I glance down, catching a glimpse of the coral sheen peeking out from beneath my jeans.

My coral patent wedges tell a story, of a sweet day of His glory, of shoulders coming down tight from my ears, chest full of renewing air. A moment that I was destined for.

I chose on this special day to not quickly move to checkmark the next line on my list. The list that makes me feel worthy and needed.

Why do we work diligently, pray with sweat and then rush through the praise? Hurriedly tell a brief version of what really happened? Almost guilty that the day was more than we could have hoped for. That we don’t deserve and therefore won’t celebrate that which He has done for us.

Worship isn’t always another assignment. . . but is long moments that interrupt the normal to celebrate the breakthrough of His light into our world. In the small and the quiet. In the bigger than we imagined. In the humbling experiences where everyone knows without doubt that we didn’t accomplish this feat ourselves.

How do you celebrate? Not the birth day or the starting of a life together. But the parts where God blesses, guiding you through times of great perspiration and labor that causes you to see the edge of the waters of exhaustion.

I know recognition of the Giver of gifts and our gratitude are part of celebration. Remembrance of Grace and expressions of joy, too.

But as my friend Annie so wisely asked, how do you “Celebrate the victory and continue the hustle?” {It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one wrestling.}

The world doesn’t stop so I can have the day to gather my party, make the phone calls, dance to the music. I want so desperately for God to hold the tide back so I can enjoy what for so long I’ve waited. I want to recognize that the despair is over and the prayer has been answered. I want for Him to hear my voice in exclamation points.

I’ve learned that when the water flows into pools of God’s promises, then rocks sometimes look like shoes.

“Pass on before the ark of the Lord your God into the midst of the Jordan, and take up each of you a stone upon his shoulder, . . . that this may be a sign among you. When your children ask in time to come, ‘What do those stones mean to you?’ then you shall tell them. . . and the stones are there to this day. {Joshua 4:6-9}

We must follow the Lord and His Word into the waters. What do those waters look like for you?

And He asks us to remember the times when He pushes back the world and causes us to walk on holy ground. And for others to know Him through us, forever.

“When your children ask their fathers in times to come, ‘What do these stones mean?’ then you shall let your children know,‘Israel passed over this Jordan on dry ground.’ For the Lord your God dried up the waters of the Jordan for you until you passed over. . .so that all the peoples of the earth may know that the hand of the Lord is mighty, that you may fear the Lord your God forever.” {Joshua 4:21-24}

I want to feast and clink my glass with yours’ to share in our victories. I want to mark the day so we might remember what God has done. I want a tangible reminder so that I might answer your question with my story that is really His.

I want to celebrate for I know that it’s the only right action in the presence of my King and His loving favor.

How do you celebrate the every day miracles?

{And when you do this, the celebration, then the walls of difficulty will come tumbling down.}

  • http://marinaskitchentable.blogspot.com Marina Bromley

    When “every day miracles” occur, I try to take a mental note and hide it in my heart – then share it with my hubby later in the evening.
    Our home is in turmoil right now – filled with grandkids and their parents – and there’s a LOT of hustle and bustle.
    I kept all 4 kids for a week, while their parents were in orientation for their missions org. I WAS EXHAUSTED. ALL. WEEK. LONG.
    But I tried really hard to find something in each day to claim as JOY. A miracle of some sort. Good nap times. A smile from the baby. A hug and “I love you” from the cranky toddler. A picture put up on the refrigerator, captured in time.
    When my daughter returned I was full of praises for her, for how she “does it” and hangs in there day in and day out. Cheerful. Full of love. Tender with each child. Laundry done. Hot meals. Hair fixed on the girls.
    Her reply: “But mom, I don’t have to. You’ve here with me all the time!”
    God brought me through something amazing.
    I was “Grumpy Grandma” for a week, with 2x a night feedings and not getting naps when they did, and burning the candle at both ends. The floors went unswept, but everyone got fed each meal (and they ATE!) and clothes were washed (and piled in one chair in the living room). Even “Grandma Rules” and “mom’s not here” and being the heavy in the house 24/5 didn’t deter them.
    In the end. They. Still. Loved. Me.
    Truly a miracle. :)
    One I’ll cherish when they are in language school, or living “on-field” and I’ll have to settle for Skype calls and blowing kisses….another kind of grandparenting.
    Another kind of miracle, all together.

