Recently I experienced a flare up of my old Lyme symptoms. One doctor told me years ago that I no longer deal with active disease, just the residual effects of […]


I’m an introvert in every sense of the word. My energy comes from the revival of long stretches of time spent alone. I can go weeks without contact with another […]


For the past year, I have felt a burden on my heart to be still. I am not plagued with anxiety. My problem is not “busyness.” It is my nature […]


Calling all prayer warriors! I’m talking to you — yes, you, the one who knows what she’s doing. Hey, where did everyone go? I used to think I knew how […]


Another end-of-year awards program and here I sit, yet again, in the midst of other moms. The showcase begins, and I brace myself for roll call. The “A-Honor Roll” kids […]


What should our children know about friendship? Does our concern begin and end with peer pressure and influence? Or are we concerned about the deeply rooted hunger for companionship that […]


Have you ever heard a statistic that just seemed to leave an imprint on your heart? Recently, I heard someone say that 80% of babies in orphanages die because of […]


Eight years ago my husband and I waved good-bye to our families, our friends, and the church community we’d been surrounded by since childhood. With stars in our eyes we […]