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Lysa TerKeurst is a New York Times bestselling author and speaker who helps everyday women live an adventure of faith through following Jesus Christ. As president of Proverbs 31 Ministries, Lysa has lead thousands over the past 15 years to help make their walk with God an invigorating journey. Not...

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  1. I pray my daughter would know who she is in Christ above anything else… that she would feel his strength when she cant feel her own… that she would trust in his knowledge of her when she questions her own (or others) opinion of her…

  2. I pray that my sons will have hearts after God’s own heart. That they will be men of courage who will stand against the crowd and for Jesus. I pray that my sons will hunger after God’s word to fill their big appetites. And I pray that they will marry Christian women and become strong spiritual leaders in their homes.

  3. My mom said that her grandmother would always tell her to “take the high road.” That is how my mom raised me. Living the uncommon life, being peculiar (especially as a teenager) is not easy — oh but the value — incomparable! As I look back over my life, I haven’t been sorry that my mom prayed these things for me, and I, too, long for that strength of character and that living life fully in the Father’s love for my children.

  4. As I watch my boys grow, handsome and intelligent, regardless of how I see myself (sometimes good, sometimes bad…)I am often reminded of a couple of Russell Watson (?) songs… “watercolour ponies” and the one about praying for his sons’s future wives. My prayers for the grace to guide my boys in His ways, and for them to become and hunger to be men after God’s own heart, are interspersed with prayers for the little girls who are becoming women after God’s own heart, the uncommon, the ones who will rise above, who will live not according to what the world tells them. And everyday I am thankful, and I stand a bit fearful and a bit awed that I have been given this incredible gift, of being part of these amazing lives, even if for a little while.

  5. What a beautiful post. My prayer for my daughter is usually for wisdom – wisdom to know how priceless a gift it is to be a child of God and that she never forgets her value to him. I don’t want her to be caught in the game that so many of our young women are in, selling themselves to the first person who comes along because they don’t realise that they are worth so much more.

  6. I pray that my children (boy 7 & girl 11) will continue to love God like they do now! They are the reason, part of it anyway, that we are in church now! I pray that the pull of ‘stay in bed on Sunday morning and have a big breakfast’ does not overtake their thinking and joy of being in church. We are a divorced family and that pull to stay home on Sundays is what they get from their father–so they’ve gone from being in church weekly to being in church maybe twice a month-when they are home with me. I pray that their hunger to learn about Jesus and their questioning of what and why and how did Jesus do whatever continues for their lifetime! I pray that they continue to talk t o God and they pray even at their Father’s house and I pray that he listens to them and would feel God’s love on him also.

  7. This is beautiful, straight from the heart…thank you for starting my morning out on such a positive note. Your words sure sink into my soul, I pray for my grandkids as they start a new year at school…God bless you always.

  8. To be strong in the world, for Godly spouses & to continue in their walk with a strong light.

  9. I am inspired to write out for my 17 year old son what I pray and hope for him! I pray that he would walk upright before the Lord, taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ and the words of his mouth and mediations of his heart would be pleasing in God’s sight.

  10. I pray that my children would have the love of Christ shining through them and that they will always make the choice to serve Him. I pray they would not get caught up in the world and all “it has to offer.”

  11. I don’t have children of my own since I am only 19. But the past year I have been investing lots of time babysitting for a family very dear to my heart. They’ve moved a few hours away now but I am praying those two beautiful angels continue to love and seek Christ. That Avery will continue to dance with all the passion God put inside her and always dance for Him. And I pray little sweet Reagan will continue to be a kind soul but always be strong willed in being as you said uncommon.

  12. I pray for my daughter to continue to follow the Lord and that she will continue to raise my one and only Precious grand child in the love and knowledge of knowing Christ … I was privileged to watch my Precious get Baptized in the creek last year! Thank You Jesus!

  13. I pray that she will grow up to be a beautiful woman and follower of Christ. I pray for her continued safety and health. I pray that I am the kind of parent that God would have me be. That I will teach her the right way and show her the truth and have the opportunity to lead her to Christ when she’s older (she’s only 11 months right now)

  14. Wow. I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes wondering and thinking and praying with my full heart. Thank You. Today, when two of my three children go back to school (one college sophomore and one 4th Grade) I needed this.

  15. I don’t have children yet, but I do pray for my school children that they would be themselves, that they would find what makes them unique and embrace it and that they wouldn’t care about anyone else. I pray that they see their potential and dream. That their dreams are larger then they are…..

  16. What a beautiful post… so well said.
    I pray that our girls would put the Lord first- above all else, and let Him lead and guide them in His ways and plans for their sweet lives.

  17. What a beautiful post. You gave me some things to consider about what I pray for. I have been so blessed in spite of not always praying for the right things.

  18. I pray that my children will always have the strength of God to stand up for what is uncommon – the good and decent and godly way of life that once was and is for them. It’s uncommon to be good and decent and godly today.

  19. I pray for the salvation of my younger boys and for my eldest who asked Christ into his heart last year, I pray for courage to live his life for Christ in this crooked world.
    I pray that he will desire to give his life completely to Christ and realize his identity in Christ.
    We went through a lot when we adopted him from Guatemala and the obstacles that were thrown up seemed insurmountable…but God’s plan prevailed and we know He has something in store for our boy!

  20. I pray that they follow the Lord with all their heart. I pray that they learn from my mistakes, and that they realize that the things that are important to most people sometimes just aren’t (like your thoughts, only I’ve never come up with the word uncommon to describe it).

  21. I pray that God will circumcise their hearts of anything that needs to be—-and that they always know to the depth of their soul–how much He loves them.

