I don’t think I can possibly overstate how honored we were that 475 brave women applied to (in)courage for the five new voices we were hoping to add.

We read and prayed over every, single application.

You are our people. Every single, dear heart.


We’ve prayed and talked and prayed some more.

And today it’s my mighty honor to introduce the nine women we believe are called to minister to this community and share their stories with you. Yup, turned out to be nine.

I’ve asked them to say hello in their own words – won’t you join me in welcoming them?

Alia Joy


Hi, I’m Alia Joy, and I’m thrilled to be writing with (in)courage. This was the first community I jumped into when I started blogging two years ago and I’m absurdly blessed to be able to share my story here with you guys. A little about me: I’m married to the hard-earned love of my life, Josh, and together we have three kids who I manage to homeschool most days. We’ve made our home in Central Oregon, and I’ve finally made peace with being present even though we have no decent Indian, Moroccan, or Ethiopian restaurants.

I am nothing if not grace-saved and I believe God does beautiful things with the fragments of a broken life. I collect words like trading cards, love coffee with a dependence I don’t want to admit, and am determined to live a beautiful story.  I have great hope in the things God does with the hearts of women who love Him. I believe every story matters and love how (in)courage is a place where women can gather to both listen and be heard. I’m honored to be here.

Aliza Latta

Hello there! I’m Aliza! I’m a nineteen-year-old gal from Ontario, Canada. I like to think of myself as an aspiring artist, dreamer, and adventurer. I want my heart to be brave and my spirit bold, and I hope to invite others towards the same.

I went to Rwanda last summer for two months and fell in love – both with Africa and with Jesus. I create signs and prints with my own lettering and fonts, focusing on truth, freedom, and finding courage in the midst of struggle. I can’t even begin to express how excited I am about this opportunity with (in)courage! I am beyond thrilled to be joining this amazing community, and I wholeheartedly thank you for welcoming me here.

 Anna Rendell

I live in Minnesota with my husband, our two-year old boy, a baby due at the end of this month, and a big golden retriever. I fell in love with (in)courage about four years ago. While sitting in the cold office where I worked, participating in my first-ever Twitter party {which was hosted by (in)courage}, I discovered that community could come to me via my computer. That it wasn’t isolating to be behind that screen, but life-giving.

My blog became much more intentional after that, the day I discovered that in sharing my stories, other women felt permission to share theirs. I continued to be a part of the (in)courage community, serving as an (in)couragers group leader, co-hosting #inRL gatherings, and joining the leadership team for (in)couragers community groups. But the honor of my words joining in the chorus here? Icing, and blessing, and all grace. Thank you for welcoming me (in). =)

 Jennifer Dukes Lee


Hello beautiful people of (in)courage! I’m already crazy about you. And I am thrilled to be a part of this vibrant, Jesus-loving community. I love what (in)courage stands for (community), who (in)courage stands with (YOU!), and what (in)courage stands on (Christ the solid Rock.). I am Jennifer Dukes Lee, a storyteller and grace dweller. I am author of the newly released book, Love Idol: Letting Go of Your Need for Approval–and Seeing Yourself Through God’s Eyes.

My husband Scott and I live on a farm in northwest Iowa, where we are raising crops, pigs, a herd of cats, an occasional sheep, and two tiny humans.

 Joy Forney

I am a wife of a missionary pilot with MAF {Mission Aviation Fellowship}, and we have been serving for the last eight years on a little island in Indonesia. A week ago we moved to the beautiful country of Uganda. I am the proud mama to five kids, all of whom make it worth getting out of bed each day. I live an adventure of a life that I never would have dreamed and most days would never give up. The days I would give it up are those when we find a python near our yard. Yeah.

I am as vile a sinner as you have ever met, and truly but for the grace of God go I. More than anything I want to glorify the Lord in and through my life, and through this blog. I can promise you that I will get it wrong.  But, thankfully, HE and His Word never will. “May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing to you, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.” Psalm 19:3-4

Karina Allen


I am a lover of Jesus! I’m from New Orleans, Louisiana, but have lived in Baton Rouge for the past 15 years. I spend much of my time leading worship at my church, writing, reading, dancing, and mentoring the next generation. I have a huge heart for serving and missions. I am an advocate for the local church especially the one that I attend, Healing Place Church.

