and that was OKAY. If I hadn’t resolved and failed, then I might still be going around beating myself up for lacking in that area.

  • Ellen

    Trying to get back into shape after having children. I have never been one to just exercise (unless it involved a sport). Learning to watch what I eat and self motivate were very hard to do.

  • Dixie E.

    To memorize an entire book of the Bible in one year.

  • Rhonda

    My most daunting New Years Resolution….. the one I made last year…. the one I make this year…. is “a changed heart”. …Because that is the foundation for my specific areas of lacking. 1. To eat for health and life. (Oh my flesh just wants …what it wants…) 2. To embrace and invest in my family even with all the drama and messiness of life. 3. And to use my time, treasure, and talents in a manner that will outlive me. Thanks for sharing your talents and time with us Tsh. I purchased your ‘Organized Simplicity’ last year. Still go back to it! ♥

  • Alicia

    My most daunting resolution was to read the Bible in a year. I know some people do it every year, but I like the freedom of stopping and enjoying where I am and soaking in a little, so it wasn’t the best for me. Would love your book!

  • Debbie Billingsley

    My most daunting new year’s resolution was to excercise every day…Life happens in- between and needless to say I have NEVER been able to keep that! Every other day…maybe…….. I have come close…..

  • http://graceandpeacefullhome.blogspot.com/ Audrey

    Mine were very similar to yours in college – I so wanted to get papers done a week early! Also – I wanted to practice all five required hours of piano for my college class – but, like you, I didn’t last very long.

    I do like your statement about striving for excellence, not perfection. I like to say I am going for progress not perfection – maybe it is time to strive for excellence.

  • http://www.akahomeschoolmom.blogspot.com Christina Brown

    The most important New Years resolution is one of self control; with eating, exercising, and spiritual quiet time. I have tried them all before individually, but think it is all a matter of self control, and as you say baby steps. Would LOVE to win your book, you are a beautiful writer!

  • http://wyomingdahls@blogspot.com Kris Dahl

    Mine would have to be last year. When I resolved to cut out all sugar. I didn’t make it very far! sugar is in everything!

  • http://thegandyshomebase.blogspot.com Mollie

    mine was probably to loose all the baby weight… well that was 3 years ago and 2 more kids, and sadly i have gained more baby weight… i think this years is a little better, get healthy! not worry about the number but my health! :)

  • http://www.thelifeofsusan.com Susan

    my most daunting new years resolution was losing weight for sure… but i tackled that in 2011 and lost 62lbs!

  • gayle nelson

    Trying to do things on my own forgetting , God is right with me. Waiting for me to give everything to him:)

  • Cathy Silva

    The most daunting resolution I have made was to read the bible in a year.
    Believing that I could give time to this amidst every other obligation I had
    was ludicrist! But, because of God’s grace and mercy I was able to do it 13 months
    and I was driven to do it again the next year!!!

  • Lisa

    My most daunting resolution was to get back in shape after surgery. As it turns out, I did, but not in the way I expected! An injury forced me into physical therapy, and that got me back into shape. : )

  • https://enjoy.scentsy.us Jana Holcomb

    My most daunting resolutions are just making them and trying to stick with any of them. Usually it’s something like eat better and exercise regularly, be more compassionate to others, read my bible more, be the perfect wife, etc. Ugh! This year I have a new approach. I asked myself the question…What do I want to accomplish in 2012? It was such an easy question for me to answer. Write to my daughter daily, she’s two (I keep a journal of the highlights, but am not consistent), ready my bible or a devotional daily, take a photography class, exercise 3 times a week, make photo books, enroll my daughter in a Mommy and Me dance class and be on time. That is going to be the hardest one of all! :)
    I would love to be a winner of your book! I’m not sure I can wait for you to pick the winners. I may have to order it now. I’m so excited to see what it has to say!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • http://familyfaithcompanion.org Carol H.

    To recover from a brain aneurysm. (Six years later I am still working on this – both physically and mentally.)

  • Beth

    My most daunting New Year’s resolution is and has been to pray daily -never accomplished yet.

  • Adrienne

    My most daunting resolutions always centered around weight loss. I no longer make resolutions : ) Now I’m a “Just Do It” kinda girl. Progress made, however small or large, is progress I’ll take, whether at the beginning, middle, or end of the year.

  • http://kathrynandtim.wordpress.com Kathryn

    When I was in highschool my new years resolution was to always loose weight. But I never specified how much or how I was going to do it…so I always failed. Now I’m pregnant with my second child and I have a much healthier understanding of weight loss and health in general. (though it’s still something I struggle with)

  • Tara

    To be healthy….I went to the gym today for the first time in a long time. I “reactivated” my membership after freezing it due to repeated illnesses in my childre (I have to take them with me and drop them in the kids zone while I work out). As we ate dinner tonight, I noticed my 3 year old has a rash all over her body. A gym membership sounds great but I am not sure it is worth it when you have little children and can’t use it due to one sick child or another. I am still “resolved” to be healthy this year, one way or another!

