God's Protection - incourage.me

“If I didn’t follow God here, then I don’t know Him at all.” I whispered these words because I was afraid to speak them any louder. There are times in my life […]


About 15 years ago I earned a suffix. A comma rests between my last name and the letters “APR” in my professional signature. APR stands for “Accredited in Public Relations.” […]

Crossroads - incourage.me

I took a shortcut through the woods that night. Trees leaned across the narrow lane as if to close me in. After several minutes of driving, I glanced at the […]

Sometimes it's the smallest pieces that add the most strength. Crystal Stine  // incourage.me

Inside our garage there’s a large section of a fence along the wall, looming over my car when I climb out. It’s a trial run of a much larger project […]

You are exactly where you need to be. Sarah Markley // incourage.me

It’s happened to all of us. FOMO. We are nine years old and we know all of our friends are at an after school roller skating party that we are […]

Emily Freeman - incourage.me

Saturday morning starts with an hour or so of reading in my sunroom office, settling in to spend the day at home. John puts muffins in the oven, our son […]

Unexpected Limitations - Ann Voskamp - incourage.me

In the middle of a stiff winter wind, she asks to go to the beach. That’s where she says she wants to celebrate the turning of her calendar year. To […]


Webster defines a holding pattern as “a course flown by an aircraft while waiting for permission to land; a state of waiting or suspended activity or progress.” The weather was […]