The dishes piled high in the sink.

The laundry basket is overflowing.

The careless word from his tongue.

The blog post that hasn’t been written.

The “what if” and “how am I going to” worries drowning out courage.

The fear that grips you when you are asked to serve.

The phone call from a friend that changes the course of your plans.

The important meeting you insist you are too tired to go to.

Every day it seems like I have to “let go, so I can let God.”

I say I fully trust God but yet, when I have a choice, I prefer to be the problem solver. I’ll handle this one, God. I like to be on top of things. I’ve got this day planned out, thank you. I prefer to be in control of my time and make the decisions that suit my personality, my schedule, my needs.

But sometimes He asks me to do the impossible.

The uncomfortable. The inconvenient. The frustrating. The exhausting.

He sends Divine Appointments to knock at my door or sends me a text when I had other plans.

He asks me to LET GO of MY PLANS and SHOW UP to HIS.

I have to let go and let God

When I’m crazy behind on work but I am asked to let it go so I can make it to church on time to greet someone new.

When my husband asks to spend the evening with me and I see the dishes are piled high in the sink and the blog post is still unwritten, I pray God will give me the grace to let the dishes stay for awhile longer.

When a friend calls asking to meet and I was about to crawl into bed for much needed sleep, I pray God would be like caffeine to my exhaustion so through my “yes” He can heal a wound and offer encouragement to a weary soul.

When a word that stings deep slips through to my heart, I pray I can model God’s grace and forgiveness.

When I’ve already given my fair share and God asks me to give or do a little more, I pray He’ll pry open my hand and remind me He can be trusted.

It’s not about me. There is so much more going on in God’s agenda for the day than what I had planned or what I can see.

I pray God can open my eyes a little wider to see what is unseen, make my stubborn heart a little more sensitive to His concerns, and make my weary feet arrive where He wants them to be.

So we fix our eyes on not what is seen, but on what is unseen, for what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

2 Corinthians 4:18

  • Kimberly

    Praying with you that He will teach us both to live with open hands, rather than having to pry them open!

  • Jenny

    Oh my dear, you sound like superwoman-that doesn’t exist, and you’re heading for burn-out!!! Please, please, put the brakes on and other plans in place before you and the family suffer.. get them to help with dishes, laundry and other duties; do your blog every 2nd day rather than every day; say ‘So sorry my friend but I’m so weary I can’t meet with you right now/today, just about to get some sleep, what about some time on Tuesday?’, when they call… are you allowing others’ urgencies to become your own? You really really can say ‘No, I’m sorry but that just isn’t possible for me right now’, when others present you with their needs – there are others who can help.
    God doesn’t expect you to do everything for everyone because he cares for your well-being as much as theirs and HE is responsible for them, not you.
    Preach over. Allow me to be your brief counsellor re the above.. I’m talking from hard, sad experience. May you have grace and wisdom and freedom as you put safeguards in place. Your time with your husband comes before both of your ministries! Praying for you.

    • Melissa

      I think the issue for me is more about the willingness to change my own plans in light of God’s ultimate concerns. I have no problem wanting to guard my own day or schedule for my convenience, but God often works in the most amazing ways when I set myself and even my needs aside so God can do His work because I’ve yielded my will to His. And yes, sometimes its inconvenient, but He never fails to meet my needs.

      Ps thank you for your concern for my well being :-), I do appreciate it. I have several assistants with my business and blog only a minimal number of times myself each week so I can balance priorities of my husband and family. I agree it’s important to say no sometimes! I would for sure burn out if I tried to be superwoman in everything so I can assure you I have plenty I don’t do. Life is always a balancing act!

      But God is so faithful to meet my needs when I offer my time to Him, so I do need to let go and trust Him even when it’s inconvenient for me or causes a bit of discomfort. My suffering is really quite small and matters far less than I might think in light of eternal things.

      • Jenny

        So glad to read that you’re cared-for and that not having boundaries isn’t the issue.
        Your blog just sounded so weary and overcome with loads of stuff to do. Bless you dear one.

