See that giant countdown clock over there on the right hand side bar—->

It’s accurate – we’re just 10 short days away from our first ever (in)RL {in real life} event!!

This week, we’d like to share an (in)RL Webcast sneak peek that is especially near and dear to our hearts. (in)courage’s very own Sara Frankl, also known as Gitzen Girl after her much-beloved blog, changed the world without leaving the four walls of her condo. Though she was confined by an illness, she was never defined by her limitations.

Sara lived her motto, “Choose Joy” and inspired a following of thousands.

Sara passed away on September 24, 2011, but her story lives on in the lives of hundreds who can testify to how they were changed by her.

This is a glimpse into their stories. And the mosaic they make up of all the many ways we are connected – the pattern of community when the virtual becomes real and how everyone is changed in the process.

{Subscribers, please click here to watch a sneak peek of Sara’s Story}

To view the full webcast of Sara’s story {and the rest of the line up that explores the nitty gritty of community} you can register here.

It’s only $10, and you’ll receive an (in)RL T-shirt, Simply Marvelous Card Pack, and this Choose Joy Postcard, inspired by Sara:
After you’ve registered take a look at the 459 Meetups happening in 435 cities all over the world. Just search for a city near you and all the meetups happening in that area will be listed. Choose a meetup closest to you and RSVP.

And remember that giveaway we hosted last week, where we gave away 100 Redeemed Truly Treasured Wallets? The Winners are announced here.

If you’d registered for (in)RL last week, you could be a winner so take a look!

With love and butterflies in our tummies,
Lisa-Jo and the (in)courage team

Jesse, Lisa-Jo, Mandy, Saul and Sally



  1. 1

    Sara’s story is amazing.

    So is that last photo.

  2. 2

    I got my t-shirt and cards pack through the post yesterday! I was so excited. Thank you for posting it to me!

  3. 3

    Loved that Gitzen Girl, SO MUCH! She was such a blessing. So excited to share in(RL) and connect in the way that she knew was so priceless, precious, amazing and beautiful.

  4. 4

    Ten days!

  5. 5

    10 Days woot!!!!

  6. 6

    What an inspiration. It always saddens me when I come across such beautiful people after they’ve gone to be with the Lord, but what a blessing they came to be with us at all!

    Thank you, Sara, for being such a shining light.

  7. 7

    I’m excited! I love the Tee-shirt and the cards! thanks for what you do ladies!
    God bless you!

    Angie from Boston!

  8. 8

    I can’t wait to see the video about Sara! What a gift she was and is.

  9. 9

    hey Lisa-Jo,

    i know im really late–i dont know why i waited this long, other than–honestly? im not much of a socialite. but my heart loves the idea of hosting some of the women from my church, and maybe others in the area to know one another deeper–to reach out the way Christ wants us to. so can i still get a host box? i checked out the links you had posted with the pics of the sets, but they only go to the main page of the store. if you can get back to me, i appreciate it so much. blessings and love to you.

    • 10

      Hey Nacole –

      yay you for jumping in – better late than never :)

      Shoot Mandy an email at and we’ll see if we can still hook you up. The beach house in a box option ended last Friday, but let’s see what we can do :)

      • 11

        hey Lisa-Jo. *thank you* SO much–you are awesome! i appreciate your time in getting back to me on this–the women i was hoping to get together were not able to let me know for sure until today–we are all going to try to register tonight and tomorrow–and im going to create an event. so i wont be able to order the host box. but i got some great ideas off the site as i was browsing around–and im meeting up with an {in}courager that i dont know who lives in the area! yay!

  10. 12
    Crystal Balentine says:

    I still haven’t received my packet. I registered when you first announced the (in)RL webcast’s. I have moved since I registered but I had my mail forwarded. Any suggestions?


  11. 13

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