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“My daughter always wants to borrow my clothes,” I told my friend over lunch. “Really? That’s great! They say that’s the highest form of flattery from a teen,” she said […]

The Secret to Choosing Joy - Mary Carver at

My friend — and fellow (in)courage writer — Sara Frankl passed away in 2011, but she is still teaching me about choosing joy. As I worked on the book that […]


As we wrap up this Christmas season, we want to celebrate the blessing of encouraging words. Several (in)courage contributors released some amazing books this year, and we’re so blessed to […]


One day I strolled through the doors of a local retail store, trolling for some bargains. Yes, trolling, as in, “This girl ain’t too proud to dig through the sales […]

Win a free 30 minute Skype Chat with -Simply Tuesday- authorEmily P. Freeman! (1)

We did it! We’ve celebrated our Tuesday moments, discovered our Tuesday home, embraced our Tuesday work, found our Tuesday people, accepted our Tuesday souls, and now we get to see […]


More love. Less fear. Can you believe we’re at our final week of our Simply Tuesday book club already? Time has flown, but what a joy it has been to read […]

Win a free 30 minute Skype Chat with -Simply Tuesday- authorEmily P. Freeman! (1)

Before I forget to say it, I want to thank you. It has been such a joy to read this book with so many of you and to spend some […]


More laughter. Less shame. That’s the subtitle to this week’s section of Simply Tuesday — “Accepting Our Tuesday Soul,” and those four words speak such grace and freedom to my […]