Light Walking


Growing up I always felt a little off the map. My days were spent in the far corner of a state that smelled of crude oil and dust. Oil rigs and tumbleweeds dotted the desert expanse and carried all the vibe of a forgotten scrap yard.

I knew God created and loved me, but somehow believed my existence might have slipped His mind.

One night during high school, sweaty and exhausted from a losing basketball game, I crawled into the backseat of my friend’s car. Resting my head back as we sped toward home under a moonless desert sky, my eyes stared straight up and out the rear window.

I had to blink several times to understand what I was seeing. From horizon to horizon the broad night sky exploded with stars. Absent of moonlight, the heavens revealed a mind shattering display of glittering light.

It felt like a miracle. The extravagant love and sheer delight of my heavenly Father filled my soul in a way that shifted something deep inside. It felt like God was performing a symphony of light, just for me.

The light made me feel seen.
The light made me feel known.
The light made me feel loved.

With each mile the light sources grew in number and personality. They glowed and pulsed in different shapes, sizes, and hues. The collective voices made me feel at once small and dearly cherished.

The twisted lie that God had somehow forgotten me was smoothed out in the truth the sky proclaimed.

From that night forward, light has courted me. The way it slants through the afternoon window, the glow of candlelight, the blooming and fading light that bookend each day. I’m entranced with the subtle and shifting ways light can transform a scene into something beautiful.

It makes sense then that I’m drawn to Paul’s encouragement to “walk as children of light” {Ephesians 5:8, ESV}. My job as His child is to reflect the light of His glory. Yes. I get it. But the struggle comes in nailing down exactly what light walking looks like.

You know what I want? I want it to look like the shiny catwalk confidence of leather Prada pumps. But most days it feels like the dim schlepp of dirty white converse.

This disconnect is what pulls me back three decades to that starry encounter with God. You see, I’m not forgotten and neither are you. We are seen, known, and loved by the Father of Light. This truth should illuminate us from within as we step forward into a dark world. The deeper we submit to being romanced by His light, the greater our ability to shine.

Receiving His light changes our souls, and we can’t help but reflect it outward.

This is part of an ongoing miracle. Christ’s light in us has the potential to make other people feel the same way I did underneath that starry sky. It makes them feel seen and known and loved because the light anyone sees in us comes from a source far greater than ourselves.

So gratefully, the walking part is nothing but a miraculous gift of grace.

We go through our days with eyes open, intentionally seeing the people around us because we feel the grace of being seen by God.

We use our time with purpose, getting to know the people around us because we feel the blessing of being known by God.

We are able to live beyond ourselves, loving others because we were first loved by God.

The specific ways of light walking are as numerous and varied as the stars in the sky. Everyone’s light shines a different shape, color, and intensity. It may look like a smile, a generous gesture, an act of humility, a timely word, or a selfless use of time. It may shine as gentleness, kindness, faithfulness, or self-control.

Our main job is to remember that we are children of His light

In doing so, we can relax and trust God to shine through us as He sees fit, encouraging one another along the way.

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Receiving His light changes our souls, and we can’t help but reflect it outward. {Tweet This!}

  • A

    Kelli, thank you for this beautiful reminder that the Lord sees us so deeply into our souls and loves us, always reaching out to show us how beloved we are by His love. He never forgets us and all we have to do is sit quiet in each moment seeking His face to be awash in that love He has for us so that we can bear His loving light to and for each other. He keeps reminding me that He hold me when the way is uncertain, safely and tenderly held in an uncertain world. Praying that each of us knows His love today, how deeply held we are :)

    • Kelli

      How deeply held we are. Yes indeed!!

  • Kate @ A Ringing Bell

    Yes. I connect with so much of this. Light woos me, too. Just this morning my kids and I found ourselves in the book of John. Chapter 8, verse 12… will resonate! You have weaved your words so beautifully…I was blessed by them today. Keep looking up and out – the Creator often times speaks through what He has created. Evidence is everywhere! Have a sweet Tuesday. – Kate :)

  • Rebecca Jones

    I agree we should be reflecting His glory. My mother likes to say rise and shine. But there is more to it than that,” The Lord will rise upon you and His glory will appear upon you. ” Isaiah 60:2, I think I’ll have to make it a morning prayer, I have been schlepping.

    • Kelli

      Rebecca I love that verse. What a great prayer to start the day!

  • Fleur Alys Dobbins

    This was lovely. Thank you for sharing your light!

  • jenny.marrs

    Absolutely beautiful. I too am entranced by light. I love the way you shared very practical ways to shine our light, along with a reminder that we are free to seek Him – the source of this light.

  • Beth Williams

    We’re blessed to have a loving God who looks deep into our souls and puts His light there! He finds unique ways to show us His love–stars, rainbows, sunshine, etc. We need to take that light and let it shine through us so others can see it and know of His great love!

    Blessings :)