  • Cheryl

    new years resolution how to really find God and read the bible all the way for the first time. still working oon both……………..

  • Erin

    Always losing weight!

  • Cat

    To learn to *really* listen, and be more interested in what other’s have to say. I have been trying to put my own thoughts on the back burner and truly open myself to someone else’s experience. I started before the New Year, and the huge impact this had in my life, especially with my children blew me away. But it’s hard. Especially when I’m being honest with myself. I have had some of the most powerful conversations with my husband over the last month, when I wasn’t busy forming what I had to say back- at all.

  • Trinity

    The same one I make every year…to lose weight

  • Debbie Martin

    My most daunting Resolutions in the past have always failed..mostly weight loss, although whether we’re talking 5 pounds or 40 pounds I’ve learned to set goals for a healthier lifestyle including improving mine and my families nutrition; or weeding out the clutter in my house. Again I’ve learned to tackle one mound at a time and hope for the best.
    This year, however, my goal is to make quiet time for God, EVERY DAY! To sit in utter stillness and bask in his peace, listen for his prompting and allowing time for me. It is natural for me to put every one’s needs ahead of mine, I believe we are called to do this, however life can become too busy and when that happens it is so easy to get lost in the business.
    Thank you for sharing your list. I’ve been working on mine for a few days now, but I think I have nailed it with this ONE thing.

  • Julia R.

    Giving up sweets…. this year. I’m allowing myself exceptions for birthdays and holidays, but it’s time to be free of this habit.

  • Mary-Sue

    This year my word is “health” with a particular focus on my own health as well as the health of my marriage.
    I so enjoyed your first book, I’d love to read this one! Thanks.

  • Melissa Q

    It’s always a weight loss goal… always… and it is again this year, but I’m working at approaching it entirely differently….

  • Jamie V

    My most daunting goal was to run a marathon. It was something I always wanted to do. Took so much determination, encouragement from my husband, and being public with my goal made me fear failing. But I did it, and God taught me so much about perseverance and discipline through it! I’m still super proud of it! :)

  • Annie

    I am habitially late for Birthdays, or forget them all-together. Last year I resolved to send every friendand family member a card/gift ON TIME. I think it lasted until Feb. Other failures have included gym attendance, but who HASN’T had that one? :)

  • Melissa

    I’d say mine was giving up the snooze button on my alarm clock last year. I had a snooze addiction for years, so to give up my two-time-snooze morning routine felt frightening. The snooze button is just prolonging the inevitable, and I didn’t want to live like that anymore. I knew if I could give up the snooze I could some how give up a little piece of pain and start my day on a more positive note. I gave it up, and have rarely looked back!

  • http://www.naturalhealthathome.com Nicole

    The most daunting resolution I’ve made is to take better care of myself. It’s so general and has so many facets that it can feel overwhelming at times. So I’ve realized that that idea is my “theme” for the year and I’m getting more specific with myself about what that means. For example, I want to be more physically active this year, have more social time, be more structured with my time and ask for help more. My list is a work in progress and I’m aiming to have it solidified by my birthday at the end of this month! :)

  • Julia

    my most daunting new year resolution? a bit like yours – going to the gym 3 times a week with the goal of losing 8 kgs. :) still not there yet LOL

  • Christine

    To lose weight. It’s always to lose weight. :(

  • Michele

    Wow, after reading your post on this I understand why I felt like a failure last year!!! My resolutions were:
    Organize my home & finances
    Be a better wife
    Start my own business
    Spend more time in prayer
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing down in words what I cannot seem to express!

  • Michele

    Sorry, noticed I misspelled my email!!

  • Sara

    My most daunting new year’s resolution, and one that I often try to repeat (but never manage!) is to lose 10 kilogrammes…
    Oh well!
    I would love a copy of your book!
    Expecting a baby in February and I think my life could use those 52 tips!

  • Cindy

    My most daunting resolution is the one that I have made for this year…..to learn to believe in myself again!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of your book!

  • http://herenfamily.com Cynthia

    it wasn’t for new years but I made a goal this past summer to start doing homeschool with my 3 year old, I wanted everyday with lesson plans and structure. Only problem was life happened. We moved and little brother grew up and wanted in.

  • Leah Burton

    I’ve never made a New Year’s resolution. Sad, but true. I think I’m afraid of the failure, so I don’t go there. This year, I am going to make two of them.

  • Christine

    To lose 30 pounds and clean my house entirely ever week!

  • Jennifer

    My most daunting resolution….no idea.
    But there are a few resolutions over the years that have stuck……
    give up Equal in my coffee, give up all diet soda, walk more.
    The abstract resolutions are tougher……
    give more Grace, to myself and others love more, listen to the Lord more,

  • http://kelle.costa@gmail.com kelle

    I made 12 for 2012. Maybe I need to rethink and edit this a bit or at least make it more define so that I can check it off.

