Book Club

We are so excited to begin reading our own Holley Gerth’s You’re Already Amazing as a community.

We hope this post will answer some logistical questions for you! If you have additional questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below and someone will be sure to respond.

What to Expect

If this is your first time reading a Bloom book – welcome! We are so glad you are here. Essentially, each week you can expect to see videos of us discussing each chapter of You’re Already Amazing. :)

All posts will be on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, not weekends. The content will always be available here on the Bloom page, so feel free to watch the videos at any time if the days are not convenient for you.

We are so excited that Holley will be joining us to discuss every chapter! Mondays and Wednesdays will be chapter posts and on Fridays we will have a special freebie from Holley to go along with the book. Be prepared to be blessed. Holley really knocked our socks off.

We will also have posts in the (in)courage BlogFrog community to discuss the videos and chapters in more detail. (So be sure and sign up if you haven’t yet – it’s easy peasy. Just click here.)

Buy a Book, Give a Book – and Get Free Shipping!

You’re Already Amazing is currently on sale for $9 on

When Angie and I first started Bloom almost two years ago, it was very important that everyone be able to participate, regardless of ability to purchase a book.

If you find yourself in a very difficult financial season and are unable to purchase a book, from Wednesday through Friday this week  you can fill out a form requesting a free book. (The form will be posted on this page on Wednesday.) We ask that you please be very honest and only request a book if you truly cannot afford the $10. We only have a limited quantity to give away that largely depends on how many sponsors/donations we get.

This is where the community of Bloom beautifully shows up.

If you are able to purchase a book for someone in need, DaySpring has set up a sweet deal for you starting today.

In addition to purchasing your own book, you can choose to purchase a second book for someone in need for an additional $9. (Feel free to give more than one if you can! To purchase a “Sponsor” book,just go here, click on the image of You’re Already Amazing with the green sponsor button on it and purchase the Sponsor book for $9. This option expires March 30)

If you purchase two or more books you get FREE shipping on your book – and DaySpring will take care of getting your donated book to a fellow Bloomie in need. Just use coupon code: BLOOMBOOK (If any other wonderful DaySpring products fall into your shopping cart, those will ship free too! This code will also work if you are purchasing multiple books for yourself).

We are so excited and thankful that DaySpring is again managing all the coordination of the donated books – and taking care of the shipping. What a blessing! Also a special thanks to publisher Revell, who has graciously donated 100 copies of the book to help with this effort.

With each Bloom book selection, we are always amazed by the community of women who step forward and buy books for their fellow sisters in Christ. THANK YOU to those of you who are able to generously give.

If you have additional questions about the sponsor program please visit the FAQ page.

The Schedule

If you’re a list-lover like me, here’s what to expect:

Wednesday, March 7: Free book post
Friday, March 9: Free book closes

Monday, March 12: Giveaway related to the book
Wednesday, March 14: Sponsor reminder
Friday, March 16: Giveaway ends/logistics re: free books

Monday, March 19: Video introducing Holley
Wednesday, March 21: Post from Holley
Friday, March 23: Reminder for study kick-off

Monday, March 26: Chapters 1 & 2
Wednesday, March 28: Chapter 3
Friday, March 30: You’re Already Amazing Freebie

Monday, April 2: Chapter 4
Wednesday, April 4: Chapter 5 & 6
Friday, April 6: You’re Already Amazing Freebie

Monday, April 9: Chapter 7
Wednesday, April 11: Chapter 8
Friday, April 13: You’re Already Amazing Freebie

Monday, April 16: Chapter 9 & 10
Wednesday, April 18: Chapter 11
Friday, April 20: You’re Already Amazing Freebie

Monday, April 23: Bonus video from Angie and Jess
Wednesday, April 25: Wrap-up from Holley
Friday, April 27: You’re Already Amazing Freebie

WHEW! That was a lot of info. Thanks for sticking with us.


Angie and Jessica

  • Ashley Wells

    So excited!! Great selection! Holley – I simply cannot wait to read your words, I know that they will encourage many!

    • Holley Gerth

      Thank you, Ashley! Looking forward to sharing this with you!

  • wanda

    I’m so excited! Looking for a good Kindle deal. Any discounts for the e-version?

  • Tammy

    Sounds great! I would love to buy the book, but I’m one of the persons in need. Both myself and my husband have lost our jobs!

    • Holley Gerth

      So glad you can sign up for a sponsorship book, Tammy! We’d love to do this with you!

    • Joy

      I would specifically like to sponsor your book Tammy – you will love it! Can anyone help me to know how I can do this specifically for Tammy?


    Where can I get this book,”Your Already Amazing”.Thank you Holley for your encouraging words you send to my email box each day.

