I’m pretty sure I knew I’d be a good mom.

I remember when I worked in a restaurant in high school and some of the employees were all standing around and talking about our futures when I said, “I want to be a stay-at-home mom.” One of the men got down on his knees in response and asked me to marry him. He was joking, of course, but I’m pretty sure he was alluding to the fact that not many women wanted to be stay-at-home moms.

I don’t really know, maybe I just looked extra cute that day. Either way, his “proposal” gave me a hefty dose of mommy-to-one-day-be self-righteousness.

I went to college and was a human development and family studies major, which to me meant great preparation for being a top-notch mom one day. I was planning on being a counselor so I could be home when my babes got home from school each day. I envisioned myself teaching my kiddos, baking with them, doing crafts, laughing all the time, and being just plain awesome. Yes, these were my future plans.

I got married, and less than two years later was pregnant. In my ninth month of pregnancy I quit my job and began the future I had always envisioned.

Except that after three babies, the “future” didn’t look anything like how I’d planned it.

Eight years of marriage and three babies in and I was losing it. I knew I had so much to be thankful for, and that I should count my blessings, but all I was counting were the days until my next break.

I needed to get out, get away, and figure out my life. What had happened to me? I used to be vibrant and fun and ambitious, and I turned into an empty shell of a woman. I felt so lost, so tired, and so very alone.

I was supposed to be a good mom, I had planned on it, but I just felt like one big absurd excuse for whatever a good mother was supposed to look like.

I was drowning.

I felt desperate.

Some days, I even felt trapped. Like I was stuck in this life, this good life that I was supposed to be grateful for, but instead felt a growing resentment towards. How could I be discontent when I had everything I ever wanted? Talk about a conflict of the soul.

Friends, please hear me, I loved my babies to the depth of my being, and I would have died for them. I just had a hard time playing ponies with them.

And I still do.

I’m selfish and lazy, because it’s my default, and it’s easier that way.

But that is no way to live; there is no fullness in a selfish existence. And so in my conflict, of course I felt empty. On the other hand, I was genuinely experiencing feelings of desperation because I felt so alone in motherhood. I just needed help; I needed a friend, a mentor, an advocate.

I needed to know I wasn’t crazy.

I needed to know God heard my whispers, my “I just can’t be a mother today” cries towards heaven.

Well, He heard, and He answered, and He gave me a story to tell.

He gave me a story to tell all the other mothers who sometimes feel crazy, or overwhelmed, or confused with how to raise or discipline their children. He gave me a story to tell those sweet mamas who never had an affectionate mom to lean into and receive love and affirmation from. He gave me a story for the moms who feel like they have no support, or who some days, can’t get out of bed because life feels just too hard. He gave me a story for those who feel like He’s is too quiet. He gave me a story for those who wish they had a mentor, an older, wiser woman to speak into their lives. He gave me a story for those who some days, feel desperate to breathe.

He gave me a story, and I wrote it down for you.

But I didn’t write it alone.

I wrote it with the woman that God gave me as an answered prayer. A woman who is wise and kind and gentle and gracious. A woman who taught me to steer clear of formulas and cling to the Spirit. A woman who has taught me to own my life and take responsibility for filling my soul with joy and delight. God brought me a gift in Sally Clarkson, and I’m going to share that gift with you, through my story, Desperate – Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe.

If you’ve ever felt alone in motherhood, or just so tired, or overwhelmed, or lost, or like you just can’t breathe, this book is for you. It’s for you on the good days and the bad days and the in-between days that sometimes feel so mundane you could scream.

It’s all for you.

And today, DaySpring is giving away the book.

The Giveaway: THREE Desperate sets that include the book, a journal, and a tea cup:

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You can learn more about all that by heading to the Desperate website.

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  1. 1

    Thank God for community of women! A reassurance that I’m not the only one who drowns in desperation when motherhood seems to loose its beauty and awesomeness because of clutter, homework, tantrums and endless cooking.

  2. 2
    Richele says:

    I’m so looking forward to reading Desperate!

  3. 3

    When I read the introduction to this book, I cried because it spelled out exactly how I feel everyday while trying to raise a 4yr, a 3yr, a 1yr and expecting our next blessing. I am glad that there are other mums who go through the same issues everyday. Thank you for writing this book!

    • 4

      Kylie, I have 3 1/2 yrs between my kids (just turned 5, 2.5, and 1.5) so I totally know where you are! Hang in there! :)

  4. 5
    Ashley says:

    I need this book. It describes me perfectly.

  5. 6
    Natasha d says:

    Oh, I need to get this book ASAP! Thank you Sarah Mae and Sally — I hope to read it with a friend or two!!

  6. 7

    I can identify with this–not because I’m a mom, I’m not a mom–but because I am living the life I wanted for myself, but it is not as idyllic as it seemed it would be. The fact that the expectation was excitement and joy just makes the not quite so perfect fristration that much worse.

  7. 8

    I would love this; sounds like the perfect book for me right now!

  8. 9

    What a gift…my little angels are growing so quickly, but I STILL feel there are days I cannot ‘breathe’. Looking so forward to reading!

  9. 10

    As a mom of 4 there are days I forget to breathe!

  10. 11

    This is the life we always wanted…but it’s hard and we need help! Amen!

  11. 12
    Stephanie Imel says:

    It feels good to hear other women struggle with this too. I need this book.

  12. 13

    Wow!!! This sounds like me. Can not wait to read it!

  13. 14

    My story is different. I didn’t plan on being a stay-at-home mom, but that’s where God has led me. Dare I say my life is better than I planned. But, still, I’ve known moments of desperation along the way plenty of times.

  14. 15

    Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

  15. 16

    I would love to win a copy!

  16. 17

    I can’t wait! Love the title.

  17. 18

    This book sounds so great. My word for the year is “live” and it sounds like this book woukd be helpful in moving towards truly living with my husband and 4 kids!

  18. 19

    Can’t wait to read this!

  19. 20

    I so get this…I always planned to be at least a part-time stay at home mom, but when our triplets came along, there was no “part time”…I’ve been at home the last 8 years now and some days -week or months, really – I thought I was turning into a monster because of the walls pressing in. I could see myself turning into the exact opposite of what I wanted for my children and it took some serious surrendering and accepting til the “mad mommy” began to fade away. I still get testy, especially when we’re running behind, but learning to let go of alot of expectations has helped so much, and just learning to experience God’s unconditional love is so essential. Looking forward to reading your book and adding more insight into how to successfully navigate these most important days of mothering our precious ones.

  20. 21

    I knew that this would be a good book to read; I was surprised, however, to feel the depth of she-gets-me that I felt in reading the description!

  21. 22
    Carla Ritz says:

    Love it! I especially love how you asked God to help in your desperation and he gave you help AND a gift for others. It is just like our God to bring beauty from ashes. Thank you for your obedience!

  22. 23

    I am desperate!
    I so need this book!

  23. 24
    Julie B says:

    I’m so thankful to know I’m not the only mom who struggles with enjoying the simple joys of motherhood. I sometimes feel like I must be broken to still fight my own selfishness and laziness.

  24. 25

    Would love this book! sounds so good!

  25. 26

    Sounds fascinating!!!

  26. 27

    This sounds like a great book. It will be an encouragement to many!

  27. 28
    Maggie says:

    I can imagine what a blessing this book is to moms. I loved being a mom and now enjoy being a grandma but I remember the days of feeling like I was going crazy. This book sounds like a great gift.

  28. 29

    I have been waiting for this book to come out! I can’t wait to pick up a copy.