  22. Because my own name is Hope I felt as though God was speaking directly to me while reading this. As I read more and went on to the comments I was reminded of my own prayers for the Christian growth of my children and the lives ahead of them. God works in such gentle, constant ways. Hie hand is on us all.

  23. I pray that my kids will make the “right decisions” and that they will choose friends who are also God believers.

  24. I pray that they will be leaders and the ones who are setting the course instead of following it! I pray that they love God with all their heart, soul and mind! I pray that they worship with abandon and love well!! Thank you for this post!!

  25. Wow … what an amazing post! Makes me realize there is so much more to be praying for my daughter! I have always prayed she would realize just how special she is … a child of the KING and that God would just protect her and to help us raise her.
    This post will change the prayer for my daughter … Thank you!

  26. More than anything I want my children to have a radical encounter with the living God. May He radiate in all they do, say, think and feel. May they fight the culture and all the lies the world offers. May they long for the presence of the Lord in their lives.

  27. While I don’t have children, I pray for those that I might have some day that they’ll ‘get’ and understand God sooner than I did. That they’ll walk faithfully when I didn’t. That they’ll just love…God and people.

  28. I pray that they will be all the Lord made them to be. That they will use their unique up-bringing in Haiti to change the world for His Kingdom. Our school’s name is START-Striving To Achieve Remarkable Things. That they will please the Lord in all they do and are. Fo King and Kingdom.

  29. For their health, happiness and for each of them to realize how special they are for being them! Don’t try to be an imitation of some one else…be your self…be proud..believe you are the best and others will see that shine through.

  30. I pray that they will have a heart for God. I pray that if they stray, they will be caught so there is time to work through the issue before it is a habit. I pray they will be able to stand for their faith. I pray that God will protect them and that He will protect their hearts.

  31. This post was beautiful.
    For my son, I pray that he will grow into a strong, wise, and godly man. We have prayed that he would trust in Christ as his Savior at a young age, and that he would serve Him for the rest of his life.
    For my daughter, I pray that she will trust in Jesus at a young age, and that she will grow into a wise, godly, and gentle woman. And we pray that she will serve the Lord for the rest of her life.

  32. I love this question. I just get so excited about my kids. Praise the Lord, they are so awesome. I pray for them a lot. I pray that they will put Christ as first priority in their lives. They will hunger for righteousness, and that the Lord will constantly reveal himself to them. I pray for their health and safety and for good relationships with them. I pray that they will lead and be strong and for their deliverance from evil. I offer them up to the Lord to be used by him. If they have someone who is not being nice at school, we will talk about it and pray for this person. I enjoy them so much and love to lift them up in prayer.

  33. I pray that they love God more and more everyday. I know they have come to the point where they know things do not mean anything- its people and memories, and love for God. I pray for them to have peace and put their trust in God, He has a plan and has had a plan for us all along.

  34. I pray that my boys would know Christ, would love Him and do the good works He has planned for them.

  35. I pray that my girls will shine Jesus light to those around them. That they will be different as well. My oldest has already felt the sting of having “friends” that don’t believe the Bible, but she is drawing on Christ’s strength to help her through. Thank you for the encouragement to pray for the unusual and uncommon for our children!

  36. I don’t have any living children–God took them before they were born. However, I pray for my neices and nephews that they will know God and become comitted Christians.

  37. Thanks, Lysa for your encouraging words today. I have two boys, 13 & 21, and I pray for them to be “uncommon” also – to not try to be with the “in” crowd, and to love the Lord first. God Bless You!

  38. This is beautiful! I have 4 uncommon girls that I am praying for! Lately, my heart has been fixed on:
    1. Love God
    2. Listen to His voice
    3. Hold fast
    Deuteronomy 30:20

  39. My oldest daughter is only 9 now but oh, how I fear those struggles she will and already is facing. I’ll be sharing these prayers for “uncommonness.”

  40. I don’t have children of my own. But I have a youth group of kids and I pray that they are all uncommon as well…but also that they will be filled with desire to root themselves in the truth of who He is and a boldness to tell those around them the truth.

  41. I don’t have children of my own, but we have been helping a young doctor and his family in India. I keep praying that he will come to know Jesus as his saviour and make a difference to the people he treats.

  42. My daughters are married with children of their own. I have always prayed that they find happiness and fulfillment in all their do. I still pray the same for my girls and their families.

  43. Over the years I have prayed many things for my now adult children. As my faith as grown my prayers have too. I am praying now that my boys find the women God has planned for them. I am praying that they each have someone in their life to disciple them and help make them fishers of men.

  44. How beautiful! I pray that my boys would grow into the men God wants them to be – that they would have hearts to seek after Him and learn His ways.

  45. I pray a lot of things for my children, namely for their future spouses. That not only will my child “wait” until marriage, but that their future spouses will too.
    We CAN expect our kids to be uncommon!! My 2 oldest daughters are 17 and 19. Neither has dated, and yes, they’re not only beautiful on the outside, but beautiful on the inside. After they turned 16 it was their choice, to a degree, if they were going to date. I have expectations when it comes to dating, but it hasn’t come up yet.
    Both of my girls, on their own, dress fashionably yet conservatively. It can be done!
    Both my girls have great friends at school and church and are active on both as well as working. They don’t have to hang with the “wrong” crowd just because they become teenagers.
    Now, I set the ground work for where they are now with the Lord’s help, but I’m bragging about them as wonderful ladies of God, not about myself. Trust me, if it truly had anything to do with me, who knows where their lives would be. =)
    Don’t enter me in the drawing. I just wanted to share. *grin*

  46. What do I pray for my son? I pray that he really gets it that God has a plan for his life, it may not be easy but it will be worth it to live out God’s plan. I pray that he will have a yearning to read God’s word.

