I read her words and they were hot embers to my heart– they burned glory, only glory, but in my humanity, I received them as a vicious personal assault.  The […]


At first glance, the beach didn’t look like it had many shells to offer. But a slower walk and a closer look revealed her secrets – tiny pieces of smooth […]

Hope - Annie Downs, incourage.me

I have an idea for us. What if this year we just hoped like crazy? The kind of hope that can feel scary and look embarrassing and may blow up […]

See the scale as an indication of your body weight, not an indication of your worth as a woman.

I rolled over and looked at the clock. Another day. Beyond all reason and rationality, I slid out of bed and stripped off everything that might weigh even the slightest […]

Snowshoe Trail in the Boundary Waters

Growing up in the woods of Minnesota meant spending a lot of time traipsing through cold wet snow. And even though I was born and bred in those harsh winters, […]

Unwrapped gift

The days between Christmas and New Years can feel heavy. The gifts are unwrapped, only cookie crumbs remain in the pretty tins, and returning to school or work is only […]

How to not lose heart when you're drowning

I had an epiphany. And maybe it’s something everyone else has always known, but for me this is a big deal. Because it completely changes how I see my life. […]


Lately it’s been a struggle for me to write. It’s a combination of the natural post-partum discouragement that comes a few months after releasing a book combined with the simple […]