While creating a comfortable and beautiful home for my family is something I truly love to do, I actually think I enjoy creating little gardens outside even more. Perhaps it is because God Himself had His own hand on those plants, designing their intricate unique leaves, textures and colorful flowers. He delighted in each detail. That is an incredible thought!

When I am outside digging in the dirt and filling my planters with God’s lovely handiwork each summer, I really feel a sense of supernatural peace come over me.

Let’s be honest, I don’t have a green thumb and many of the plants I bring home eventually die. It is true. I don’t mean to, but it happens. I don’t particularly sense God’s gardening favor on me, but that doesn’t seem to matter much. Even though I don’t have a clue what I’m doing with plants, I still sense God’s love and presence there. He feels near.

Working with plants and creating a little oasis from the world outside in a garden reminds me of the tender care He puts into His creation. Why do I worry? Why do I let myself stress out about anything? Slowing down the hectic pace of life to spend time in my little garden reminds me He is there and He cares, more than I can really even imagine.

Gardening is good for my soul.

Do you sense God’s presence when you work in the garden?

Come see more of my little garden oasis this week at The Inspired Room!

  • janice

    Yes, I do! I started my little garden a couple of months ago, and like you I have no idea of what I’m doing. But everyday I step out into this place of peace and watch the seeds sprout and I’m in awe of God! I’m learning as I go along to trust God to nurture me as I nurture my garden. When I’m there I can only hear the birds play in the bird bath or watch the squirrels devour the fig and pear trees! Amazing how they go about each day without a care and I worry about how to make ends meet two weeks before it’s time. I thank you for this post…well needed. God bless!

  • Julie Sunne

    I’ve gardened for years and love it! I feel God’s nearness as I dig in the earth and watch the seeds sprout. His fingerprints are evident in the uniqueness and delicate nature of each plant. And it reminds me of His abundant provisions. Normally, I am more of a vegetable garden gal, but last year I planted a large prairie garden in honor of my sweet daughter who has disabilities. It is a tribute to her and therapy for me. It’s amazing to feel the Lord’s healing and comfort while managing this little oasis.

  • Gloria

    I absolutely love the calming affect gardening has on the soul. My husband and I both are gardeners. Flowers and bushes and shrubs…oh my! We make an oasis out of your yard every year. To us it’s a place to “hide” when the world gets just to loud. I love that the Lord has given us all this opportunity to enjoy this pleasure:)

  • J.J.Brown

    Gardening is a great source of joy and inspiration. I especially love the way certain plants give us good health and prevent or cure disease. So I always keep an herb garden along with the flowers. Thanks for sharing this thoughtful reflection with us.

  • Beth Williams

    I don’t garden–not a flower/plant person. I can go outside & look at the beautiful trees, plants, flowers other people have out there & see God in the beauty of it all.

    The desert look is more to my liking–God made us all different! I can appreciate the quietness & feel His presence & nearness when I look at the great expanse of outside, especially in the country!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      He did make us all different, and obviously He created different outdoor experiences for all of us! From the desert to a green garden, He covered it all! Love that!

  • Pam @ A Blossoming Day

    I love gardening. I grew up working in flower/vegetable gardens w/my grandma who’s now 96 years old. I love feeling the dirt between my fingers and finding earthworms. It always brings me peace. I share this love w/our 5 daughters. I learned a lot of wisdom from Mamaw digging in the dirt and I thank God for the precious times I still spend w/her. Tomorrow’s adventure w/Mamaw is going out on our tank in our pedal boat, the SS Minnow. I’m thankful God loves us and has given us the outdoors.

  • Kathy

    I call this dirt therapy!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Ha, yes!!! That it is! :-)

  • Dawn Camp

    Melissa, is this your garden? I think I would just sit in that comfy chair all day long.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Yes, that is on my little back deck. I’ll be sharing more on my blog this week!

  • Lisa

    I love being out in nature. Sometimes it is such a spiritual experience. Nature can be so awe inspiring. I love camping and soaking up the wonder of the Mountains and lakes and forests. Truly incredible.

  • Kerry @ Made For Real

    There is something so good for the soul in getting your hands down and dirty in the soil. Healing almost. Although I was absent that day as well when green thumbs were passed out!!