  47. Wow! I love this prayer Lysa! I don’t have kids… yet 🙂 But one day I pray that my children will be a LIGHT to their generation, an example to many, with a BIG heart for God and for people. In essence, they will be uncommon!

  48. If I had children I would pray for them to be happy, well-grounded individuals who follow God wholeheartedly.
    I would like them to be kind, compassionate & always thinking of others before themselves.

  49. I pray that all of my children seek Him first. That their walk with him will continue when they no longer live at home.

  50. While I have not been blessed with children, yet, I pray for all God’s children. I try to look at them as those that need my prayers, my love. I cannot control where I am or if I have any, I just must trust Him, who placed this love/need upon my heart. So I lavish it on friends children, praying for their needs to know the Lord. And know they are loved above all else. Choices.

  51. I agree Lysa! I pray those things for my girls too!
    My oldest (a son) is in his 2nd year of college and now I see much of the fruit of my labor in his life.
    This pray stuff works.
    So does the investment of my time and teaching!
    My girls are both in high school and I love seeing the strength they have to follow Christ and not their peers.
    My prayers would be for them to stay on the path of Christ and to make Him Lord of their own homes when they leave mine.

  52. everyday I pray that my children are healthy, happy, and most importantly have a huge heart for Jesus. There are more prayers for everyday mixed in but these are my three prayers that I continuously go back to and earnestly wish for.

  53. My prayer for my boys are that they will become men after God’s own heart, that they will know they are loved beyond comprehension. I pray that they will be leaders, with their peers, of their families. I pray that they will serve GOD in all they do. I pray they will do what they LOVE. I pray they will know that they will always be a work in progress, that they will know they will fall and whom to call on to help them up again.

  54. Oh Lysa,
    My daughter is 15, I pray every word right along with you. And my sister, our girls are daughters of the King. Uncommon and set on a life of adventure. How amazing is that??? Love you tons, Lynn

  55. I pray for my adult children to find happiness in their busy lives. I pray they prioritize their worries and focus on the important things in life. I pray they realize not all things can be solved by themselves, they need to go to the Lord in prayer when life situations are too overwhelming and give it all up to him.

  56. What a beautiful prayer for your daughter! Everyday when I walk my kids to the bus stop I pray for them to be leaders in there school. To be that example for the other kids. To be yourself and not try to be something your not. Most of all remember to love Jesus. They know the prayers now and we say it together. I sometimes get afraid of raising kids in this world today, but I know God gave them to me for a reason. They are going to be earthshakers. They will be the head and not the tail. They will be above and not beneath. They are awesome! Thank you for this reminder to help pave that way for our kiddos to be uncommon!

  57. what an absolutely beautiful prayer to pray for your child. I don’t have kids, but I can see the magnificent power in a prayer like this… can’t wait to see what God does with it!

  58. I pray that my children would fall in love with Jesus. That they would know that they have unique gifts given to them by God and that they embrace those gifts and use them for His glory. That they are loved deeply by God and that their security comes from that knowledge.

  59. Lysa, I pray for my girls to rise above, to walk with Christ through the daily ups and downs, to live their young lives leaving no regrets behind. I pray for real faith, a real deep relationship with our Savior, that goes beyond Mom and Dad’s. I pray for vision to see that God has a great future planned and for the honesty to see that they are sinners, desperately in need of God.
    Thanks for sharing these precious thoughts of your daughter with us today, Lysa!

  60. Right now I am praying that my children will have a hunger for the Lord, they are 10 and 12 and they “say” the right things, but I’m not so sure about their “heart”!

  61. I’m raising an uncommon daughter too, and I pray that God gets hold of her heart, and never lets go. I pray for all my kids that they love the Lord. It makes their Christian walk so much easier.

  62. I pray that my boys won’t “just go through the motions” but that their relationship with Jesus will be real and growing.

  63. I’m praying that mine will grow up with an understanding that you can have a personal relationship with God, that he is not some being out there uninterested and unconcerned. I’m 32 years old and despite a lifelong belief in God, I just learned that he cares and I can talk to him. My deepest desire is for God to give me the ability to instill this in my children so they don’t have to go through the things I’ve been through just to know God.

  64. My boys are 27 and 26, and I realize that I made lots of mistakes as they were growing up. I taught them about God and His love and mercy but didn’t instill in them the

  65. I pray my daughter will put God first in her life and turn from worldly desires and commit her life to serving God, even when its hard. Not to follow the easy path, but the right one.

  66. I pray that God will protect their hearts, minds and souls and keep them pure for Him. I pray that He will raise my daughter and son up to be the wonderful people He created them to be despite the way their family and the world try to mess it all up. I pray that He give them the wisdom to see how satan is trying to destroy them, to recognize sin, repent and stay away from it. And I pray mostly that He will let them feel and see His Love in their hearts and lives, that they will have the strong desire to live for Him, the strength to be obediant to Him even if it seems odd to the world, the strength to stand up for Jesus and be a witness to all those around them of God’s great love, compassion and mercy for us.

  67. Oh my, you have no idea how often I pray a similar prayer over my two teenage sons. Each and every day I pray these four things over them:
    1) That they’d be the leaders that God created them to be.
    2) That they would stand firm in the face of temptation.
    3) That they would seek Him first in all they do.
    4) That they would do the “right thing” even if it is the hard thing.
    We have such a precious gift and responsibility with our children.
    Bunches of Hugs,
    Melissa ~ Mel <3

  68. I pray first and foremost for my 5 daughters to know that they are loved by the Maker and Creator of the Universe – that they may know Him and LOVE HIM and live in the joy of His grace and truth. I pray that they may shine brightly for Him in this dark and broken world.

