(in)RL 2014: Frequently Asked Questions

(in)RL for Beginners





(in)RL for Beginners

What exactly is (in)RL?

(in)RL (“in real life”) is a virtual conference that connects you with local women in your community through online webcasts and global Meetups. It’s a chance to connect face-to-face with women you may already know, and to form new long-lasting friendships. (in)RL consists of a Friday webcast session that you tune into by yourself and a Saturday meetup with others in your local community.

How do I attend (in)RL?

You will need to Register for (in)RL and then sign up on our Meetup map to either host or attend. Registration is free, and you will receive a free backstage pass to all (in)RL content from 2012 & 2013 just for registering!

What do I watch on Friday?

You will go to www.inrl.us and sign in with the username and password you created when you registered. The agenda for the opening webcast on Friday is listed here. Screening times are at 9am, 1pm, 6pm, and 9pm EDT. Connect with us via Twitter with women around the globe who are watching with you!

 What do I watch on Saturday?

Your (in)RL Meetup Host will be able to choose which webcasts to share at your Meetup. The Agenda for Saturday Webcasts is listed here. All videos will be available for a 48 hour period starting Friday at midnight (EDT). You can logon to www.inrl.us at home through Sunday evening to catch any videos your host didn’t show at the meetup.

How do I find a meetup near me?

Keep an eye on the Meetup Map found here. Search for your location to see if a Meetup is already started in your area. If not, we encourage you to sign up to host one yourself! Or, you can check back in periodically for a Meetup near you.

How do I become a Host?

First, make sure you register for (in)RL here, then sign up here to host a Meetup.

Once you are on the Meetup Map, just follow these steps to become a Host of a Meetup:

  1. Click on “Start a new Community”
  2. Give your Meetup a Name
  3. Create a Meetup Account
  4. Now just choose a time for your meetup, add a location, or just add “TBD”. You must make an edit to either the time, location or add details to your meetup to become a meetup planner and be designated as a host.
  5. Once you’ve done this, a star should appear on your picture under “Members.”
  6. To add a picture, just hover over “Account” in the top right corner and then click “General”. You’ll then see an option to change/add your photo.

What happens at an (in)RL Meetup?

Last year, many women watched a few (in)RL Webcast videos, ate yummy food, and just enjoyed spending time together. Several Meetups even had a craft time together or did manicures– big or small, each Meetup was full of fun!

What’s the style of the webcasts? What are they about?

The webcasts feature the writers of (in)courage along with other ladies in the (in)courage community. There are webcasts on several different topics, with the overall theme being “We Need YOUR Story.”

Is (in)RL just for US Residents?

Nope, in fact, we welcome and encourage all of our International readers to participate in (in)RL! Last year we had Meetups all over the world from Singapore to Northern Ireland!


Why aren’t you guys just having a regular conference?

Well, we thought and prayed about it long and hard. And because the heart of (in)courage is community. We wanted to bring the conference to you rather than ask you to come to us.

We also like that it means we won’t need to limit the number of tickets. No one will have to sweat the price of travel and accommodation, and moms won’t have to leave their kids or worry about child care. We love that it means no one will have to feel left out in any way, shape or form.

But mostly we love that it gives us a chance to connect women in real life. No travel required. Just (in)courage right where you are as a way to engage with instant, local community. We believe the new friendships you’ll make will outlast anything we could organize at a specific location. We want to help you form connections that go beyond the blog post so that you can continue to (in)courage one another in real life for months and even years to come.

How much does it cost to register?

It’s FREE this year! Just go here to Register. Then find your city location and join a meetup! Or start one yourself.

And as a bonus we’re sending everyone who registers a free backstage pass to all (in)RL content from 2012 & 2013!

If I’m watching the beachcast at a friend’s house or other venue – and they’ve already registered to host – do I still need to register?

Yes please, for a few reasons. To make sure you get your free backstage pass to all (in)RL content from 2012 & 2013. And so that we can keep an accurate headcount of how many are participating in (in)RL.

Do I need to register and RSVP to a meetup?

Yup, it’s all on this one page – just register here so we can send you your free backstage pass as well as the login information for the webcast. Then be sure and find a meetup near you and RSVP so that the host knows you’ll be attending. The heart of (in)RL is for women to connect in person after all.


What are the meetups for?

Because, like you, we think real life community is essential to grow in friendships and faith, we wanted to give the (in)courage community a chance to connect in real life. We figured it would be a fun surprise to discover other women right in your neighborhood that all spend time at (in)courage on a daily basis. So wouldn’t it be great if you could spend time together in real life?

Does it cost extra to RSVP to a meetup?

Nope. It’s all totally free. Just come as you are and enjoy connecting with other local women (in) real life. But feel free to see if your host might like guests to bring a snack to share.

Are meetups on Friday and Saturday?

Nope, the meetups are only on Saturday April 26, 2014.The (in)RL webcast kicks off on Friday, April 25 and (in)RL meetups follow on Saturday, April 26. Tune in by yourself for an hour on Friday for the community keynotes and on Saturday meet up with old friends and new to spend a few hours in real life community and watch more of the (in)RL webcast together.

How do I find other (in)courage readers in my area?

That’s fun and easy – you just click right here on our meetup page and look for the (in)courage community closest to you. If you don’t see one, feel free to start one yourself!