  29. 30
    Jessica says:

    I would love a chance to read this book! I would love to hear what Sally has to say after years of mothering!

  30. 31

    This post came this morning while i was feeling resentful for being asked to help my daughters so much with the children. After all, this is my retirement! I didn’t have help raising my 4 daughters! Ahhh! Maybe that is why I feel resentful? Maybe that is why I struggle today?

    I need to read this book! There is a whole network of grandmothers here waiting to help!

    Thank you! It is grace.

  31. 32
    Heather says:

    I am going to be a mom for the first time in May. Unlike you, I never, ever imagined myself as a mom – I was a focused career woman without much of a maternal instinct. But during a season of praying and seeking God’s will (not mine!) He completely changed my heart to want children of my own. Now that my due date is drawing closer, I am scared to death! I keep hearing how hard, how exhausting, how lonely being a mom is and I want to run away – or at least hide in a job where I feel competent and confident :) I think this book is going to move to the top of my reading list, a kind of preemptive strike against the feelings and experiences that are sure to come!

    • 33
      Melanie says:

      Remember to be honest about your feelings to the people you trust with your heart. It is so very important to have confidants in Motherhood. I met my best friend in a Prenatal Yoga class – and it saved me. I didn’t know another person in my area who was pregnant when I was, and having her was so comforting. We were honest to one another about our ups and downs and didn’t judge. Don’t fear Motherhood, but don’t try to control it, either. I suffered from PPD for over 8 months because I tried to control my life. The fewer expectations you have, the easier it will be. Let your baby be your teacher and trust your intuition. Good luck to you! You’re going to be a wonderful Mother. =)

  32. 34

    Can’t wait to read this book. Sounds so much like my own story….

  33. 35
    Alison says:

    I’m buying this book for a few mom-friends of mine! I’m not assuming that they’re desperate, but I know they’ll be blessed and encouraged!!

  34. 36

    This book looks fabulous; I can’t wait to read it!

  35. 37
    Courtney says:

    Sarah Mae – Thanks for another giveaway opportunity! If I don’t win a copy, I’ll be buying one.. I know this book will speak to the hearts of so many mothers and I can’t wait to read it!

  36. 38

    I can’t wait to read this book!

  37. 39

    As a momma with three year old triplets, I know this feeling. Even though I work full time, the same sense of failure closes in and I’m so glad you’re writing about it.

  38. 40

    Oh how I know how exhausting motherhood can be! Looks like an awesome book and I can’t wait to read it!! :)

  39. 41
    Veronica says:

    First time mommy to be who would love to read this!

  40. 42

    I could relate to so much of this, would love to win!

  41. 43
    Becky Trask Blalock says:

    Even working mamas need to breathe – amidst the toys, the dirt, the dishes, the laundry, AND the full-time job, it all gets to be too much.

  42. 44

    I really hope I win this one!!!

  43. 45

    Thanks for sharing so honestly and openly! I’m looking forward to reading this book!

  44. 46

    Hiding in the bedroom, calling my husband at work…. “I can’t do this”. Some days are so hard.

  45. 47

    Saving up the money to buy this! It’d be great to win and read it sooner!

  46. 48
    Marjorie Tellez says:

    I’m NOT alone!!! :)

  47. 49

    Mother mentors has been on my heart for quite some time.

  48. 50
    lauren mueller says:

    felt like this blog post already speaks to my heart. hoping to win the book and be able to read the whole story!

  49. 51

    This post is so timely. I stay home with my son on Fridays, and last Friday I ended up calling my husband in tears because I was SO weary of doing the same four activities over and over again. And then I felt like a horrible mother for not even being able to spend ONE DAY out of the week home alone with my son.

    • 52
      Anonymous says:

      You probably should. One day a week with one kid. yeah, I really feel for you. Or not. Having spent the last eight years at home, giving my three kids everything I have to give, it always annoys me when the part-time parent of an only child starts whining about “how hard it is to be a mommy”. Get over yourself. I feel bad for your child, I hope his father isn’t such a narcissist.

    • 53
      Anonymous says:

      You probably should. One day a week. One child. Seriously? I’ve spent the last eight years mothering my kids (I had three in five years) pretty much 24/7 because that’s the purpose of a MOTHER. I’m beyond annoyed with the part-time parent of an only child whining about “being a mommy is so HARD”. Whatever.

  50. 54

    Would love to win this…can really relate.

  51. 55
    Shannon says:

    You are speaking right to me, I’d love to win!!!

  52. 56

    I would love to have a mommy mentor

  53. 57
    Melissa says:

    Your words spoke to me this rmoning. What a great giveaway!

  54. 58

    I love this book and love the authors. I recommend to every mom and every woman wanting to be a mom!

  55. 59

    Thanks for the opportunity~ this mother of 2 boys can relate.

  56. 60

    This sounds like just what I need . . .

  57. 61
    Brittany says:

    I teared up reading this post today and watching that video because, as a young mother of a 3 year old and a 4 month old, I feel so very lonely and exhausted. I look forward to reading this book and I will be recommending it to everyone I know.

  58. 62

    What a relief to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to play ponies (or superheroes)!

  59. 63

    Would love to read this. Starting to see I’m truly not alone in sometimes being totally overwhelmed in motherhood.

  60. 64

    What a relief to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to play ponies (or superheroes).

  61. 65

    Congrats on your book & thank you!

  62. 66
    Tracie Oliver says:

    What an amazing giveaway!!

  63. 67

    What a relief to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to play ponies-or superheroes, race cars, Legos.

  64. 68

    What a relief to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to play ponies-or superheroes, race cars, Legos.

  65. 69

    Congrats on your book & thank you for writing it!

  66. 70

    Oh, wow, do I ever relate to my future not being what I imagined! So many things I was not going to do as a mom were/are done regularly, and things I was going to do don’t get done. Sounds a lot like Romans 7!

  67. 71

    It’s reassuring to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to play ponies-or superheroes, race cars, Legos.

  68. 72

    It’s reassuring to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to play ponies-or superheroes, race cars, Legos. We’re not alone.

  69. 73

    Oh, wow, do I ever relate to my future not being what I imagined! So many things I was not going to do as a mom were/are done regularly, and things I was going to do don’t get done. Sounds a lot like Romans 7. :-)

  70. 74

    Would love to read this book as a woman who has felt this way many times about my own relationship to motherhood.

  71. 75

    Such a relief to know I’m not alone.

  72. 76

    Praying that this message of hope will reach far and wide and help mamas everywhere see light and freedom peaking around the corners of their everyday. Thanks Sarah Mae and Sally for your words and insight!

  73. 77
    Sarah M. says:

    Beautiful <3

  74. 78

    And I really didn’t mean for that post to show up so many times! Oh, technology!!

  75. 79

    I’d love to win this, so soaks to my heart right now. I will absolutely buy it if I don’t win!

  76. 81

    Feeling a little desperate this morning, and so glad I read this! Thanks for sharing your journey and I can’t wait to get my hands on the book.

  77. 82

    I love the title of the book and the concept of older women helping younger moms. Straight from Titus 2! Yay! Can’t wait to read it.

  78. 83

    Looks like a very interesting book! And love the giveaway!

  79. 84

    What an inspiring story. I feel this way sometimes being a SAHM. I just tried re-entering the working world because I thought I wasn’t cut out for staying home with 2 rambunctious boys. I quit after 6 months because home is where I want to be. It’s nice to read another’s story of struggle (what a lot of moms won’t talk about) to help get me through each day and know I’m not alone.