  • Bev Duncan @ Walking Well With God

    God probably smiles and shakes His head at all MY plans for the day. Thanks for the reminder that I am not in control and I pray I will be more open to the big picture beyond what my little brain can comprehend. May we all have hearts that are open to His divine appointments! Wonderful post!

    • Melissa

      Thank you Bev :-).

  • Anonymous

    I completely understand this post…in fact, I was just having similar thoughts this morning. There are some things I would rather do today (like sleep!:) but yet, He has called me to have different plans. I know there are times we are to say no, but I also know there are times God asks us to say yes, despite that we may feel tired. For me, it has been a lesson in learning to “rest in Him”, regardless of swirling circumstances. Sometimes, it remains busy, and yet He will give a perfect peace in the midst of it all. I can’t explain it other than “He.just.knows.better”. I can relate to the yielding of plans, it is a daily laying it down on the altar, allowing Him to control the reins, and the pace, and the circumstances.
    Thanks for sharing!!

    • Cindy

      Yes, Anonymous! I really appreciate your statement, “… “He.just.knows.better.” Yes He does!! Let Him be in control – what a relief that should be anyway. :) We really aren’t in control when we are trying to be in control. I am finding that out slowly, but surely. I am a comfort eater and say it is the only area I can control, when in reality I am not controlling it at all. I am gaining weight. Arrrgh! Father, God, Please help us to come to grips with this desire to control and allowing You to be truly in control. We so need this in relationships – parent-child, friendships, etc. Thank You for being so good to us and patient with us – for Your unfailing, resolute love! Praise Jesus, Praise Father God, Praise Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

    • Anonymous

      Yes! Yes! Yes! I have no trouble wanting to live life for my own comfort and convenience — saying no to people in need, putting God off until I am ready. Guarding my schedule is soooo much easier for me than saying yes to the ‘inconvenience’ of serving Him when He asks. But yielding my will is a discipline …. can I trust Him even when what He might ask is inconvenient? Can I be His hands and feet and trust Him to carry and re-energize me if I grow weary? I’ve seen His faithfulness to take care of my own needs, but still I can so easily forget who is in control when I lose sight of how God sees the day!

  • Judy Layton

    Oh Melissa I can so identify. I have spent many years learning how to let go and let God. His way is always better but sometimes I react first and consult Him later! How gracious our mighty God is – He is always there willing to grant His mercy and give me a “Do Over”!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Burnie samo

    Good morning and thank you. Thank you for sharing what you go through in your life. Not too long ago about a week ago I sat in my car before going into work and all I can do is cry , and I was crying out to God. Asking Him to please help me, because I was so overwhelmed. Dealing trying to be the good wife, dealing with money issues, trying to deal with a revelious teen and trying to be a good employee and a be a friend. Oh my goodness it’s too much I said and I heard a still small voice say to me, Burnie let go and let God! I knew at that moment that He was in control and that I just have to trust Him that everything is going to be taken care of. But as a person that likes to be in control it’s very hard to let someone else do it for you, but I knew tha this wasn’t just any person, that it was my God who was asking me not telling me but asking me to please Le go so that He can do what He has to do. That day I let go and I am trying hard to leave it there because I know that He’s in control of my life. So thank you because I know as woman we do have lots on our plates and I also know that we think we can do it all. Now I realized that I can’t not without the help of my Father. Bless u

  • Cindy

    Greetings! What a neat new slant on that verse. Thank you. I found myself saying, “Yes!” many times as I read through these thoughts. God bless you richly!

  • Amy

    Thank you! I so relate to what you wrote. Overwhelmed seems to be an epidemic in our society. Remembering that God knows the end from the begininning keeps my sanity. With God all things are possible. It is not up to me to make everyone healthy and happy. God is in control! Hallelujah!

  • Theresa

    “I pray God can open my eyes a little wider to see what is unseen, make my stubborn heart a little more sensitive to His concerns, and make my weary feet arrive where He wants them to be.”

