#wordsmatter Letterpress Blocks

I was traveling home from a conference this week, and the final leg of my journey found me on a very small plane. The kind of small where overhead bins are non-existent, where personal space isn’t an option, and where the conversations held between passengers are far from private. Also the kind of small where you never see the tops of the clouds and the gusty winds shift everything – your stomach included – side to side and up and down.

To say I was happily distracted by eavesdropping on the passengers behind me would be an understatement. For 25 bumpy minutes I listened to total strangers make small talk in a way that I’ve never been able to master. She was a college student from the south studying engineering and flying for job interviews. I didn’t catch where he was from or what he did, but as I listened I learned about what brought them joy, what their vices were, what their workplace weaknesses were. I was completely delighted by the young college student who loved problem-solving with the charming accent, and fascinated by the gentleman beside her who shared stories of successful career women that he had learned from and the mistakes he regretted making in his own job interviews.

She was passionate about real-life time with friends, and neither of them owned the latest or greatest smartphone. After the flight landed they stood and he offered life-giving words of encouragement to a young lady he would never see again. They knew their words mattered, and they used them wisely – with no expectation other than offering kindness to a stranger who was sharing their personal space for a short moment in time.

#wordsmatter Letterpress Blocks

We’re excited to offer a “words matter” link-up today, to share encouragement with you from some amazing women who have partnered with (in)courage to share their stories – and the new Words Matter Letterpress Blocks  – with their communities. And if you’ve purchased a Letterpress Block word and have written about it, we’d love for you to join us today, too!

As a super fun bonus, we’ll be choosing one random winner from those who join the link-up to win a $200 giftcard to DaySpring.com! Yay!

To link up, simply follow the instructions in the link-up widget below (email subscribers will need to click through to access the link-up tool) and then come back and visit a few fellow word-loving sisters and read their stories. The link-up will stay open until next Tuesday (11/4) and we’ll contact the winner via email.

Your words matter. Let’s share them! 

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  • http://www.msmoozy.com Debra @ MsMoozys Open House

    I love these letter so much, I am hoping to be able to purchase some shortly but for now I am swooning over them. I love “words” so much, they sure keep things front and center for me. Thanks for sharing. Be blessed. :-)

  • Marla

    I love these letters. I love the idea of having a word to help me through my days, sometimes we just need to be reminded!! Thank you!

  • Jennifer

    I LOVE the encouragement these words bring.

  • http://claygirlsings.wordpress.com Janice S.

    So, we can only enter to win if we’ve already bought a letterpress block word? That’s disappointing.

    • http://www.crystalstine.me Crystal Stine

      Hi Janice! You’re welcome to link up a blog post telling the story of a word that means something special to you – the word you WOULD buy if you won :) We’d love to read that!

      • http://claygirlsings.wordpress.com Janice S.

        Thank you, Crystal!

  • http://hopehearthome.com Susan Shipe

    I may have done this incorrectly! I posted my link with my word but I don’t have the letters yet. Ugh – delete me if you have to!!! LOL

    • http://www.crystalstine.me Crystal Stine

      No worries, friend :) Excited to read about the word you would choose!

  • Kathleen K.

    I love the words but don’t have any just yet. As a reading teacher, words make me happy! Watching my first graders learn to read brings such joy. I have post it notes around in my house, in my car and at my desk that encourage, refresh and support me through out the day. Would love to win. Don’t often get to spend money on a teacher’s salary except for the basic daily needs.

  • http://www.hollybarrett.org Holly Barrett

    Love Letterpress Blocks!! And since Monday is my birthday, I think I should win! Just sayin’! :-)

  • karyn

    Words matter. Good words that encourage and build up and not words that break down and condemn.
    When you leave a place with anyone would you like to leave with a smile. A real smile in your face or with a condemned heart. God does not condemn but lifts up whether big or small, smart or not so smart, rich or poor.
    When I was young raised a a devout Catholic I was amazed how in our big big church, the super rich and super poor all got on. Respect. Those who had gave. Those who had not, were given to. No one felt left out.
    But today, it seems it’s all different.
    I do not hold the answers. But it starts with me first. I’m responsible what comes out of my mouth.

  • Beth Williams

    Words matter to me a lot! I just love encouraging people. Sending out cards, e-cards, notes. I want everyone to know that they are loved by me!! :)

    I have several words: beautiful, brave, joy, peace! ::))

  • Beth Williams

    I also like the words: love, contentment! I need to be reminded a lot that I am beautiful, smart, loved not only by God–but by my husband and others as well. Peace and contentment stem from having a rough year dealing with my aging dad and working a job that I hate and want to leave desperately!

  • Linda N

    Love these! So many wonderful words how do I choose one? Jesus, grace, forgiveness, love, peace, family, the list goes on. Would love to win!

  • http://www.childrencount.wordpress.com Sarah

    Thank you for writing this, Crystal. A lovely reminder to use our words wisely.

  • http://www.mymothermode.com/2014/09/the-gift-of-time/ Heather @ My Mothermode

    Yes, the words we use are so very important. Some thoughts are so hard to express eloquently in spoken words- and others fly out far too fast! Somehow missed this linky….my word post is linked to my name.