When we are tethered to Grace // Alia Joy // incourage.me

Sometimes I write and people tell me I’m brave. Because I write hard things. Because I dive past the small talk and tell you where it hurts. Because I don’t […]

Hope. Friends. Complement.001

We’re so excited to feature our dear friend, and long-time (in)courage community sister Stacey Thacker today. She and Brooke McGlothlin have co-written a beautiful book called Hope for the Weary […]


Not My Son

Apr 3, 2015 by

As they came to the end of their three day journey to Mount Moriah, all was quiet. The clouds hung low, fog settled, and the wind whispered of impending decisions. […]

God's Protection - incourage.me

“If I didn’t follow God here, then I don’t know Him at all.” I whispered these words because I was afraid to speak them any louder. There are times in my life […]


About 15 years ago I earned a suffix. A comma rests between my last name and the letters “APR” in my professional signature. APR stands for “Accredited in Public Relations.” […]

Crossroads - incourage.me

I took a shortcut through the woods that night. Trees leaned across the narrow lane as if to close me in. After several minutes of driving, I glanced at the […]

Sometimes it's the smallest pieces that add the most strength. Crystal Stine  // incourage.me

Inside our garage there’s a large section of a fence along the wall, looming over my car when I climb out. It’s a trial run of a much larger project […]

You are exactly where you need to be. Sarah Markley // incourage.me

It’s happened to all of us. FOMO. We are nine years old and we know all of our friends are at an after school roller skating party that we are […]