I love working out, traveling, photography, and going to concerts/conferences. I truly believe that every woman has a God-sized dream on the inside of them and it is up to an encouraging community to help nurture that dream. My goal in writing is to see women get a revelation of God’s Word and discover how to apply it to their lives in order to walk in freedom and live the life that God intended. But the most important thing to me is to live out the call of Isaiah 26:8 in all that I say and do, “Yes Lord, walking in the way of Your truth, we wait eagerly for You; For Your name and renown are the desire of our souls!”

Liz Curtis Higgs

Liz in Purple 652x400

Former Bad Girl, grateful for the grace God offers. Happy wife of Bill, one of the Good Guys. Proud mom of two grown-up kids with tender hearts. Lame housekeeper. Marginal cook. Pitiful gardener.

Stuff I love? Encouraging my sisters in Christ—across the page, from the platform, online, in person. Unpacking Scripture. Traveling wherever God leads. Listening to his heart. Leaning into his embrace.

Renee Swope

I’m Renee, and I can’t wait to share life with YOU. I’m a grace and coffee addict who loves Jesus and my family with all my heart. My favorite pastimes include walks with my husband, coffee with a friend, or piling in bed with my kids for snuggles, talk-time and a movie.

I married the most patient man on earth 20 years ago. We live in North Carolina with our two teenage sons and a five-year old Ethiopian princess. In 2009, our family traveled to Africa to bring home our severely malnourished daughter at the age of 10 months, and it has changed us forever.

I’ve also grown up with the team of women at Proverbs 31 Ministries for the past 19 years where I’ve gotten to meet some of you through our devotions, radio shows, and conferences. In 2011, I released my book A Confident Heart, and every bit of evidence that I’m quite a mess who has been transformed by the power of God’s love and grace. My prayer is that {together} we’ll lean in and learn how to rely on and live in the security of God’s promises each and every day.

 Shannan Martin

I believe the turns in life that look like failure are often holy gifts, a lesson I have chosen to embrace after the bones of my comfy farm girl life were shattered and rebuilt from the toes up.

Together, my family sold our dream farmhouse, moved to a disadvantaged area in the city, and adopted a 19-year old felon.

Nothing could have prepared me for the joy I would discover as we began to live the simple, messy, complicated life we were created to live. In walking beside the forgotten and broken and seeing first-hand the ways we so cleanly identify with both, my faith was plucked from the mud.

I live with my jail-chaplain husband and our brood on the wrong side of the tracks and blog often.


We’re grateful for these voices coming to share their stories and encourage each of us on our own unique journeys.

Remembering always that no matter how different our stories might be we all share the Jesus who makes all things new in common.

We’re so grateful for His grace and for each of you.

And don’t forget to join us on Tuesday, April 8th at 1pm EST for our (in)RL video chat! Come hangout with us and learn more about the vision for (in)RL 2014 and ask any questions you might have. Who knows – you might even get to hangout with some of our contributor team in the live chat!


To join us for the Spreecast Video Chat (which will be recorded and viewable later if you aren’t able to join live), simply go head here.

In case you need it, there is a great FAQ page here that will help you make sure you’ve got all the technical pieces in place ;) See you then!

  • http://www.jacquewatkins.com Jacque Watkins

    Oh my! So many of you I already know and love so very much. SO MUCH!! And I am celebrating with you today and thanking God for each of you and the words you will share with us in this place. What a gift so many of you have already been to me {sigh}..SO grateful! Congratulations, and welcome to (in)courage…xoxo

    • http://joyforney.org Joy Forney

      Thanks Jacque! I love YOU so much too! :)

    • http://www.crystalstine.me Crystal Stine

      YOU are a gift, Jacque :)

      • http://jenniferdukeslee.com/ Jennifer Dukes Lee

        What Crystal said. xo

    • http://girlwithblog.com Anna Rendell

      Thank you Jacque!!

    • http://narrowpathstohigherplaces.com Alia Joy

      Love you, friend. But I guess I’ll get in line since it’s a regular ol’ chorus here. ;)

    • http://reneeswope.com/ Renee Swope

      :) In line behind Alia Joy. Hugs to you beautiful friend! You bless me!!

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com karina allen

      I love you Jacque!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am thrilled to be even more a part of this community!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://marinaskitchentable.blogspot.com Marina

    Yay! SO excited to see the new faces here, and can hardly wait to hear their voices!

    • http://reneeswope.com/ Renee Swope

      Thanks Marina. Can’t wait to share our lives and stories here with you.

