As of this writing, I can’t bend my left leg. It’s in a lovely black-and-gray foam brace that starts at my upper thigh and ends mid-calf, and it’s accessorized with a charming pair of slate gray crutches. It’s what everyone will be wearing this spring.

Actually, what happened was my family and I went skiing for the day (we’re within a few hours’ drive to five ski resorts), and I thought it’d be fun to somersault down a black slope with my husband watching. I’ve been skiing for 25 years, but I prefer the nice, intermediate blue slopes, and yet the only way down the top of the mountain was a short black run.

About twenty feet down, my ski caught a clump of snow, and down I went. And mid-spin, my foot went one way while my knee when another. Pop. Good times.

So now I’m here, sitting in an armchair in my living room while my foot rests extended on the ottoman. In front of me on the coffee table is a heap of papers, library books, water bottles, and a plastic box of baby wipes.

On the floor to the left of me lay a random pile of little boys’ dirty clothes, a collapsed purple scooter, and a box of wooden train tracks outpoured. Oh, and three matchbox cars. And a pacifier.

To my right, on the dresser, sits an ever-increasing pile of school papers to sort through. I also spy an overdue library book, mocking me with dime-sized daily charges. Oh look, there’s a toy lizard I can’t reach. And a blue bowl of half-eaten crackers.

“GOD, the Lord, is my strength; he makes my feet like the deer’s; he makes me tread on my high places.” -Habakkuk 3:19

I’m learning to burrow deep in to the God of my blessings, because my husband is amazing and doing the work of two parents while I sit and watch. I can read bedtime stories, fold the laundry, and review the week’s spelling words. I can thankfully work, because writing requires a laptop and a chair, and I have access to both. And I still have half a lap for my two-year-old to shimmy up and snuggle in my arms, because he wants his mama despite that pesky leg brace.

“I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.” -Psalm 27:13

The messes aren’t going away any time soon, and it’ll take time for my knee to heal. But God is still good. The sun still shines through my window. I’m surrounded by blessings.

Sure, I wish my knee were healed, and that I don’t have to deal with health insurance and surgery and physical therapy. But God is still good. He’s still good. I have every reason to rejoice.

How are you learning to rejoice in your current less-than-perfect circumstance?

By Tsh, Simple Mom

  • brie.

    oh tsh, did this two years ago, did it again this january….it’s annoying for sure, but completely do-able :) a couple rec’s – get a good personal trainer who specialises in knee rehab, rehab as best you can BEFORE surgery, the stronger you are the quicker the recovery. and once you can get back to the gym, rehab hard afterwards. personally, i found PT was more helpful than physio, but that was just my experience! i was off work for 4-weeks after the surgery, it’s pretty intense, so plan some serious downtime if possible!

    ice, advil and rest are your best friends at the moment.

    blessings in the resting!

  • Kimberly

    I’m in the middle of a waiting game right now. It’s less than perfect, and I would love to have more answers, but I’m trying to sit down and rest in my spirit. It’s not going so well;) I keep looking for a pair of emotional crutches to help me get around.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, Tsh. With lots of rest in body and spirit:)

  • Brittnie (A Joy Renewed)

    Such a great perspective and good reminder. No matter what. . . God is a good and faithful God. . . no matter what.

  • Jenn @ A Simple Haven

    Good word, Tsh! Choosing to focus on God’s goodness and all else that’s good and beautiful is pretty much the only way I can make it through the tough times with a (relatively) happy attitude. My husband is in grad school, so I often roll solo with the babies. In my better moments, I choose gratitude for the time we do get to hang out, the ways he does help, and for how I’m learning to be crazy intentional with my time during this season.
    Praying for a speedy recovery and more moments of seeing His beauty!

  • Andrea

    Wow! Yes and thank you! I’d like to thank God for speaking to me to through you! We are in the middle of a move across the country. If it had been seamless we would have sold our house in a month and found a house and moved and the transition would have been easy. But we sold it in two days, we just started looking for a house this week, close on our current house is in three weeks, and we have a transition to include, a vacation rental (out of necessity not out of vacation), a hotel stay, a puppy hotel stay, and a home to prep for a 2000 mile move alone with three kids and a pooch. So, it isn’t always easy to find gratitude. But with prayer and constant reminders from wonderful people such as yourself. It can be done! Thank you!

