With back-to-school approaching and summer winding down, we thought we’d share some “getting ready for fall” encouragement with this post from Melissa Michaels, which originally appeared on (in)courage in 2012.

I love fall. I love everything about it. Yes, I know in some parts of the country the arrival of Fall also signals that a long cold winter is near. But I don’t like to think that way. I don’t want to live in dread of a cold dark season when I can enjoy the gifts in front of me right at this moment.

I like to embrace Fall as something special that happens just once a year, from September through November. The sometimes still warm-enough sunny season brings leaves in brilliant shades of orange and brown and red, nights are cool and cozy and the smell of pumpkins, and cloves and cinnamon fill my kitchen. That is a great season!

I try to find something to love about every season, but Fall is definitely my favorite.

While we are still in summer mode around our house (school doesn’t start until next week!), I am starting to let my mind wander to all the things I love about Fall.

Fall The Inspired Room

Here are 5 things you can do right now to embrace the season ahead!

1. Slowly transition from summer decor to fall.
I love to use subtle touches rather than go all out with theme or seasonal decor. Perfect fall decor for me would be a few leaves, pine cones, moss or apples gathered together in a simple centerpiece. I’ve written a lot about Fall decor, you might find some inspiration by scrolling through my Fall decorating category on my blog.

2. Do some early Fall yard clean up!
I shared lots of tips here for things you might want to think about now to prepare your yard and garden for fall.

3. Finish your outside painting projects!
Once the weather gets too cold you can’t paint outside any longer so give your furniture and accessories a fresh coat of paint while you still can!  I recently painted a Goodwill owl by taking him outside on the lawn to spray paint, you can see how he turned out here!

Now is also a great time to get that front door painted so it will be fresh and pretty for your seasonal wreaths and welcoming guests! I’m speaking to myself here, I’ve been dragging my feet forever on deciding what color to paint mine. Here are some pretty door colors to inspire you!

4. Establish Fall homemaking routines.
I have several homemaking routines that I use to keep my life sane. My house is not perfectly clean by any stretch of the imagination, but the regular daily routines I’ve established help keep my house from getting out of control. Fall is the perfect time to just say no to CHAOS and get yourself going on a few simple routines that will make this season more enjoyable!

Here is a post outlining my daily routines: Four Simple Homemaking Routines {How I Keep My Home Clean Enough}

5. Prayerfully set Fall goals and set up or organize your family command center.
Fall tends to be the season where kids go back to school and life goes back to a regular rhythm. For most of us that rhythm can be at quite a fast pace, so a command center and a few Fall goals can help ease that transition!

God made Fall beautiful in so many ways, and it really is my favorite season.
What is your favorite thing about Fall?

  • Bev Duncan @ Walking Well With God

    I’m with you…Fall is my favorite season. Here in the south we get a lot of days with Carolina blue skies and sunshine and just the right amount of coolness in the air that it makes going on long walks with my dogs fun instead of like boot camp walks in the heat of summer. Like the dogs, I am invigorated by cooler weather and usually get more accomplished. I love to watch, from my back porch, God paint the trees that turn in beautiful colors against a backdrop of pine trees. I wish I was as organized as you are, but if I’m going to get even part way there, Fall is my best bet lol. Thanks for a helpful and motivating post!

    • melissa @ the inspired room

      Thanks Bev, it sounds like you have a beautiful view from your back porch! Thanks for your encouragement today as a fellow Fall lover!

    • Beth Williams

      AMEN Bev!@

  • Linda@Creekside

    Love just that little sprig, just a sweet subtle branch on the mantle right about now, Melissa. Yes, the leaves are starting to turn shades of autumn.

    Sigh. I love fall. The proof is here ~

    But where did summer go?


    • melissa @ the inspired room

      We had a cloudy fall-like day but our summery weather tends to last right into fall so I’m hopeful the sun will return! :-)

  • Marty

    I love fall, too! And I love that, in Arkansas, we typically get to enjoy each season. When our children were little, we had quite a bit more decorative fall items in our home. Now that they are older, I go the subtle route, too. Thank you for sharing your great ideas with us!

  • Susan Shipe

    I love Fall also. Everything about it, except its end!
    And I love your comment about “keeping your house clean enough”…I said that to a girlfriend a couple of weeks ago. It’s clean enough. Going to enjoy perusing your blogsite more.

  • teresa

    i never liked the fall until i was married. its my husbands favorite time of year for many of the same reasons you mentioned, plus football. i am dreading back to school next week. we already led chaotic lives and the thought of not having time to invest in stillness as a family drives me crazy. I look forward to reading your tips for the fall and learning the lessons your sharing, and hopefully you’ll write a few for the winter (ahem…Christmas) in a couple months too. I need all the help i can get ;)

    • melissa @ the inspired room

      I will definitely write some for winter! ;-) I know what you mean about the back to school season. We’ve been cutting back more and more on extra curricular school activities for that very reason, it gets exhausting to keep up with it all!

  • Josie R.

    I LOVE Fall. There is something about the air and the foods of Fall.

    I like your homemaking routines – I have a routine but I really need to up the ante on them.

  • Donna Torrado

    I love the colors of fall and the lack of humidity.
    One thing God showed me a long time ago as I noticed the beauty if the fall and saw leaves falling & some even bare. Even in death there is beauty. It was shortly after my mom passes away & I heard Him say this to me so loud & clear. I remember it each fall & at the passing of someone I know and/or love.

  • Kathy @ In Quiet Places

    I love it when other people get excited about fall early like I do! I think this is the year I will add more fall touches around the house to make the most of the season inside and out!

    • melissa @ the inspired room

      Yay! Have fun with it, I just love nesting this time of year!

  • Beth Williams

    I love fall!! This is the season I can truly see God’s magnificent handiwork in the coloring of leaves and the beautiful mountains!!!! I also love the smells of chili cooking, homemade bread, soups etc.

    Will check out your blog!