    • Holley Gerth

      You can get it from (details in the post above), from other places online like Amazon or Barnes & Noble and at local bookstores. Hope that helps!

  • Angel

    So excited! Can’t wait:)

    • Holley Gerth

      Thanks, Angel!!



    • Holley Gerth

      That’s wonderful! Thanks!

  • Susan

    I’ve really missed our book club – – so, I’m excited about doing another book study – -and this book was on my “to-read” list . . .how great that I get to read it with all of you! love the videos, time with Angie and Jess and looking forward to time with Holley, too!

    getting my book this week! (i hope for my nook!)

  • Miranda

    Just ordered the book from! My first bloom book club — I’m so excited!! I also ordered your book, Angie :).

    • Holley Gerth

      Thank you, Miranda!

  • Liesl

    So excited!!!!

    • Holley Gerth

      Woo-hoo! Can’t wait to get started!

  • Beth Zimmerman

    Really looking forward to this. I got the book a week or so ago. Now I just need to figure out where on earth I put it!

    • Holley Gerth

      I hope you find it soon, Beth! I do stuff like that all the time. :)

  • Sheila

    What am I doing wrong – I clicked on the link to sponsor a book & it says temporarily unavailble?

    • Holley Gerth

      Hey Sheila! I clicked and it seems to be working now. If you still have trouble, just send a note to and they should be able to help. Thanks so much for being a sponsor!

  • Shondra

    Purchased and downloaded my eBook, can’t wait to get started!

    • Holley Gerth

      So glad, Shondra!!

      • Amy

        How can I download the ebook?
        I’m in Canada and didn’t want to pay for the postage. Can I then share the book with someone else?

  • sandee

    I’m so excited about doing the study but when I click on the link, there isn’t a place to actually sign up. Is there something else I need to do?

    • Holley Gerth

      Hi Sandee! You don’t have to do anything else. Just come back here on the days listed above and join in with us!

  • Grace Bryant

    I am so looking forward to be blessed by reading this amazing book and participating the discussions on this study.

  • Dee

    Thank you for this great opportunity! I can’t wait to start!

  • Linda Ogborn

    I’ve never done this before. I can’t wait!! I have been missing study. :)

  • Laura

    Yay! I am so excited! I’ve missed being part of a “book club”, and I have just loved everything about (in)courage. I’m sure I will love this, too. I just bought the kindle version with my amazon gift card.
    Thank you so much for being such an amazing encouragement and blessing. :o)

  • Melinda

    You guys are amazing. I am super excited, and so glad to be a part of this book club. I can’t wait to get started. The book has been sitting on my nightstand calling my name, and now I know why I haven’t started yet. YAY:)

  • Susan

    I am picking my book up from the bookstore tonight and am looking forward to reading it. I have dedicated this Lenten Season to self-improvement and bettering my relationship with me and with God. This book seems to fit right into my plan. Thank you!

  • Julie Sunne

    I was hoping to read this book. It’s a bonus to do so in community. Thanks, Bloom! Can’t wait.

  • Vanessa

    I already got my book. Yay! I started last night and it’s awesome!

  • Paige

    This is my first time participating in the book club and I’m very excited! Can’t wait to get started! :)

  • Satin Pelfrey

    I want to join the club, because I’m already reading the book (and LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! it).
    Can someone please help me figure out how to join the book club?

    Thank you! :)

  • Kristin

    This will be my first bloom incourage book study. I am really looking forward to reading and learning along with everyone!

  • Sim

    Can I join the book study without a copy of the book in hand? I do not live in the United States and am not in a position to purchase this book under my present circumstances but I do want to join in the book study.

  • Lois Wisniewski

    Is there a cost to join the club, or just the cost of the book? I’ve never been part of a book club, and the idea of one on-line sounds interesting!!!

  • Robin

    When will we find out if we were selected to receive a free book?

  • Bronna Wilson

    I am excited to be a part of the book club and be a part of the discussion. I am looking forward to reading your enouraging words.

  • Amy

    Is there anywhere in Canada that I can purchase this book??

    I would like to buy one and send one to a friend as well (in Canada too) but seems silly to pay $32 for shipping when the 2 books only cost $18. I live near Edmonton, Alberta.

    • Rebekah

      I just bought mine last night at the Fig Tree at WEM…it was $14.99.

  • Mitzi

    I wanted to order a book for me…and send a book to my friend in Florida….thought it would be so great to be able to do the study together….but when I put the code in
    BLOOMBOOK…it still charged me shipping?????