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com karina allen

      Thanks Marina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.sonyamacdesigns.com sonyamacdesigns

    Commit to the LORD whatever you do,
    and he will establish your plans.
    Proverbs 16:3

    Congratulations to the ALL of you!

    • http://reneeswope.com/ Renee Swope

      Amen Sonya. I love that promise in Proverbs. Just the perfect reminder on an overwhelming Monday :).

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com karina allen

      Amen! Sonya!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://walkingwellwithgod.blogspot.com Bev Duncan @ Walking Well With God

    Welcome new (in)courage writers!
    I enjoyed getting a glimpse of your stories…can’t wait to read more! Will be praying for you as you step into this new role.

    • http://reneeswope.com/ Renee Swope

      Thanks for your prayers and hello Bev. Both are such a gift!!

  • http://www.acookiebeforedinner.com NJ Rongner

    I have been waiting so long for this announcement! What a great line up! I’m looking forward to hearing and reading more!

    • http://girlwithblog.com Anna Rendell

      Hi NJ – thank you!!

  • http://www.livingjoel225.com/ Christine Wright

    Congratulations to all the new writers!!! Yaaaay!! Looking forward to reading your words!! :)

    • http://reneeswope.com/ Renee Swope

      Thanks Christine. Can’t wait to see you here. :)

  • http://www.hollybarrett.org Holly Barrett

    Congratulations to all! What a great crop of new contributors. I look forward to reading every single word.

    • http://reneeswope.com/ Renee Swope

      Hey my friend. Love seeing your beautiful face. We sure do miss you at the office!

  • http://christanperona.com Christan Perona

    I love the diversity represented in the photos of your new contributors. So excited!

    • http://flowerpatchfarmgirl.com/ Shannan Martin

      YES!!! Beautiful.
      So thrilled to be a part of it!

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com karina allen

      Christan, I love that you noticed that! God is very detailed in speaking to His diverse daughters. Honored to be here!

  • http://4hisgloryblog.com Meredith Bernard

    Congratulations to all of you! This is an exciting time and God is sure to continue to bless so many lives, including mine, through the words and truth expressed through this awesome community! Blessings to you all and here’s to a life-changing-Jesus-following-cake-eating-coffee-drinking 2014! :D

    • http://narrowpathstohigherplaces.com Alia Joy

      You named all my favorite things. I like you so much. ;)

  • http://www.robindance.me Robin Dance

    Ooooo, girlieQs–we are so thankful for you to join us!! We know how difficult the selection process was, and I am so very proud of EVERYONE who tried. I trust the Lord’s hand was a part of each decision, and it is HE who wishes to use the collective voices he’s brought together for now. :)

    To God be the glory alone, building his kingdom through the sharing of Good News.

    I love this space, her people…and ((you)).


    • http://www.crystalstine.me Crystal Stine

      That’ll preach, girl :) {{hugs}}

  • http://shellywildman.net Shelly Wildman

    So happy for each and every one of you. What a wonderful group of women! I’m excited to hear from you all!

    • http://reneeswope.com/ Renee Swope

      Thanks Shelly for your sweet and early warm welcome this morning :)

  • http://www.elisapulliam.com elisa

    So wonderful to see the beautiful new faces that will grace this place.

  • http://www.marybonner.net/ Mary

    What a lovely group of women. Had the opportunity to meet Karina Allen at Refine Retreat this past weekend. Can’t wait to read your words.

    • http://www.crystalstine.me Crystal Stine

      Oh I SO wish I could have been there with all of you :) From what I saw online it looked like Refine was beyond amazing!

    • http://jenniferdukeslee.com/ Jennifer Dukes Lee

      I heard it was amazing, Mary. So glad you got to go.

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com karina allen

      Mary! It was such a delight to meet you! I can’t wait to share God’s story with this community!!!!

  • http://graceformoms.com Jessica Wolstenholm

    What a wonderful group of women. So excited for all of you and cannot wait to be encouraged by your words!!

    • http://girlwithblog.com Anna Rendell

      Hi Jessica – thank you for your welcome!

    • http://narrowpathstohigherplaces.com Alia Joy

      Love you, friend. Thank you!

  • http://stonetoheart.blogspot.ca Tonya Salomons

    Oh these beatufiul faces and the stories and words that will come from their hearts… what a beautiful blessing to this community. I can not wait!