  80. 85

    When I got to the part about not wanting to play ponies…..oh my heart. I just am not good at playing and it guilts me to no end. It’s even more so now that we lost my husband to cancer. He was a good player so I didn’t feel so bad. However, I’m learning to make the decision to play, not because I like it, but because my son likes it and it makes him happy, which in turn makes me happy.

    Thank you for sharing your story. I can’t wait to read your book.

  81. 86
    Melissa says:

    I am not a stay at home mom, but I struggle to find a balance between working full time, and having time and energy to be a good wife, mother to my four, two and 16 month old, keep a clean house and still be pleasant and gracious to endure all the other things that are thrown my way, in addition to having to read my Bible every day, attend events, make all meals from scratch….I don’t know, when I read blogs I feel like I fall so short of who I should be…that I am not enough. I know that I have a lot of desperate moments and could greatly benefit from this book!

    • 87
      Melanie says:

      Just remember…the things that most people post are their HIGHLIGHTS and the photos are most likely staged. You don’t see their dark moments. We’re all human, and we all have our own path. Hang in there mama…just know that you are doing your best with the tools you have. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book either =)

  82. 88

    Exactly what I nedded to read today. Can’t wait to read the book.

  83. 89

    I am really looking forward to reading your book.

  84. 90
    Sheri Buckley says:

    I love your blog and having the support of amazing women! Thanks so much!

  85. 91

    This goes along with my feelings today! While I cannot purchase the book right now, I’m adding it to my to read list.

  86. 92

    seems like I might need this

  87. 93
    alyssaz says:

    This book sounds just like something I need to read! can’t wait to check it out!

  88. 94
    Angela W says:

    Looking forward to reading this book!

  89. 95

    I’m not entering the giveaway! I’m now an empty nester and wouldn’t dream of stealing away an entry spot from someone that REALLY needs it!
    Oh I remember the days, playing on the floor, laying in pjs all day (ALL OF US!) reading books and playing blocks!! I may not have done dishes or laundry for days on end, but I loved playing with the kids!
    It was still exhausting!!
    Gods best blessings on the winner and each of you that reads the book…

  90. 96

    Awesome. I feel like this is actually a pretty common feeling in (stay-at-home) motherhood. Definitely interested in reading this.

  91. 97

    I’m excited to read Desperate, and am even praying about leading a group at my church. That’s a big step for me! Thank you, Sarah Mae and Sally, for sharing yourselves!

  92. 98

    I’m not entering the giveaway! I’m now an empty nester and wouldn’t dream of stealing away an entry spot from someone that REALLY needs it!
    Oh I remember the days, playing on the floor, laying in pjs all day (ALL OF US!) reading books and playing blocks!! I may not have done dishes or laundry for days on end, but I loved playing with the kids!
    It was still exhausting!!
    Gods best blessings on the winner!

  93. 99
    Sasha Seward says:

    Wow! This post totally speaks to me! Can’t wait to get the book!

  94. 100

    I’m not entering the giveaway! I’m now an empty nester and wouldn’t dream of stealing away an entry spot from someone that REALLY needs it!
    Oh I remember the days, playing on the floor, reading books and playing blocks!! I may not have done dishes or laundry for days on end, but I loved playing with the kids!
    It was still exhausting!!
    Gods best blessings on the winner!

  95. 101

    Oooh I’m thinking maybe a small group of women from church!! How fun ! Something we all desperately need !

  96. 102
    Beth Williams says:

    While I’m not a mother I can relate to desperate. I have a good job that pays well, but some days I just don’t want to get out of bed & go to work. I feel trapped & unappreciated in my current position. Certainly can relate to moms wanting help/mentoring to get through the mundane days of same old same old.

    Lord, Please bless these wonderful women. Help them with their desperation and angst at trying to be the best mom to their children that they can. Shower them with your love and affection–letting them know daily that they are just where you want them!


  97. 103

    Sounds like a great book.

  98. 104

    At first I thought, oh another book, and I am so behind…
    But what you wrote here? It’s inspiring and I have a neighbor who describes herself just as you did. In fact, two neighbors but one is divorcing so I’m not sure I can give her the book.
    I did have a great mom to turn to when I felt desperate. Thanking God for her, and for you all who write encouragements.

  99. 105

    Do I ever remember those days! I always say that while I loved my babies, I didn’t love having babies. Now my girls are teens and we are the best of friends. I would love to be able to share this book with a dear friend I can think of with two little girls at home and a less than supportive husband.

  100. 106
    Teresa M. says:

    I have also experienced this life change of motherhood. It was something I longed for, felt blessed to have the privilege of attempting, and was truly unprepared for what became reality. I was a career person until my daughter was born. When I decided I could not go back to work, God provided the way. But in this giving of myself for my now two precious kiddos, I have struggled with confidence and fatigue. I do not regret my decision to stay at home, and I pray it will reap dividends in their lives.

  101. 107

    I know so many moms that could use this- and identify… Including me :)

  102. 108

    I know so many moms that could use this- and identify… Including me :)

  103. 109

    I’m so excited for this book! Can’t wait to get it in my hot little hands, and my heart.

  104. 110

    As I read this post, tears fill my eyes. It says so much about who I am… I love my children beyond comprhension, but being here day after day, refereeing them, feeding them, caring for them leaves me empty and hopeless and ready to run. What kind of mother am I? I have longed for someone to hear me, to see me, to talk it out with me. I AM DESPERATE every day. I don’t know how I can live through the next 5-15 years of doing this…..

  105. 111

    I’m looking forward to reading this book!!!

  106. 112
    Kim Cleveland says:

    I could totally relate to this post! Would love to read the book!

  107. 113

    It’s like you were writing my life story :)

  108. 114
    Mari-Chris says:

    Sounds like an average day to this Mommy.

  109. 115

    This book sounds exactly like what I need right now. Your description of what you went through sounds so similar to what I’ve been feeling these days, but I cannot stop being a mother, especially since I am a single-mother. I feel so conflicted about my role as mother because I have the child I always wanted and love to the depths of my soul, but, on the other hand, I am so tired, so burned out, so alone in my despair. I think I am going to order your book immediately. Thank you!

  110. 116

    Thank you so much for honestly telling and sharing your story to help other moms feeling the same way. What courage you have, and what a blessing for all of us! Looking forward to reading the book.

  111. 117

    God is faithful to bring us a one of His own to walk along side us in these desperate times ringing us fruits of the Spirit and without judgement, what a great gift!

  112. 118

    I ordered mine yesterday!

  113. 119
    Laura K says:

    I think you are really me! I have been married 8 years, 3 kids, was a Family Studies major, and am SO not the mom I had envisioned. I am on the internet at the library, so I will see if they have this book here, because I need to read it NOW! Thank-you!!!

  114. 120

    I could have written those same words. Aspiring only to be a mom to a gaggle of kids, discouraged after my first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and watching so many “lesser qualified, less obedient” christian women get the baby i wanted. I thought I was going to be a calm mom, a cool mom, a mom others wondered at. I found myself the mom getting “talking to’s” by others. I wasn’t measuring up, I was too angry, I complained too much. And here i was having a second. I asked for too much help, I didn’t ask for enough help. I shared too much, I didn’t share enough.
    This book is just what I need. Just amazing!

  115. 121
    Vicky M says:

    I feel that way often! Good to know I am not the only one.

  116. 122

    Thank you for sharing your stories and insight. Looking forward to some inspiring thoughts through your book.

