Have you joined a meet up yet? It’s not too late – find an (in)RL gathering in your community now!

Right now, thousands of women all around the globe are taking that brave step and joining an (in)RL meetup. Why brave? Because making new friends – and being authentic, genuine, even vulnerable – can be hard. But ooooh, friends, IT IS SO WORTH IT.

Our prayer for you this weekend is that your heart will connect with another, that you’ll see an old friend in a new light, that you’ll realize you are not alone. Be brave. Connect. In real life.

Some resources for your meetup today:

Haven’t signed up for a meetup yet? YOU STILL CAN! Click over here to find a meetup and then get on your way! Meet up today, (in) real life.

Rather watch from home? No worries, whether you’re tuning in from the comfort of your sofa or the front porch of a new friend’s house – you’re always welcome, just the way you are. Saturday’s (in)RL Webcast can be accessed over here. (It’s Free!)

  • Debra

    Thank you so much for making the webcast available an extra day. I am so enriched by being a part of (in)RL 2013 (albeit not live).

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  • Micheal Thompson

    This is a good way to share my thoughts to them my writing skills. Wish it could help them in organizing activities online.