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There are days when the to-do lists, overflowing inboxes, and demands of the world weigh heavy on weary shoulders. It’s in those moments when the expectations seem overwhelming that my heart whispers to God “send some encouragement?” I whisper it and cling to the promise that God hears, because even a woman with encouragement as her full-time job can feel empty and need a friend.

And He does hear. And more than hears, He answers, with a quick email from a friend letting me know they’re thinking of me. In a sweetly written note tucked into my mailbox. In the lyrics of a song streaming gently through the radio at just the right time. Like little hugs that I might miss on other, less desperate days. It’s enough. Those small little moments are enough to take me out of the urgency of my day-to-day and give me space to breath and I believe again that I can do this thing God has called me to do.

There is power in encouragement. There is power in a positive word, a kind gesture, a quiet gift that can change someone’s day. It’s in the small moments when we choose to listen to God when He puts someone on our hearts and we tell them we’re thinking of them, and we believe in them, and we’re praying for them that can heal hearts and lift spirits.

I see it happen here on these pages all the time – women asking for prayer but taking twice as much time to pray for sisters in Christ they’ve never met before. Offering friendship, community, kindness in an online world that tells us we should be thinking more about “what’s in it for me” than “what can I do for her?”

Your words can change lives. Let’s encourage one another today.

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  • Angela

    Keep strong in the faith, Sisters-in-Christ, and know that God Almighty has got your back!

  • Gene and Anne Witmer

    Thanks Steve,

    The notes on these “cards” are appropriate for anyone in many situations and we thank you for thinking of us in this way.

    Blessings on you, Barb, the team and your whole ministry!

  • Lina

    Sorry I know nothing about linking up… but I wanted to say how much I needed to read this today. Thanks so much! I especially liked the part about asking God for encouragement for myself. How simple and how important!!

    What an epiphany! Keep up the God work!


  • Beth WIlliams

    The link-up wasn’t working for me. I love these encouragements. This has been a tough year for me dealing with my aging father.

    First of in January we moved him into an assisted living. All was well for a while. A medication mix-up a few months later sent him to the hospital for 4 days and then to rehab for 11 days. Now back at assisted living he’s doing ok, but not great. His dementia is getting a little worse. He isn’t always happy at the assisted living.

    This year has been good in that I got to connect with my sisters. I finally had some “real time” with them. We discussed our growing up and time after leaving home. It was a sort of reconciliation.

    Blessings to all the women of In Courage!