  • Judy

    I only became awear of the Book Club today. I’d love to be a part of reading together but right now I don’t have the time availability. I did email all the info to a dear friend who is homebound and in a wheelchair. She really can’t afford the book, and I just realized that it’s too late for her to request a free book. Is there anyway she could still get a free copy. She is on a very limited income. It would be deeply appreciated.
    I’ll wait to hear ab. this.
    Thanks so much,

  • Dee

    Just bought this book yesterday and can’t stop reading it. Already on Chapter 10. The Lord really led me to this book as I looked at the cover, put it down, came back, thumbed through it, put it back, walked away again and came back and looked at it again. Alright, Lord, I get the hint. I thought that the book would be great for helping me to understand my daughter who is going through an eating disorder and very perfectionistic. Wow, I found a lot of myself in here too.

    Thanks for your insights and your blessings to all the women out there. I can’ wait for the videos. God Bless.


  • CArolyn Skaggs

    How do I sign up? Is it too late? Can I get a free book ?

  • geneva Hawthorne

    Please sign me up.

  • Gary Kirsch

    Dear DaySpring,
    Thank you for being there!!!
    Your staff will never know how you have influenced and changed the lives of so many this side of heaven, until we get to the other “side.”
    Your Wibesite is a blessing that has blessed countless many.
    May God continue to bless and keep your ministry real good, and I know He will.
    In, with, and through Christ,

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  • Pam

    Looking forward to the journey with you!

  • Judy

    Love the book Holley…just what I need to hear! Can’t wait to get started with the rest of God’s Girls!!!

  • M. Joy

    I’d love to join the bookclub and also purchase this book for my 2 Daughters, in 2 different states, as well. How to do so with very limited funds. I too am unemployed.

  • Korah Smith

    I would love to join this book club and read this book with all you ladies.. i have never been in one and love this site… i am wondering though if its too late to request a free copy of the book?? i am a single mom on a small fixed income and just can’t afford to purchase it at the moment…


    • Korah Smith

      sorry, i just realized i missed the date to request a free book… maybe i will catch the next book…

  • Vera herawati


  • LaDell

    I was trying to order two books and it listed a coupon for this month for free shipping by putting the code, bloombook , in and it is still trying to charge me shipping.
    What am I doing wrong?

  • Mae

    Holly, Thank you for an email prayer today to encourage me. It’s such a blessing to receive’

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  • Rebekah

    My girlfriend and I are doing this one…together/apart…looking forward to it…I am currently going through God’s Heart for You daily…I love it. Thank you for allowing God to speak through you words that I have needed to hear. Blessings!

  • Susan

    I had already purchased my book — so looking forward to the study group. Is it too late or may I still contribute for a book for someone who cannot purchase.

  • Cameron Stimson

    I’m already 41 pages in and I cannot stop reading! Your words are already speaking to my heart, and I can’t wait to see what comes next :) I’m going to blog about it also, and hopefully get some of my friends on board! Thank you for sharing your journey and writing this book!

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  • Teri Crowder

    I ordered my book today…it was on my book clubs list!!! Woo-Hoo!!! PRAISE THE LORD!

  • Cheryl

    awww me too…I’m out of work and relying on the kindness of friends to get by…this book sounds so amazing! I will wait until I can borrow one from a friend or get it at the library…but I am going to read it because I do believe that I’m really already amazing…the Lord tells us so in the Bible! Rejoice all!

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  • Robin

    Would we have already received the book if we had been selected for a free copy?

    I signed up the first day but I have not gotten an email nor a response to my inquiries. I would just like to know for sure one way or the other.

    Can anybody offer some clarification? I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Kristin Smith

    Is there a blog button specifically for this book I can add to my blog?!

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  • Sherri

    I got my book in the mail today!! Thank you so much.

  • Jeannie

    Is this where the book club/review will take place? Where do I find Holley’s intro video scheduled for today?
    Thanks! Have a dood day -

  • Cindy

    I just received a gift book today in the mail! Thank you, so much.

  • Aprille

    God is pretty much amazing! I bought the nook edition of this book over the weekend because I had recently acquired a nook, this one looked interesting and it was decently priced. I had NO IDEA that was doing a study complete with video discussions with the author. I have already read the first two chapters and it has already radically changed how I view myself. Thank you Holley for the way your write (I’m partial to coffee-dates so your first chapter had me pretty much hooked!)

  • Brenda Strine

    Thanks you so much for my copy of the book An Untroubled Heart! I can’t wait to start the study and get a chance to be in God’s Word!
    Love in Christ,
    Brenda Strine

  • Teresa

    Thank you! Thank you! To those of you who were able to purchase a book for someone else. I got my copy today and I am so excited and so grateful. You have blessed me.

  • Patti Tilford

    I started reading the book You’re Already Amazing with my bible study class. On page 24 it says I can go to the web site there and get the printable version of the tools and exerises. I went to the site but just showed the books to buy. Can you tell me where I can get the stuff so I can do them.
    Thank-you and God Bless , Patti

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