  69. This post brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing! I have 2 girls and one was born with medical issues, so the issues she may face are always on my mind when I pray for them and their futures. I pray that they find their beauty in Jesus. I pray that God uses them, their lives and their unique gifts for His glory.

  70. I pray that my daughters have a heart for Jesus, leave judgement behind, and raise their children to love love love.

  71. I pray for my girls to love God and Christ first because I know that if they only do that, everything else will follow in proper order. Thank you for your post…it made me look at some things with a little more focus.

  72. I pray that others see a difference in my girls and wonder what it is giving them an opportunity to share Jesus with them. I pray that the shine bright for Christ, realize who they are in Him and that only HE completes them. I pray that they fall abundantly in love with the One that saves us all. If they get that then all else is a wash!!!

  73. I pray for my children daily – what a world they must walk in. I pray for a hedge of protection around them constantly, and as two are on college campuses and away from my watchful (read, “controlling”) eye I pray for wisdom, discernment and wise choices.
    For all three of them I pray that they may realize that Jesus is the best deal on Planet Earth, and that without Him, life just doesn’t make any sense. But with Him- they’ve got it all.

  74. I pray for sucess in potty training!! What is it about poop that makes us crazy? I have been begging God to teach my child to poop on the potty because we have preschool, BSF, and dance classes all starting really soon! No one wants to be the mom of a 4 year old who is running around with poop in her pants! God is teaching me so much throught this process and sometimes I wonder…is this season more about MY training than my hers?? He is so good. Thank you Lysa for the awesome post on how to pray for our daughters. This post will definitely go into my parenting file. Blessings!!

  75. i pray that my daughter would love the Lord with all her heart, soul, mind and strength. i pray that she will be strong and courageous to do what is right in God’s sight no matter what people think. i pray that she will be the person God created her to be in every relationship.

  76. My kids are grown, and I do still pray for them daily – but now, for my grandkids, my prayer is that they would really, REALLY, know and understand how much God loves them, and that their behavior would spring from that knowledge. I pray that they would make choices out of that knowledge, but also that when they blow it, they will seek and accept forgiveness out of that same knowledge. I pray that they will learn that they can be “real” and are safe with God even when people let them down. I pray for “uncommon” relationships for them as they grow – friends and family that love them truly and will remind them of that precious love God has for them.

  77. While I don’t have children of my own, I have a god-daughter that I love to pieces. My prayer for her is that she will be the first generation in her family to live a life wholly free of the abuse and generational curses that have plagued her elders. Her mother fights valiant spiritual battles for this precious little girl’s freedom to grow up loved and safe, and I pray consistently that she will grow up whole and pure, a shining testiment to her mother’s faith.

  78. This is kind of a bummer, but I’ll write it anyway. My sweet daughter Lydia passed away in April from a rare genetic disorder. Before she was born, we prayed a prayer for her that continued stronger and more real than the many prayers we prayed for healing after her birth. We prayed that her life would bring glory to the God who made her. We didn’t know how this would be accomplished, but we knew her life was created for a reason. We prayed to see His glory in her life. Though it was short (only eight months), God used our little girl mightily for His kingdom. He answered our prayer for her and even now as she rests in His loving arms, He continues to answer our prayer.
    Blessings to all of you wonderful ladies as you continue in your prayers for your children.

  79. I pray for my son Jayce that he continues to teach people daily about the value of being different. May God continue to use him to change the hearts and minds around him. I praise God that my son shows others what it means to love like Christ, unconditionly. I also pray that you forgive those who choose to see my son through wordly eyes. Help us all to see my son the way you see him…perfect in your sight, and worthy of love and acceptance.

  80. I pray that my daughter will grow into a woman of God who seeks and does the will of her Father in heaven. I don’t pray that she will be spared from pain and heartache because that is often the only way we grow.

  81. Your words speak to my heart. I pray that my children put God first and I pray for all their choices but especially for their choice of a future mate.

  82. What a blessing, a good prayer that we can learn from and use to pray for our own daughters. Thank you Lysa!
    I have used Stormie Omartian’s Power of a Praying Parent.
    I have prayed that God would show Ravinia her vocation early so that as we homeschool I can keep it in mind and work to prepare her for that. She is artistic and from 5 to 7 was saying many things she wanted to grow up to be, among them missionary.
    I pray that God will guard her heart.
    I pray that God will give her godly friends.
    I pray that God will show her how to tell others of him.
    I thank God for her giving heart.
    I pray for a willing spirit to sustain her.
    I pray for faithfulness.
    I pray for trust, and he gave her Phil 4:6&7 for a favorite verse to memorize this summer!
    I pray that she will not follow in the sins of her parents but will be encouraged in heart as she witnesses our repentance and growth.
    I pray that God will guard her heart and guide her life.
    She is 9.

  83. I pray that my children would above all else love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, and mind and that they would also love their neighbor. While I have never thought of it as being “uncommon” that is exatly the word to describe what I want for them. Oh what a challenge our children are facing and a world gone so astray. But God’s word tells us that with God nothing is impossible!!!!

  84. I pray for God’s protection. I pray for His complete and total will to be done in their lives! I pray that I will be a good example of a faith-filled mom so they will grow up loving and serving Jesus Christ with all their heart! I want them to know Him and Love Him and not the things of this world! May His perfect peace shine through their lives!

  85. Loved this post. I pray my son chooses to walk after the ways of the Lord, desiring Him in all he does…I pray he is uncommon and far from stereotypical. I pray that when he is shunned by the world (which the scripture says those who follow Christ will be) he isn’t discouraged, but rather encouraged and inspired by it.

