Life meanders along at a slower pace at the beach. Hang onto these last leasurely days of summer and decorate your desktop with September’s desktop wallpaper!

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Dawn Camp, My Home Sweet Home


  • Lisa

    Dawn, I love this! It is one of my favorite verses and I need to remember it now. Thanks so, so, so much!

    Rich blessings on you!

    • Dawn Camp

      Thanks, Lisa! I hope it brightens your September. :)

  • Beth Williams

    Love the picture and scripture. Life is slower paced in summer and at beach. Even though I love fall season, it has its drawbacks–the beginning of another school year at the university and students coming back in droves.

  • Laureen Brackin

    Not very ironic – I call it a God thing – this scripture (in King James please for an English major, but I learned it that way as a child) has been a favorite of mine since my childhood as I’ve grown and matured to understand it; I just am also at the beach and have looked up many times to see the seagulls.
    I don’t call these things coincidences. Like I said, they are God things, and too many times I’m afraid we just don’t stop to recognize. I still catch myself saying things that are more like I can’t believe that worked out that way, when I have even prayed for God to work in a situation. I am guilty of not stopping and giving Him the credit and noticing more of the God things that are constantly happening around me.
    Like the end of the song “Total Praise” by Avalon sooo based on this scripture, I join in saying “I lift my hands in total praise to You”.

  • Kimberly

    I’ve been enjoying your September wallpaper and calendar and wondered if you have a new one for October! Thanks so much for sharing your craft!

    – Kimberly