We got out of our jeep, slowly trying to find our legs again after having been crammed for hours in a small space with potholed roads that you are not […]


I was standing in the shower, my head pressed cool against the smooth fiberglass, the hot water pounding my back, when I heard the words spiral up inside me, “Will […]


Study after study shows that when we think we are going to do well at something, we actually do. In medicine they call it the Placebo Effect. When we believe […]


“Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.” {John 15:13, NASB} Everything was unfamiliar to me. The sounds. The smells. Even the […]


“Yep, I could hang out with you.” I chuckled at my new friend’s words. We’d just met a few weeks ago and our families were having lunch for the first […]

Sarah Mae // incourage.me

She asks the same question over and over and over again. She’s been asking since she was five. “If God is good, why did He let evil into the world? […]


Friends come and go. True. Friendships change. True. Goodbyes happen. True. This is my life. I have had many a friend move away . . . friends that I love, […]


I’m an introvert in every sense of the word. My energy comes from the revival of long stretches of time spent alone. I can go weeks without contact with another […]