I am a pretty patient person. I wait in lines or waiting rooms and surf the interwebs. I’m not much of a spontaneous shopper. I order online and wait 5-7 business days. I do that fairly well. I wait.

As I’ve gotten older, my God-sized dream is becoming clearer. But, I’ve noticed that my normal patient tendency can become a bit hazy. I don’t want that to be the case. This God adventure that we call the Christian life is full of twists and turns, ups and downs, and setbacks and successes. I want to wait well and trust the purposes of God.

Psalm 130 rocked me to my core. The Israelites, during their forty years in the dessert, waited. That’s all they did. How they waited affected how long they stayed in the wilderness. Their journey from Egypt to the Promised Land was supposed to take 11 days. Although there is provision and learning in the desert, I don’t want it to take 40 years to see the fulfillment of my dream.

Like many of you, I’m in that in between place. God has been so faithful to open doors of opportunity, and yet I desire for more open doors. I want to wait in the right way.

Our attitudes have a great deal to do with our process and time frame in regards to stepping into our callings.

Help, God — the bottom has fallen out of my life!
Master, hear my cry for help!
Listen hard! Open your ears!
Listen to my cries for mercy.

If you, God, kept records on wrongdoings,
who would stand a chance?
As it turns out, forgiveness is Your habit,
and that’s why You’re worshiped.

I pray to God — my life a prayer — 
and wait for what He’ll say and do.
My life’s on the line before God, my Lord,
waiting and watching till morning,
waiting and watching till morning.

O Israel, wait and watch for God –
with God’s arrival comes love,
with God’s arrival comes generous redemption.
No doubt about it — He’ll redeem Israel,
buy back Israel from captivity to sin.
{Psalm 130, MSG}

Dialogue honestly with the Father.

God knows everything. He knows what we think and feel. We don’t necessarily need to tell Him, and yet, at the same time, we do. It’s not for His sake, it’s for ours. Being honest with Him and laying out every hope and fear does something on the inside of us. It brings it into the light of His truth. We can now compare what we believe next to what He says. One is true. I’m quite sure I don’t have to tell you which one it is. It feels like my feelings change with every new breath. They are not trustworthy.

“Feelings make lousy leaders, but they make great followers.” ~ Jason Laird

Any dream that He has given me needs to align with His Word that stands the test of time. That honesty will give way to certainty in every vision that He plants within us.

Confess our sin.

With the realization of any dream comes responsibility. It is weighty to carry a God-sized dream. In order to hold up under the pressure, we must have pure hearts and pure motives. In my flesh, I want recognition, popularity, fame, fortune, and position. In God’s economy, the greatest of all is the servant of all. The last shall be first. In order for me to have a kingdom mindset, there needs to be true confession. It’s hard to get down to the nitty gritty of my sinful nature, but I must. You must. Put every known sin at His feet and watch Him wash it white as snow. He can handle the worst in us and still love us enough to send Christ to die for us. We can trust Him.

Trust in His timing.

This one can be tricky. In theory, waiting on God’s timing is totally doable. In reality, I can get in the way. I can pry doors open that He never intended to open, and I can close doors that He wanted me to walk through. I can manipulate and persuade and speak all the flattering words to the “right” people, in the “right” place, at the “right” time. I can do all of these things . . . in my flesh. I want to operate in the Spirit at all costs. And that means operating on His timetable.

God is never late and He’s never early. He’s always right on time.

Expect good to accompany the dream.

The manifestation of the dream is good. It’s great, but that shouldn’t satisfy our every expectation. When God accomplishes a work, He does so in abundance. He will not only bring the dream, but also the fullness of His character along with the dream. The final verses in Psalm 130 tell of His love and redemption that come after we’ve waited well. He brings peace, hope, joy, salvation, grace, mercy and life! That beats out any dream, any day.

Our goal is never to be the dream itself, but the Giver of that dream.

In what area are you finding it difficult to wait well?

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  • Bev @ Walking Well With God

    Any dream He has given me needs to align with His word that stands the test of time…so true. My blog, which is entitled “Walking Well With God” now needs to become Waiting Well With God. God is taking me on a new and exciting adventure. Me, being eager, wants everything to happen right now. God, being God, is telling me that I’m going to have to wait. Why would something that will benefit so many in need take time? I’m not sure…this is where I am really having to trust God and His perfect timing. He’s stretching my patience and trust muscles. I can’t see how and when this all pans out…but He does. What I DO know is that God is good and He is faithful. On those facts alone, I trust the future in His hands. He’s got this and right now I need to wait well on God. Great post!