Do you have to read (in)courage to attend?

Nope, anyone and everyone is welcome, just as they are. But this will be an event hosted by (in)courage, so you may want to check out our story and our heart to learn more about what we believe and who we are.

Do you have to be a blogger to attend?

Nope, the (in)RL beach house parties are open to women everywhere – whether you blog, just read blogs or have never heard of a blog. Come one, come all!

Can I invite friends from MOPS/church/work/school/you name it?

Yes! Please do! The more the merrier. Bring them along, introduce them to (in)courage and let’s connect across neighborhoods all over the globe!

What time will the (in)RL meetup start on Saturday?

That will be up to each individual host – check out your local meetup page for details.

How long will the (in)RL meetup last on Saturday?

Again, this is up to each host. But the time frame we’re recommending is about 3 hours. Meetup hosts will share time and venue based on varied time zones and we’ll be providing video content that meetups can tune into, which explore the topic of taking up the beautiful challenge to do life together, even when the going gets tough. 

What if I can’t attend a meetup, can I still watch the webcast?

Sure you can! Just register here and then tune in at www.inrl.us from the comfort of your own home and join (in)courage (in) real life.


What time do I tune in on Friday? Are Webcasts scheduled at a specific time on Saturday?

Screening times for the Friday Webcast are (EDT): 9am / 1pm / 6pm / 9pm

All times are in Eastern Daylight Time {North America} – just click them to find your corresponding local time and tune in.

Meetup Hosts can decide when they would like to share the Webcasts on Saturday. These are not limited to showing at certain times.

How will I get access to the webcasts?

Once you register, you will use the same username and password to access the webcasts at www.inrl.us. We recommend writing down the username and password you use when registering for (in)RL, so you won’t have any trouble accessing the videos on Friday and Saturday. However, there is a “forgot your password” link on the sign-in page just in case!

Will I receive a reminder email of my username and password?

We do not have access to the password that you use to register for (in)RL, so we will not be emailing you with your specific username and password to access the videos. You can, however, reset your own password easily by clicking here. Please email us: incourage@dayspring.com if you need further assistance.

I’m technically challenged. How can I make sure I’m prepared to show the webcasts to my guests?

Glad you asked! We’ve got a handy-dandy Technical Checklist here. This should answer all your technical questions.


How do I sign up to Host a Meetup?

Once you are on the Meetup Map, just follow these steps to become a Host of a Meetup:

  1. Click on “Start a new Community”
  2. Give your Meetup a Name (preferably the City & State where your Meetup will be held)
  3. Create a Meetup Account
  4. Now just choose a time for your meetup, add a location, or just add “TBD”. You must make an edit to either the time, location or add details to your meetup to become a meetup planner and be designated as a host.
  5. Once you’ve done this, a star should appear on your picture under “Members.” To add a picture, just hover over “Account” in the top right corner and then click “General”. You’ll then see an option to change/add your photo.

When I go to the Meetup map, my location is automatically recognized. This isn’t where I want to host my Meetup. How do I change this?

To change the location of your Meetup, login to your Meetup account (or set one up) then follow these steps:

  1. Scroll over ‘Account’, click on General
  2. Click ‘Edit by Location’
  3. Enter the Zip Code where you want your Meetup to be held
  4. Then Submit and go back here to our Meetup map
  5. You should then see the town you wish to host a Meetup in under “start a new community..”

Only one or two people have registered for my meetup! Should I still host?

Girlfriend, this could be a chance for you to start a brand new friendship! We aren’t all about numbers for your meetup. If you would feel a bit more comfortable, invite a neighbor, family member, or friend over to join you. We honestly believe that when it comes to connecting in heartfelt and meaningful ways, small is the new big.

No one has RSVP’d to my meetup. What should I do?

First of all, don’t get discouraged that no one RSVP’d to your meetup. It could be that no one in your area is familiar with (in)courage and (in)RL. Could you invite a few people over to watch the webcasts with you? Maybe you’d like to curl up on the couch with hot chocolate and watch them by yourself? Whatever you decide is perfectly fine with us.

I’m no longer able to host a meetup, due to unforeseen circumstances that have recently come up. How do I cancel my meetup?

We’d really rather you not cancel your meetup. We want to give others who have RSVP’d to your meetup a chance to host. To remove yourself from your meetup, just login here to view your meetup and you’ll see an option to stop hosting. Please leave a comment in your meetup, letting others know your circumstances.

How do I get a copy of the printable discussion worksheets?

Printable Discussion worksheets will be available during the week before (in)RL. We’ll be emailing them out to all hosts and you’ll also be able to find them here.

I’m not registered but want to tune in to the videos on Friday (before my meetup). Is that possible?

You must be registered in order to have access to the videos on Friday and Saturday. Register here.

Should I ask if my meetup attendees have registered? What do I do if they haven’t registered?

It’s ok if women come to your meetup that have not registered. No need to check for their registration ID, everyone is welcome as they are. However, they will not get the free eBook or access to the Friday webcast if they do not register… so, you might want to recommend it!

What if my email address has changed since I registered for (in)RL?

You need to let us know as soon as possible—this is how you will receive updates from us on how to access the (in)RL Webcasts. Contact us: incourage@dayspring.com