A Place of Your Own

Do you have a place of your own?

I’m not talking about having a house or apartment. I mean, do you have somewhere set aside where you go to be alone, a place where you can shut out the world and hear God’s voice? A quiet place where you look forward to meeting God and where God is invited in to meet you?

It’s easy to slip into only meeting God at church on Sundays. But to really grow and get to know Him, we need to set aside a time and place of our own for the time in between — a place where we can be intentional about meeting up with God as a part of our day to day life.

Maybe it is a corner of your home where you can shut the door, light a candle and pray?

Maybe you have a special chair, a comfy blanket, a Bible and a stack of devotional books on a table designating that is your place?

Or maybe you go to a local coffee shop filled with the hustle and bustle of voices, but you tune them out when you begin to sip your coffee in the corner booth, open your Bible study and begin to read God’s word?

Perhaps you and God hang out on the way to work every morning, in your car. That’s awesome, God looks forward to that time with you and He’ll be there waiting!

You know that feeling when you make plans with someone and are excited about it, but they don’t show up or even remember to call and reschedule? Yeah. I think God knows that feeling too. Gulp.

I remember a season of life where I was really down and felt discouraged. I needed to connect with God and sense His presence. But where was He among all the distractions? I couldn’t find Him because I let everything else get in the way. So, one morning I quietly went out into my yard by myself and started a garden. You know what? God met me there. I had set everything else aside to be alone and make time to hear from Him. Now I see gardens as a very special place for meeting up with God.

It really doesn’t matter where your “place” is. The important thing is that we are deliberate in our intent to meet Him somewhere regularly. We need to create that time and space that is convenient and a part of our daily life. The beach is a great place to meet God but if it takes you hours to get there, you might want to find somewhere within walking distance so you can meet Him daily. And then once you have that place set aside, don’t forget Him or get distracted by the things of the world. He’s out there waiting, wondering if we will show up and invite Him in.

A day in this world is a loud, busy and distracting experience for me, so I love creating a place of my own — where the rest of the world can be tuned out and I can connect with Him. I’ve often been the worst offender of putting Him off while I attend to other pressing matters. But when I remember that place — the place I’ve already set aside for Him, and I picture Him waiting there for me, I am aware of how little everything else matters. I can’t wait to meet up with Him there!

Where is your place?

Melissa @ The Inspired Room

  • http://www.essentialthingdevotions.com Mel Caldicott

    Melissa, I love this idea and have written about it a few times in my own blog. My sanctuary space is a cosy sofa in my living room. I have a basket nearby with my Bible, notebook etc and I love to curl up in the mornings with my coffee and have my quiet time there. Blessings

  • BethA

    My spot is on the couch in my den by a big window. I come early in the morning, usually when it’s still dark. I drink my coffee in the quiet, listen to the birds begin to wake up and chirp, read my Bible, read devotionals, and pray. And listen. I’m really trying to focus on not only talking to God, but listening to what He is pressing on my heart. I LOVE this time.

  • Julie

    Melissa, I am new to (in)courage. I have only read this and the previous one about 1 Corinthians 12, but my gosh you could be writing about my life. I often forget how special to God that I am and stress over others knowing more than me. I get so stressed about this that I can’t focus on God, I can’t hear Him. I can’t seem to be able to shut out the world and find Him. But I am encouraged by your words. Thank you.

    • Lynne

      ” I often forget how special to God that I am and stress over others knowing more than me. I get so stressed about this that I can’t focus on God, I can’t hear Him. I can’t seem to be able to shut out the world and find Him. ”

      That describes me perfectly. Also, I am the only Christian in my household and find it next to impossible to find quiet time to myself. Often the only times I get to myself are when I am in bed late at night, before I fall asleep, or in the car driving on my way to work. These are the times I say most of my prayers but they don’t give me the wakefulness or stillness I need to listen for His voice.

      • http://carryitagain.com dana

        I wan to encourage you, Lynne, to keep going. My mom raised 4 kids as the single spiritual leader and then my dad accepted Christ when I was 25!
        My dear friend married my husband’s best friend. She is a Christian and after 15 years of marriage, he only just in the last few months has begun to even talk about salvation. What a wonderful development in their marriage!
        Please keep working at finding Your place for meeting with God and living out your faith daily. The others in your home are watching and learning and listening.
        Be Blessed.

      • Beth Williams


        Praying for the rest of your family to come to know God as you do. If you model a Godly attitude and pray for them–soon they will come to be Christians like you.


        Please help Lynn’s family come to know you and want to be a part of the family of Christ. Help Lynn to model the right attitudes and actions that will inspire them.


    • http://theinspiredroom.net Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thanks for reading Julie, The Bible talks about if we seek Him, we will find Him…praying you’ll find that time and place shut out the world and hear Him!