  • Andrea

    I totally forgot! I am sorry about your knee!!!!! I hope that your healing is quick and your snuggles from said two year old is abundant! And I hope your husband was able to find his stomach after watching you fall! How frightening for you both!!!!!

  • tacy

    I’m so sorry! I hope it gets better soon. good words.

  • Lisa Evola

    Oh my gosh! I did exactly the same thing 4 weeks ago!! except not on a black….wish I could say that it was a blue…..but sadly…! clump of snow and a binding that didn’t release later…..snap! I’m praying for you sister!

  • Noelle

    Praying you heal quickly, and to do that you must listen and move slowly!!! Take it from a therapist!!! But, enjoy the perspective you have at this time, your sitting alot, I know, but think on this: your at eye level with your children, your able to watch for and appreciate your husbands grin more easily, and as your pace slows your senses will sharpen and you will hear your Father more readily. Embrace the interruption, after all, in the words of ‘Special Agent Oso’, “its all part of the plan”!

  • Michelle Murphy

    The last year has been one of utter frustration and growing reliance on God and His Word. We have watched in anguish as our youngest daughter has gone astray, behaving in ways she was never shown or taught in our home. I have felt as helpless as you in your chair, observing but unable to step in and do anything. Other than pray and cast the care over on to the Lord. I have also claimed Psalm 27:13 – I believe I will see the goodness of the Lord (it is the goodness of God that leads men (and daughters) to repentence) in the land of the living. I am also standing on my favorite verse: My children are disciples, taught of the Lord and obedient to His will, and great shall be the peace of my children. I have been reminded that each person has their own journey and they ultimately have to make their own decision regarding the Lord. We have taught her about the Lord and we have lived the life in front of her. I haven’t and won’t give up on her and I do believe that she will, at some time, come back to the Lord. In the meantime, I am to be still, and know that He is God and that she is also His child and that He loves her even more than I do. If I didn’t have that comfort, I would be, of all men, most miserable. We serve a loving and gracious God, my hope and trust is in Him. Some seasons are harder than others to go through, but He never leaves us. :)

    • Sarita

      Michelle ,I was a daughter gone astray. My mother never said why are you doing this? She prayed for me. When I had two sons I went back to church and God. Now I pray for my sons. I don’t think finger pointing,negative harsh words or accusations are what we need to do. We just need to lift thm up in prayer. God is faithful.

    • Becky

      Michelle I understand as I have a daughter that is going through the same thing. I pray for her everyday and trust that God has the situation and things will go the way He plans. It’s very hard to watch and feel helpless. As a Mom I have always been able to fix everything but as they grow up to be teens and young adults it’s a different playing field for sure. I pray for peace for you and will pray for your daughter along with mine.

  • Bev Duncan

    I can so relate. I too have been sporting the latest in “gimp fashion” this season. Extensive knee surgery has me sidelined, but had I not had this time to “be still”, I wouldn’t have listened to God’s whisper to write. With bum knee and laptop in hand, I have been trying to capture what God would have me convey. So, I too, can be thankful for God’s goodness in the midst of what might seem like adversity.
    From one crutches gal to another…
    Bev @ walkingwellwithgod

  • shari lynne @ faith filled food for moms

    Oh Tsh..I’m so sorry about your knee! OUCH! My son dislocated his elbow last year and this year his knee too! OUCH!

    I love your heart and I know that God is so pleased with you…because truly He is good ALL the time.. It’s not always easy to say that and see that.. but He has a way of getting our attention and turning our hearts and our heads to focus on Him and then no matter what is going on in our lives..He gives a measure of Faith that is just right for the season.

    I will pray for your knee and thank you for sharing your great faith Sister..
    May the Lord Bless you abundantly!

