So the crayons are out of the box–as Jessica and Angie announced on incourage’s main page, our Bloom (in)courage Fall Selection is Emily Freeman’s A Million Little Ways: Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live.  While we love to introduce you to authors new to the (in)community, it’s a little like a homecoming when we’re able to feature one of our site’s original contributors. Emily’s message is going to stir something in your heart and we can’t wait to turn the pages with you!

If you’re a longtime fan of Bloom, welcome back!  If this is the first book club you’re joining, we’re tickled to have you!  Keep reading for everything you’ll need to know over the next few months.


What to Expect

A Million Little Ways is Emily’s third book, and in a word, it’s wonderful!  Each week she’ll be joining Bloom founders Jessica Turner and Angie Smith on the sofa to dig deep and bring her written words to life.  We don’t want to give away too much just yet, but the subtitle gives you a framework to begin–Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live.

On Mondays and Wednesdays we’ll share videos discussing one-two chapters each time, and on Fridays we’ll have a call for the art you’re living (more on that next week)!!  Robin Dance (that’s me!!) will be back guiding you with commentary and questions related to the videos as well as responding to your comments on Bloom, Facebook and Twitter.

If you aren’t yet convinced to join us, please take 90 seconds to watch the book trailer for A Million Little Ways; we’re pretty sure that’s all it will take to persuade you to join us!


The beauty of our Bloom (in)courage book club is even if you miss a day (or a week or find us years later…!) the content will always be available here on the Bloom page, enabling you to watch videos and read the posts anytime.  Also, one of the most fun aspects of Bloom is when readers comment; whether on the posts, on our Bloom Facebook Page or Twitter, we love hearing your thoughts!

Be sure to subscribe to Bloom (in)courage emails so you’ll receive every update; it really is the best way to keep current.


Buy a Book, Give a Book — and Get Free Shipping!

sponsor If you haven’t already bought a copy of A Million Little Ways, you can purchase it from DaySpring.com for only $9.99!  That’s almost 30% off retail, and at that price you might want to pick up a few for gifts.  

Bloom book club is special for many reasons but perhaps the loveliest is our Sponsored Book Opportunity:   If you are able to purchase a book for someone in need, DaySpring has set up a “Sponsored Book” option for you.  Wanna know just how much this means to those who receive sponsored copies?  Read it in their own words–your generosity makes such a difference!

And when you purchase a copy for yourself as well as a Sponsored Book you can receive free shipping with code BLOOMBOOK. This code is valid on any two-book purchase, so it will work if you’d like to purchase two books for yourself or two sponsored books. DaySpring will take care of delivering the sponsored book to a reader in need.

If you have any questions about the sponsored program, you can visit the FAQ page found here.



Thursday, October 10:  Form opened to request free sponsored books (reserved for those not able to otherwise participate due to financial need)

Friday, October 11:  Free book request deadline & Sponsorship Reminder

Monday, October 14:  A Million Little Ways Giveaway

Wednesday, October 16:   Giveaway Winners Announced

Friday, October 18:  Introduce author Emily P. Freeman

Monday, October 21:  Study Launch/Part 1, “Who is the Artist?” and Chapter 1, Awake

Wed, 10/23:  Chapter 2, Reflect

Fri, 10/25:  Community link-up ~ living our art

Mon, 10/28:  Part 2, Uncover the Art You Were Born to Make & Chapter 3, Desire

Wed, 10/30:  Chapter 4, Rescue and Chapter 5, Sink

Fri, 11/1:  Community link-up ~ living our art

Mon, 11/4:  Chapter 6, See and Chapter 7, Listen

Wed, 11/6:  Part 3, Release the Art You Were Made to Live & Chapter 8, Show Up

Fri, 11/8:  Community link-up ~ living our art

Mon, 11/11:  Chapter 9, Wait

Wed, 11/13:  Chapter 10, Offer

Fri, 11/15:  Community link-up ~ living our art

Mon, 11/18:  Chapter 11, Wonder

Wed, 11/20:  Chapter 12, Create and wrap up

Fri, 11/22:  Final community link-up ~ living our art


This study is going to help all of us “uncover the art we were made to live” ~ aren’t you eager to get started?!

With love and delight in the One who made us living art,

JessicaAngie, & Robin


  • Janet

    Oh Yay!! I have the book and I am ready to go :) This will be fun!

    Have a beautiful day!

    • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance

      Wahooo, Janet :)! Sounds like this is perfect timing :).

  • Sherry

    How do you join the book club? I would love to join :)

    • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance

      FANTASTIC, Sherry!! It really is super simple:

      First, subscribe to Bloom emails; that’s the most efficient way to receive updates when we publish posts/videos. The link is above but I’ll include it in this comment for convenience:


      Then, purchase the book or see if your local library has it. There’s a link to the DaySpring shop above and typically this will be the least expensive place to buy it.

