Motherless daughters. At first glance that might seem like an odd turn of phrase – especially the week before Mother’s Day when you were probably expecting a sweet and simple […]

Block Print Artisan at JOYN

Last fall, I visited India for the first time. India – a country full of contradictions, religions, people groups and languages. India – where there are sacred cows in the […]


Our family moved to the beautiful country of Uganda just five weeks ago. Having lived in Indonesia for the last eight years, I anticipated a few bumps in the transition, […]


Life swirled completely unexpectedly around us. Our best prayed over, most faith-filled plans were unraveling in front of us. And not only in front of us, but publicly too. As […]


My husband and I had gone camping as kids growing up, and even been camping once as a couple before kids. But we never took the camping plunge as a […]


30 Days.

May 1, 2014 by

Suspend reality with me for a moment. I promise I’ll bring you back. What if you woke up tomorrow with a message from God (a note, an email, His voice […]


I once heard George Barna say, Never let a good crisis go to waste. As it turns out, he may have been quoting Winston Churchill who said the same thing. Whoever said […]

If we've survived, no matter how worse

Just three words, said in passing. Little did she know how I needed to hear those words right then, how I needed to hear them from a person like her, […]