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com/ Karina Allen

      Thank you Bev!

      Yes, my timing and His are rarely the same thing. Ha! But, he is God. I try to remind myself that He knows the end from the beginning and I most certainly don’t. He is good and faithful.

      Let’s you and I wait well! I can’t wait to see all the dreams come to life for his glory!

  • http://www.oysterbed7.com/ Bonny @OysterBed7

    Thank you for this encouragement. God is right on time using your words to minister to me. I’m I thee midst of waiting for a life transition to conclude and I desire to honor God by waiting well. It is so hard not to rush and do what I want.

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com/ Karina Allen

      Yes Bonny! So hard!!!!

      Praying for your transition. May Jesus be obvious within it. May your heart trust Him fully!

  • Penny

    Sometimes I’m not the most patient person but trusting in Him sure helps make the wait easier.

    Thank-you for reminding us Karina that,

    “God is right on time.”


    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com/ Karina Allen

      Penny, thank you for sharing!

      I need this reminder all day, everyday!

  • Joanne Peterson

    I have no choice but to wait for one of the promises God has made me. The other dream, I’ve waited now going on 8 years. During those eight years I’ve learned a lot, and gained life experience. If I would have had my ‘”druthers”, I would have skipped the life experience because at times it was extremely painful. But, the pain has purpose on many levels. I need to learn from it, and others will learn too.

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com/ Karina Allen

      Joanne, I love that! If I had my choice I would skip all of my life experiences too! Ha! God loves our process. He loves who we are becoming. That concerns Him more than the outcome. Hang in there. He is working all things together for your good and His glory. Trust Him at all costs. I’ve learned that all that we go through eventually becomes encouragement for those around us. There lies our ministry and testimony.

  • Ellen Fassbender

    Today I was thinking about a trait I have that I would like to change. I have had this trait for a good portion of my life and it has been known to drive my family and others crazy. To be honest, it has driven me crazy at times. The trait I am speaking of is patience….I don’t have a lot of this. Most of my life, I have looked at time as 2 ways…my time and everyone else’s time. Usually my time is faster than everybody else’s. Which means I want everything done in my time. Over the years, I have had to learn that not everyone follows my time and they can get pretty upset with me about it. I have learned to adjust and go along with someone else’s time frame even though inside I can hear myself saying, “could we get started now? This is taking too long.” In recent years I have found my patience severely tested when I am waiting on God. It seems God’s time doesn’t match mine either. When I pray to God and ask for something, I want it now. However, God has other ideas of when and if I should receive what I asked for. So I am trying to remember that God knows my journey better than me and that when the time is right, He will give me what I need. It will be in His time not mine. So I must have patience…easier said than done.

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com/ Karina Allen

      Ellen, I completely understand!

      Praying God will strengthen your patience. I try not to get ahead of His timing. I don’t ever want it to take 40 years for God to fulfill my dreams. Ha! Believing your process will continue to make you more like Christ. Know that He is so patient with you and delights in you so.

  • JeanneTakenaka

    Karina, such a beautiful post. I got a “wait” answer to one of my dreams recently. That answer is hard to accept sometimes, isn’t it? But, as you said, and as God frequently reminds me, His timetable is the best. And in the waiting, I can still pursue Him, and follow where He leads me. Thanks for the reminder about the importance of keeping “my” dreams aligned with His words.

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com/ Karina Allen

      Jeanne, thank you for sharing!

      “Wait” is a terribly hard word for me! But He says it to me often! I’m learning that He is more concerned with who we are becoming more than the outcome. Praying that we learn to wait well in hope and expectation and trust.

  • https://www.nighthowells.wordpress.com Jenny Howell

    Oh the waiting!! I’ve been there with pregnancy, ministry job change, kids in hard seasons… And currently waiting on so much. Thanks for taking us girls back to truth because He has gone before and our waiting isn’t His first rodeo!

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com/ Karina Allen

      Jenny, thank you for reading and sharing

      I’m leaning into the truth that He knows the end from the beginning. I’m learning to live out of rest in His sovereignty. Praying that over you as well sister!

