They say friends are the family we choose. For many of us family hasn’t always been easy. For some of us friendship hasn’t either. We’ve had wounds and disappointments and […]


Recently, I sat down to outline some thoughts that I was preparing to share with the students at my church. On Wednesday evenings I have the pleasure of hanging out […]


I used to love creating beauty with my hands. Painting watercolors. Designing scrapbooks. Preparing gourmet meals. These things all energized me – made me happy when I was sad, renewed […]


We all love a good fairy-tale. The beautiful Jasmine and her flying carpet hero Aladdin, or my favorite, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, or the classic Cinderella and her Prince Charming […]


Maybe, like me, you’ve been through things that have shaped your whole self. Difficult experiences can do that – alter how we think and feel, chip away at our sense of […]


The road trip to visit family had been long, but we were home at last. I stood in the kitchen, surveyed the chaos and wondered where to begin. The counter […]


Life swirled completely unexpectedly around us. Our best prayed over, most faith-filled plans were unraveling in front of us. And not only in front of us, but publicly too. As […]


Five of us women piled laughing into her great big sports utility vehicle. We had been in training together for four weeks, the latest of which brought us to the […]