  86. I have raised my kids to know Jesus and they each decided to make him Lord of their lives at an early age. Now they are teenagers and our famiy is under attack. I have always prayed not for wordly success but for them to know the secret of being content in plenty and in want. For them to always seek God’s good and perfect will for them and not get caught up in what the world offers them. For them to persevere when troubles come, because they will, and for them to let their light shine before men.

  87. I pray that my children will always keep God close in their heart and first in their lives. They are amazing young people–I am so proud of them!

  88. I pray protection over my children. I pray that they will grow closer to Jesus each and every day of their lives. I am going to start praying for each of them to be “uncommon”.
    Thanks, Lysa!

  89. I pray my sons will continue to walk in purity and strength amidst all this world throws at them. That their love for God will supersede everything else in their lives. That they will be warriors for the kingdom and that they will always see who they are in Christ and get their self-worth from above and not the world.

  90. I pray that they follow God all the days of their lives. After having a brother walk away from the faith, and a sister who is toying with the idea, I’ve learned that no matter how good the parenting there are just no guarantees.

  91. My most repeated prayer for my sons is that they will love God with their entire beings, that they will love truth, and that these loves will motivate them to do what it right.

  92. I pray daily that they will turn to God with their fears, their disappointments, their frustrations, and their tears. I pray that they will be transparent to the people around them so they may bring Glory to God. I pray they will resist the temptations to turn to the world to heal and cover those disappointments and frustrations. Mostly I pray for their hearts–that they may know Jesus to be truly their beautiful Savior.

  93. I pray that they will have the courage to be the men that God created them to be. I pray that they will not follow the crowd. I so love your pray that your children will be uncommon. I think I will begin to pray that too. I pray that they will resist the temptation all around them… that they won’t drink or take drugs… that they will find friends who want to be “uncommon” too. Thank you Lysa for giving me a word to say how I feel. I know God knew what I meant when I prayed but now I have a word I can use when I don’t even know what to say.

  94. Yes, yes, YES! I do pray that my children will be different. I want them to understand they are not of this world – it is one of the best principles instilled in my young life and I don’t even remember or know how my parents did it!

  95. I pray that my girls will NEVER forget that God loves them so much more than I do. He was willing to give His Son for them….that is more than I can do for them, yet I’m their Mom and love them more than anyone on earth can at this very moment in their lives!
    I pray they will always live loved!

  96. i don’t have kids (working on getting married first 🙂 but this is so beautiful!! i’ve always thought about when i do have kids, praying they’re healthy and happy but this is so much more. it’s something to confess over them before they’re even born…
    thanks so much!!

  97. I pray Jer. 29:11 for them and that they would come to know Him intimately. This was a very thought provoking article…as most of yours are. Blessings from AZ!

  98. I pray for my young son to grow in his faith and become a strong man. I pray that he, too, will be uncommon and that he will grow into a role model for his peers. I pray that everyone he touches will be better for having known him. I pray for courage and peace and hope in a world where all those things are scarce.

  99. My children are no longer “children”, but I have always prayed that they would become all that God would have them be, that they would hear His voice above all others and love as they have been loved.

  100. I love the uncommon… one of my children is especially uncommon and I delight to watch as she learns and grows and struggles to find her wings and develop her independence and strength. My heart aches as she realizes she is “different” but delights when she finds that the uniqueness isn’t all bad, but makes her exactly who God called her to be. I pray that my other two children continue to develop their uniqueness and test their wings and I watch with bated breath as each unfurls their wings and tests the wind… trusting that God will carry them as He carries me…

  101. I don’t have children, yet; but am praying that I will keep a pure heart and serve God with lots of energy!

  102. I too have prayed that my kids would follow God and never turn their backs from Him. I prayed when they were babies that He’d take them early if they were to turn from Him either not receiving Him or rejecting Him. We had a stillborn daughter Would she have never received Jesus as her Savior had she been born alive and learned of Him here? Five years ago our 16 year old son died in an accident in our home – by a stupid game ( He loved the Lord, shared Jesus with others – but struggled and even as a little boy he’d tell us he felt Satan was trying to get him and he’d cry out in terrors at night. Did God allow him to die then so Satan would not steal him? So yes, my prayers continue to be for my remaining 10 children on earth, that God will keep them close and they would not turn from Him, and fearfully, I still pray that He would do all it takes to keep them safe in His care.

  103. I pray that my daughter to love Jesus with her whole heart. To be a beautiful girl on the inside so that those who meet her are captivated by God’s grace and mercy and love. That she loves and roots for the underdog and rises above the need to be popular and liked by everyone.
    For my son, to be strong in the Lord and a lover of all people. That he is a leader in his school and church in the positive. That he too rises above the need to be popular and liked by everyone.

  104. My life prayer for my daughter is that she have a joyful heart- she can be so grumpy- and for my son to become a man of conviction- that’s he stands up for what he knows is right.

  105. I pray for my babies to walk in Truth and know the Lord. It’s funny that I came and read this after the post on your blog today.. On one of my better days, I realized that if my largest desire is for my children to walk with and love the Lord, of all my children, Seth is already there.
    I like this prayer for the uncommon though. Might have to start that!

  106. Thank you for such a beautiful post.
    My prayer for my boys is that they love God with their whole heart, and that they always seek His will for their life.

  107. I pray that my children will always sense God’s presence in their lives and that it will give them the courage to be all He designed them to be. To also accept themselves as unique individuals blessed with special gifts and talents to be used for His purpose.

