Registration is now open for our (in) real life webcast!

—> Click here to register!

The women’s conference that comes to you – an online webcast about the heart of community. Watch at home on Friday April 25th and join a local Meetup to connect and watch the webcast together on Saturday April 26.

And everyone who registers TODAY (and today only) will be entered to win:

- 1 set of tickets to Allume – in Greenville, SC (for you and a friend)*

- 2 sets of tickets to the sold out IF Gathering in Austin, TX (for two people and their friends).*

Did you see the trailer yet? It’s like hot chocolate for the soul.

Pop Quizz: Who SINGS the words “We need your story?” in the trailer, eh?

Did we mention registration is FREE?

Just click here to register.

And feel free to invite your friends, your mom, your daughters, your MOPS group, your home school co-op, your neighbor, your daughter’s swim coach, the librarian, and anyone else you can think of to join you – the more the merrier!

Tweet this or copy and share on Facebook: Register today for the FREE #inRL webcast & be entered to win tix to @IFGathering & @Allume!

Oh…did we mention that EVERYONE – no matter when they register – gets free access to all the content from (in)RL 2012 and (in)RL 2013**?

We KNOW, right?! Woohoo!

So what are you waiting for? —> click here and register now!

(in)RL 2014: About

 *Giveaway winners will receive conference tickets only – prize does not include airfare and lodging. Winners will be notified on January 16, 2014 via email and we’ll post their names once we’ve confirmed their interest.
Free backstage access will be available for viewing until April 24, 2014.

  • tami

    hi, ladies! so excited to register–but it was a little odd that i had to pick a US state to go with my address in another country! ;) so, i picked my in-laws’ state!

    • Crystal Stine

      Oh Tami! Thanks for letting us know that was happening. We’ll see if we can fix that ;)

      • Leah

        Yes, me too. I’m in Canada and there were no provinces available to choose from.

        • Crystal Stine

          Tami & Leah – the “state” field is no longer required, so you should be good to go :)

  • Bev Duncan @ Walking Well With God

    Lisa-Jo and crew,
    I’m all signed up and am truly looking forward to it!
    Blessings to you all (y’all) :)
    Bev in NC

    • Lisa-Jo Baker (@lisajobaker)

      Bev, we couldn’t be more thrilled!!

  • Southern Gal

    It was Lisa Leonard! Signing up today and, hopefully, I’ll actually be able to meet up with someone this year. Praying.

    • Southern Gal

      I just saw the verse from Isaiah that is on the Giv(in)g page. It is the first verse I learned last year with Beth Moore’s Siesta Scripture Memory. I love that.

      • Lisa-Jo Baker (@lisajobaker)

        Love hearing that.

  • http://(in)courage Melanie

    Hi cant seem to register it just keeps taking me to the page about Registering Wednesday 15th with no where to register? Help!!! Living in Mauritius are we allowed to register?

  • Linda

    Would love to register but there is no option to choose my province only States :o(.
    Thanks for any help offered!

    • Linda

      That was suppose to be a sad face, not sure what face that is… certainly didn’t mean it to be an angry one! Sorry! :)

      • Crystal Stine

        Hi Linda! We’re working on fixing that now!

      • Crystal Stine

        Linda – the “state” field isn’t required on the form anymore, so you should be all set!

  • Ruth

    I’ve registered from London U.K. but just chose a random U.S. state so I could complete my registration. Very happy to host. So excited about this amazing venture and I guess God is too. Thank you so much to everyone who works behind the scenes to enable registration and the weekend to happen. X

    • Lisa-Jo Baker (@lisajobaker)

      Ooo WISH I could come to a meetup in London!!

  • Courtney L.

    All signed up and ready to host again! So excited!! :)

    • Lisa-Jo Baker (@lisajobaker)

      Love that, thanks Courtney!

  • Dawn

    Call me brave AND crazy, I signed up to host…although I have never participate before. Jumping right in with my whole body, mind and soul, apparently. I am slightly terrified that: A. No one will show up – even my bestie B. I’ll forget the chocolate, or something because I do stuff like that.

    • Crystal Stine

      You, my friend, are BRAVE! (in)RL isn’t about big numbers, or the chocolate (though goodness knows I do love that!)…it’s about holding open the door to whomever God has planned for your meetup – whether it’s time for you to connect one-on-one with Him, or celebrate over cupcakes with 30 :)

  • Patricia Ellis

    Hi ladies,
    I signed up earlier as a host, but actually opened two separate meet ups. Oops, can you help? The Beach House is the one that needs to be deleted. My second one “Meaford” should stay put…thanks so much!

    • Crystal Stine

      Hi Patricia! So excited that you’re joining us :) I’ve taken care of deleting the “beach house” meetup for you, so you should be all set!

  • Lisa Spidle

    I’m in! Can’t wait.