  • Heather

    When I was younger I would write out a full page list of everything I was going to do. Read the Bible every day, write in my journal every day, exercise every day, do something creative every day…I was really into daily things. But I’m such a perfectionist that if I missed a single day, I felt like such a failure that I gave up on the whole resolution. I’m still like that. If I can’t do something perfectly or completely, I feel like there’s no point in doing it at all.

  • Tracey

    I quit making New Years resolutions because I always failed at them. I hate failure. Grace is something I am learning to give my family AND myself! I’m sure my most daunting had to be one like lose weight, stop sodas, go vegetarian, work out every day, and have a good attitude. Well, how can ANYONE have a good attitude trying to accompish all that lol !

  • Juliann Brenner

    Most of mine are daunting….I think that’s why I gave them up about a decade ago. But I am fresh and hopeful this year, with a sense of grace I haven’t had before. SO, inspired by a post of yours a few weeks ago, I am aiming for every day choices that reflect self-care in these categories: food, rest, calm and activity!

  • Jane

    My husband and I have decided to NOT buy anything brand new this year, except things that get used up like ink, paper, etc. People look at us like we’re crazy. But should be a very interesting year!

  • cindi

    My most daunting? I have a couple, but, will share for the moment the one I started over a year ago, but, still working on. I am a packrat – yes, you can walk into my house without getting trapped in towering piles. But, I have rooms that no one is welcome in, because it might happen (the being trapped, etc.). So, a year or so ago, I decided to change the way we live. I’ve made progress, in fits and starts. I actually created a safe and fun playroom out of one of those rooms for my granddaughter. I’ve given away mountains of stuff. People can come into my house and they will probably see the clutter, but, it isn’t overly embarrassing anymore (you can sit down without moving a pile of magazines).

  • http://RHome410.blogspot.com RHome410

    Probably the 2 most daunting are the 2 that could do the most for me if I’d ever accomplish them… Incorporate regular Bible reading and exercise into my life! I have hope with the Bible reading now that I’ve started the NLT One Year Bible, and refuse to pay attention to the dates, but just read the next day’s selection as I go.

  • Bekah Moon

    My most daunting resolution is to give myself, make that wrap myself, in grace instead of perfectionism. No whips for 2012!

  • Lorri

    Like so many others, my most daunting resolution has had to do with weight loss.
    Now, I work on smaller goals, like “one bite a time” types of things. It is much better to set myself up for success!

  • http://www.mummycentral.com Elizabeth

    Most daunting? Simple. To always choose happiness. It’s so much harder than it sounds but well worth it, as all things quickly fall into perspective, and makes you realise how lucky you are.

    Thanks so much for your great blog.

  • Milinda Warnken

    One resolution dear to my heart pops up every year: to tap into my creative side more, through my writing or art. I know it’s in there, this creativity, but it’s been pushed to the back burner for so many years by laundry & the like, work, the family’s needs and the fact that if the sun’s shining I MUST be outside to enjoy it =). So, will this year be any different? I hope so — it’s there on my list again! Thanks for challenging me. I’d love to read your book to simplify my life and, as a result, have more time to create!

  • Melissa Rydjeski

    My most daunting resolutions always have to do with diet and exercise. I never stick with it.

  • kristen

    wake up early – every single day! ha!

  • Anna White

    My craziest resolution was to help my dad clean the basement (it’s crazy with his stuff!)

  • http://thinlyslicing.blogspot.com Catherine Burke

    My New Year’s Resolution (and now one of my life’s themes, basically) from last year which was “do the fearless thing”. The Lord wants me to feel free to live as He created me, making choices without fear–fear of making a mistake, of making the “wrong” choice and of somehow landing out of His reach…to do the fearless thing means to live as the beloved child of God that I am…no matter what the circumstance or decision. I think its going to be a lifelong resolution!

  • Rachelle

    I’m not sure what my most daunting resolution was, but the best one was to take time to evaluate my goals and commitments once a week and write about them in a journal. That writing was my chance to take a look at where I was compared to where I felt the Lord wanted me to be. Doing this regularly, I knew where I stood before God. I kept it up for over 3 years. Not perfectly, but often. After 4 plus years of not making this a regular part of my life, evaluating is one of my 3 resolutions this year.

  • Amy

    The most daunting New Year’s Resolution I’ve ever made? Possibly this year’s… to live intentionally and in the moment – not scattered, overwhelmed and trying to do half a dozen things at once. I really don’t know if I can do this… but I think it will benefit my family, friends, students, and colleagues if I can, to say nothing of the benefits for myself!

  • http://facebook.com/helgahussein BNWELL4life

    The toughest resolution I ever tried to make was, being more honestly compassionate, to myself!
    Of course I saw that, as it was reflected in my life, with other people….

