Are you ready to get your community on?!?

Our FREE webcast on the topic of friendship and (in) real life meetups all around the world are taking place THIS WEEKEND! Woohoo!!!

Tomorrow (April 26), thousands of women will tune in for an hour to watch a community keynote, connecting via Twitter with the hashtag #inRL with everyone else who’s watching. That means you can watch from anywhere, in your comfiest clothes with your favorite snacks. No hurrying to the car after work, no dropping the kids off before bedtime, no fixing your hair. Awesome, right?

Have you registered for the free webcast yet? Better do it now – this is happening tomorrow!

Then on Saturday (April 27), we’re going to meet up with old friends and new to spend a few hours in real-life community. Think of it as a retreat where you don’t have to leave town. Just imagine thousands of women all over the world getting together in homes, coffee shops, restaurants, or churches – you name it – to connect in real life! We’ll be providing video content that meet ups can tune into, which explores the challenge to stay connected to our beautiful, messy, real life communities.

Have you joined a meet up yet? It’s not too late – find an (in)RL gathering in your community now!

Here are a few other resources as you countdown the HOURS before the big weekend!

We are so excited for this weekend, and we cannot wait to share (in)RL with you! Even better, we can’t wait to hear about the new friends you made, the ladies you reconnected with, your favorite videos or ice-breakers or cupcake recipes! See you at (in)RL!

  • Dana Butler

    Readyyyy!!! So excited. :)

  • Shannon Leigh Spencer

    I am so excited! I know I registered but not sure I did it correctly or if it covers both days, is there a way to verify? Can anyone help?

    • Lisa-Jo @lisajobaker

      Hey Shannon, yup once you’ve registered that is your login for both days.

  • http://Webcastregistration Marsha

    I am having difficulty registering for the conference. I input all my information but the registration is not completing. Can someone please help me with this?
    Thank you,

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