  117. 123
    Regina W says:

    This sounds a lot like me. I always planned on being a stay-at-home mom who was AWESOME and had fun with her kids. I got a psychology degree in college, married shortly before graduation, and got pregnant 2 months after being married. We now have two kids, our first is a very high-energy, suck-all-the-energy-out-of-mommy kiddo and our second is more laid back (thankfully). Most days I just survive and don’t even get a true night’s sleep since our 16 month old is STILL waking up several times a night (though our first was worse at this age, it’s still not easy to deal with). Most mommy books make me want to throw the across the room just from looking at the cover, but this book sounds like one I might actually find helpful to read.

    • 124

      Any chance you got any help from the father, or was he totally free to go and have fun with his life while you slaved away uncompensated?

  118. 126

    Your and Sally’s books looks incredible. I can’t wait to read it.

  119. 127

    I could have written this blog post and I’m so excited to read about another mom’s journey through the same things. There is freedom in knowing you’re not alone!

  120. 128

    Wow. This is my story. This is the story of so many that we are too afraid to talk about for fear of being looked down upon. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU. I cannot wait to read this.

  121. 129

    Thank you for putting out there how I feel most days! It’s helpful to know that other women are struggling with the same things!

  122. 130
    Stephanie Chantrill says:

    I am so encouraged by this! Sometimes I feel depressed or drowning staying home with my two month old full time when I know I am so blessed to be able to do so! Thanks for this book and for writing what so many women feel

  123. 131

    This sounds SO close to my own story. Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait to get this book and start reading it!! Thanks again!

  124. 132
    Beth R. says:

    Oh, my babies are teenagers now, and I work outside of the home. But this was me, so many years ago. In fact, once again I’m struggling with that feeling of being lost and not sure where to go with my life. What a great resource for new and moms of young children!

  125. 133
    Sarah Noll says:

    Sounds like a perfect book for me!

  126. 134
    megan lafollett says:

    I can relate!

  127. 135

    I’d love to win this giveaway! I really would love to read this new book!

  128. 136
    Heather says:

    This book sounds like a lifesaver!

  129. 137

    Looks like a great book – looking forward to reading it!

  130. 138
    StacyBrick says:

    Can’t wait to read this!

  131. 139

    Oh my, you were writing all about me up there! WOW! Seriously, at one point, I was like “I’m not the only one!!!!” ;) Thank you for sharing, and I will definitely be buying the book! If I win it, I’ll give it to one of my girlfriends in the same boat!

  132. 140
    Christina says:

    I found this from a friend. I can’t wait to start reading!!

  133. 141

    Congratulations! I hope your book does well. Thanks for being willing to be used by God in telling your own story! Can’t wait to read the book!

  134. 142

    A library full of Sally’s books would be amazing!!!!! :)

  135. 143
    Tawnya V. says:

    This book is a must, if I don’t win I will get my hands on this book :) Thank you so much for the chance to win :)

  136. 144

    Wow, exactly what I needed to read today!

  137. 145

    This is what happens to women who take up motherhood. They are deluded by the myths, the expectations, and the nonsense dreams, and then reality hits hard. You’re stuck for life with screaming children and an ungrateful man. Women – please think twice, no thrice, before you enslave yourselves forever through these ancient institutions of marriage and motherhood. It is indeed slavery: your work is unpaid but you have to do it. Despite working more than a full-time job, you will still have to ask a man for money that he gets to earn at a job that pays him for his time and talents. You will always be subordinate, and you will never receive the thanks you deserve or the appreciation you merit from your husband, children, or family. We have fought for a modern world in which women have choices. You have a choice. Use it wisely. Get an education, and use that education to get a career instead of wasting it bringing children to a planet that is not worthy of their presence. Make your own money instead of depending on a man. Refuse to sacrifice your health and your body to pregnancy and childbirth. And live your own life instead of living for a bunch of ungrateful children. The world is a miserable place – if you love your children, don’t have them in the first place.

    • 146


      It sounds like you had a rough upbringing. While I do struggle sometimes with boredom (I am college educated and worked 2 jobs at a time prior to having my daughter) the joy far outweighs the negative aspects of motherhood. [for the record my body didn’t sacrifice much– I was highly motivated to be more active and healthy in an effort to live as long and healthily as I could so I can be here for my daughter. Thus, my health actually benefitted.]
      My daughter is beautiful and loving and silly and my “pay” as a stay-at-home mom is the love I receive in return. Its also fun seeing the world again through a child’s eyes. My husband is incredibly supportive and grateful and not only tells me so, but shows me on a regular basis. He reaffirms my ‘work’ verbally on a daily basis. Yes, I do rely on him to support me financially. It’s wonderful he can be so selfless to willingly, lovingly sacrifice his impulse buys so we can be comfortable and happy at home.
      You post a strong feminist argument; however, if life is so terrible (“the world is a miserable place”) and you have no happiness (your rationale for denying a child’s existence) I urge you to seek counseling. Life is good and worth enjoying. Even on bad, “miserable” days.
      Moreover, I feel that posting your views on a site encouraging mothers shows you have unresolved (potentially anger) issues. Obviously people here are already mothers and your momma-bashing argument is unprovoked and unnecessary.
      Best wishes to you

    • 147

      Wow. I can’t believe you said that. Although having a family to care for can be daunting at times, it can also be very rewarding. Everyone has to make their own choice as to what they want to do with their lives. As women we should support one another in whatever choices the other decides to make.

    • 148

      You post this on a page for moms? I think it’s a bit late for that. We’ve all already committed to children and/or a man. Too late for us, sorry. Maybe you should enlighten some young women who aren’t already mothers. Enjoy your solitude.

  138. 149
    Melanie says:

    Reading the intro was like reading what I would have written in my own Diary if I had the energy. 8 years married, 3 littles, and nothing left…thank you so much for this gift.
    ~Melanie E.

  139. 150

    I’m not a mom, but I “plan on awesome” all the time – and I often come up short. I’d love to read your book. And I know some dear, sweet, tired mamas who could use the encouragement you shared.

  140. 151

    Can’t wait to read!

  141. 152

    As the mother of a ten year old son and a 4 month old daughter … I could really use this book. I am a stay-at-home mom now which I love but it is very lonely.

  142. 153

    Oh how I am looking forward to reading yourbook! I love my children dearly, and yet some days are so hard. Thank you for writing it, and sharing your story with us. May you be blessed.

  143. 154
    Brandi Luiz says:

    I would love to read this book and then share it with the younger mothers around me, whom depend upon encouragement to make it through

  144. 155

    In fifth grade – I had to write a paper on my desired future profession…I wrote on being a stay at home mom.

    In college – my major was Human Developement and Family Science. My plan? Get my teaching or counseling degree and eventually stay home.

    In marriage – we found out about baby #1 was coming while still in college.

    And shortly after – I started staying home.

    And I was a mess. An awful mess. For the better part of 6 years – I was a mess in my home. A few months ago – the Lord awakened me to some things. On a new journey now….promptly found Titus 2, Sally’s site, some helpful books on other blogs, and your new book. Looking forward to diving in.

    Only with Him can we carry all this out well. Desire and degrees aren’t enough. All Him.


  145. 156

    That sounds like a fantastic book! Even if I don’t win it, I’ll buy it anyway. :-) I’m a stay-at-home mom of two and it’s what I wanted my whole life. From the time I was a little girl I knew I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. And I was blessed to find a husband who is 100% supportive of that. And I LOVE being a mommy. But yeah, some days, it sucks. Just like any job sucks sometimes. Some days I don’t have a minute to even breath because if one kid doesn’t need something the other one does. Throw post-partum depression into the mix and I was a MESS for a while there. I’m better now (thank you meds!) but motherhood is not all rainbows and warm breezes and skipping barefoot through fields of daisies. It’s HARD. It’s a 24 hr a day, 7 days a week, year-round job for the rest of your life with no paid vacation time. It’s making the decision to have your heart walking around outside your body in the form of your children forever. It’s my greatest joy and my greatest trial at the same time. I love my kids so much it hurts.