    • http://narrowpathstohigherplaces.com Alia Joy

      Thankful for you and your contribution serving with (in)couraging writers. I couldn’t do it without you, brave friend. Love you madly, you know this, yes?

      • http://stonetoheart.blogspot.ca/ Tonya Salomons

        Girl!!1 I know this…. I’d leap over tables for you!! Oh wait I already did that ;)

        • http://jenniferdukeslee.com/ Jennifer Dukes Lee

          I think there’s a mighty good story wrapped up in this exchange between Alia and Tonya. :)

  • Courtney L.

    I love this! I am familiar with some of you and can’t wait to become familiar with the ones whose words I haven’t read yet. I love that that this is a place where so many beautiful women can gather to share their stories and lift each other up!

  • http://www.jennyleesulpizio.com Jenny Lee Sulpizio

    Congratulations to all!

    • http://jenniferdukeslee.com/ Jennifer Dukes Lee

      Thank you, Jenny! xo

  • http://www.aholyexperience.com Ann

    Love the we all get to keep loving Jesus together, loving on each other, loving a world that needs to know O, how He loves them!

    • http://www.crystalstine.me Crystal Stine

      Is there anything sweeter than the joy-work of loving our sisters alongside one another? This community fills my heart more each day :)

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com karina allen

      Amen! I might cry now!!!

  • http://www.reflectiontherapy.wordpress.com Kate

    Woo hoo! So thrilled for all of you .. Rejoicing with you for this opportunity!

  • Joanne Peterson


  • http://www.godisworkinginus.blogspot.com Chandra Hadfield

    Yay! I’m so excited for these beautiful sisters, and excited for us as readers!

  • http://www.mymaryandmartha.com/raelene Raelene

    WooHoo!!! So many friendly faces! How exciting!

  • http://www.agirlonthedoorstep.com Jennifer

    I am looking forward to reading each new heart and story! I cannot wait to see the fruit of God’s gifts continue to pour out on this space!

  • http://www.sarehhunt.com Sareh

    Wow, what a fun, diverse group of girls! I’m excited to get to know you all through your writing. Congratulations!

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com karina allen

      Thanks Sareh!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.unexpected.org Melanie Dale

    Wow! So many faces and names I already know and follow. How exciting!

  • http://www.dianewbiley.net Diane bailey

    Oh such a beautiful bouquet of writers! I am looking forward to the encouragement and stories You all will bring! Congratulations!

  • http://facebook.com/imagesofgrace Margaret

    Great choices!

  • http://www.joyfullmom.com Andrea

    Yay! So excited to hear from these wonderful ladies!!

  • http://ifmeadowsspeak.blogspot.com/ tammy@meadows speak

    I can’t wait to see these lovely additions sharing their journeys here. Congrats!

  • http://chasingblueskies.net/ Kristen Strong

    Just *thrilled* beyond reason to welcome each of you and for the grace and love personified throughout the (in)courage community. God is so good to each of us. Group hugs all around!

    • http://girlwithblog.com Anna Rendell

      Thank you for the warm welcome, Kristen!

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com karina allen

      HUGS to you Kristen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://carmelmoments.com Melanie @ Carmel Moments

    So excited to hear from all of you. Congrats to the new contributors!
    Prayers as you begin this new journey on (in)courage.

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com karina allen

      Thank you Melanie!!!! I need all of those prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://freedtofly.wordpress.com Trudy

    As I read these introductions and looked up some of their websites, I see beautiful spirits in a variety of stations in life. Congratulations to all of you! I’m looking forward to reading your posts. :)

  • http://www.thestoryplaceblog.wordpress.com Kelli McKnight

    Hey ladies…You picked a winner winner in Shannen Martin, that flowerpatch of a farmgirl. Love that you add new voices occasionally. Can’t wait to make new friends!

    • http://theartofsimple.net Tsh Oxenreider

      Agreed! She’s one of my favorites. <3

    • http://flowerpatchfarmgirl.com/ Shannan Martin

      KELLI!!!!!!!!! You are my wildest dream. :)
      Still pinching myself that we got a few minutes at HS.
      Much love to you!

  • http://madesacred.com Elizabeth

    Welcome to all of you! I’m excited for you and excited for us as well!

  • http://sunrisewithasixpack.com Karin Madden

    What beautiful new faces! Some are familiar and some are new to me. I can’t wait to read your words and hear your hearts. You chose well, (in)courage, but then again, I knew you would. Bless you all! I look forward to hanging out here at the beach house with you.

