My kids and I love writing little notes to each other. We write on post-its, scraps of paper, even the backs of church bulletins, any paper we can find, just to give each other a little love and a smile.

It’s not uncommon to find these notes hidden in lunch boxes or under bedroom pillows for added surprise. We just love a good love note!

Our notes are nothing fancy. They simply state “I love you” or “You are awesome” accompanied by quick drawings or silly stickers.

These notes always give us a smile in the moment, but recently the words in a note I received from my eight-year-old daughter lasted longer than a moment. They went straight to my heart and claimed a place in my soul. Her note said: I love you for how you are. I love you because you are you.

Tears in my eyes and huge breath of relief. This little one loves me because I am me. Not because I drive her around to all her activities or help her with her homework. Not because I am the picture perfect mom of magazines or advertisements. No, she loves me because I am her mom. And that is enough.

How often do we think we have to measure up to some super-high standard of perfection to be loved?

On most days, I run late to work, there is no clean laundry, and I lose my patience more than I’d like to admit. I spend time wishing I were that super-cool relaxed mom who doesn’t fret over the minors — but guess what? I’m not that perfect woman, and I’m finding out no one needs me to be her anyway.

I’m the only one who thinks I have to be perfect, never mess up, or lose my cool. I’m the only one that places all these unmet expectations onto myself.

I know the love notes won’t last forever. The kids will grow up and grow busier. There will come a day when my daughter is upset at me, and I will again start measuring myself up to my own impossible standards. And when that happens, I’ll need the reminder that measuring up to impossible standards will never make me any more loved — because I am already much loved.

Christ, in all His lavish ways, will always love me for me.

He always has and always will love me just as I am. Nothing I can ever do and no impossible standard will ever keep Him from loving me any less.

That is why I need love notes. I need notes to remind me of the greatest love note ever written — the one that says over and over again, I have loved you with an everlasting love. {Jeremiah 31:3, NIV}

All Christ wants us to remember is Him forever loving us. Let that truth go right to your soul and let it stay there.

No matter how imperfect we feel, His love is there, waiting for us to remember, whispering to us to remember, I will always love you.

Just as you are.


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  • Jas

    Thank you Katie for the reminder of the wonderful fact Jesus loves us just as we are, always has, always will.

    • Katie Landers

      You’re welcome. It’s a reminder I know I need often–thanks for reading!

  • A

    Thank you Katie for this-so needed this AM. Praise our Lord for His generous and lavish love :)

    • Katie Landers

      Yes! So thankful for his generous and lavish love also. Thanks for reading!

  • Mary Haynie

    How true. Thank you Katie.

    • Katie Landers

      You’re welcome! Thanks for reading!

  • Angela Balensiefen

    So glad you are able to share your beautiful faith with the world today! I love you for you as well Katie! You are an amazing friend, mother, wife and follower of Christ. I am blessed to have you in my life. Beautiful post!

    • Katie Landers

      Thanks Angie! I am just as equally thankful for you and your sweet friendship! I love that your are one of my biggest cheerleaders! Love you too!

  • SarahP

    Beautiful reminder, friend. I’m so thankful for you – and your precious 8 year old, too.

    • Katie Landers

      Thanks, Sarah! We are all thankful for you too!

  • Rebecca Jones

    I’m so glad he loves us, hopefully, though we grow up in that love. I love leaving notes too, try putting a note on a banana, children love that.

    • Katie Landers

      I love the idea of the note on the banana. I think I will try that with my son who loves bananas! Thanks for sharing!

  • Kelly

    Beautifully written, Katie! Thank you for the encouragement and reminder.

    • Katie Landers

      Thank you! I have to remind myself often of His love for me too!

  • Deanna W

    We do the same with the love notes). We even leave notes on bathroom mirrors. They have keep us connected even more so

    • Katie Landers

      They do keep us connected–I agree. I will have to leave some on the bathroom mirror too! Thanks!

  • Beth Williams

    I may not have little ones around, but I still write cards/email to my hubby often. I want him to know how much he is loved just because he is himself! These reminders are precious to everyone! God loves us just as we are and we should love others the same!
    Blessings :)

    • Katie Landers

      I agree–it is important to let others know they are loved just because they are who they are. I should leave more notes for my husband also! :) Thanks!