Book Club

{Updated: Request forms now closed}

We can’t wait to kick off this study with our Bloom family. We love how you support one another and how this community unites to try and make sure that everyone who wants to participate in the book club can- whether they can afford the book or not.

And with each study, we receive more and more requests for a free sponsored copy. That means we need YOUR help in providing for our Bloom sisters! If you are able to purchase a sponsored copy of Prayer for someone in need, would you consider doing that today?

You can purchase a book for yourself right here and a sponsored copy here. And you’ll receive FREE SHIPPING on your copy when you enter the coupon code: BLOOMBOOK at checkout! DaySpring will take care of shipping the sponsored copy to someone in need.

If the cost of the book would truly hinder your participation in the Bloom (in)courage Book Club, you may request a free copy below. Please note that these copies are very limited- and will depend on how many sponsored books are purchased. Please only request a copy if you honestly can’t afford a copy of the book. This is intended to bless our readers in need!

Before you request a free copy, we encourage you to check in at your local library to see if the book is available there. Or maybe the electronic version is more affordable for you?

If you are a U.S. resident who can’t afford the book, please click here to request one. {The hard copy request form is now closed}

If you are an international resident living outside the US and would like to request an electronic copy of the book, click here. {The International Request form is now closed}

We will most likely receive the maximum number of requests in just a few hours, but will leave the forms open as long as possible.

Thank you for joining us as we start this study together!

Lots of love,
The Bloom (in)courage team

  • Paula McLane Jennings

    I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to afford to participate and the suggestion of checking the local library was ideal. They have it! I will pick it up probably later today!

  • Diane N

    When will the study begin? How many weeks will it be? Where do we sign up for it?

  • Ashley Edwards

    I would also like to know when it begins and how do I sign up?

  • MiChele Keen

    i was trying to do the donate a copy process and BLOOMBOOK was not taking off the shipping cost. Also, i’d like details on how to sign up for the study.

    thanks so much. MiChele

    • Kaitlyn@incourage

      Hi MiChele,

      When you’re checking out, make sure you have a regular copy AND a sponsored copy…not just two of the regular copies. The links for both are in the post above.

      As for signing up, all you have to do to participate is pick up the book, and follow along each week to the chapter studies! You’ll find more info here:

  • Momma Jen

    I decided that although I tend to buy all the new books by the incourage authors, that a book already on my shelf, focused on prayer might be a good place for me to bloom. to focus. to learn.

    so i am going to try to join in with you.

    if i don’t happen to check in, will someone PLEASE call me on it? i have been overwhelmed by the everyday minutia and need something to pull me into the eternal


  • Lisa


    I would be happy to remind you to check in, just need and ema or number to text you and I will be happy to help. You can let me know by emailing me at I was thinking that some of us could share and talk via text, to keep the conversation going and grow friendships! Along with keeping each other accountable as Jen was asking!

  • Andrea Clunes Velásquez


    I wanted to request a copy to participate in this since I can’t afford to buy the book! But I couldn’t access the Internet all these days, and now it’s too late. :(

    Oh, well… Maybe this is how it’s supposed to be, although I really want to read this book. u_u

    Bless you all.

    • Robin Dance

      Hi Andrea,

      Since it’s impossible to furnish them for everyone (oh, how we wish we could!), we’re thankful for all the feedback we’ve received from people who found copies at their local library!! Maybe you can get on a wait list if one isn’t available right away? I’d also encourage you to check e-bay or simply do an online search to see if you can find an affordable option. :)

  • Kandra

    Thanks to you all who have donated copies, what an amazing community this is! I was informed that I will be receiving a free copy of Prayer. My library does not carry this book and I can not afford to buy it at this time. What a blessing this is for me as I am in a difficult season of life. Some days all I can offer up is a series of muffled cries. This book is an answered prayer for me! Thank you all once again.