  • http://www.angelanazworth.com Angela

    This community fills my heart with so much joy! I’m beyond excited to welcome our newest contributors and I am both humbled and inspired to know that nearly 500 brave and beautiful Jesus-loving women reached out toward this opportunity. How amazing is the evidence of God’s passion for filling and encouraging women to share their stories wherever they are as a means to serve Him and others.

  • http://3dlessons4life.com Lyli @ 3-D Lessons for Life

    Yay, congratulations to these sweet sisters! So excited to see Jennifer Dukes Lee on this list as she is one of my favorites. Looking forward to walking up each morning with each of you ladies. It’s so fun to make new friends. :)

    • http://jenniferdukeslee.com/ Jennifer Dukes Lee

      Thank you, sweet Lyli. xo

  • http://taminprogress.com Tam

    I have loved watching this community grow!

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com karina allen

      Me to Tam!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://steynfamily.net Charissa Steyn

    So excited for these beautiful ladies!! They are going to be such a blessing to this community!

  • http://faithcounts.wordpress.com Janet from FL

    WOW! This is an amazing list of new contributors!
    Reading through your short intros, I had tears in my eyes. The sweetness of your words is so touching my heart. I am so EAGER to read more from each one of you!
    I recognize several ladies. Alia Joy, I have just been getting to know from the (in)courage writers community group, which is an amazing group, led by 3 amazing ladies (Alia, Kathi and Tonya). Liz Curtis Higgs I got to know from the down on the farm Christmas video with Ann Voskamp. Jennifer Dukes Lee I know from reading so many of her blog posts. A couple others I am sure I have seen blog posts or comments from as some of your faces look familiar. I am SURE I will be reading and commenting on your (in)courage posts very soon. I LOVE the energy of love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility, and self-control that flows from each of you. The patience fruit is probably there too, but right now it is overwhelmed by excitement, because you are probably as eager to write for us, as we are to read your posts.
    God is blessing us all today. Thank you to the (in)courage writers and organizers for all that you do to encourage us, support us, love us, correct us, pray for us … You are all amazing!

    • http://flowerpatchfarmgirl.com/ Shannan Martin

      Such sweet words! Can’t wait to get to know YOU.

    • http://narrowpathstohigherplaces.com Alia Joy

      Thank you Janet. We’ve loved having you in our writing group. You guys have all been such a blessing to us as leaders. You make our job cake.

  • http://myhomesweethomeonline.net Dawn Camp

    Welcome! I love seeing these beautiful faces and families and look forward to reading your words, getting to know you, and watching you energize this space.

  • Marjorie

    Hey there Aliza Latta, good to see a Canada represented here. I feel so incredibly blessed to come here and be encouraged by this amazing group of women. Thank you for sharing your gifts for the benefit of others. I love this community.

    • http://www.alizanaomi.com Aliza Latta

      Hi Marjorie! Thanks so much! I love this community too :)

  • http://michellederusha.com Michelle DeRusha

    Congratulations, lovely writers – you are each a beautiful and perfect addition to the (in)courage team! Can’t wait to see where God leads you in this!

  • http://www.handmedowngrace.com Jessica Hoover

    And then I clapped and did a happy dance for all my sisters that I love so much and the opportunity that God has given them and all of us to read and write stories of His amazing grace. Ya’ll rock and I can’t wait to read!

    • http://www.girlwithblog.com anna {girlwithblog.com}

      Love you, friend. Thanks for the happy dance =)

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com karina allen

      Jess, I am dancing with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://eggthoughts.wordpress.com Frances

    This made me smile! Congratulations, awesome women!! Some of my favorites and some that I do not know yet but will no doubt soon be added as favorites! :)

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com karina allen

      Thank you Frances!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://jenniferdukeslee.com/ Jennifer Dukes Lee

    Thank you all for the warm welcome. I love this community, and how we’re all just a bunch of sisters serving Jesus, and serving one another — washing each others’ feet with words. It happens in the posts, most definitely, but also right here in the comment box every day.


    (((((( All the sisters who come to this place ))))))))

  • http://Www.winsomewoman.blogspot.com Kim Hyland

    It’s SUCH a joy to see these beautiful new faces and anticipate ther words in the posts to come. Contratulations, ladies! May God fill your pens/keyboards with powerful words of truth, hope, and life for His girls!

