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Make Room for What You Love book - Make room for grace

Tell me something. When a neighbor rings the doorbell in the middle of a day to ask for a cup of sugar, do you gracefully open the door, warmly smiling […]


Moms, you deserve to be celebrated. For all you do that goes unseen, un-thanked, unnoticed. For the nights that may as well be days, for all the minutes you sleep. For […]


Recently I was driving home from the grocery store. As I rounded the corner, I was stopped in my tracks by real beauty. I had to pull the car over […]

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What Happens When God Picks a Fight Suddenly I could no longer breathe. There I stood, alone, paralyzed with fear, and drowning in uncharted emotions. I wanted to scream. I […]

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One of our favorite things to do at (in)courage is find ways to invite as many of you as possible to join us on these pages. We know you have […]


I have a feeling the enemy of our souls lost quite a few battles over the past month. We have watched you join us to dig deep into some hard […]


Read Strategy 10: Your Relationships (pages 169-181) “[Satan will] divide old and young, traditionalists versus progressives, private school kids from the public schoolers. Instead of people being able to freely exercise […]


Read Strategy 9: Your Hurts (pages 151-167) Within 45 seconds of watching the singer retell a painful and familiar story from childhood through a song she wrote for her daughter, I […]