  • http://facebook.com/helgahussein BNWELL4life

    The toughest resolution I ever tried to make was, being more honestly compassionate, to myself!
    I saw that, as it was reflected in my life, with other people.

  • Brittany S.

    My most daunting (and failed) resolutions usually involve either working out, or having an early morning quiet time… still working on these, but taking your advice to start off with smaller workable goals, rather than all-or-nothing monsters!

  • http://craftythriftydecoratingwifemom.wordpress.com Janet

    I’m a dull person with run-of-the-mill resolutions. I’d say it’s a toss-up, each equally daunting to me: lose weight, read the Bible in a year.

  • Tracie

    Newly saved resolution many years ago: follow the daily guide to read the bible front to back in order – didn’t do it.

    Last year’s excellence: send out birthday cards so folks actually get them on or (yikes) before their actual birthday!! Grace allowed me one mistake with not compensating for FTD’s shipping on a plant to my dad. 1 day late – the phone call was on time though!! Hoping to continue to strive for this again.

  • Mal

    It was in 2009 to run a half marathon and I did it. Three years later it still makes me happy to think about doing something I didn’t think I could do.

  • Jenny Chang

    my most daunting resolutions were:
    1. finish 2-3 bible certificate course.
    2. improving my english by memories 10 words each day, and also finish 1 mid-level grammar book in a year.
    3. exercise 3-4 times a week (each time 1 hour).
    4. eat more healthy by following meal plan from a health book.
    5. save a huge amount money.
    i think i have more, but i can’t remember.

  • Debbie H

    All my New Year’s resolutions were daunting so I stopped making them years ago. I just felt like I was setting myself up for failure if I did. I really love what you said about making goals rather than resolutions. I can do that and beginning this year I will. Thank you for such wonderful writing and encouragement.

  • Katie M.

    To exercise EVERY day…. really. It was insane, and I DEFINITELY set myself up for failure. ;)

  • xila

    most daunting, and real, from last year.
    to live in the present.
    I was caught up in the first few months after my daughter’s birth, glorious, but scary and difficult as I needed a lot of healing and she needed a lot of love. I found myself constantly wishing for an easier future and resolved instead, to try and love each moment, however difficult, for it’s beauty. I;m not quite sure how I did on a day to day basis, but a year later, I think I’m there.
    this year, I made 52 slips of paper of random quick resolutions. i get to choose a new one each week. fun!

  • angel

    The most daunting New years resolution I’ve ever made was to start working out 5days a week. I really set myself up for failure.

  • http://donnagiftnew.wordpress.com Donna

    I’ve been enjoying reading your blogs. You’re very practical with a sense of humor. One bite at a time sounds li ke a really good book for me. I’m a little ADD so small sectiions at a time are a help. I’ve listed my goals for 2012. I still may tweak it a little. I’ve had hip surgery so a very critical goal for me is losing weight. Thank you for your blogs. They’re helpful and enjoyable.

  • roseann

    daunting one: to clean house to have people over.

  • Maria

    Weight loss and declutter. I will implement the Kaizen method this year. Thank you so much for the great ideas and information.

  • Harmony

    I made a New Years resolution last year to get up at 5:30 every morning and run 3 miles. Yeah, it lasted about 2 weeks. :) This year, I made the resolution to run 4 days a week but at whatever time of day I was able and at for however long I could do it that day. :)

  • Shirley Stewart

    My most daunting resolution is to break the sugar addiction that has a death grip on me. The idea of giving up sugar entirely can literally make me cry. But, I believe that’s what it’s going to take to break the cycle.

  • Aletha

    I resolved to be more intentional in my actions and relationships. To accomplish this kind of goal, I have to have a lot of smaller ones that build up! Honestly, this goal is like personality modification.

  • http://asupremelife.blogspot.com Laura

    Waking up early. Really early. I am a night owl and always have been, but I would look at others I admired for their work, homeschooling, and family ethics and note that most of them woke up very early, so I decided that the only way I would be “successful” would be to get up ridiculously early like they did. Ha! Once I started listening to my own body, I discovered that I *could* get up earlier (and do… usually) but that I still can’t schedule mindful tasks earlier than 10 or I just have to redo them later when I am at my peak performance level. There is still room for improvement, but more importantly I am finally focusing on living *my* life and not someone else’s.

  • Rae Jean West

    To remember when I lay my problems, issues insanity at the feet of Jesus not to pick them back up again. I guess we all have this issue I know I do – not all the time but enough of the time. I know my Savior loves me and there is nothing beyond His capability but I find more than not that my sin nature will sneak (though God sees me all the time) back and pick up what I have laid at His feet. Also, to immediately give my worries, problems and even complaints over to God immediately instead of trying to fix them myself. I will completely exhaust myself trying to take of a problem by myself instead of immediately giving it to God. I know better… I am so humbled to be loved by a forgiving God who only has my very best interest at heart.. God bless and happy 2012.

