For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. ~ Psalm 30:5

This verse is special to me; it was a favorite of my mother, who lived for years with chronic pain. In spite of life’s difficulties, joy often comes in the morning.

Download March’s desktop wallpaper:


Do you know the legend of the dogwood? Enjoy this blossom on your desktop for March, the month of Easter!

  • Linda Stoll

    Oh Dawn – the gifts we get from our loved ones who live with endless pain are ones worth cherishing … their faith is hardwon, they know what they’re talking about …

    This is a place that my own mom, who now lives in constant pain, introduced me to way back in the day. Any gift from her is oh-so treasured, tucked close to my heart.

    Have a peace-filled Sabbath, friend …

    • Dawn Camp

      Linda, peace to you, too!

  • Amy Lafayette

    Many, many thanks for this. You don’t know how much this blessed my heart and was so desperately needed today. God is good!

  • Marinalva Sickler

    Peace! Dawn! It’s so gorgeous to find pleasure in the simple things! Love!

  • Annette

    Twenty nine years ago, on the Thursday before Easter, I carried a boquet of dogwood down the isle when I married my husband. They were silk, and I found them, of all places in my grandma’s bathroom! She had just bought them and placed them in a decorative crock. I loved the story of the dogwood, and felt this was the perfect boquet to carry on that Thursday before Easter, when I pledged my love to my husband and committed our marriage to our Lord.

    • Dawn Camp

      Annette, what a story! Just perfect.

  • Beth Williams

    Yes! Anger/sadness is only for a fleeting moment. Joy–His true Joy comes in the morning! AMEN

  • D

    Thank you for this month’s desktop wallpaper! It will be good to be reminded this month that “joy comes in the morning”. In our ladies S.S. Class yesterday we studied James 1 — about trials and temptations. I think this goes so well with what we were discussing. Bless you for making this available to us.

  • Rebecca B

    I always love the calendar desktop wallpapers :) Will there be one for April? I don’t see the link like I usually do. Thanks!