  146. 157

    Thank you for taking a chance and investing in others!

  147. 158

    Thank you for the giveaway! I can’t wait to read the book.

  148. 159
    Jasmine says:

    Thank you for this. It is so encouraging! I have lived through a ‘desperate’ time, and now facing it again. It is hard not to sink, to give in, to give up. I’m super excited to read this book!

  149. 160

    I’d love to read this.

  150. 161

    I feel like I could have written this word for word, but I’m still waiting for my mentor!

  151. 162
    Jennier says:

    Looks like a wonderful book. I would love to read it!

  152. 163

    What an answer to prayer. I’m in the heart of tired and “not the great mom I thought I’d be.” Thank you!

  153. 164
    Jessica Little says:

    I truly can not wait to read this book! I said it last night at the Twitter party, and I’ll say it again…it’s coming at EXACTLY the right time!

  154. 165
    Kate Ledger says:

    God always points us in the right direction. I spent last weekend secretly wondering if I was crazy or moody or angry because I lost my temper with my child. Can’t wait to read this and would love to win!

  155. 166

    I need this book! Having a 2.5yo is both exhausting and exhilarating. He can frustrate me and elate me within the same 60 seconds. Signed up for your free 7-day devo and can’t wait!

  156. 167

    Your story sounds so much like mine . . . right down to the not wanting to play ponies! Sigh. I too thought I would LOVE being a mother and be a great one. Not so sure anymore. I hope (pray!) that I will find a wonderful mentor as you did. And in the meantime, maybe I should read this book.

  157. 168

    Everything you’ve said in your post has resignated with me. My kids are 16, 14, and 7 and there are many days I forget how to breathe. I can’t wait to read the book. Thanks for speaking to all of us “awesome” moms out there. Be blessed!!

  158. 169
    Lisa P. says:

    Looking forward to reading this.

  159. 170

    I feel like we all need someone who can say “I know” and really mean it!

  160. 171

    i was this mom.
    i planned for awesomness too.
    some days, tho my girls are older than small, i am still this mom.
    the passion of my heart is to reach out to these moms.

  161. 172
    Kristin K says:

    Would love this book! :)

  162. 173

    Thank you for this. Just thank you! It’s a blessing, you are :-)

  163. 174

    It is always such a relief to me when I am reminded that I am not alone in how difficult I find motherhood to be. Thank you for offering candor, encouragement, and hope!

  164. 175
    Dessie Coyle says:

    I am excited to read Desperate because I am very Desperate.

  165. 176

    I can’t wait to read this book. It was as if I was writing this post. Great timing!!

  166. 177
    Amanda B says:

    This sounds so good. In my circle of new motherhood, there were women who constantly had masks on and were so “awesome and perfect” that awesome looked attainable, and expected. When my daughter had issues, and didn’t sleep thru the night at 6 wks, and had reflux that required medical intervention, I subconsciously came to the conclusion that it was me, I wasn’t good enough of a mom. I didn’t have have family that paid for all of my baby expenses (top of the line carseats, formula, diapers, cord blood banking)-sounds crazy, but in my circle of mom peers at the time, it was the norm. And on top of it all, my mom passed away when I was 19, so I had no sounding board to speak God’s truth and loving reality over me. It was HARD. Thankfully, God removed me from a lot of that and the past year I have learned some valuable things about acceptance and my significance in HIS eyes. Motherhood is the hardest, most glorious thing ever, but we can’t do it alone, but thankfully God doesn’t require perfection, just a teachable, tender heart. So grateful for his mercy, grace and patience. I really hope I win!!!

  167. 178
    Molly Hasty says:

    So I am not a mom yet but I want to win this for one of the best mom’s I know besides my own . My friend Gentry has 3 boys who are 2, 2 and 4. Two of which are foster children which they have had for the past 7 months and are fighting with everything they have to keep them. Gentry works tirelessly every day to obey and glorify God through being a mom and through the ministry of fostering. It’s a fight in some way every day but her and her husband do it because they know that obedience and faith are sometimes(especially in fostering) accompanied my heart break and despair. These items would be a great encouragement to her and would give her a “break” even though she is at home every day . Thank you for doing what you do through this ministry !!

  168. 179

    I so need to read this book right now…

  169. 180
    tiffany says:

    thanks for sharing your story.

  170. 181
    Kirsten says:

    I haven’t even read it yet and already think we should start giving sets like this as baby shower gifts;).

  171. 182
    Ellie Mae says:

    Congratulations on your book! I think that this is something that I need to read right now. My children are older, last one in college, but I am helping my daughter and son in law to raise their son, my grandson. I want to make better choices this time around, not that I was a bad mother, I am just thankful to have access to all of these good materials to help! I am financially not in a place to buy all the books I would like, but would LOVE to have this one!

  172. 183
    amanda says:

    I think this book will be a game-changer for lots of mommas out there – myself included!

  173. 184
    Rachel E. says:

    Looks like a great book!

  174. 185

    I was just talking about this desperation with another mom today. I needed to read this.

  175. 186

    Sounds like my life…except I have 4 under 8 (2 year old twins) and have been married for 10 years. This sounds like something I need to read!

  176. 187

    I feel like I could’ve written this blog post myself. Thank you for your encouragement!

  177. 188

    How did you know to write a book that would meet my need today?

  178. 189

    Not a mom yet, but I can only imagine the disenchantment that comes when we place all our worth and joy in something other than The Lord….mainly because this can happen with anything good that isn’t God. Thanks for speaking out about this!

  179. 190

    Need this book right now. Feeling desperate more days than not.

  180. 191
    weaver says:

    All I can say is thank you! my kids are in their teens and I have felt this way for some time, just lost. Not sure how to pull myself out of this hole I have myself in. I am so greatful for this book, I know there had to be other women feeling the same way. We just don’t know who we can share it with. We all love our kids with our whole being, but we too need our cup filled. I am so looking forward to settling in with a cup of tea and the book. Thank you!

  181. 192

    This book is such a blessing, I highly recommend this book. It will minister to your heart, encourage you, you feel like they are right there in the room speaking to you. I would love to bless someone with this book!

    Adrienne Reina

  182. 193
    michelle m. says:

    MOPS Coord., sounds like a book I might want to explore/recommend!

  183. 194

    This sounds like a great read! Even if I don’t win it has been added to my list of books I’d like to read.

  184. 195
    Miriam says:

    this really sounds like a great read!

  185. 196

    I need this book!

  186. 197
    sarah o. says:

    This book sounds EXACTLY like something I need to read! I am a mother to three, and some days I struggle so much with my conflicting desires to be their mom (which I really want to do) and to do my own thing (which I also really want to do). I could use some inspiration and encouragement!

  187. 198

    I definitely want to read this book. I’ve heard so many great things about it!

  188. 199

    I’ve been that desperate mom and now I’m the desperate grandma playing the role of mommy to our 2 grandchidlren. We’ve had them for over 6 years now(they are 6 & 7) and it’s been a lonely journey.

  189. 200

    I think I need to read this book!

  190. 201
    Meredith says:

    This sounds AWESOME!