  • Colleen

    I love gardening so much that I became a landscape designer! One of my favorite projects was working for a church that predates Wisconsin statehood (1858). Planting a memorial magnolia tree for a woman who had passed on gave me an opportunity to pray as I planted. Singing over the shrubs during a lunch break inspired me to offer to sing for their small congregation on the event of the blessing of the landscape. I love to work in my own gardens, free from worry or care. This connection to God and all of His Creation is very centering.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      That is awesome, I love that. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Liz

    Yes I do, (feel God’s presence there)!
    … strawberries for our little one to crawl through and shove into his mouth until his chin was dripping with red juice.
    A garden, whether God’s ‘garden’ forests and lakes or our own creations are just the most awesome wonderful smelling, looking, visiting and discovering places to be I think.

  • Craig

    it’s in the Garden – where so much started – where that first monumental choice was made…and the garden, where so much started, where our Lord’s great and brave choice was made.

    It’s in the garden where we prune and protect the plants, and nurture them…
    and I’m reminded of how Our Lord’s hands are in and around MY life.

    And there that we dig deep in dirty soil that reminds us of what our soul would be if not for the great grace of Jesus.

    So many lessons in the garden – and yet I don’t have one – so thank you, Melissa, for bringing these lessons to me today. God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours.

  • Mindy Bowman

    I love to garden. There is nothing quite so therapeutic as pulling weeds, planting flowers and creating landscapes. If a store has an outdoor garden section, my husband usually has to endure time added to our “quick” trip. It’s like heaven on earth!

  • melody

    I love my garden but, I don’t like to really work in it…I just like it to look pretty! ;) I LOVE being outside in the yard, early morning and evening…God’s handiwork is always there and it hard not to be happy and thankful for it all!

  • Rebecca

    Samuel Rutherford said: “The great Master Gardener, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, in a wonderful providence, with his own hand, planted me here in this part of his vineyard; here I grow and here I will abide till the great Master of the vineyard thinks it fit to transplant me.”

    I always think of ^that^ when I’m gardening…even though, like you, I don’t love being in the dirt! The faithfulness and tender care of God for the smallest flowers ministers volumes to my heart.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room


  • Darcy @ Message in a Mason Jar

    Soooo good for the soul. I’m not a naturally talented gardener, but I am learning (most often from my mistakes) and loving the experience. Each planting is an opportunity to witness again the miracle of God causing the increase…many times even when I don’t water as I should. ;)

  • Tricia

    I love your post about gardening too……..that’s EXACTLY the way I feel as well, only you said it much better than I ever could!! I sincerely believe that since we were created in a garden, we have a special connection to God there unlike anywhere else. His creation never ceases to astound me, and I just love to admire His handiwork in nature! This year I even began my long-awaited herb garden!! Thanks so much for your post! Tricia

  • Paulette Curry

    I feel the same way! Decorating my house is such fun but gardening soothes my soul.
    I love taking close up pictures of my flowers – to see the intricate details that the Lord has created uniquely in each one. Thanks for sharing…

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  • Angela Nazworth

    Oh that is so beautiful! The photos of your garden and your words.

  • Wendy

    This week my attitude has changed regarding outdoor gardening. I am appreciating nature more and I think that is because I have been yearning to draw closer to God and have the desire more than ever to explore all His wonders. See what’s in store, beauty is all around when you reach for Him. I am excited about picking up various flowers this weekend and watching them flourish with the Lord’s loving care, but I know I need to share in the experience. Thank you for sharing Melissa.

  • jan ridle

    I am so pleased that so many people can feel God in their gardens and feel inspired to dig in the dirt. I remember when that was me and I miss all of it so much, unfortunately once those feelings are gone and destroyed they can never be reclaimed. I still have all my flowers and yard but can no longer take joy in them. I’m very glad there are still people who can.

  • Miriam @ a Rearranged Life

    Oh yes! This year I have my first real garden and it leaves me speechless!

  • Lori

    How can anyone look at a rose just begining to bloom, and not feel that God is there with us all? The perfection of nature is proof.

    I’m in my garden, and God is there with me. All is right with the world

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