It’s really happening– (in)RL is just ONE month from today! We hope you’ve registered and have found a meetup near you. Are you unsure if there is a (in)RL Meetup happening in your community? Or, are you on the fence deciding if you should attend? If so, we’ve got a handy dandy map for you to locate a meetup near you. With 380 cities on the map and over 415 meetups scheduled–there is bound to be one in your neck of the woods!

To search for a meetup near you just click “Find your Local Meetup”, search for your local city and all meetups happening near you will be listed. Easy peasy!

And be sure you register by tomorrow, Wednesday 28th in order to get your (in)RL t-shirt in the first round of shipments. It’s only $10 to register and you’ll also receive a Simply Marvelous Card Pack!

We’ve also announced the winners of the Redeemed Truly Beautiful Makeup Bags over here– if you’ve already registered for (in)RL, you may be a winner!


Not so sure about this whole (in)RL thing? You can find details for the weekend and the agenda here. Then register here and sign up for a meetup here.

With love and Hershey’s kisses,
Lisa-Jo and the (in)courage team

  • Shelbey

    :) I saw my name on the list of winners for the make up bag but couldn’t find an e-mail. Have they been sent out yet? Thanks! I am SO excited if that really is my name. I do not know any other Shelbey’s with an “ey”.

  • Del Marie

    Congrats Shellbey!!