  108. What a beautiful post! We have two daughters, almost 4 yrs and 6 yrs old…my most fervent prayer is that they grow up loving Jesus with all their heart, soul, and mind. They are so different, and I pray that the Lord helps me nuture them each in a way that helps their beauty and personalities thrive.

  109. …probably not enough. This is an excellent post with lots of good reminders.
    When he was born with holes in his heart, I used to pray for healing the most. Now I pray for him to be within God’s will and for him to be all that God wants him to be.
    That is a most beautiful image included with the article today.

  110. I don’t have babies yet, but I pray daily that my precious newborn niece and all my friends’ little ones (as well as my child some day) will “do well and do good” for God’s kingdom. The phrase is all over the internet, but the first time I heard it was when President Clinton used it in a commencement address just a few days after my own college graduation in 2003; I loved the wording and message, and I’ve always remembered it. I use this phrase a lot in my prayer life. I pray that these little ones will “do well and do good” for Jesus and that they will bring Him more glory than ever before!

  111. YES!!! This is so much my heart’s cry for my two girls as well. I pray that these precious treasures will see the value in being who they are and not in blending in. I pray for them to recognize the men God has chosen for them as the time comes and not rush into relationships that are unnecessary and fall into the deep emotion too quickly. I pray they will hear God’s whispers of the life He designed for them.

  112. Right now I’m praying that God would bless us with children! We’ve just entered that new season of our marriage & family, and I can’t wait to see what God does 🙂

  113. I’m only just beginning this journey of motherhood, but I’m already praying that my son or daughter will come to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ early in life and that God would help me and my husband to be the best parents we can be to this child.

  114. I pray for my boys to trust their Inner Voice (we know Who that is, right?!) and not have that faith talked out of them by others…

  115. I don’t have children myself, but this is what I pray for my nieces’ two daughters. They are both teens and are growing up to be lovely young women who love God and are trying to be more like Jesus every day.

  116. I pray that I am able to help my son’s discern what is God calling and what is the world beckoning.

  117. What a wonderful reminder. Our prayers for our children are so powerful because we are literally conversing with our all-powerful God and their creator!

  118. I have always wanted to have children, but was unable to. But God brought my nephew who is high-functioning autistic into my life. I have always prayed that he would be kept safe from all evil and harm and most of all, that he would be a light to others. He has such a beautiful spirit and when you look at him or when he lays his hand upon you all you see is Jesus. He is one of God’s greatest gifts and we have no idea why we were blessed, but we are beyond grateful. May God use Him to comfort and bless those he encounters.

  119. i don’t need to be entered in to the contest (i feel guilty not having any children and all), but i did just want to ask if i could maybe, one day, perhaps *borrow* this prayer for my 2 1/2 year old wide-open, funny, beautiful & creative niece?
    p.s. looooved being at she speaks. changed my life. xo

  120. What a wonderful and uncommon thought, to be different but who God wants you to be! So important for all children and myself as well. Thank you

  121. I pray that my children will always remember that God never leaves or forsakes us and that a simple prayer of gratitude open our hearts to knowledge of His presence.

  122. We once had someone frown, shake their head and inform us that we were horrible parents because we were “making our children be too family oriented”. Seems that big brother refused to get on the bus to go home when the littler one was missing.
    We were told that “his biggest worries should be lunch and video games not his little brother”
    My heart swelled with love for this beautiful thoughtful child as I hugged him and told him “You did the right thing” even in the midst of a very angry parent teacher meeting.
    This remains my prayer always for my children.

  123. I pray that my future children will follow the Lord with their whole life. Also, when they go through the fire, which they will, that they will be refined and made holy! Finally, I pray that they will realize they are created in the image of a God who makes no mistakes!

  124. I loved the first time I read something similar on your blog – I have an 11 year old girl and I have been calling her to the same things ever since she was a little girl. I don’t know many mamas that are though – and it can be hard and lonely and tempting sometimes when everyone around you is chiding you to loosen up and let go. When even the other girls at church are unkind and worldly and eager to give up their first kiss before even middle school. So thank you for this reminder and encouragement.

  125. I must say I pray for the same thing when it comes to my son(though I never thought about the word uncommon. My son is only 6 and he has ADHD, but I already see the things he copies from other boys and I don’t like it. So, heavenly Father please keep my son in sight of the “right” way to be. Let his love for Jesus shine through!!!!

  126. I pray that God will keep Vinny strong in his recovery. He has nearly 6 years of sobriety. I prayed for day one to happen and it did.
    I also pray that he will find a job and begin a new life and that the new life will be Christ centered.

  127. I pray that my (future) children will know that they are deeply loved by the Father who knew them before anyone else ever did. I pray that they will know that though life will not always be easy, they will never be alone. I pray that they will grow to be children, young adults and adults that will bring glory to God.

  128. I pray for my daughters and granddaughter to find their security in Christ. I pray for my sons and grandsons to grow in the wisdom and favor of the Lord.

  129. Absolutely beautiful post. I keep a journal for each of my three sons, where I list prayers and wishes for them among other things. I think some of the things that I continuously pray for are: that they will grow to be responsible, respectable men. Men who, have a thirst to follow Christ and the lessons that are laid out in the Word, despite what their peers may think or do. I pray that they develop loving and conpassionate hearts, and that the Lord reveals their unique gifts and talents to them so they can be used them to glorify Him. 🙂

  130. I pray every night before my daughter Micah goes to bed (with her) that she becomes the strong, beautiful woman that I know God wants her to be. That she is kind and shows the fruits of the spirit to all of those around her. That her amazing personality shines above everything else, and that God’s love shines through her. She absolutely loves is when we pray together- she told me once that God talks to her and tells her she’s awesome! I pray that she remembers that no matter what she can do ALL THINGS through Christ that strengthens her…there is no mountain too big for this little girl! I pray that she is uncommon- I was.