      You’re welcome to read the book at your own pace, of course, but each week we’ll discuss a few chapters in the videos & posts; our favorite part is when readers engage in comments (either on the posts or in our Facebook group, link above) and when they share their favorite parts about it on Twitter, FB, etc. This go round on Fridays we’ll have a link up of sorts for readers to share how they’re living their art (still finalizing the details of how that will work).

      SO glad to hear of your interest! Just say YES!!

      • Sherry

        Thank you!

  • http://www.wynnegraceappears.com Elizabeth W. Marshall

    I have started it. And so far I need a box of Kleenex by my side as I make my way through it. Won’t be joining the book club here but reading it on my own and with my Incourage Writers facebook group. So far, I don’t want to do a thing but sit with this amazing book.!!!!! Way to go Emily. Perfectly beautiful.

    • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance

      Elizabeth, what a lovely endorsement :).

      And good for you for setting limits and knowing how much you can take on (but if you ever want to pop over and chime in, your voice and thoughts are always a welcome addition).


      • Marinalva Sickler

        Great! So I will need a Kleenex box too! Thanks for the clue. I was ordering it when I saw it as the reading book for this season. See you, Jessica and Angie, on the sofa.

        • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance


          We’re counting the days…! :)

  • Su

    It looks amazing! BUT the problem for us in the UK is that it will not eb released until Nov 15th… :( Guess we will not be able to join in with the US folks in this study…

    • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance

      Oh, Su…I’m looking into this for you; I’ll pop back in when I find out something. (It will be a GREAT read whenever you can get it…and you can always sift through our archives :).)

      • Su

        Thank you! Just let me know if it will be available somewhere before this book club starts. Thanks!

        • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance


          Looks like you can get it now on Kindle:


          But unfortunately not until November 15 in paperback.

          I SO hope you have a means to read it with us!!

          • Su

            Thank you! I don’t own a kindle and not planning on buying one anytime soon, but will join you afterwards then. I enjoyed the Booc Club with Bread and Wine so looking forward to it again. Many blessings!

          • http://displayinggodsworks.wordpress.com Kasey


            If you don’t want to purchase a Kindle, there is a free Kindle app that you can download to your computer. It’s called a Kindle Cloud Reader. When I downloaded mine it was free from Amazon.com. You purchase the books from Amazon, and it will download to your Kindle Cloud Reader. Hope this helps!

  • Susan

    so excited i just started reading the book! and I get so much more out of books when we’re doing them together!

    • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance


      Us, too!!

  • http://morethanhungry.com Donna Olander

    I thouroughly enjoyed my first go-round with Bloom Book Club reading Bread & Wine. I pre-ordered & recently received “A Million Little Ways” – so this is just perfect! The premise and message has been speaking to me for years. I’ve yet to sort out what that looks like for me personally. I feel fragmented and torn in so many directions. I truly look forward to working at this together as a group.

    • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance


      It seems like perfect timing for you, too. I really believe you’re going to discover some things about God…and YOURSELF…as we work through this book in community. That is exciting!

    • Laura K

      Hi Donna, my old neighbor!
      So excited to see you here!
      I LOVE Bloom book club and can’t wait to uncover the art I was made to live, as I haven’t been able to figure it out myself! I just started reading the book and am loving it already. Can’t wait for the sofa discussions…

  • http://www.danalbutler.com Dana Butler

    I’m SO in. But I can’t promise I won’t read the entire book between now and when we start and then have to come back and RE-read to join the Bloom crew. :) Hehe. I can’t put it down. :)

    • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance


      I know EXACTLY what you mean! And, hey…that will just position you to REALLY get the comments rolling!! ;)

    • http://www.brownpaperandstrings.com Jamie

      Amen, Dana!

  • Ellen Cole

    I am looking forward to the book club…my first with you folks!

    I attempted to order 1 book for myself and 1 book for a “Book Club Friend” and used the BLOOMBOOK promo code and I’m getting an error message. Did I misunderstand that I can get free shipping if I order two books…one for myself and one as a sponsored book? Does the free shipping only work if I order two for myself OR two sponsored books?


    • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance


      I’m checking into this right now; will return as soon as I have answers for you. THANK YOU for trying to sponsor and we’ll sort it out shortly!!!

      • Ellen Cole

        Awesome! It’s such a great deal to do…the shipping for one book is nearly $7 so, for only about $3 more, I can sponsor a book for someone! A win/win! I will look forward to your direction. Thanks!

        • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance

          I checked with my DaySpring bosses and I tried it out myself…and it works using the code Bloombook AND selecting FedEx Ground. Did you use the free shipping code and click “apply”? If you’re STILL having problems, please email webcare@dayspring.com or call 1-877-751-4347 to place your order.