  • http://www.queenieslittlekingdom.com wanda

    I’ve learned…to stop and just be quiet. Life is so hurried and rushed, oftentimes stealing the very hushed moments away. Being still and resting allows me to praise Him and listen to Him. Otherwise, I miss out on a very important time of restoration with Christ.

  • Rachel

    This post is so divinely timed. The Lord healed my body this week of a disoder that has threatened to sink me in pools of tears and heartache for the last 5 months, yet I’ve been trusting and fully expecting Him to heal me. And he has. My response has been a heart of gratitude that feels like it might explode in colors of praise and glory…and a new dress ;)

  • tina

    We have a Joshua jar in our family room, a large glass jar which holds actual rocks on which we’ve written the Big Things we pray for — each of our children, our house, a family member’s new job after a long search, my father’s healing from cancer. From time to time, we pick out a rock (or several), remember why it’s there and thank Him again for answering our prayers.

    • http://prairie-living.blogspot.ca Penny (Prairie Living)

      Love this idea Tina. Might have to steal this one if you don’t mind.

    • http://www.sbryant.me Stephanie Bryant

      What a wonderful idea!

  • http://www.holleygerth.com Holley

    I love celebrating with you, friend!

  • http://hamershappenings.blogspot.com Lisa

    Sometimes it is hard to stop and be quiet and find those precious minutes to commune with the Father either in prayer or scripture study. One hint I learned is that when driving children to and fro from sports practice or music lessons, that my quiet time in the car waiting can be used for just that.

  • Beth Williams

    Each week our church celebrates communion. In this quiet time I bow my head and tell God that I am just a sinner saved by His grace & love & ask Him why He loved me so to die for me.

    At home I keep a thankful journal & list daily the little things I’m thankful for–work went well, hugs, kisses, nice weather even rain. I try to celebrate every little occasion to thank Him for His goodness & Mercy!

  • http://rcspcss8.blogspot.com Reese

    {And when you do this, the celebration, then the walls of difficulty will come tumbling down.}

    I am walking side-by-side with a family thru a terminal illness of a child. I have found that right after I worship Him for who HE is instead of the miracle we all so desperately want and pray for, I find strength in worship. Strength in HIS will, not the actual miracle itself. We will praise Him no matter the outcome.

    • http://www.sbryant.me Stephanie Bryant

      This is so beautiful, Reese. Thank you for sharing such a worshipful reminder.

  • http://commontomoms.blogspot.com/ Rachel @ Common to Moms

    I love the idea of this post! I have a rock that I keep that is just like this concept, but I like the idea of translating that celebration into something a little more modern day (like shoes!). In a bit of a twist, this post also made me excited to HOPE for the victory that God will give us. Since God asks us to celebrate and remember His victories, it reminded me that victories WILL come. A lot of times I wonder if they ever will. This was so encouraging. Thank you!

    • Heather

      and thank you for your comments :) I am in the midst of a difficult season battling the enemy. You reminded me that, while I am not yet on the other side, I can anticipate the victory that WILL come and I can live with that hope in my heart. Today I will choose to thank Him for the victory He will certainly bring!

      • Annette

        I am praying Psalms 5:11&12 for you.

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  • Annette

    This made me think of Isaiah 52:7 “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings,who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, ‘Your God reigns!'”
    I want to testify to the grace and glory that the Lord has shown me today.
    And, Lord willing, tomorrow my feet will wear my polka dot boots as I hike 10 miles with my husband, children and friends as we remember the Stations of the Cross and what our Lord went through for us, and proclaim the good news of His Resurection and that our God Reigns.