  • Jennifer Campbell

    Praying for your speedy recovery Tsh! Thank goodness for your supportive husband. There are some husbands who are not only not helpful when mama goes down, they actually resent her for not being up to par.

  • Kathy

    Thank you for this reminder! I needed to hear this, It has been a hard few months and I have been having trouble seeing God’s blessings. I need to remember that they are everywhere. My two kids and husband being the most important.

  • Lisa Rohrbaugh

    Trying to count my blessings. After working 35 years and being very active at my church I am now at home on disability. I have some health issues that leave me in the house most of the time. I know it could be worse and I am thankful that it isn’t. Some days, like today, I wish I could trade in this body before my new body in heaven.

  • Beth Williams


    Praying for a speedy recovery!

    I count my blessings daily! Constantly remind myself of how blessed and fortunate I am compared with others around me. Praying for God to help me with me tongue. It slips & things come out-although quietly-that I wish would not. Doing a ton of praying about that!

    Great post!

  • Kristen Strong

    You sweet thing. How very like you to use such a trial to encourage our hearts. Praying for you, loved one.

    I’m learning to rejoice in the midst of a whole lot of uncertainty. The next year will be an interesting one for my posse! Part exciting, part scary as all get out. But it’s comforting to know God knows it all and has our backs no matter what!

  • Lisa

    It is hard to find things to rejoice over in those moments. Sometimes He is teaching us to sit down and listen. It sounds like you have a good attitude about it all. Hang in there, eventually the messes will go away.

  • Sarah @ Fit Family Together

    Tsh, I’m going through a similar progression with a wrenched back that once again hung me up (Just when we were about to go skiing to celebrate all this snow!)

    In addition to recalibrating and trying not to get too hung up on what I can’t do, I use this experience in two ways:
    1. I try to hold onto this feeling so when I am in better shape, I can appreciate my mobility and not overdramatize life’s little annoyances.
    2. I try to hold onto this experience as a reminder for me to use more wisdom and foresight when I do something – I could have prevented this by using a different snow shovel!

    BTW – one of the best thing’s my husband introduced to our active family before ski season was heavy-duty strength-training: squats, jumps, weight, etc. When ski season hit we had a built-in superlayer of protective muscles to help us weather similar tumbles without so much pain. Leg conditioning is way underrated – a must , esp. as we get older and less resilient!

  • wanda

    Oh no! So sorry!

    I’ve had a challenging week myself. Every single day something awful happened.

    Mon – my brother was arrested! For a crime he didn’t commit!
    Tue – found a mouse in my kitchen ( a baby, so there are more)! House for sale!
    Wed – my bankcard info was stolen and checking acct. emptied
    Thurs – had a headache that I couldn’t outrun.
    Fri – ended up working with a sub that needed me more than I needed her. (Thankful to be used by God…just tired after a long week)

    I’m clinging by a thread….but finding blessings to cling to.

  • Katherine Willis Pershey

    Thanks for this reflection – I read it aloud at our Moms in Faith opening circle this morning, and we all responded to the thoughtful question. Very fruitful conversation! Prayers for your healing.

  • Lina

    Sorry to hear of your predicament but glad to hear you are still rejoicing in God’s goodness.
    I have been sick for over six weeks now with bronchitis and I thank God each day I wake up. In the early weeks I was thanking (& asking for) my next breath as it was quite scary to wake up sputtering and gasping for air! Now I have two inhalers but I am keenly aware that God provides each breath.
    I also get migraine headaches and I am on that cycle now too. I am focusing on Grace… that this too shall pass and that I am getting better. I am practicing patience and kindness and looking for what is good in all this.
    I agree, God is STILL good.

    Be well soon!

  • Alaina

    I am constantly learning to rejoice in my less than perfect circumstances. Being a third culture kid (adult) I am always missing something about another country. Learning that I can’t have everything in one place (until heaven!) is hard!

