God is moving all the time. He is here right now, right now with you and me. He is like the wind, we don’t always see His hand or feel His Presence, but He is a constant, like the air we breathe.

God is quietly working in our lives and through our hands. We plan our path, but He directs our steps.


And then some days and seasons, His Spirit is like a hurricane-force wind and there is no doubt He is moving. It takes our breath away, when the supernatural meets the natural.

A team of nearly 100 people has been working quietly behind the scenes for months on the (in)Mercy project, from bloggers to designers. Five phases perfectly planned to radically impact Mercy House, a grassroots organization on the ground in Kenya, rescuing our sisters across the globe.


According to the calendar, Phase 3 was to launch at the Allume Conference last week. But it didn’t.

Because it was already funded without one announcement, post or tweet to do so.

We scrambled and changed our plans. Phase 4 was to launch at Allume last week. But it didn’t.

Because it was already funded without one announcement, post or tweet to do so.

We scrambled and changed our plans. Again.

And so we felt the mighty wind of God leading us into Phase 5, our final (in)Mercy stage. The women of Allume met the challenge and we experienced the force of His glory when we challenged them to give $1,500 to kick off the phase and ended up with more than $4,000 in 10 minutes. In six weeks, more than $20,000 has been raised.


God is moving, friends. Step into this story and Live Mercy with us.

We are excited to announce beautiful new (in)Mercy products to help tell this spectacular story.

Check out these beautiful new items:


Written by Kristen Welch of We are That family blog and Mercy House founder

  • Jasmine

    What amazing stuff! Accomplishment is what God is providing for the mothers and children of mercy house, it is so amazing to hear of the power of God and to see him working through others. He IS TRULY Powerful, Amazing, Wonderful I’m searching for the right word to describe but it truly is better than any word we have in our language to describe his awesomeness!!!

  • Composed By Grace

    Are those note cards? I still love to give written notes and letters. I am always looking for unique stationary. Just beautiful!!!

  • Cynthia Stuckey

    This post gave me chills! Praise God for providing in a HUGE way through many small gifts! I was so happy to be at Allume this past weekend and to witness this amazing act of His provision! Thank you SO MUCH for allowing us to have a part!

  • Crystal

    What an honor to be part of those 10 minutes at Allume – God is on the move, and I can’t wait to see what He does next :)

  • Amy W

    I am so stinkin’ excited to be a part of a large movement of God honoring people. Mercy House has been on my heart since Kristen introduced us to this vision over 3 years ago. I stand amazed at the movement of hearts and pocketbooks that has led to the complete funding of 4 of the 5 projects and I firmly believe God will see to it that the 2nd home for Mercy House gets fully funded. God is so good!

  • Melanie @ Carmel Moments

    That is amazing! When you leave it up to God He always impresses. I’m pretty new to visiting the site. So I look forward to following along.
    I love the T-shirt!

  • Christin

    Praising God with you!! So excited to see God move through His people!

  • Patty Muich

    WOW! Our God is an Awesome God!!

  • Janis@Heart-Filled Moments

    Amazing to see the Lord move so mightily on the hearts of His children! Praise God!


  • Annie Barnett

    I love seeing this community rally around this – such a gift. So grateful to have been a part of this good work. Love it!

  • Marinalva Sickler

    God is awesome and He has already ordered victory to the project. I’m getting the 3 items by the weekend.

  • toyin shaibu

    when God shows up….when God moves…..we happen! Go (in)mercy!!!

  • Denise

    The Lords grace is amazingly powerful, we are sustained but this blessing. Continued love.

  • Peggy S. Major

    What does God require of us? To love mercy and walk humbly with our God. Let me walk, only walk close to thee. Love you God. Just had surgery to repair my foot which is only 2nd surgery had in my 60 yrs. does all things well!

  • Amy Tilson

    Honored to be a small part of this work and see God move in such a big way!! Truly amazing!

  • Bongani

    Thank you