  • http://www.SheriGraham.com Sheri Graham

    Probably the most daunting is my goal to lose weight. It seems this goal keeps getting moved from one year to the next..yikes! I’d love a copy of your ebook. It is on my “to read” list for the coming year!

  • Kathryn

    Torn between weight loss & ‘daily, hour long quite times’. Neither seem to hash out quite the way it starts in my mind! Thanks for the great article.

  • http://lindasroseslewispirls.blogspot.com/ Linda Scoggins

    Losing weight. The steps to losing weight is the hardest thing. Eating better and less, exercising when your knees hurt. I used to walk at least 30 minutes every day. Now I do about 15. It’s discouraging. I am not giving up though. With God’s help I can do anything He wants me to. And with your encouraging and inspiring words I can go the extra 15 minutes plus. Thanks, Tsh.

  • http://dogfuranddandelions.wordpress.com Elizabeth J.

    This year, I resolved to read through the entire Bible in twelve months. I’ve tried doing it 3-4 times before and always get stuck a few months in. So I’m kind of scared that’s going to happen again; but the difference this time is that I have my husband and my blog readers doing it along with me! Accountability makes a HUGE difference in keeping up with something!

  • Cheryl P

    The regular diet goals and to read the bible in a year. As far as diet my goals were not tied to anything significant therefore they failed miserable every year. And reading the bible the only time left for reading was at night, morning was already filled with a bible study, and I would fall asleep.

  • http://www.joyousaccounts.wordpress.com Liz

    One year I had an entire notebook page filled with resolutions! Talk about daunting! I did not finish even one and I felt so guilty. Now I just take one at a time.

  • Kate

    To break-up an 8 year relationship with someone I cared a lot about, but knew wasn’t “the one”. I did it and all sorts of wonderful things came about that year, including meeting the “the one”.

  • http://www.livingtheepilogue.com Wendy

    In younger days a friend and I worked together on complicated lists of goals in various areas in our lives. We had it right on sharing those goals, but things like “learn to play guitar while memorizing Scripture, exercising, and doing home improvements” were not so realistic!

  • Amanda

    To finish what I start … I’m notorious for making great resolutions the daunting part is actually carrying them through and finishing – somewhere around oh I don’t know February the resolutions lose their wonder and I lose the zeal …

  • Sarah G

    Considering how many resolutions I’ve neglected to keep in my life, I have to believe most were fairly daunting (not to mention unrealistic)! Exercising daily is probably the most oft-failed of them all. Thanks for your tips on setting some realistic goals for 2012! I’m sure your e-book would help greatly in that regard. ;-)

  • Linda

    I don’t think I have ever actually accomplished a new years resolution because they have all been daunting! One that goes on the list every year is to become more organized – I never really wrap my head around the task enough to even get started. I need to try breaking it into small pieces. Can’t wait to read your book :)

  • Monica

    I, too, have dozens of New Year’s resolutions that look similar to yours. For years I gave up on the idea entirely – only to lose myself and years later to hardly recognize my own face in my bathroom mirror. I had let others out there in the world begin to define me. As lofty resolutions then no resolutions led me to failure, I’ve decided to concentrate on reevaluation instead. Where have I been and where do I want to go next are questions I think important to ask myself. So this week, I’m working on a theme for the year, a word to guide me as my family and I face the daunting new challenges we find ahead of us. I’m scared and overwhelmed, but (in)Couraged to step out and up in faith.

  • Bridgett

    Reading the Bible thru in a year…and this year…lose 10 pounds.

  • http://stamperosity.com Lynn Mercurio

    The BIGGEST, hardest to obtain goal I ever made at the beginning of a year was to find a new job – one that would be interesting and still pay decently. I’m am STILL trying to obtain that goal, although in these economic times, it isn’t easy. I would love a copy of this book. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  • Sandy

    my most ambitious to learn adobe photoshop. That ended badly and I am now happily using Picasa.

  • April

    I’d have to say the resolution I make every year (whether I admit it or not)–losing weight :)
    Thanks for the giveaway, Tsh!

  • http://PrayerandYoga.com Jill

    Not really a new year’s resolution person, but I did give up complaining one year for lent & it was amazing how much less I had to say! :)

  • http://sownbyamanda.blogspot.com amanda

    my most daunting new year’s resolution was the year I decided to enter every contest that came my way in hopes of winning ridiculous amounts of great stuff.

    somewhere along the way, I realized it was absurd. so I quit entering – I do believe, however; that I learned some incredibly great lessons about contests, my hopes & the futility of chasing after stuff.

    with that said – I’d r-e-a-l-l-y like to win a book ;)

  • Kimberly

    Oh my goodness! I had to laugh at the Dr. Pepper sign. THAT is my most daunting challenge ever! It was my 2011 resolution and I did much better this past year but it is still #1 on 2012’s because it just needs to completely go!