  131. I pray that my youngest accepts Jesus into her heart. That all of my children always do what God bids them. I pray that they always be true to themselves and those that they are around. To have compassion for others, to love others, to be a helping hand, and to shine for Jesus!

  132. When I was pregnant with my first, I found the need to pray that he would have “Confidence in Self; Compassion for Others.” I thought the prayer would be the same for my second, that God had given me a directive of how to raise my children, but in the wee hours holding my second, I couldn’t pray that way, as much as I tried. Instead, I found myslef praying that Josh would “Lead by Example; Lend a Hand.”
    And, above all, I pray that they would know God’s love for them and others.

  133. A beautiful and thought-provoking post… My prayer for my daughter is that she will be the woman God created her to be and that she will spend her before-marriage time becoming the woman of her husband’s dreams…

  134. I pray that my daughter continues to seek the Lord and love Him with all she has. She is a beautiful young woman of God and I am so blessed and encouraged by witnessing His transformation of her heart, mind and soul.

  135. I pray that my girls will have a heart that longs for Christ. I pray that they will leave the many hurts of life without a family in the arms of Jesus. I pray that they will always know that their dad and I are blessed beyond measure to be their parents!

  136. I pray for my son and daughter to turn to God for answers. He is ultimately in control and even though my husband and I try to be good role models, I pray that our children will have a strong relationship with Jesus. He is the answer to all of life’s questions! Living the uncommon life is not easy in today’s world. Thank you Lysa for a new prayer perspective!

  137. I pray for the broken hearts of my daughters to strengthen them, drive them to Jesus instead of angry and looking for love in the wrong way and places. I pray for their husbands to be, for their purity and character to be Christ-like.

  138. Such a beautiful prayer!! It touched my heart and said exactly the things I want my daughter to know. Thank you, Lysa, for always putting into words what is in our mommy hearts. God has truly blessed you!

  139. Above all, I pray my girls will have a life long, intimate relationship with Jesus and trust Him with their whole hearts.

  140. I pray that I will have children someday and that they would know and love God and walk with the Lord all the days of their lives. I pray that they would serve and glorify God with their lives. I also pray that I would be able to teach them about God’s love and wisdom and glorify God through my teaching and actions as a parent.

  141. I pray that my children will be a powerful force for God’s kingdom! And, my husband and I have prayed daily for each of our kids to find a wonderful, godly Christian wife or husband to share their lives with…and that whoever that person may be they would be blessed and feel God’s love as they grow up.

  142. I pray that my 16 year old will stick to her faith. Love people that are unlovable. Go above and beyond what is required for her. To live like Jesus wants us to live. And, that if people are looking for Jesus that they will see Him in her.

  143. I pray that my daughter will know, love, and obey God, and that she will surrender her whole self to Him and be released into His purposes for her life. I pray that she will not live cultural Christianity but true biblical Christianity, following Jesus as both Savior and LORD. I pray that God will protect and guard her, not only physically, but also emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. I pray for the development of the fruit of the Spirit in her life.

  144. I prayed for my nephews’ friends to be God’s best, because friends have a big influence on their lives.

  145. I pray that God would show me exactly the kind of mom that my kids need at that moment.

  146. I have prayed many things for my grandson who was born at 26 wks gestation, (he is now a perfect three year old) but “uncommon” was never one of them; however it will now be part of my prayers for him.

  147. I pray that my daughters develop a relationship with God. I’ve never thought about praying that they are ‘uncommon’. I love the idea.

  148. I pray that my daughter will find the security of living in Jesus, and share that experience with others. I pray that my son will be a gentle, loving man of integrity, just like his Daddy.

  149. I pray that all three of my children will love and respect God, themselves and others. That they will be kindhearted and be true to the spirit God has given them.

  150. Our baby is yet unborn (a few months yet to go!), but we pray for this little one’s salvation and service for God.

  151. We homeschool and a while back, we had a discussion about what is rare…and what it means in – our world today – to be rare. After we talked, I had them write their thoughts down on paper. The were only 7 and 9, but their answers touched me. I can only pray that God continues to grow their awareness of His ways and His plan for their lives.
    Thanks for sharing your insights…

  152. I pray that my daughter stands up for herself knowing that God has her back at all times!
    I love this post & how you used the word, “uncommon”…fabulous!

  153. I don’t have any living children. But I pray for the day my daughter and I are reunited in Heaven, and I pray that if it’s God’s will he will bless my husband and I with another baby who is healthy and perfect in every way…

  154. This was so beautiful! I almost wept. I think that every parent feels this way. The issue is can they communicate it to the child? My mom tried to instill these things in me. But at the same time she was abusive… making me want to leave home as fast as I could. Sigh…
    I like to think that I did better with my daughter. And she has a loving head on her shoulder and will do better than I.
    A beautiful post. Thank you.

  155. I pray that my daughter will be a witness to her friends and love Jesus as she does now at eight years old. I pray that she remembers how much He loves her.

  156. I pray for my daughter to always know she is a daughter of the King of Kings and for wisdom as she trains her own two daughters in the way of the Kingdom!

  157. My daughter is two months old, so I pray a lot for her to be able to rest and get the sleep she needs for right now. 🙂 But I also pray that she will choose Jesus and want to have a relationship with Him when she is able to understand His love and sacrifice for her.

  158. I pray daily that my grown sons will be come sons of our great Father in heaven. That they will have a personal, real relationship with him and receive the blessings He has waiting for them. They are my greatest joy and my greatest concern.

