“Therefore, as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord,
walk in Him, rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith,
just as you were taught, overflowing with gratitude.”

{Colossians 2:6-7, HCSB}

Rooted in Christ . . .

The wind screeched outside with a shrill and deafening cry as it rushed about in speeds uncommon. Growing up here in California, where the weather is usually mild, I wasn’t used to wind like this. The most the wind had ever been able to accomplish in these parts was a mere rustle of a few leaves, or a slight tussle of a few bangs.

But this wind blew with fury.

I could do little else, but sit and listen — and watch the local news. The weatherman called it a once-in-a-century windstorm. I thought storms included rain and hail, thunder and lightning. I had even heard of dust storms. But a windstorm? That was something new to this California native.

I can tell you, I didn’t like the sound of it. Something fierce was happening out there, and I was glad not to be in it.

I admit I clung to the bedcovers a little tighter that night, and prayed a little longer.

By morning the wind had traveled somewhere farther south, and an eerie hush followed in its place. I brushed the window curtain aside to see a mess of palm branches and tree limbs strewn about the yard. Up and down the street, garbage cans were tipped over, spilling out. Flower beds lay flattened.

And there across the cul-de-sac an old ash tree lay horizontal; its few remaining limbs pointing awkwardly straight toward the sky. At the base of the tree a tangle of roots revealed what was once hidden. The roots weren’t deep enough to withstand the power of the storm. The tree’s anchor didn’t hold.

Whenever I read Paul’s encouragement to be rooted in Christ Jesus, I picture that forlorn ash tree stretched across the road — its strength and beauty destroyed by a storm. And deep down I know . . . the same can happen to any one of us, if the storm is strong enough . . . unless we’re rooted firmly in Christ Jesus.

Our roots grow deeper when we’re intentional to abide in His presence and soak in His Word.

And when we’re rooted in Christ, no storm can make the end of us, because our God is greater.

No storm. No trial. No heartache. Nothing is too big for God. He can overcome it all because He already overcame it all. Jesus conquered death on our behalf. Now an eternity with Him awaits.

Yes, we may endure hardship for a time, but God has bound every storm to eventually pass. We can withstand any storm if He is with us. And He promises to be with us.

by Denise J. Hughes
  • http://sunnyand80.org/ Meg Bucher

    ” the same can happen to any one of us, if the storm is strong enough . . . unless we’re rooted firmly in Christ Jesus.”
    I love those words, and feel that truth. Sometimes, I’ll hit seasons of my life where five minutes, twenty minutes, an hour, two hours …none seem to be a sufficient amount of time to linger with my Lord in the morning. I know that in those seasons He is stretching out my root system, for He knows the weather forecast …He knows the next season.
    This was a beautiful, and very encouraging, word.
    Happy Sunday!

  • Beth Williams


    Yes, we may endure hardship for a time, but God has bound every storm to eventually pass. We can withstand any storm if He is with us. And He promises to be with us. Amen! I’ve been going through some storms these past two years and God has been with me. I’m in another one now and I know He will see me through this one. My roots run deep with God!!
    Blessings :)

    • Bev @ Walking Well With God

      Praying for you, sweet Beth, that God would enable you to stand firm amidst the storms. Praying for His peace and comfort to surround you and hold on firmly to your heart until you come through the valley.
      Love you,

  • Bev @ Walking Well With God

    This is beautiful…I don’t like trials and feeling parched by this world, but it does make my roots grow deeper if I am abiding in Him. Abiding and persevering grow deep roots. I also like how this scripture ends with “overflowing with gratitude”. Gratitude certainly grows deep roots as well. May I continue to grow in Him and be thankful for the confidence I have that He will see me through even the strongest storms. Thanks for this beautiful reminder…

  • Rebecca Jones

    I live in Ga., I have seen lots of storms and tornadoes. I was at the dentist and did damage in the back yard but not in the front with the old rooted oak. I was at home when a tornado destroyed my dentist’s office. My mother was driving us home one night in a storm so bad I was praying out loud that the hail wouldn’t break the windshield, I kept asking her to stop, even at a church under a metal awning, she said no, kept driving. We found out later, she’d driven through what was probably the tail of a tornado. And the business that sold metal buildings and awning was damaged and some of them twisted or blown completely away. So my mother was right, rooted in Christ she drove on, I was praying for protection, that awning wasn’t good enough. Angels were.

  • http://www.katieorr.me/ Katie Orr


  • Gail Noe

    Amen!!! Thank you!!!

  • Kristina Fleck

    Thank you for this message. My husband is battling AML and this was a great reminder as we continue to ride along on our roller coaster of many ups and downs. He is always with us and there is nothing He can’t handle. Gives me so much hope.