Lonely Couch in Field

I joined a community group at my church this year. We gather on Sunday afternoons to read the Word, discuss the sermon, ask questions, and chase after the Lord together. […]

Looking to God

I sat in worship service that night, happy to hear one of my favorite songs begin to play. Amazing grace! How sweet the sound, That saved a wretch like me! […]


Perhaps I shouldn’t have clicked on that button. Perhaps I should have just left it alone. After all, I knew the risks. Why take the chance? But my curiosity got […]


I wasn’t crying over spilled milk, but oil. Smoked hickory grapeseed oil, to be exact. And though I knew it was silly to cry over, the tears welled up in […]


The shape looked different than my normal lipsticks. It pointed toward the tip and sloped in the middle. Somehow on this quiet Sunday morning where thy busyness of a typical […]

chasing extraordinary

Without a moment’s hesitation I knew we were climbing. I place my hands on the cool rugged surface of the rock and find the first foothold. Unsure of my next […]


I met Jennie Allen for the first time in the spring of 2011. It was my final week serving as the Director of Communications at Thomas Nelson and Jennie was presenting her […]


Our family spent months preparing for this vacation! We had been living in Singapore for two and a half years and had one big trip planned before returning to the […]