  191. 202

    I’ve been struggling for the past year with the decision to have children. Thank you for this reminder that motherhood isn’t as easy as it may look from the outside. It’s just the clarity I had been praying for.

  192. 203
    Jennifer W. says:

    Great topic for a book. Looking forward to reading it.

  193. 204

    Can’t wait to read it!

  194. 205
    Andrea L. says:

    I think almost every honest mama can relate. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  195. 206

    This sounds so refreshing! Thank you!

  196. 207
    michelle says:

    sounds like a wonderful book for this point in my motherhood journey, thank you for the giveaway!

  197. 208

    I would love to have this book

  198. 209

    I think I need to read this book. Sometimes I feel like I just can’t breathe… and I haven’t left the house by myself in over 2 months…

  199. 211
    monica says:

    I would love to read this book!
    monk5 at charter dot net

  200. 212

    I can so relate to these feelings. I would love to read this book

  201. 213
    candice says:

    This post is wonderful…so true for myself and many other moms.
    The giveaway looks lovely! I would love this book on my shelf or to loan out after I read it.

  202. 214
    Miranda says:

    This sounds like a great book…one that would definitely hit home with me! Looking forward to reading it.

  203. 215
    Melisa says:


  204. 216
    Sara Dana says:

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  205. 217
    Lori Barrett says:

    This is a book I could use, because I’m a little older and feel like I should be mentoring other women instead of still needing to be mentored myself!

  206. 218
    natalie says:

    I want to hear this story

  207. 219

    Oh wow. Just gripped me with familiarity… Only insert the word AUTISTIC child in there.

  208. 220

    i’d love to win this. I love being a mother of my 3, but can so identify with the feeling of “drowning”

  209. 221

    I started crying reading this… My story word for word only insert the waits autistic child.

  210. 222

    I started crying reading this… My story word for word only insert the word autistic child.

  211. 223

    Oh wow. Found a bit of myself in those lines…. toss my name in the hat, please.

  212. 224

    Looks like a wonderful book!

  213. 225
    Sherah says:

    Sounds like just the story I need to hear right now.

  214. 226
    Sherah says:

    Sounds like just the story I need to hear right now.

  215. 227

    Great giveaway! I’m looking forward to reading this book.

  216. 228
    Jessica H says:

    SO glad for a resource like this! I am a big believer in the power of mentors!

  217. 229

    I haven’t been a mom for long…only about one and a half years…which is the time I have been a stay at home mom…and I am loving it! I didn’t, however, have a plan to get married, let alone have children. I grew up being taught that I didn’t need a man by my side and all I needed to do was focus on a career…a career I never loved. God in all his wisdom though had a different plan, and I so thankful he gave me my wonderful husband and my son. I do have say that even when I am loving being at home, I have days when it’s just plan boring and hard and want to crawl back in bed…but God indeed gives us grace. Thanks for sharing!

  218. 230

    Can’t wait to read it!

  219. 231

    Sounds like an amazing and comforting book!

  220. 232

    Thankful beyond words that we are talking about these things. What a blessing it is to be honest and TALK.

  221. 233

    It’s always nice to know that we’re not alone!

  222. 234
    rachelb says:

    can’t wait to read this! thanks!

  223. 235

    This book sounds great!

  224. 236

    We keep thinking that “when such and such occurs, this will get easier” etc. And while some things in motherhood DO get easier, others are always getting harder! That’s why He gives grace “for the day” I suppose.

  225. 237

    Such a beautiful story! Only by reading this post, I already feel caught up in it! I wish I’ll get the opportunity to read your book soon! Blessings!

  226. 238
    Christie says:

    This blog entry and awareness of the book came just when I needed it the most. Looking forward to reading it!

  227. 239

    Such a beautiful story! I wish I’ll get the opportunity to read your book soon! Blessings!

  228. 240

    Meh, sorry for the duplicated comments! I’m on my cellphone and the mobile versión kept saying me comment couldn’t be posted, even though it was! Feel free to delete the extra one. I don’t know how to edit it on here! Thank you for your grace. :D

  229. 241
    Darcey says:

    I need this book. It sounds so awesome. I read the intro and was so moved, it brought me to tears.

  230. 242

    praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation!

  231. 243

    I can’t tell you how much of a relief it is to find out that other moms struggle. At one point, I thought I was the only one who had days when I just. couldn’t. breathe. Thank you for writing your story!

  232. 244
    ashley says:

    this post was just what I needed. thank you!

  233. 245
    Lacey C. says:

    What a perfectly timed reminder from God – thank you

  234. 246

    Now I am even more excited to read this book, because I totally get this. Motherhood is a LOT harder than I thought it would be and it has been a struggle for me too.

  235. 247
    Rebecca says:

    I would love to win because I am often DESPERATE…. This sounds so much like me….

  236. 248

    This book sounds wonderful, and I can’t wait to read it. I am a stay at home mom and today has been a rough one! I often wish I had more friends that are moms because some days I just wish I had someone to talk to who can relate. I’s a good feeling to know that I’m not alone!

  237. 249
    Jacquey says:

    As a grandmother of soon to be 7 blessings from God who are challenging their parents and especially their Moms each day I am joyful to see this community for them. I am being enlightened regarding my responsibility for assisting young Moms in my community….I wonder where the fathers are in this discussion….their involvement and relief for these Moms….I think it would be nigh impossible to not have them very involved day to day…..

  238. 250
    Rebecca says:

    Wow! It’s like you reached into my head and wrote my own thoughts down! Can’t wait to read the book!

  239. 251
    Christine says:

    I so need to read this book. I am desperate with life right now. Thanks for the giveaway!

  240. 252

    I don’t participate in Facebook, so is there another way to enter to win the giveaway?
    Thank you.

  241. 253
    Ashleigh Hall says:

    God always leads me right where I need to go! He lead me to this giveaway for a reason, I know! :)

  242. 254

    Thanks Sara Mae for writing this book and to Sally for breathing into it too… We all have those days – nice to know I am not alone in them!

  243. 255
    Megan Mattinson says:

    Wow! I feel like I could have written the first paragraphs of your story.

  244. 256
    Aubrey R says:

    I could so relate to what you were saying in this post: always wanting to be a mom and then standing in the middle of it feeling unhappy. Thanks for writing this book!

  245. 257
    Michelle Oosterlee says:

    I am desperate to have this book!! :)

  246. 258

    This would be a great book for a friend of mine.. I was a stay at home mom for about 8 years too and I went out & got myself a job & find myself missing my stay at home days.. They were some 20 + years ago but I’d enjoy not having to go out of the home to work these days.. Wishing you many blessings & much peace!

  247. 259

    This is just what I need!

  248. 260
    Christina says:

    This sounds like me. Looking forward to reading it.

  249. 261
    Stephanie says:

    I can’t wait to read this book – I am feeling beyond desperate.

  250. 262
    Caroline says:

    I am not a Mom, but almost all of my friends are Moms. I think this book will give me tools to continue to help encouraging my Mom friends and prepare me for that role, one day, if the Lord has it as a part of the plan for my life.

  251. 263
    Stephanie says:

    I desperately need this book!

  252. 264

    Thanks- I’m not a mom yet, but trying to encourage my friends who are!

  253. 265

    Your book is going to help so many people. I remember those days well! Now I’m a grieving mom, but even in my loss, I try not to romanticize those days (too much!) as I miss them.

  254. 266

    I’m looking forward to reading this book.

  255. 267
    Caitlin says:

    I wanted so badly to know I wasn’t the only one. It seems that people closest to me didn’t really want to talk about things. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading this soon.

