It has been one of those seasons. A couple of really hard weeks. You know . . . the kind that makes you just wonder how so much can be […]


Calling all prayer warriors! I’m talking to you — yes, you, the one who knows what she’s doing. Hey, where did everyone go? I used to think I knew how […]

No Matter

Growing up in a small town, I attended 13 years of school with the same kids. The children who shared crayons and blocks with me in Kindergarten became the angst-ridden […]


What should our children know about friendship? Does our concern begin and end with peer pressure and influence? Or are we concerned about the deeply rooted hunger for companionship that […]


While we don’t have plans to do a formal (in)RL gathering this year, God has put it on our hearts to continue to encourage and equip women to gather in […]

After a time of purification // Stephanie Bryant // incourage.me

Their toes were still in the sand of wilderness, but their eyes could finally see the Promised Land. They knew it was for them. Just waiting for the taking. Are […]

When we are tethered to Grace // Alia Joy // incourage.me

Sometimes I write and people tell me I’m brave. Because I write hard things. Because I dive past the small talk and tell you where it hurts. Because I don’t […]

Hope. Friends. Complement.001

We’re so excited to feature our dear friend, and long-time (in)courage community sister Stacey Thacker today. She and Brooke McGlothlin have co-written a beautiful book called Hope for the Weary […]