I used to dream about being the perfect mom. Certainly, it didn’t seem too unattainable…just raising a few kids…keeping life in order… everything running smoothly…and wonderful…and happy…and clean. Except this […]


He was born at 6:40 PM. Sixteen hours that really bring life to the words labor of love. And when they took him out of me and laid him on my […]


My deepest revelations usually come while doing the most mundane tasks. Washing the dishes. Cooking. Driving. I suspect that God uses moments when my brain is least active (crowded?) to […]


I paused for a moment at the end of the driveway. I was supposed to head south. South was our church, where I was supposed to sit with my children […]


I was embarrassed with the state of my daughter’s wardrobe. Her closet selection was laden with stained and belly showing T-shirts, high water pants that could be mistaken for capris […]


“You are enough.” I hear a whisper, one coffee-less morning all alone in my car, returning from taking my youngest daughter to her first day of Kindergarten. After homeschooling eight […]


On a day of volunteering at a ministry that provides food to people in need, I was able to see clearly how God uses pain in our lives. As I […]


I wonder how much of my life I have lived being color-blind. My soul knows that the cares of this life can camouflage even the most vibrant of God’s creations […]