  256. 268

    I need this book!

  257. 269

    This sounds great, thanks for sharing!

  258. 270

    I love this. Sometimes life takes us by surprise, right? I always *knew* I was going to be a writer when I grew up. I dreamed of writing the way some people dreamed of a husband and children. Then, once I got married, I wanted nothing more than to add the pitter patter of little feet to our house. I was not expecting to feel so alone and sometimes, desperate. I can’t wait to read more of the book. Sounds like it is the mentor I need.

  259. 271
    JessicaC says:

    I love hearing this part of your story. Sally has been somewhat of a virtual mentor to me and I am so thankful for how the Lord brought her ministry into my life. He is so good to meet us where we are and give us little bits of light at a time to lead us into the truth!

  260. 272
    Nicole says:

    Wow. I needed this today. Thank you. I’m so glad I’m not alone but I wish I had a mentor close to me. My mom is great but lives too far away.

  261. 273
    kirsten Reger says:


  262. 274
    kirsten Reger says:


  263. 275
    kirsten Reger says:


  264. 276

    Loving this! Women coming along side women!

  265. 277
    Malinda says:

    Can’s wait to read the book! Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win a copy!

  266. 278

    Looks like a good read.

  267. 279
    Malinda says:

    Can’t wait to read the book! Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win a copy!

  268. 280

    I am looking forward to reading this book. I think it will be so encouraging.

  269. 281
    Melody Benschoter says:

    Oh- you have sure struck a nerve with this one. The details may be different, but it sounds like your story is much like mine. It’s so much harder (and different and boring and wonderful) than I thought it would be. I can’t wait to read your book- whether I win or not!

  270. 282
    Jessica says:

    Looking forward to getting this book in my hands!

  271. 283
    Toni Long says:

    Wow!! I have been feeling today like I can’t do this anymore! I’m a mom of 6 who wanted to be a stay at home mom so bad! I’ve only been a SAHM for 4 weeks & I’m already wandering why I wanted this so bad. But I know this isn’t something I always wanted….it’s something God has put in my heart. For that reason I will continue to be obedient but I feel like I already need a break! I laid in bed all day with a migraine because I’ve been so stressed & aggravated, not knowing what to do but give up! I can’t wait to read this book!

  272. 284
    Amanda H. says:

    can’t wait to read it!

  273. 285

    This book looks amazingly encouraging! Will probably buy it if I don’t win :)

  274. 286

    It’s the early years that are killing me… 4 kids 5 and under… I think it might get better, but maybe I’m just deluding myself and it’s me who needs to change…

  275. 287
    Therese says:

    Thank you for such an honest post; I can so relate with 3 littles.

  276. 288

    I had planned on being awesome too. I was an awesome babysitter. What could be so different about motherhood? HA!!! So excited about this. It is so NEEDED! I just want to thank you again and again for putting yourselves out there and doing this!

  277. 289

    I am looking forward to reading this book!

  278. 290

    I have followed the makings of this book on Sally’s blog…would love to read it.

  279. 291
    Amy C. says:

    I cannot wait to read this book. Really hope to win it, but, if not, definitely planning to buy it!

  280. 292
    amy Byman says:

    I need a dose of reality before this whole motherhood thing hits me this summer

  281. 293

    Sounds like a beautiful book. Definitely going on my TBR list!

  282. 294

    This looks lovely. :)

  283. 295

    Wow. I just finished writing a blog post on having a “bad” wife/mom day and then I get to finally checking my mail and see this. Your words could not have resonated more with me. Excited to read this book.

  284. 296

    I too was having one of those days…so need to read this book

  285. 297

    Wow, I so could have written this post.

  286. 298

    Sounds uplifting for full time jobbers moms too. Adding to my reading list. Thank you

  287. 299

    on my list, hope I win a copy but I will definitely be reading this book. Sounds like my life.

  288. 300

    Awww I have felt this way!!! Can’t wait to read this book

  289. 301

    Can’t wait to read this! We mom’s need to stick together!!

  290. 302

    I felt like it might be “too late” for me to bother with this book as my “baby” is 5 next week. but then I read these words…

    “I loved my babies to the depth of my being, and I would have died for them. I just had a hard time playing ponies with them.
    And I still do.
    I’m selfish and lazy, because it’s my default, and it’s easier that way.”

    and I realized I could definitely use the encouragement… my motherhood journey has really just begun…

    • 303
      Paula Alvarez says:

      I totally feel the same way. I have a 10 year old, and recently found myself having that same conversation. Wondering, “wow, Paula, really at this point shouldn’t you have it a little more together?”

      Then I remember that it’s not up to ME to have it all together. I don’t think it’s ever “too late” to receive encouragement and fight the desperation that we all, as moms, face on and off throughout our journey.

  291. 304
    Kelly Schmidt says:

    I remember so vividly the desire to run away when my firstborn was just a few weeks old, he was very difficult and I was so exhausted and lonely. Almost 11 years later there are days when I still feel that way. This book seems like a real gift to moms everywhere. Bless you both for writing it!

  292. 305
    Lauren H. says:

    It is so nice to know I am not the only woman who dreamed of being a mother for most of her life, only to find herself pulling her hair out once that day actually came. Would love to read this!

  293. 306
    Judith Lapp says:

    wow. this book sounds good and needed. yes, i am one of those moms who has experienced the ‘drowning’ feeling in the midst of mothering. God is good and as I have learned to rest in Him, I am able to enjoy my boys. blessings to you all.

  294. 307

    Cannot wait to read this book!

  295. 308

    Cannot wait to read this book! Than you for putting your experiences to paper.

  296. 309
    Shelly Smith says:

    Can’t wait to read this book!!

  297. 310

    Thank- you so much for reaching out with your story. What a comfort I’m not alone.

  298. 311

    Thank- you so much for reaching out with your story. What a comfort!

  299. 312


  300. 313
    Laura Foster says:

    Thank you for your honesty about motherhood. The greatest privelage yet the hardest thing I’ve undertaken. Looking forward to reading Desperate

  301. 314

    Really looking forward to reading this book. So grateful for the awesome privilege to raise my 4 children, but weary…

  302. 315

    This looks like such a good book to read and share. Thank you

  303. 316

    You would not BELIEVE the timing of this book and post!!!!! I am too giddy and thankful and don’t have enough space to get started. I just want to say that I am so thankful to hear our story….my husband actually read your blog and told me to read it NOW and that your story was so much like mine, it was like I could have written it….except for the last part…no mentor…not yet. secretly….i HOPE i get picked!!!!!!! to GOD be the glory!!

  304. 317

    I’m not entering the giveaway because I’m already reading my copy – bought it on Kindle yesterday when I first saw the announcement and read the description. I have three little boys, ages 6 months, 2.5 and 4.5, and this book speaks so directly to where I am right now. I love that it’s written from the perspective of someone who’s still down in the trenches AND someone who has successfully raised functioning adults. Thank you for writing this!

  305. 318

    Soaking these words up every morning!

  306. 319

    Love it, Sarah Mae! Thank you for your transparency! It’s nice to know that I’m not alone!

  307. 320
    Stephanie says:

    This sounds like just the book I need. Thanks for sharing the story he gave you, though I’m sure it wasn’t a fun one to go through at the time.

  308. 321

    Love the honestly so ‘desperately’ needed by us all!

  309. 322

    Oh my goodness – this book is calling my name! I can’t wait to read it! Thank you for stepping into the issues a lot of us Moms don’t like to admit we too are feeling.