  • Sherrie

    Restoration of our marriage and healing addictions.
    I’m struggling with waiting for Gods timing. It’s been 2 years since I came back to my husband and marriage, and nothing changed he’s still using and is a high functioning addict. He said, we could be happy while he’s still using. But I have ups and downs, because of the secerts my husband keeps. I get angry and frustrated and arguments start. I’m starving for his attention and he keeps so busy with work and at home. I’m in Relational truma at times. My faith in God is the only thing that brings me out of the cycle of the anger, and a few trusted friends.

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com/ Karina Allen

      Sherrie, my heart breaks for you.

      Know that you are so precious and so incredibly loved by God. He has such good plans for you and desires for you to be whole, healthy and cared for. He delights in you. I pray that you will find some time and get alone with the Father and listen for His voice. May you hear Him clearly and willing be obedient to His direction.

      Believing for a bright future for you!!! Blessings!!!

      • Sherrie

        Karina, thank you so very much for your sweet words. You made me smile and it will last a long time. I’m going to read this often this weekend to smile.
        From your mind and fingers, to Gods hears. ;-) I thank you…

        • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com/ Karina Allen

          You are so welcome! If you need anything, let me know…

  • https://crippledatyourtable.wordpress.com Julia

    “I can pry doors open that He never intended to open, and I can close doors that He wanted me to walk through.”


    I’m there right now. I think I’m prying open many doors to see if they’re from God because his voice is foreign to me. A door is open to me right now that I’m not sure God wants me to walk through. He has me on a path that is so confusing to me that I’m not sure I’m as patient as I thought I was.

    I love the end of psalm 130. It’s diffinitely needed right now. :)

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com/ Karina Allen

      Amen Julia!

      I pray that you steal away with Jesus and spend some time with Him. Cultivate an ear to hear Him clearly. He longs to speak mysteries, revelation and direction to you. He cares about every detail of your life. He longs to meet your every need and bring you into your next place of promise. Trust Him wildly.

      Be blessed!!!

  • Beth Williams

    Patience is a trait/virtue that was in short supply in my life. I say was because God is teaching me to learn patience while dealing with my aging dad’s health issues and managing his finances/paperwork. His timing is never my timing. I seem to want what I want now-fast!! He is teaching me the art of waiting for good things.
    Blessings :)

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com/ Karina Allen

      Beth, I love that you are in this process!

      His timing and my timing are never the same either!!!! Praise God that He is patient with us!!!!

  • Brittnee Love

    As I read all the comments and let the words of God examine my heart, convict and correct me, I’m reminded of Matthew 6:33 (But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you) and I can see how my desires are getting in the way of now, distracting and stealing my focus.

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com/ Karina Allen

      Amen Brittnee!

      Praying that you fix your eyes on Christ, that He would be your sole desire. He longs to meet your every need and speak to your heart!

  • Geri Jones

    Starting a 6 week study on wait lifting, the study of waiting. Thank you for this insight which I will share with my sisters. BTW there is a typo in the 3rd paragraph. It should be desert, and it is dessert. I hate spell check. Blessings always. Agape!

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com/ Karina Allen

      That’s awesome Geri! Thank you for sharing!!!

      Ugh! Spell check fail! Thanks!

  • http://joleneunderwood.com/ Jolene Underwood

    Karina – this post is beautiful! I absolutely love the outline you shared here. Particularly dialoguing honestly with God and confessing sins. There is such freedom and growth in this process which equips to trust His timing more. Thank you for this! I love your heart and zeal.

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com/ Karina Allen

      Awe. Thank you friend! I am in the thick of this process. He is too kind and gracious with me! I just love Him!

  • http://mrsdisciple.com/ Kelly

    Karina, this is so timely for me. I am just barely on the other side of almost quitting. Somewhere along the way, I believed the lie that obeying God meant quick and easy. Some great (and painful) refining is going on in the waiting. I am choosing to believe the truth. Thank you for your encouragement!

    • http://forhisnameandhisrenown.wordpress.com/ Karina Allen

      Kelly, I’m so sorry it took me so long to respond!

      I am so glad that the Lord met you in these words! The in-between is so hard and trying but I know that the other side is worth the wait. Hold on to the hope of Christ. He cares more about who we become in the process more than the outcome. Lean into the becoming. Lean into the good that awaits you. Stand on truth. Know that God won’t ever fail you. He is beyond faithful!

      Thank you for sharing!!!!

      • http://mrsdisciple.com/ Kelly

        Thank you!