  • http://carryitagain.com dana

    I find myself slipping into finding God in music lyrics rather than digging into His word on a regular basis. That point has been a conviction for me lately. Thank you for today’s post. It reminded me to do what I know is right and necessary for my growth.

    • http://theinspiredroom.net Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thanks Dana, I think that is true quite often turn to “the world” to hear him, music or popular books and while they can speak to us and encourage us in so many ways, the best of all is to go straight to God’s word!

  • http://www.jollynotes.com Bomi

    Thank you so very much for sharing this. It’s a wonderful reminder:) “My place” varies depending on what’s going on – sometimes it’s in the guest bedroom downstairs, sometimes it’s on a sofa upstairs. I call it my “secret place” – I wrote about it a while back. Thanks again for the encouraging reminder:)!

  • Kathy S

    I so needed to hear your words today. I do have a generic space in our family room, nothing special, but you have inspired me to find just such a space. The busyness of life so often takes precedence and I’m disappointed when I don’t make it “there.” You have invoked a stirring in my heart and I shall find a SPECIAL place that will entice me to set all else aside. Blessings to you.

    • http://theinspiredroom.net Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you Kathy, I hope you’ll make it very special!

  • http://hamershappenings.blogspot.com Lisa

    It is so important to have the sacred time and special place. Mine is at the kitchen table after my daughter goes to school. It has become my favorite time of the day.

  • http://www.frontporchramblings.com Lesley

    Mine is in a comfy chair by the window in my bedroom. I have a little ottoman that my Bible and journal normally stay on and typically I curl up with a blanket. It’s awesome to have a meeting place with God, even if on we know how special and sacred it is.

  • anita roth

    Thank You for your post today,it is very inportant to have that special place! It makes
    that place all the more special when you are going to meet our lord there! Mine use
    to be on my living room couch,but I have decide to move upstairs in the den.My
    youngest daughter moved out recently and she had her bedroom upstairs so now
    it will be my special place. I have always felt away from the world when I am in that
    room.Its quiet only hearing the birds talking away!!

  • Elizabeth

    I too think gardens are the perfect place to meet with God. He seems so near! Everytime I get to spend time outside talking to God, I am more convinced than ever that we were created to live in a garden. I find so many spiritual analogies when working outdoors too. I spend my morning time with my daughters reading their Bibles which is great but doesn’t satisfy my craving to be completely alone with God so I make it a practice to stop every afternoon while my kids take a nap or quiet time. I have another cup of coffee and just be quiet with God and let the hurry and noise of a homeschool morning drain off of my heart. This is such an important time for me, probably my biggest key to a succesful, productive life, and helps me get to the end of the day without unravelling.

  • http://walkingwellwithgod.blogspot.com Bev Duncan@ Walking Well With God

    My place is in my front room downstairs that I have named “the reading room”. I am a very early riser so I enjoy the comfy chair with a soft light while it’s still dark outside. Holding and sipping my coffee I enjoy this quiet time to talk to and listen to God.

  • http://www.throughgraceandcoffee.blogspot.ca Megan

    Your article today was beautiful, and couldn’t have been more well timed! I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately!

    • http://theinspiredroom.net Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thanks for sharing, Megan!!

  • Suzanne

    You mentioned my favorite place for a God date… it’s a special oversized fluffy chair near a window in our living room. I am up before dawn with my coffee and Bible, books, devotionals all stacked on my little table. We meet there daily for reflection, prayer, meditation and instruction … I am so blessed to have a friend like Jesus and a home where we can have quiet times like these.
    Thanks for your encouragement, praying for all who are yet to have their “special spot”
    God bless,

  • Regina

    In my car is my “free” spot to Pray, Listen and Praise Him . I can close out the world and feel free to let my tears fall as I cry out to Him, receive strenght and hope thru His Word and Praise Him leaving no longer bearing the weight of the things I laid before His feet.

  • Dan

    My place is at the dinning room table early in the morning and at night before going to bed. I love spending time with our Lord.

  • http://gracehasaway.blogspot.com Adrienne

    I need a special “place”…. thanks for reminding me of that. That’s what is so wonderful about (in)courage. It’s this collection of truths, reminders, moments of worship, prayer… all settled into this cozy little place. (in)courage is full of all of those special things you could place in that hat box of memorabilia.

  • http://kaelynnjudd.com Kaelynn Judd

    This was a wonderful read. Recently I have started a garden of my own and I feel God there as I watch each seed turn into a green sprout, full of life and potential. It reminds me that there is hope in the world.

  • Gerrie

    Although there are special places, such as the Garden of Gethsemane, where it is quiet and peaceful in the presence of God, my joy is knowing that God is omnipresent (everywhere present) and accessible at all times. For me, the quiet place is just that, FOR ME, to be held closely by the Lord, and to listen and look for His guidance in peace.