  310. 323

    looking forward to reading this book

  311. 324

    Sounds like a book every mom needs!

  312. 325

    Isn’t that something, we ‘get’ what we want and then we struggle. Kind of like the grass is greener on the other side, or the ‘if I have this, I’ll truly feel happy’ syndrome. I think we all do this, get there. I am curious what you found in Sally and wonder how ‘it’ shifted for you. I just got married at age 39 and we would love to have babies. It’s something I have wanted for a long time, and yet friends around me who have wanted it basically all their lives are struggling in their day to day life. Again, I am just very curious what you have to offer in your book.

  313. 326

    I can’t wait to read this book! Every mom should read it.

  314. 327

    Cant wait to read it!

  315. 328

    Wow, sounds powerful and inspirational and full of the Spirit. Thank you for writing.

  316. 329

    Looking forward to reading it!

  317. 330
    Tiffani says:

    Would love to read this!

  318. 331

    This speaks directly to my heart. Definitely will be picking this up whether I win or not

  319. 332

    I can’t wait to read Desperate. The description speaks to my very soul.

  320. 333
    Julie S says:

    This book sounds like something I really need to read. Somedays I feel like a good Mom and other days I wonder why I’m a Mom??

  321. 334
    Cynthia says:

    This is exactly what I need to read this year. One of my 2013 goals is to decide on whether to try for baby #3 and frankly, my biggest worry is that I will again feel overwhelmed and lonely and desperate like I did during the first year after my 2 children were born. This book may just be what I need to help me in my decision.

  322. 335
    stephanie m. says:

    I cannot wait to get my hands on this book! Truly an answered prayer.

  323. 336

    This would be a great book to share with my moms group.

  324. 337

    It is good to know that I am not the only mother that feels this was sometimes. I can’t wait to read the book.

  325. 338

    This article described me so well!

  326. 339
    Marissa says:

    This book was great. There were so many times when I nodded along with Sarah’s comments and then felt comforted with Sally’s comments. Thank you so much ladies for sharing this God-given wisdom with a desperate generation of mamas

  327. 340
    Jessica says:

    Boy do I need this today! After staying up with one 5 yo child with an earache and another 4 mo puking, I am exhausted AND at work today. Thanks for the encouragement. If I don’t win, I’ll buy! :)

  328. 341

    Oh my gosh I was just saying these exact same words to my husband this week! Can’t wait to read this book!

  329. 342
    Kathryn says:

    WOW! I’m there. I so identified with this post. Thank you!

  330. 343

    That certainly sounds familiar! Might just be a good book to add to my bookshelf!

  331. 344
    Kathleen Hall says:

    Although I am now an “older mom”, I remember so clearly those tiring days of being a young mom. The feeling that I would never be “me” again was sometimes overwhelming. I want to read this book so I can be that older woman to young moms in our church. My own daughters live too far away for me to help on a regular basis, but I do all that I can there. But I know there are young moms in our church who do not have their own moms nearby. Thanks for the encouragement to step up and serve.

  332. 345
    ElizabethL says:

    This sounds like me. I am looking forward to this read.

  333. 346

    Looking forward to reading this. Thank you!

  334. 347

    Excited to read this!

  335. 348
    Darcie says:

    I can’t wait to read the book. It sounds like we have alot in common!

  336. 349

    I feel like I could have written much of the first part of this post even down to the major in college! It wouldn’t have been nearly as eloquent though. As long as I can remember my desire was to be married and a mom. Well, I got here and now I have days when I think, what in the world was I thinking! I’m so excited to read this book and praying for a wonderful mentor like Sally for myself.

  337. 350

    Hi my name is Sarah, I did a bachelors in HDFS and considered a masters in counseling to be home with the kids after school. Now we have decided to homeschool which I found your site the other day and saw you are a homeschooler also. I also bought your 31 days to clean e book last year not knowing how I would come to follow you for a different reason! These last few days I felt a drowning feeling because of the need to wrap my head around homeschooling and don’t know where to start. Not type A here! Anyways thanks for this post and I can’t wait to get my hands on your new book!

  338. 351

    Love this! Thanks, Sarah, for being so real. My mom’s group is actually reading Sally’s book The Mom Walk this year and we are all loving it! So will have to make Desperate the next on my reading list. I, too, have been married for almost 8 years and have 3 little ones. I get it. All of it. Blessings on your journey.

  339. 352
    kris petty says:

    What a wonderful resource to women! Thank you

  340. 353

    Thank you so much for writing this! Can’t wait to get my hands on it! ;)

  341. 354

    Thank you so much for writing this! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  342. 355
    Laura Forman says:

    Can’t wait to read this book!!!

  343. 356
    Ashley C says:

    I am so excited to read this book! Even just the hype (deserved) and excerpts are enough to light the hope in me that I can do this and that I’m not the only mom feeling this way! Thank you!

  344. 357

    Her honesty is refreshing! Being a Mom is hard work.

  345. 358
    Monique says:

    I’m looking forward to reading this book. :)

  346. 359

    I can’t wait to read this one! <3

  347. 360

    Wow. Today, more than usual, I NEED this book.

  348. 361
    Jennifer O says:

    I am so looking forward to reading this book.

  349. 362

    I definitely want to read this. Thanks for the chance!

  350. 363

    WOW. This is how I feel daily. HELP.

  351. 364

    I could use some motivation!

  352. 365
    Christina says:

    Sounds like a book I need right now!

  353. 366

    Would love to win a copy of this book

  354. 367
    Liz Johnson says:

    Finding a good support network is so difficult!

  355. 368

    This looks like a wonderful and needed book!

  356. 369

    I can so relate to this description. I had plans for myself in high school and college much the same. And guess what? God made those plans happen. I was going to be that awesome mom too….haha,well now I just do the best I can, and some days not even close to that. I would love to win.

  357. 370

    Thank you for writing a book that is so needed! I can’t wait to read it!

  358. 371

    Sounds amazing!

  359. 372

    I can’t say enough good things about this book!!! :-)

    The journal and tea cup are so cute! Joy is really what I want to focus on this year. And they’re just so bright and fun.

  360. 373

    I am very much looking forward to reading this book. Thank you!

  361. 374

    Love the encouragement!!!!

  362. 375

    What an encourager you are!!!

  363. 376

    I am eager to read this book.

  364. 377
    alisia domer says:

    Sounds like a must read!

  365. 378

    Desperate to read this book!!!

  366. 379

    This entire post brought healing to my soul.. God has brought me here for a reason! thank you for sharing.. I would love to read that book.

  367. 380

    Sounds like an amazing book – thanks for the chance to win

  368. 381

    Desperately need to read this book! Sounds just like me, although I’m too tired to write a book.

  369. 382
    Paige Woody says:

    This book sounds like just what I need! 3 kids, a husband, part time job, a youth director job, volunteer activities and about to start another degree. Yes I think I need this book!

  370. 383

    this book sounds like a breath of fresh air and i plan to read it whether i win it or not

  371. 384

    I am so there…

  372. 385

    Sounds like THE perfect book for those days I feel like I’m drowning trying to hold up our 4, 3 & 1 year old.

  373. 386

    I look forward to reading this book!

  374. 387
    Allison says:

    My heart is singing that I am not the only one who feels this way!! I adore my family and would lay down my life for them , but I just want to run away some days, but not for long, because I would miss them too much ! :)

  375. 388

    Thank you for your honesty on motherhood. The book sounds lovely and informative.

  376. 389

    I just write about feeling like a failure of a mom on my blog. I have to be less critical and more grateful. Thank you for sharing your heart!


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