          Thanks for sticking with this, Ellen :).

          • Ellen Cole

            Thanks Robin…Still getting the error response, I will contact them. I’ll get it done one way or other.


          • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance

            It won’t let me reply to your comment below it, so I’m commenting above :).

            SHOOTfire! I have no idea what the problem is, but the nice people in customer care will be able to help you :).

  • http://displayinggodsworks.wordpress.com Kasey

    The schedule states that Oct. 10, sponsored books can be requested. Is that through Oct. 10 or on Oct. 10? Also, how does one go about making the request? Thanks, Kasey.

    • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance


      The deadline is October 11th and we’ll have a post on October 10th that explains the process; you probably want to check out the FAQs link that’s shared above :). It helps you anticipate a lot of questions and provides answers!!

      • http://displayinggodsworks.wordpress.com Kasey

        Thank you. I will look at those questions.


    • Amy McIntire

      I am wondering that also, as I would love to join in but very low in funds right now – thanks!

      • Toni

        Amy, I got two books instead of one. I clicked sponsor but got both sent to me. If you email me your address I can send you my extra book :)

  • http://proverbs31dailystuff@blogspot.com Tori

    SO excited! Looks like a good one. This will be my 4th study. I love the flexibility and all you girls – see you there!

    • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance

      Four, Tori?

      You started before I did!! :) Glad you’re back again!

  • http://livgracefull.blogspot.com Olivia Brant

    Yay! I was wanting to get this book and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather read it with than you lovely ladies!

    • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance


      The feeling is mutual. :)

  • Patti Sarette

    I have the book and am so anxious to journey through this…. There is a very special reason why this book is so real to me…I can not wait!

    • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance


      I hope you’ll share more about the “why” this book is special along our study. No pressure, just sincere interest :).

    • http://www.chattingatthesky.com emily freeman

      ooo, mysterious. I hope you’ll tell us!

  • http://lec03b.blogspot.com Lauren Cunningham

    So, so, so thrilled about this one! Cannot wait.

  • http://cristi-jesusis.blogspot.com Cristi Welch

    just finished the first chapter and love it already. So glad I saw Angie’s blog today. Looking forward to reading it and doing this book club thing again.

    • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance


  • http://myfreshlybrewedlife.com Barbie

    I have the book, and look forward to participating in my first Bloom Book Club!

    • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance

      Barbie ~

      You’ll always remember your first Bloom Book Club–we’re blessed you’re planning to join us!

  • http://www.mymaryandmartha.com/klitz Alice

    So excited that I am in when it is actually beginning! This will be fun, and my first time participating in it! Yeah! :)

    • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance


      Yaaaeee! We’re excited, too :).

  • Michelle

    How do I request a sponsored book?

  • Michelle

    After looking everywhere I finally saw that you can’t request one till October 10. Sorry! :)

    • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance


      I’ve realize so many people have asked the same question I probably should have BOLDED that; next time, right? :)

      (Thank you for hunting til you found the answer!!)

  • http://www.kristinwithani.wordpress.com Kristin S

    I will definitely follow along but I pre-ordered through Amazon a while ago and my book won’t arrive until mid-November. I hope you’ll keep the posts and videos up for those of us on delay.

    • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance

      Shoot, Kristin; I sure wish it’d come in earlier. And, yes, the posts/videos will be here forever and always :).

  • http://threebeesinabluebonnet.blogspot.com/ Rebekah

    I had such a delightful time with my first book club adventure – Bread and Wine – I can’t wait to delve into this one. Between the comments, the reviews, and the feedback from my (in)courage small group, it sounds like this ones going to be amazing!

    • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance

      Rebekah!!! Welcome back! We sense something special is waiting for all of us, too. I’m praying we’ll all draw more intimately to God, to know him in new and profound ways…and also ourselves.

      Looking forward to your comments :).

  • http://www.brownpaperandstrings.com Jamie

    Excited to join in for the first time. I’ve got the book and am ready to go!

  • http://taiandmolly@yahoo.com Maria Welke

    I too will have to be sponsored in order to get the book. If I am blessed with one I will definitely be joining this exciting opportunity! Ohhhh, I can’t wait! Thank you for everything you do and write. I just signed up for the Bloom emails and the website is amazing. I am speechless in the face of such creativity. And to think I might have the chance to be part of this group of women I admire and enjoy reading … WOW!

  • http://www.therichesofhislove.com Kristin Smith

    Book and sponsored book ordered! With the code you know not to ship both to me right?? I am headed to Allume in 3 weeks soI am not sure I can start when you do – but I will read it on my way out there and will jump in the discussions when I get back! :)

    • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance


      Yes ma’am, we know not to ship both to you as long as you indicated one of the books was a sponsored book. And maybe we’ll get to meet at Allume!! :)

  • http://www.marcyholder.wordpress.com Marcy

    So. Excited!!!