  • Kelly

    This really hit home with me. I also need to find a special place, but finding (in)courage this last week has helped me to take my own special minutes in the car & before bed, not just Sundays in church. Everyday I hope I become more worthy in my studies, & in God’s eyes.

  • Priscilla hemmersbach

    My main spot with God is in my living room on the couch. also in the car on my way to work .

  • http://summdaysummway.blogspot.com Paula

    This has been on my mind a lot lately. I have also had the crucifixion and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, on my mind very much the last several weeks. I don’t know why the latter has been on my mind so much but I do know that I desperately need to find “my spot with God” in my home. I too find myself listening to and praising God through music a lot of the time. I truly enjoy listening to southern gospel music, it is my favorite. We have a channel on our TV that plays nothing but southern gospel music and we enjoy it very much. Thank you for this reminder and for all your beautiful writings! I know that God will richly bless you and your family.
    God Bless, Paula

  • Lina

    Thank you for putting to paper what my mind and heart have been aching for of late.
    My place has been moved from its previous location and I don’t really have a new one yet! And I am really, really in need of one! It is my sanity saver, my place to relax and spend time alone reading, praying, journaling, singing… If I could be so bold as to ask someone who reads this to say a little prayer for me that “my place” will soon resurface again and I can get back on track and not feel so dislocated in my quiet time.

    God bless,

    • http://theinspiredroom.net Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Praying for you Lina!

  • Terri Arman

    Melissa thank you for such simplicity yet deep beauty as you have caused me to picture our Lord sitting and waiting for me to commune and have fellowship with Him. What a beautiful portrayal of the longing of our Savior to meet with us. Thank you.

    • http://theinspiredroom.net Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I love that picture too!

  • Carissa

    For me, it’s not a place but a time. If I get up before my kids, that “calm” before the storm is my favorite time to engage The Lord and to really hear Him. I wake up, grab a cup of tea, and sit, pray, read, and/or listen. With a 1yr old and 3 yr old it doesn’t always work out, but it is my favorite time.

  • http://3dlessons4life.wordpress.com Lyli@3dLessons4Life

    Melissa, thank you for this post. It was right on time for me.

  • Gwen

    My special place is a chair in a corner of my great room. It has two windows that meet in that corner so it is a bright spot in the day. I have a wall unit with small side shelves to hold my Bibles with a drawer that pulls down and I stash pens in that. My floor lamp and a small tiled table fit nicely (for my water!). When I became brain injured, I struggle with chairs. I wept for my special spot left my head swimming. After several years, my husband had me go to a store and try out chairs until I found one that did not bother my head as much. I like it there. I’ve started to do YouVersion while in bed as my head feels better that way, but I feel I’m missing out! I’m so thankful for my corner spot, the wonderful new chair, the light and window scenes…a place to read, meditate and sing and cry to The Lord. (I’m a shut in). Oh if you have not made a space in your home, I’ve always done this and it makes devotions and study time easier and handier!

  • Florizelle

    Melissa, my prayer and therapy room is my garden. Each morning I spend time in prayer and worship with the birds and the plants and am able to go though my day strengthened and refreshed. If I get stressed I go back out and shed the fears and material concerns brought on by financial challenges which are sometimes overwhelming. I am then reminded of the abundance and prosperity when I see the lush plants and flowers and feel so proud and joyful that I, too, am one of His creations.
    God Bless you. Continue being a Blessing to others.

  • João

    As I read this I remembered a hymn we used to sing in primary school back in South Africa, “Icome to garden alone / while the dew is still on the roses… And He talks with me…and He tells me I am his own” My “place” are the streets, as I walk to and from work.

  • Beth Williams

    I have a few “special places” to meet God. Daily, if possible, I go into the shower with just a lit candle–nothing else. While there I pray about my day, family, friends and praise God for His loving care of me.

    Also I spend time traveling to and from work & listen to Christian music & praise Him while driving. If I get up early enough I spend time in the living room, while still dark, & just pray, think and reflect about a busy day. Each morning after that I go to computer room and listen to the Bible.

  • http://pursuingheart.blogspot.com Cherry

    Beautiful – I love this! And I am so grateful for a place of quiet for me – more easily found in these “empty nest” years. But still, I must guard this sacred meeting place against the noise and busyness of life.

  • http://www.nancyaruegg.com Nancy Ruegg

    I love the visual you gave us at the end of your post, Melissa. God Almighty waits for us at our quiet place. (What an incredible privilege–one-on-one time with the King of the Universe!) In a way, I let him know I’ll be there, by placing my Bible study, devotional, and prayer materials on the dining room table–the night before.