So these stones shall become a memorial…. Joshua 4:7c i. I saw it sitting on my sister’s kitchen counter and it was the kind of thing I wanted to pick up […]


Motherless daughters. At first glance that might seem like an odd turn of phrase – especially the week before Mother’s Day when you were probably expecting a sweet and simple […]

Block Print Artisan at JOYN

Last fall, I visited India for the first time. India – a country full of contradictions, religions, people groups and languages. India – where there are sacred cows in the […]


My husband and I had gone camping as kids growing up, and even been camping once as a couple before kids. But we never took the camping plunge as a […]


I had seen several posts on Instagram of couples looking so fun and whimsically romantic that I decided to look for a moment like this for my husband, Art, and […]



Apr 14, 2014 by

I fell in “like” with Haiti before I even stepped off the plane. But I’m here now. I’m here. And I’m in love. It has been months of planning and […]

A Time to Play - Angela Nazworth -

Want to get under my skin fast? Tell me to lighten up. It’s a phrase I’ve despised for decades. My first boyfriend actually used that line on me when he […]


Back then I said I’d never be like him. I slammed doors to punctuate the point and to make sure my dad knew it. You can be tall and 15 […]