Redeeming Home

He bangs around in the attic for more than an hour and comes out with insulation in his hair. The air conditioner service man has been working on the ducts that run to our master bedroom, trying to rework the system that leaves the room 10 degrees warmer than the rest of the house.

It’s winter and it’s toasty, but not from the fire in the belly of the fireplace, it’s a Texas winter, the only kind I know. We run our air most months of the year down in these parts.

But the lights from my tree twinkle and the stocking are hung over the unlit fire. We pretend there’s a chill in the air and don’t let it bother us much.

He calls, “Miss?” At least 10 years younger than my 40 year old body, I answer. Before he gives me the news, he says, “You’re a Christian.”

It’s not a question or accusation, it’s a fact. I wonder for a minute at his declaration. I have known this man face-to-face for less time than it takes to answer my front door and open the attic. I marvel at his estimation of me. He must see my question mark face and so he says: “It’s your home. It tells the Jesus story.”

I see the hand towels at the stove, the God is Good canvas on the wall, the Nativity on the entry table, the family mission statement on the mantel and then Redeemed Christmas pillow on the couch.

I smile wide.

Is there ever a greater compliment to a home? 

We talk for over thirty minutes about Jesus, his gift to us at Christmas, about our work in Africa and mostly about redemption. He finishes up his work, covered under warranty and I can’t remember the last time I had a better guest in my home.

My floors are dirty, counters cluttered, table sticky. But a stranger felt God in my house and I can’t think of a better gift this season.

written by Kristen Welch, We are THAT family

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  • sonika

    Love it! I hope my someday-home (like when I settle down and have a place of my own) “tells the Jesus story”, too.

  • Maria @ Beauty of One

    You know we never really think of this aspect of our Christian life: a home that reflects our love for Christ. Thank you for making me reflect on this!

  • Christina Berry

    I teared up a little, reading this. You’re absolutely right that there’s no better compliment to receive about your home. We should all be so lucky! :)

  • Gina

    Your story touched my heart. I pray this is true for my home this season,too.

  • Amanda

    Beautiful! :) I love that God can use something as simple as a frame on a wall or dish towels to make Himself known. We once had an insulation guy come to our home, and while we sat down to hear his estimate, he asked if we were Christians — because of the verse on our wall and the way we treated our kids. As it turned out, he was Mormon and tried to witness to us — and we did our best to share God’s love with him too. :)

  • Rebecca

    WOW….so blessed by your message today. I still have “Godbumps” as I’m writing this. As Christians, I think that our hearts yearn for other Christians….those “kindred spirits” with whom we can share our innermost beings, our cores….who we really are. There’s just nothing better. Whether you model Christ in your self, your home, your job….wherever, it’s the sweetest thing to know the light of the Lord is shining through you! I struggle with this time of year, mostly because so many of my family members are no longer with me, here on earth. It’s easy to get a little down….your message today inspires me to embrace the reason for this season. It is my fervent prayer that others recognize in me my love for Christ :)

  • autumn

    i love this. i hope that one day my home will state the same thing.

  • Melody Ann

    Haven’t been stopping to read blogs much lately in the rush of this December. I did today, and was touched by this humble, every day experience you wrote about. What a blessed compliment and the kind of conversations to be had with strangers and service men!

  • Christa

    How wonderful that moment was, inspires me to create more of Jesus, in a visible way, around the house

  • Jennifer

    I’ve never thought of people noticing Christianity in a home apart from “perfect.”

    Wonderful post!

  • Kristen

    Oh how wonderful!!!
    “But a stranger felt God in my house and I can’t think of a better gift this season.” Absolutely! That sounds like the best gift for you, as well as such a compliment to how you live your faith out loud. Praising God for your example… and hoping to follow suit…

  • Susan

    I too had tears in my eyes. What a gift! I’m sure he would say you gave him a gift as well….. I would love for someone to feel that way about my home!
    God Bless!

  • Ann : )

    What an example — encouragement for us all

  • Pamela Hunter

    I have goosey bumps and tears from reading this. There is no greater testimony to a “home” than to resonate God’s love so profoundly. Well done mom. In my book, you win the award for best kept home! When one see’s the Fathers fingerprints far beyond the sticky fingerprints, you know you are doing things right.

  • anna


  • Beth Williams

    I would love for someone to say that about me and my home. I want to exude Christ always!