  • Kris

    My most unrealistic new years resolution I ever made was when I decided I would work out twice a day, every day. That one only lasted a day or two before I was so sore that I just stopped!

  • morgan

    Memorize Philippians. I was able to work through the first two chapters, only to realize I needed to re-memorize chapter 1 again!

  • Linda Handy

    I hope I win One Bite at a Time! I really need it.

  • http://www.mommyjourney.com Christine Amador

    I think I need this ebook. Anyway, my most daunting new year’s resolution is saving money. I have constantly failed in this area over the past few years…

  • Traci

    last year’s to go on a cleanse. it didn’t go well.

  • http://sowerscorner.blogspot.com/ Karen

    Thanks so much Tsh for offering your e-book as a giveaway! I would love a copy! :) My biggest challenge for this new year is being consistent with getting a quiet time in the scriptures. I home school, have a business and I’m look out for my aging parents that live next door. My time needs to be structured yet flexible…only by God’s grace!

  • Sue C

    Well, I am one of those ‘100 lbs in 365 days’ kind of girls, and this ‘bite at a time’ is a new concept for me! I hope to win one of these books, so I can get my life to a ‘manageable’ size, and keep it that way!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a book! Love books, but love and need motivation, and new ideas to help me keep my goals and gain my objectives!

  • Andrea Lee

    Probably the MOST overwhelming resolution was to learn a foreign language and be fluent. In a year.
    Thanks for a great post!

  • Angela

    My most daunting New Years resolution? All of them!! I fight against the beast of perfectionism as well, but if I had to choose one it was to get off of caffeine! Still haven’t succeeded with that one, but I have cut it WAY back!

  • Lauren Nicole

    I’ve only ever made two new year’s resolutions in my life and, purposely, neither one was daunting. It seems counterproductive to me to set up a task for myself that will overwhelm me. And that’s exactly why I haven’t made any resolutions this year, because all the ones I can think of seem like too much to handle right now so I must not be ready to tackle them yet.

  • Marilyn Holeman

    My most daunting resolution was losing weight–which I still struggle with.

  • Rachel

    I gave up making New Year’s resolutions long ago, after I realized that I was just setting myself up for failure. But I understand why people do it; it can be a real challenge to set a goal and really mark it for success. New Years seems a good time to do that.

  • Dacia Edmonson

    Most daunting resolution?? All of them!!! Nothing ever sticks and I find myself living in incredible guilt because I have, yet again, failed. Once I realized this, I quit doing resolutions – or at least in the traditional sense. I now treat every day as January 1st. God gives us much (undeserved) grace. Why I can’t I do that for myself? So I start every morning with my list of “resolutions” focusing on just today. If I succeed or not on completing the entire list is irrelevant. The point is that I am TRYING EVERYDAY. That in itself is a huge accomplishment! Somehow, I am accomplishing so much more than I thought I could!

  • Kathy Scott

    I struggled with the usual resolutions that I make every year and finally through a blog decided the use of one word to keep me on track: Diligence. This word is daunting but also attainable as I daily read the word in a diligent manner, write a few pages each day for a book I want to write and keep active during the week. So far, my allergies have plagued me this week to keep me from realizing these goals but I’m inching along and hanging on to Diligence!

  • Sydney

    I don’t tend to make many new year’s resolution however one thing that always comes to mind at this time of year is keeping up on my bible readings and spending time with God. I also feel so guilty when I don’t because I know I am so incredibly blessed because of Him. It is simply being lazy on my end when I don’t take those extra few minutes each day. However, I also find that I can’t be too hard on myself and I still try and find those small opportunities throughout the day to thank and praise Him. It can be daunting to set up a strict schedule of getting thru the bible in a year or praying exactly 10 minutes every morning, however I find it more meaningful sometimes to step out of work for 2 minutes to say a quick prayer for help or send a quick thanksgiving His way while at a stop light. Simply having a grateful heart goes a long way.

  • Amanda

    Waking up earlier, to be sure. I really need help making lasting change in this area!!

  • Mandee

    The most daunting is the one for this year; loose 30 pounds for summer while increasing endurance. I never had a problem with my weight until my pregnancy; I gained too much in my last trimester and simply have not been able to shake it off. I never had great eating habits because it never was an issue. But now, with a family and job, I don’t have time to work the calories off and am desperate need of change. And I would really like to save money to replenish our savings account in case our car finally dies.

  • Martha

    My most daunting New Year’s resolutions were in the same year. That was to exercise everyday as well as have a 30 min. quiet time prior to going to work . Getting up at 4 am lasted for about 3 weeks before becoming too much. I would love to win a copy of “One Bite at a Time” because I tend to be an all or nothing kinda girl and that needs to change.

  • http://www.perceptionsandpassions.blogspot.com Kaitlin Evans

    The most daunting New Years Resolution was to give up chocolate.