  • Sarah K

    I’ve never done this before so are the videos/discussions live? Or are they just posted on those days for viewing?

    • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance


      They’re pre-recorded and uploaded according to the schedule. Once they’re published, you’re welcome to view them at your convenience. (You might want to scroll to one from Bread and Wine, our last study; you can get a sense of how this upcoming club will work.)


  • Bridget K

    Art – doesn’t seem like there is enough time in the day for it – though as I read a bit more about the book club, I’m intrigued. Lots of things I do each day can be viewed as art. I’m excited to take part!

  • Joanne Peterson

    I’m looking forward to the study, to a deeper understanding of art in my daily life. L’Abri touches on this topic saying Believers ought to be the most creative people alive. Just was uncertain how to put this into practice. I many (many) years ago wanted to go to school for art and my dad discouraged it saying “Artists” can’t make a living. I can’t go back and change what happened, but I am anxious to see how I can apply this to my daily life. I also want to pick up the ways to express myself without feeling guilty that other things need to get done, or I should not spend the money. :)

    I am so not computer savvy, how would I go about participating in a link-up?

  • Robin

    Do we need any supplies? I’ll get it out so I’m ready!!!, let me know, very excited!!,
    Robin :)

  • Joanne Peterson

    Oh yeah, in case it matters for the link-up, I don’t own a smart phone.

  • Shelly

    I was planning to buy Emily’s book today, then I saw your book club. Perfect timing. I am looking forward to learning all that she has to offer.

  • Gerrie

    I ordered my two books a couple of days ago, used the bloombook word and got free shipping. Waiting to see if I receive 1 or 2 books. I too am not computer savvy, but I planned for one to go to someone who cannot purchase at this time. If I receive 2 books I will give one to a friend or neighbor who wants to discover the art that God has planned for her. I enjoy art of many types, and have tried many, including culinary, oils, acrylics, drawing, writing, photography and more.

  • Ruth

    I LOVE DOING BIBLE STUDIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Valerie Hohenberger

    About a decade ago, I had a stroke and “lost” my creative ‘spark’. I have missed it! It seems that only part of my brain had forgotten or lost it! Our church ladies have started a “craft circle” on Wed. afternoons where you can bring whatever you are working on or learn new stuff. Last week, I went and we were making “gifts in a jar” to sell at the Bazaar this next month. These are just too cute! There is a whole meal in a mason jar and the recipe is on the outside. The maker just adds the fresh stuff and the liquids. We dressed the jars up with bows and stickers and padded lids. This week we are continuing with “bread in a jar”. We are baking pumpkin and banana bread so that all the recipient has to do is slide it out and eat it! Perfect for those ‘drop in guests’. I would love to receive a sponsored book because my husband just received a heart transplant and finances are extremely tight! Blessings to all!

  • Danae babcock

    I just found this site in my inbox from In Courage. While reading the blog I went back to one of the art creations I loved doing but lost the desire due to illness. I marked in my journal and my daily calendar to start up my projects again. I always say MS does not have me and I will live that saying also in expressing myself through art. I also did not know about the book studies. I am looking forward to those also! Much learned in just a small amount of reading this early morning.

  • jane

    I a looking forward to this study. Am hoping to find the art in me, as I feel I have lost the creativity that I used to participate in.

  • Dawn

    Got it! Ready to go!

  • Valerie Smith

    Just received my book today!! I’m so excited. I know this is an on time Word for me,where I am now,this season of my life!!!

  • http://atshaibu.wordpress.com toyin shaibu

    i got the book and i must say i am so thrilled reading all these beautiful stuffs about ME! so glad i hooked up!

  • Toni LaCentra

    I just ordered my book from Dayspring and am excited to connect with this group. Is there a button I need to press to get going? I signed up for the e-mail already…

    • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance


      I hope you’ve figured it out by now. There’s no “button”, your email subscription will send you each post/video when they’re published. Glad you’re joining us!

  • Janetta Dobler

    This book and Staci Eldridge’s book “Becoming Myself” are on my wish list. I am unemployed right now and can’t afford to purchase either right now. Will the book club videos be left up on the website?

    • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance

      Yes, Janetta! The videos/posts are here as long as incourage is here (which should be a long, long while :).)

  • Donna

    I want to join and am not sure if I have already. Also, can I download this book on Kindle?

    • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance


      Yes, you can find this book at most online book retailers that offer online purchases; you join simply by reading our posts/watching videos when they’re published and adding your thoughts in comments or on FB! Simple as pie!! :)