    • http://reneeswope.com/ Renee Swope

      Thank you Kim. Praying those very things right along with you.

  • Ruth

    So thrilled to read this news and also to read the welcome comments from this amazing community, I love this small reflection of Heaven. I love that we are “for” our sisters in a way that is so counter cultural. Will be praying wisdom, protection and God’s presence over each of you lovely women of God xx

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com karina allen

      Amen Ruth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://threebeesinabluebonnet.blogspot.com/ Rebekah

    What a joyful bunch of voices and stories – I’m so excited about this new lineup joining the (in)courage contributors. I’m looking forward to their words mixed with the ones that are already shared here. What a blessing.

  • http://www.lishaepperson.com Lisha Epperson

    Congratulations one and all! Excited to hear fresh voices and watch as God continues to pour grace on the inCourage vision.

  • http://seetheshinebetheshine.com Kristin at See the Shine Be the Shine

    Wow!! What awesome news! I cannot wait to see what God has in store for all you ladies and the (in)courage team ♡ i am looking forward to hearing your hearts and how God speaks through each and every one of you… this is a wonderful place of encouragement

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com karina allen

      Thank you Kristin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.lizcurtishiggs.com Liz Curtis Higgs

    Oh my. Meeting so many new friends, all on the same day! Thrilled, scared, and every emotion in between. Asking God to whisper the words you most need to hear.

  • http://www.rhondaquaney.com/ Rhonda Quaney

    Had to smile, while scrolling through all your beautiful faces and pictures! So happy for every single one of you! My love to all.

  • http://theartofsimple.net Tsh Oxenreider

    Yay yay yay for this group! If these comments don’t make you smile on a Monday, I don’t know what will. :)

  • Karla Powrie

    I’m so excited! Already love Liz Curtis Higgs and now look forward to hearing from the rest of you. So many walks of life are represented here, any woman can find a piece of her own story and be encouraged to walk with Jesus!

  • http://www.bluemarblegod.com Melanie

    Wow- seeing all these lovely faces is so encouraging.
    Many of the women here have spilled out words that have comforted, challenged and made me laugh. Grateful for their voices and anticipating all that will unfold.

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com karina allen

      I love that Melanie!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!

  • http://www.cranberryteatime.com Rachel Lundy

    It is wonderful to meet you, ladies! Thank you for joining this community! I look forward to reading your words.

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com karina allen

      Thank you SO much Rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://asoftgentlevoice.blogspot.com Rebekah Hughes

    So exciting to see the new contributing writers at (in)courage. Some I know already, some I am glad to meet, but I look forward to the all hearts and stories shared through their words to encourage hearts of women to be built up in the Lord.

    Congratulations to the nine new writers.

    Thank you to the (in)courage team for prayerfully considering and welcoming these women.

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com karina allen

      Thank you Rebekah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am blessed to be here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.girlwithblog.com anna {girlwithblog.com}

    I am blown away by the grace of this community. Thank you, each of you, for the warm and genuine and enthusiastic welcome! You’ve totally made me all floaty and joy-filled today, and I am also totally terrified =) Thank you for such grace.

  • Amanda

    I’m so excited for the new writers! I’ve spent periods of my day looking at Flower Patch Farmgirl’s blog and Joy Forney’s blog and I’m thrilled. FPF’s sense of humor keeps putting a smile on my face and I’m giddy with excitement over her adopted family. I haven’t looked at Joy’s blog too much, but one of her favorite posts caught my attention, “20 Things I Want to Tell Engaged and Newlywed Women”. I’m looking forward to being encouraged by you ladies. Thank you :)

  • Lori

    This is my first involvement with (in)courage. I can’t wait to read them all. I’m a wanna be blogger and writer but life always seems to get in the way. Excited about being a part of (in)courage community.

    • http://narrowpathstohigherplaces.com Alia Joy

      Welcome Lori. This is a beautiful community to be a part of and we’re so glad you’re here.

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com karina allen

      So glad you are here Lori! I am a wannabe blogger! Praying that God uses my few words to reach His daughters.

  • http://soulstops.com Dolly@Soulstops

    Wow! Congrats to the new contributors…I see some familiar faces and some new ones…Look forward to reading more…blessings to each and every person :)

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com karina allen

      Thank you Dolly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I’m excited to see some familiar names and faces on this list. And I’m looking forward to getting to know the rest. May God bless each of you as you share you’re stories with us. Thanks for living in Courage.

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