    It was so incredibly unrealistic (for me). And I wanted to go “cold turkey.”

    It did not work. Even a little bit.

  • http://mylittleculdesac.wordpress.com Erin

    I’ve never made New Year’s resolutions because by their very nature, they seem doomed to failure before they start. However, this year our family has decided to make a goal together that can be summed up in one word: balance. With my husband working on finishing his PhD, living in a brand new part of the the country (we just moved across the country for a new job he started this fall), finding ways to make additional income to make ends meet, and keeping the house running while homeschooling our three girls, we have a lot of things to juggle! For us, balance will mean we make small, but (hopefully) significant changes to our routine over the course of the year that will help us keep everything in perspective & focus on what really matters.

  • Julie Reynolds

    to lose 30 pounds and wake up at 5:30 every morning for quiet time/exercise. EPIC FAIL!!!

  • Rachel H.

    I haven’t made many. I think the biggest one I’ve ever made was this year.

    I took the JOY Dare from Ann Voskamp.

  • Rashida

    For me, I always seem to stumble over the goal to lose weight. Yes, I have succeeded at times in years past but, I want it to be more that a resolution. I need it to stick as a lifetime lifestyle change.

  • http://suddenlink.net Laura

    I am on a quest to make my marriage of 28 years better. I am doing the 40 day Love Dare challege. The first 7 days have been eye-opening. Didn’t know there was a Joy Dare from Ann Voskamp too. I’ll go onto that after the love dare challenge. I also want to crave God more than food in the coming year. I want to be satisfied by Him this year and maybe that will help with some weightloss goals too.

  • Joy

    Seems to be a common thread on these comments! I’ll have to join in the “weight loss” category as most daunting and never been achieved. Looking forward to the book. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. :)

  • Carolyn

    The most daunting new years resolution I have had is to adopt a healthier lifestyle for me and my children. We are very fortunate to be healthy, but had adopted habits that were going to be bad for the future. We now have the kids swimming and exercising every day, and I exercise at least 5 times a week. We have also changed our eating habits to more natural food — less processed and virtually no fast food.

  • sharon allen

    I made a resolution to to cut out sugar and flour, exercise 4 times a week an lose 64 lbs. LOL!!!

  • KellyM

    To be the best mom ever! Talk about setting myself up some major guilt! I need to remember – excellence…not perfection. So true :)

  • Tracey Lee

    Giving up smoking. I am proud to say I have been smoke-free for four years now! Woot! Thanks for the wonderful opportunity!

  • Adelle F

    Losing weight is the one that never seems to work for me! That and getting organized.

  • Cathy Ellingen

    It would be this year’s: 1. To protect my job (it’s been a huge lifesaver and self-esteem booster after closing my business and drowning in debt), 2. To protect my home (I have gotten out of foreclosure 2X this year) – I want to make all mortgage payments on time this year, 3. To protect my health (my coverage will only now kick in after a 1 year pre-existing wait period so haven’t been able to treat fully for my RA) – I want to get a reduced gym membership to use a warm pool, 4. To finish all business-related projects from my old company so I can put the past in my past for good and to pay off as much debt as I can this year even if it means a 2nd job or selling off possessions.

  • Amanda

    Mine is to exhibit more patience and grace to myself and others around me

  • Diane

    Most daunting? Read through the Bible in a year. As soon as I’d fall behind I feel so guilty and then fly through the missed readings to catch up. Felt pressured and not sure I got the point of half of what I read. This year I’m doing Project 345. 5 chapters a week. I think I can do that :)

  • Contingent Thinker

    Thats a great thought. But what about cases where you dont actually start off with your resolutions and so haven’t actually broken them. Like you say just delaying them.
    I am very confused.
    Please give your opinion on this: http://thecontingentthinker.blogspot.com/2012/01/not-just-another-new-year-resolutions.html

  • Jessica

    I’ve always shied away from resolutions but I have found that I sometimes need to make a decision to do something differently. My most daunting decisions are often decisions I have to make more than once. Two years ago I lost 70 pounds. The process of losing the weight was life affirming and life changing in ways I had never expected. I have gained 10 pounds back now and need to renew my decision to care for myself and to bring back the freedom of movement that comes with a healthier body. I will not always be this age and this mobile and so I try to embrace my physical freedom at every opportunity. Even so, I do have to draw my focus back again and again to treating myself well with movement and careful food choices.

  • Emily

    Hate to admit this… but the most daunting resolution I’ve ever made… was to stop cussing. I don’t have a sailor’s mouth or anything but I feel the tension ease with a good ole $&*@! Pray for me ;-)
    I wanted to post how encouraged I was by your quote “The ones that stick around for the long haul are enveloped in grace and focus on excellence.” I was a little bummed this year as I reflected on my resolutions- there was nothing fresh or new to challenge me. I wanted to continue with what I had put into practice over the past couple of years and felt discouraged that I hadn’t “accomplished” them. But, your quote and some quite time blessed discernment, allowed God to tell me that it was beacause they were excellent resolutions, something big was being created and would never be finished this side of heaven. Keep at em’ for the long haul and allow them to change not only my world but those around me!

