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Deidra is a national speaker and the author of Every Little Thing: Making a World of Difference Right Where You Are, and One: Unity in a Divided World. Follow Deidra on Instagram @deidrariggs

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. I have been remiss in my (in)courage post readings, but tonight, pregnancy insmonia finds me at the computer.
    I’m so glad I took the the time to read this post.
    Thank you. You have blessed my day.

  2. Oh Deidra, you are one snazzy mentor to me! Your words never fail to minister to my heart.
    This reminder, “As long as there’s breath, there’s hope”, is one of the most encouraging phrases I’ve ever heard. I don’t just hear it, I feel it down to my core. Thank you for this!

  3. i guess this is for me, this morning. i felt useless, alot of missed opportunities, and wondering why God hasn’t simply takin me home, i guess because i still have breathe there’s still something He wants me to do.

  4. As spring approaches, I remember the robins who nested last year around our home. There are so many lessons there ~
    Build a nest … location and just the right amount of coziness
    Keep watch ~ Children need to feel safe
    It takes work ~ Lots of meals, nest cleaning
    Be there. . .
    It was a lesson to behold ~ and so true of us.
    Although my children are also grown and have ‘flown to their own nests,’ all these attributes are still important…but the one that outshines them all is to BE THERE… That to me is the most important one~
    Deidra, Your children must know how much they are loved ? Your wonderful words show the breadth and depth of your heart.

  5. Oh, Deidra. This post left me breathless! It was beautiful. I am not a mother yet, but I can imagine how heart-wrenching it would be to go through something like that. I love that picture too- it’s perfect!

  6. These words are so true…for most parents whether they experience a life threatening moment or just the “normal” heart wrenching experiences of child raising. It all goes SO fast. My children are both grown up now but I have many young adult friends with young children. I remind them regularly to cherish EVERY moment with those beautiful, young, innocent, children…and BREATHE when things get tough. I will encourage them to read your post today, it is beautiful!

  7. Oh Deidra – yes and amen. I look at our adult children and can only think “GRACE”. They are such amazing people and I know in my heart that it is only God’s grace that filled in the gaps left by my dismal failures.
    Yes – there is always hope because we have a Father who is a perfect parent.

  8. Diedra,
    Thanks for this story about your lovely children. It encouraged me. My adult children have had their share of success but they’ve also experienced failure, especially the younger one. And then I feel like I have failed as a parent. I need to have faith that God is still working in their lives maybe in spite of me and that there still is hope for more success. Thanks!

  9. Beautiful…blessings and Congratulations to you Deidra and the entire team at (in)courage. It is an honor to nominate a group like you and see you in the Top 100! You are so Loved!! Each one of you! Great site and ministry team!

  10. Hope, hope, hope. This venture is terrifying…this whole motherhood thing. I often get to scared to breathe…must keep breathing, must keep hoping, must keep trusting that the one who gave me these precious ones knew what he was doing when he placed them under my roof!

  11. My children are also grown and changing the world, raising our grandchildren. Hope is a mighty big word but means so much- thanks for the (In(Couragement… As we are there even for our grandchildren.

  12. My oldest is 20, youngest is 14, and there are two in the middle. Time is ticking by so fast and soon they will all be gone. I have found myself wondering if they will all be okay and if I will be okay. Thanks for the gentle reminder today, I truly needed it. :o)

  13. i love you deidra … i do …
    your words are a god given gift that resonate time and time again …
    humbly and quietly, thank you.
    prairiegirl xo