    • Kaitlyn Bouchillon

      Woohoo! So glad to hear that!

  • elle @ being stepmom

    Just registered! Can’t wait.

    • Kaitlyn Bouchillon

      Yay! It’s going to be awesome!

  • Ruth

    I’ve registered for the first time and would love to host a meet up in London, U.K BUT I’m not great at IT and can’t work out how to register to host. Sorry to be so stupid

    • Kaitlyn Bouchillon

      Hi Ruth,

      We would love for you to host! You are definitely not stupid and I’m totally with you on the non-techie side, but I hosted last year and it was a piece of cake! We’ve actually created a super helpful FAQ page with step-by-step instructions for registering to host. Try the link below and let me know if you have any questions, I’m happy to help! Kaitlyn

  • Ruth

    IT in U.K. means information technology, not sure if it has same meaning in USA

    • Rebekah

      It does for a lot of us (especially in the field)
      Have you tried turning it off and on again ;)

  • Michelle Rodgers

    I just registered and am hosting my first Meet Up! I will take any suggestions, advice, encouragement :)

    • Kaitlyn Bouchillon

      Awesome!!! You’re going to rock it. Make sure to check out our Host Page (link below) and join the Host Facebook Group. We’ll be sharing all sorts of helpful tips and tools, giving all hosts a fantastic deal with Host Specials, and you can always go look at our Pinterest board created just for y’all to get ideas!

  • Ruth

    I am stupid, it’s official! I can’t find the ‘start a new community’ to click on when I go to the map page!!!!!!

    • Kaitlyn Bouchillon

      Definitely not. I’ll walk you through it! go to this link and log in in the top right corner. You’ll have to create a free meet up account if you haven’t already.

      Under the map it says 72 (in)courage: home for the hearts of women communities. Beneath that, it will show if there’s a meet up by you already. For me, I live in Birmingham so it shows the one that’s already meeting there. But right below that, there’s a small green circle with a plus sign in it, and next to it it says “Start a new community in____” Click that and it will ask you the name of your community – put in your city and click create!

  • Ruth

    Had a confirmation e-mail once I’d registered but now when I try to register as a host it tells me there’s no record of my e-mail address being registered.
    God is good, struggle with technology though! I do believe in miracles though because God is good.
    Maybe a sign I shouldn’t be hosting!!!!!!???? Only joking!

    • Kaitlyn Bouchillon

      Did you click host or attend when you registered? And what’s your email address that you registered with? I’ll check real quick to make sure it went through! Just click “Reply” right under this comment and I’ll see it when you write back!

  • Ruth

    My e-mail address is

  • Lisa

    I would love to register, but there is not a meet up anywhere near me.

    • Kaitlyn Bouchillon

      Hey Lisa! Keep checking back at we get closer to the day! And maybe consider hosting a meet up? It’s so much fun – I promise! I loved hosting last year and we will provide SO many tips, tools, and fun surprises to help hosts!

  • Ruth

    Realised I’ve made an error in giving you my e-mail address.
    Thank you for being so patient. I feel a total incompetent and I’m exhibiting that publicly. Oh well!

    • Kaitlyn Bouchillon

      No no no you are completely fine I promise! It shows that you’ve registered with the correct email address! I think the issue is that Meet Up doesn’t recognize your address, right? If so, that’s because meet up is a separate website and you have to create a free account with them to sign up to host/attend a meet up!

  • Marcy

    Oh, I am all over this! The last two years I’ve sat timidly with my pile of pain watching the excitement but not engaging, but this has been a Brave year. Truth finally knocked out Pain in the 12th round and I’m (in)!

    • Amy Tilson

      This is awesome!!!! Way to go and jump right into community with both feet. :)

  • Amy Tilson

    Let’s get the par-tay started!!! I’ll bring the cupcakes!! What flavor do you want? :)

  • Elizabeth

    I’m signed up to host! I wrote a blog post about (in)RL but not sure where you want us to link it.

    • Kaitlyn Bouchillon

      Yay! That’s awesome, thank you! We may have a link-up before (in)RL but for now feel free to comment back and include the link. Thanks Elizabeth!

  • Elizabeth
  • Amy KW

    So very very excited about (in)RL this year again!! Had a phenomenal time last year, and am looking forward to hosting this year! Here’s my story:

  • Jaimie

    I registered on the 15th and would LOVE to win either of those tickets! I would freak out and kick down doors to get there no matter what!! :)

  • Joyce

    After I signed up to host, I saw someone else start a meetup in our town. I left her a message on her meetup page, but I was wondering if there was a way to connect with her to see if she wanted to do something together. Thanks.

  • Danielle

    Just checking in to see if the winner for the Allume tickets has been announced. I was able to go last year and loved it.

    Danielle Rogers

    • Mandy

      Wondering the same thing :) Has the winner of the Allume tickets been announced?