    If you don’t mind this is going to become my daily prayer:). It would be a great way to start the day before my feet even hit the floor….making sure I start the day longing to be filled up with His Spirit rather than just full of myself & my needs & concerns. Thanks!

  • Carin

    So good & so timely for me! Thank you for sharing this!

  • Bomi

    Amen… Amen…. God bless you:)! it is well! Awesome Verse, Great thoughts… Thank you for sharing:)

  • Joy

    Thank you for the gift of this reflection and affirmation of my own heart-truth. Yes ‘sometimes he asks me to do the impossible’ and when I say yes, it becomes quite possible, indeed (and often full of unexpected delight and joy!). Simply beautiful.

  • Suze

    Thank you for sharing! I really needed this today!

  • Kristin Taylor

    Yes. This is me. Thank you so much for the encouragement.

  • Dale Carroll-Coleman

    Thank you for your words today. I needed a reminded this morning, that God is in the midst of the turmoil. He will fix what I don’t even recognize as broken. Thanks for the encouragement…

  • http://TIMELINE Carol Heine/Just Ducky

    When you have done all that you can do , and the world does not do there part it gets very frustrating . I Guess all you can do is let out a loud Lord Help me.
    High fustration

  • Linda

    This was great! Thanks for sharing it.

  • Susan G

    I feel that in this day we live, your article is close to how each of us live every day! All we have to do is pick up the paper, read the online news, or talk to our friends to see a new and hightened day of evil, trials and challenges that are all around us. I truly believe God is using everything He has to help us to ‘look’ more like Him each day, and to cling ever tighter to Him…as the Day approaches. It is a minute by minute being aware of His Presence, and listening to His Spirit on what we are to do next, where we are supposed to go, and who we are supposed to pray for or encourage…what fruit of the Spirit are we ‘growing’ next…. Keep looking up! Keep praying! And keep reading the Word – that gives us life!

  • carol l

    “Let go, let God” – a simple “TTD item”, that is so very difficult to put into action…when you have all the ‘things to do’ on YOUR list, you tend to forget about/ignore the ‘things to do’ on God’s list. Or, at least I do! Which is why I have posted on both sides of my computer monitor at work a few reminders of whose ‘TTD list’ I should be observing and working on while I try to accomplish those items that are on mine. ;D

  • Marinalva Sickler

    Wow! I thought my day was lost already and then I read your blog. I loved your Bible verse because I was looking for one verse that would launch my thinking to my ministry and you just gave me one. Your sincerity and open heart threw light on me. “So we fix our eyes on not what is seen, but on what is unseen” I’m seeing God’s grace instructing me on my next steps to victory. Love

  • Lina

    Wow…thanks and may God give you strength and the will to do what He needs you to do. I really get it. I have learned recently that my gift is that of “encourager” and some days it seems like I need it far more than I can give it. But God is continually reminding me that what He really wants is for me to rely TOTALLY on Him to give me the strength and the lead to where I go next. Not my will but…. and though I feel burn out right around the corner God is lifting me up, dusting me off, and sending me back out… He is showing me anew what He intends for me to do. I really liked the idea of God being my caffeine! That I can surely remember. Hang in there – God has a plan!

  • Beth Williams


    Thank you for writing such an inspiring post. Years ago I had to be careful what plans I made as they changed daily. My mom was bed-ridden and dad was primary caretaker. Quite often I would get a call to go help them with some chore. I can’t imagine adding stressful job, preacher’s wife, mom with 3 kids in the house.

    May God give you grace & strength to endure it all and the ability to put your plans down for His plans!

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  • Missy

    Melissa, this was such an encouragement to my own weary heart. To ask that God would open my eyes a little wider to His agenda and clear the path to make that happen – or change my heart so that I’ll be more willing – oh yes please!

  • Traci

    From your words, straight to my heart – thanks for sharing! “Let go & let God” and trusting His grace in it all – can never be reminded (hit over the head) with this too often! Blessings to you ♥

  • Kristin

    Thank you for sharing this. Your words spoke to my heart and I needed this post right now at this very moment.