When it comes to the subject of my father, unfortunately there isn’t much to tell. His name was Robert. He and my mother weren’t married. He gave me a purple […]

“Aliza,” he said, and his voice sounded full so I craned my neck to listen closer and she was there, too, smiling, looking directly into my heart as he spoke. […]


On a day of volunteering at a ministry that provides food to people in need, I was able to see clearly how God uses pain in our lives. As I […]


I wonder how much of my life I have lived being color-blind. My soul knows that the cares of this life can camouflage even the most vibrant of God’s creations […]


They say friends are the family we choose. For many of us family hasn’t always been easy. For some of us friendship hasn’t either. We’ve had wounds and disappointments and […]

May you know the Father sees you and knows what you need - Emily Freeman for (in)courage

In this season of finishing up, of moving on, of celebrations and endings, a blessing for those whose service and work is coming to an end. For the teacher, you have […]

Mother Teresa Quote-StudioJRU

I wrestle with my size and how it relates to my place in this enormous world. More often than not I believe I’m too tiny to make a difference. I […]


Motherless daughters. At first glance that might seem like an odd turn of phrase – especially the week before Mother’s Day when you were probably expecting a sweet and simple […]