  • Susan G

    AMEN! You have found the key! Soak in His Word, believe in His promises, and simply rest in His Presence and worship the King. Be ‘content’ Paul said…I know… easier said than done – but we have to persevere. And with His strength, we will come through every trial, every tribulation and every challenge that God either ‘brings’ or ‘allows’. And it’s all for our good, to help us to become who He created us to be – and to give Him Glory. He IS always good. Thanks for this great reminder today! I am praying for a quick recovery for you! As I sit here with MY sore left knee… :)
    Blessings to you!

  • Anne Marie

    Praying for a quick recovery! God Is Good.

    I was just in that place. At the end of August, my pregnancy which was only 24 weeks in, suddenly began to get complicated and I began having a lot of contractions. Amazingly, I managed to slow down and commit to bed rest for 14 weeks to keep baby Callen safe and inside until it was safe for him to come out. But in that time, my 3 year old was well behaved, and healthy and cooperative. My mother and sister in law were amazing assets and helped potty train, and care for the 3 year old. My co-workers and my husband’s provided meals all week every week for 8+ weeks and my husband, my dear sweet husband, held the world together. As I sit here now in the chair I spent weeks in, with both of my boys here and healthy, I rejoice at how wonderful our God truly is!

  • Diane

    How does it happen that a pastor leading a successful ministry in a church gets ‘let go’ twice for no apparent reason? How is it that churches who profess that they love one another really don’t though it is printed on on their materials? How is okay for churches to opt out of unemployment compensation and yet give a miserly severance? How is it that God is incredibly faithful when the bottom has fallen out and there is no light in sight? How is it that my faith has grown and my prayers get results? God is good all the time. Even when I don’t like the place I am in. And he truly can be trusted to provide, strengthen, and sustain. Though I must say it would make my day if all this would take weeks not years.
    Trusting with you for God’s amazing hand of healing and timing in your restoration and recovery.

  • Patty O

    Oh, I absolutely have…in fact, since last September. Throughout the long process I have been blessed with God’s Grace. I had to pray, many times in fact, for it…I’d pray for patience…and if I couldn’t have patience then I needed grace!

    Take care of yourself and use your time to watch your little one and all of his 2 year old wonder. And appreciate that husband of yours and all his hard work – it sounds like you are already.

    And keep on blogging…it’s so nice to hear from you!

    Thanks for sharing your story…I have an impending surgery also. We can get through this together!

  • debbie

    Broke a bone in my foot that required surgery and no weight bearing for 4 -6 weeks. As a single woman and a teacher this has been very difficult to stay still

  • Janet

    Thanks for the reminders of how much I have to be rejoicing in, not just surviving. I did get up before the rest of the family and started reading my Bible while needing to check closing lists because of the winter storm of 2 days duration. yuk I know Got made the seasons, etc. Ironic this storm’s name is “David” :=) Wishing you a quick recovery.
    Your Sister, Janet

  • Gwen

    Today I realized that through days of much hardships we look for blessings and count our five or six but it hit me there are thousands God is giving that I’m not even seeing! He’s that good. Today look for a seventh blessing if you usually count six. Today my blessings. I’m glorifying God for many for when I praise God satan is defeated.

  • Joquena

    Ouch! Take it easy and great job keeping your thoughts focused on God and your attitude brimming with thanks. Dwelling on the negative is a downward spiral and it doesn’t help anything.

  • Barb Kennedy

    Tish sorry to hear about accident, sending up a prayer for you and your family

  • Barb Kennedy

    Tish sorry to hear about accident, sending up a prayer for you and your family

  • Juli vrotney

    Glad you have a supportive husband and that you are seeing God at work in your,praying for healing for you and the grace to make it through each day.

  • Pam @Mommacan

    Will pray for you healing and rejoice in your unexpected sitting and learning time.

    I believe, in the sun.
    Even when it is hidden.
    I believe in the flight of the dove.
    Even when she flys hidden.
    And I try humbly to listen toHim,
    Because what is hidden
    is found so easily when I do.

  • Gwen Roach

    I can totally relate! I just had my second c-section with our darling daughter, and this is exactly what our living room was like a few days ago. I’m on my feet so it’s better today :) Enjoying a snuggle with my newborn this Sunday morning while my guys are at church. God is good.