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Spring is a special time of year when the earth fills with colors and fragrances and textures. It is a time of new life. A time to celebrate. A time of joy. A time to rejoice!

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Philippians 4:4

This pinwheel project is a great way to bring this message into your home in a pretty and simple way.

You only need a few supplies to make them.

Double sided square paper. I used 6” x 6”.
A ruler and a utility knife.
Wooden dowels.
Letter stamps and ink or another way to do the lettering such as stickers or markers.

First, take one square of paper and line your ruler up from one corner to the opposite corner. Cut in 3.5” from one corner towards the center. Then cut in 3.5” from the other corner towards the center. We are leaving 1.5” uncut in the center. Turn your paper and again, line the ruler up from corner to corner and repeat the cuts.

Now take a paper punch and punch a hole in the lower right corner of each side of the square and one in the center. I used a stick pin for the center because my punch would not reach.

Use your letter stamps and ink to stamp the word ‘rejoice’ just above each of the 4 lines that we cut. You can also use stickers, or rub on letters, or write them out yourself. I also used the ink pad to run along all of the edges to give them a little color.

A tip is to start with the last letter at the end. This way you make sure that you won’t run out of space for all the letters!

Now take one of the brads and put it through a hole from underneath.

Continue one by one.

Until you have all four corners gathered with your brad.

Then push the brad through the center hole.

Use your utility knife to cut the dowel to the length you need. Then place it over the brad and wrap the brad around the dowel. If it is not quiet secure enough, you can use a drop of hot glue.

These pinwheels won’t spin. If you want them to, you just need to use some sort of pin in place of the brad and push the pin into the dowel.

Repeat this process for two more pinwheels. Stamping the word ‘always’ on one and ‘rejoice’ on another one.

Arrange your pinwheels in a vase or jar just like you would flowers!

I put sand in the bottom of an old mason jar and set that on a couple of plates. I placed it on our coffee table as a pretty reminder of our joy this spring season!

Simple touches like this. Simple reminders. Powerful words. They can all add layers of meaning to your home decor.

We are told to rejoice at all times. We are told to give thanks in all circumstances. With our lives in His hands we have reason to rejoice always!!

Where are you finding joy today? What are you rejoicing!?

By Jennifer, StudioJRU

  • Robin Dance

    I LOVE THIS, JENNIFER!! It’s not that hard and it’s so joyful! I’m looking for crafts to do with an adult group of ladies…and I think this will bring out the kid in all of us. Thank you!! :)

    • Jennifer

      That sounds like so much fun Robin!! Love the thought of your group making pinwheels! :)

  • Southern Gal

    Love it, Jennifer. I’m rejoicing in the fact that it’s a new day and His mercies are fresh.

    • Jennifer

      His mercies are fresh… YES! Certainly a great reason to rejoice!

  • Lindsay

    I love these! Great job!!! It looks like something I could involve the kids in, too. Thank you for the tutorial.

    • Jennifer

      Thank you! Something the entire family can get involved in Lindsay!

  • Cherry

    Jennifer, great idea – and beautiful paper that you used! We did something similar at a recent women’s event – I like your addition of the stamping of the word “rejoice” – also like the wooden dowels. Thx!

    • Jennifer

      I love the different patterns and colors on both sides of the paper!

  • sonyamacdesigns

    Love it … now we (me & my children) have an awesome project to work on for Good Friday

    • Jennifer

      What a wonderful project to do on Good Friday Sonya! Enjoy!

  • Kristen

    Love, love, love these Jen! Easy to make and charming to boot. I think I’m gonna make some for my (in)RL tea. Thank you friend!

    • Jennifer

      Ohh… perfect for your (in)RL tea! I want to see that! :)

  • Renee

    Those are great pinwheels! You always have the most clever ideas!

    • Jennifer

      You are so sweet Renee, thank you!

  • Liza

    Great idea!!

    • Jennifer

      Thank you Liza!

  • Julie Sunne

    Wish my children were younger, Jennifer. The pinwheels would be a fun project–and so cute. Rejoice, indeed!

    • Jennifer

      Pinwheels are fun for any age Julie! I have them on our coffee table… and we don’t have children! :)

  • Mrs. C

    rejoice and be glad thanks for the ((smile))/ reminder like it !

    • Jennifer

      Hearing ‘rejoice and be glad’ does just make you smile, doesn’t it?! Thank you Mrs. C!

  • Kaelynn Judd

    This is such a cute idea. I might make some of these for my daughter’s nursery!

    • Jennifer

      Ohh… that would be so sweet for a nursery! I would love to see that Kaelynn!

  • Erin

    LOVE this! Must. Find. Energy. to make these for Easter Sunday.

    • Jennifer

      Not much energy needed Erin! lol Hope you find a few peaceful minutes!

  • Shelbey

    Love the pinwheels! How fun!

    • Jennifer

      Thanks so much Shelbey!

  • Lisa

    I love the idea of this project! Thanks for sharing, I may just be doing this today. :)

    • Jennifer

      Oh have fun Lisa!! :)

  • Leslie McNeil

    Yes! We will. We do. Rejoice! Celebrating the decor… in our home, and inside our hearts. Very sweet project, Jennifer.

    • Jennifer

      Love that Leslie! Rejoice! :)

  • Kristy Lynn

    These are beautiful!! I love them and hope to find time to make a few! Thanks for sharing this fun project :)

    • Jennifer

      Thank you Kristy Lynn! Hope you are able to make them!

  • Amy

    I love this, Jennifer!

    • Jennifer

      Thank you Amy!

  • Amy

    Those are so cute! I have some leftover scrapbooking paper on hand, and this would be a cute way to use it.

    • Jennifer

      Oh that is a great idea for leftover scrapbooking paper Amy!

  • Jen

    These are so beautiful! I love them!

    • Jennifer

      Thank you Jen!

  • Jodene Shaw

    Jennifer, I

    I have been working on a pinwheel project too! Great minds think alike! You and I are always on the same wavelength!

    Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS! Again and again!! Happy Easter!

  • Jennifer

    Aren’t pinwheels so much fun?! They just make me smile. Happy Easter!

  • Jennifer

    Oh, Jennifer, these are beautiful! I am definitely doing this soon! Your projects always bring me joy. Thank you!!

    • Jennifer

      Thank you Jennifer! So happy to hear you are liking the projects!

  • Pamela Rose Williams

    Hi Jennifer,
    I saw this streaming over on the Blogfrog and just had to come see how easy these are to make. I would consider doing this with some older kids in a Children’s church session. And I must tell you that now I have this song in my heart:

    ♪♪♫♫ Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice! ♪♫♪

    Thanks for that! Blessings and have a wonderful Easter!

    • Jennifer

      I think that would be a great project in a children’s church session Pamela! It is a great song to have in your heart! Happy Easter!

  • momto8blog

    fun fun fun!!

  • Jennifer

    These are perfect, Jennifer! I might have to make these for my Easter table!

  • Dawn Camp

    Jennifer, you’re so clever. I love this!

  • Gwen

    Just finished a set for my 25 yr. old daughter\’s birthday. They will be on my blog on Friday. LOVE these! Plan to make more with other words on them like, faith, hope, trust for a friend who struggles with anxiety. So many possibilities, God bless!