  • Monica

    It might just be this year. It seems as God has brought aLOT of things to my “attention”. Things like eating healthier everyday, being a better Mom(I have 4 children) & Wife everyday, doing yoga everyday, breathing deeply everyday, spending time with God everyday, getting up earlier, taking a picture everyday, simpiifying my house, writing down what I am thankful for EVERYDAY… I am doing these things in bite sized pieces, hopefully, but still ~ wow, it’s going to be quite the year!!

  • Becci C

    my most daunting resolution was probably to lose 30 lbs. by June or like you, I have always made a list of 8 or more improvements I needed to make and of course, after reading your post, I see why I was setting myself up for failure. And then I think for the past several years, I have given up making resolutions or goals altogether in Jan. b/c why bother trying when it never worked?! But I see now that I have to take bite-size chunks and set small goals to do a little each day and over time that I will change. So I’m excited about what God is going to do in my life!

  • Jenifer

    My most daunting resolution was to make this year an epic year. Try, learn, take time for me because i need it. As a mama, i am always putting others before me, this year, i need to find my center again!

  • Kerrie

    This year, my most daunting resolution is to establish good routines. So much has happened over the last year or two to make that difficult – two difficult pregnancies with lots of vomiting throughout, one active toddler, one stillbirth – but I need to do this for the good of me and my family.

  • http://sterlingmimzy.com Sandy

    Well, I have learned that I have the best intentions and the desire for perfection. I make lists, charts, etc of how I am to get my day in order and then God laughs and shows me how LIFE can really mess with those charts. This year I decided not to make a resolution, but instead desire a heart like his. I really want to see myself, my family and others through his eyes. So it isn’t measurable , but it is a desire of my heart. I figure if I can see like he does then what is important at that time will be accomplished. So I suppose it would be to follow where he leads me and if the dishes don’t get done I guess it wasn’t in his plan!

  • Melissa

    My most daunting resolution? I guess I would have to say to stop worrying about what others think. Yes, of course I would still like to achieve it, but that’s not a specific goal at all. And one that is constantly changing, especially upon entering motherhood. Now I stick to fun and specific challenges – last year was to cook with one new ingredient every two weeks. Not lofty, but fun and achievable!

  • Cassie

    Loose 30 lbs by my 30th birthday!! in less than a year with out a set plan – yikes!

  • http://www.beautifulcalling.ca Jenn @ Beautiful Calling

    This is going to sound crazy but I think it was to read through the bible entirely in a year. It may not sound daunting to some and I am sure many others have done it just fine but with three tots and so many other responsibilities and tasks, it is far too large and daunting a task. This year I was thinking to aim for as much of the New Testament as I can and just keep going until I am done, even if I don’t complete it by December 31, 2012.

    beautifulcalling @ gmail.com

  • Diana

    I think it was when I was younger. I set a certain weight I wanted to reach in a too quick time. I didn’t make it, and I was very upset, but I learned not to make those kinds of goals. Actually, I don’t really make ‘resolutions’ at the beginning of the year. I usually just set goals whenever.

  • Jamie

    Hmmm… I’ve set my fair share of daunting resolutions… in fact, I do it pretty much every year. :) Seems like my most daunting is usually regarding weight loss. I am a perfectionist and really have trouble with the baby steps concept. sigh.

  • Darline

    Well, I guess I’ll have to admit been a totaly disorganized person and always making the daunting resolution of finaly and forever been organized. I’ve felt terribly discouraged for not been able to measure up to my own standars. So this year I am determined to climb the mountain one step at a time, knoing that every inch is progress no matter what.

  • http://missymakesamess@gmail.com missy

    “Say Yes to God and No to Everything Else.” Not an easy resolution for me.

  • Liz R

    I have decided that I will run a marathon this year. I have a LONG way to go and lots of baby steps along the way. I am excited and still a little overwhelmed…

  • Audrey J.

    I suppose it’s the resolution I make every year–to take care of myself better: eat right, get some exercise and sleep 8 hrs. a night. As I age, these things seem more and more important, but with work and a toddler at home, they seem even more difficult to achieve!

  • http://www.paulparent.com Christine Parent

    just trying to keep the one I remember to write down. I try every year and this year I WANT to suceed. Help!

  • http://www.thesjaardas.blogspot.com Karissa

    My husband and I went out for coffee twice around the new year to talk about write out some goals. Then I had a baby (January 5!) so we’re busy with being new parents. But we’re working on goals together as a couple and as individuals.

  • Nahida

    My most daunting goal is cluttered home and wt loss for every year.



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