  159. When I was pregnant with my first child, I asked God what to pray for her (not knowing yet she was a “she”) and He said to pray that she (or he) would KNOW Him… not know about Him, but KNOW Him intimately, deeply… so that’s what I pray for her. How I LONG for that for her!
    When I was pregnant the 2nd time, I asked God again, “What about this one?” And God’s answer was to pray that this one would be STRONG. (“Oh no!” I thought, “I must be having a boy!”) So for him I pray that his body, mind, and heart and soul would be STRONG in the Lord and in His mighty power…
    When we were in the process of adopting our 3rd, God said to pray that he/she would always know who he/she was. So I pray that in the confusion and questions that above all and underneath all, he will know exactly who he is… a child of God made in his Father’s image and adored since before he was even made…

  160. I pray that God helps me and my husband teach our sons how to grow into Godly men. I pray that they learn how to treat women with respect and honor. I pray that they rise above treating people badly in order to fit in and make others happy. I pray that someday they fall in love with and marry a Godly woman and teach their own children how to walk in His light.

  161. I pray my children would have wisdom beyond their years, godly discernment, love what God loves, hate what God hates, and be full of His Holy Spirit and the fruits if His Spirit.

  162. I pray that they will have a real, alive relationship with God that is all their own and not expressed to please anyone but God himself.

  163. I pray for their walk with the Lord, that is grows and bears fruit.
    I pray for their future spouses; I don’t know them, but God does. I pray they are being raised in a Christ honoring homes.
    I pray they never fall victim, that they remain strong and true to themselves.
    I pray, that when heart ache comes and it will, they will rememeber Christ’s words, that they are so eagerly memomrizing now.
    I pray my daughters learn what true submission is and it’s not a door mat.
    I pray my sons will be the Godly leader in their home, leading by love and example.
    I pray they follow Christ, find their dreams, find love and laughter along the way.

  164. My children are now grown and the last one is preparing for marriage. I pray that they will continue to seek the Lord and His will for their lives, be committed fully to their spouses, and that their homes may be filled with the peace and joy of the Lord.

  165. I pray that the Lord will guide me to teach my three sons the things they need to know so not only will I be a proud mother but the God will be proud and will want them to walk in His kingdom and be men of God…for it is God who blessed me with each of them.

  166. I don’t have children, but for when I do, I pray first and foremost, that we teach by example and they passionately follow the Lord in all they do. I pray that they are kind and giving and take time to do the little things that make the difference in people’s lives. I pray they take the time to shine their lights in this dark world and trust Him through all their valleys. I pray they are used of God to make this awful world a little better in the lives of others, that they share their light and inspire even strangers to question where their joy comes from.

  167. I pray for my 2 grown sons, asking for guidance on how to be of help to them, and that they will look to God for guidance and strength.

  168. Wow! I echo your prayer for my 11 year old daughter is so different and “uncommon” right now. May she continue to be. And may I be an example to her by being uncommon as well. Thank you for reminding me the importance of praying for her!

  169. I pray that my boys will become men of prayer seeking after God with their whole hearts. I pray they will not succumb to the temptations and lures of this world but follow hard after God and all the treasures he has in store. I pray they will one day be the spiritual leaders in their homes they are destined to be. I pray they will be men of purpose, men of passion, and men of action changing the world for Christ. That’s what I pray for these precious boys of mine.
    Lysa, again my heart was touched by this post and your words so beautifully written speaking what so many moms’ hearts are searching to say. Your words inspire. Really, they do!
    Sweet Blessings,

  170. not only knowledge, but wisdom…not only sight, but insight…for true fulfillment and for that deep joy to abide!

  171. That’s so beautiful. I pray they will love the Lord with all their heart, soul and mind. That they would seek to serve Him in all they do. That they would listen for His still small voice and do what it is He’s telling them to do, however small or simple it may seem.
    I also pray for their future spouses if that’s God’s will for their lives.

  172. I pray that they will know God, love Him and chase after Him with all their hearts. And that they will never suffer the abuse I suffered.

  173. I pray that my children will find their way back to the Lord and that they know that he is with them always.

  174. I pray that God will give me the wisdom to Steer the firstborn, to turn her need for “doing it her way” into strong leadership ability.
    I pray that God will help me Nurture the second, my large-breed puppy of a boy. To give him a gentle spirit and a heart of compassion for those less strong than he.
    And I simply thank God for my third impossibly sweet ray of sunshine. I thank him for the Hope she carries with her, that God will always go with her.

  175. I pray that my children will always have the wide-eyed wonder they have right now when a fuzzy battleship grey bunny hops into our backyard. I pray that in difficult moments they will find solice in the safety of their Father’s grace. most of all, I pray that their life will be an animated love story of God’s awe-inspiring love . . . and I wish that their lives would be nothing short of spectacular.
    – Amen

  176. I pray that my three children will make wise decisions. That they will always ask for wisdom from the Lord before doing anything in their lives, that they will read His word daily to gather strength for each day. I pray for my special needs daughter that she will always have a smile on her face and not feel any pain. I pray that I will be able to continue to take care of her as long as God allows her to live.

  177. I pray often that my girls will love Jesus more and more every day and that they would follow Him all the days of their lives. I also pray that God would preserve godly husbands for them in a day and age when it’s so hard to remain pure.

  178. wonderful post….i pray that my children will continue to stand up for their convictions and not be swayed, no matter how hard that choice is or what the end result will be.

  179. I pray that my girls are happy, that they learn that the most important things aren’t things. That they follow their heart and they follow God.

  180. I pray that my two beautiful daughters would find their way back to the Lord. That He will reignite the fire and passion towards Him in their hearts. I pray for my precious youngest as she leaves for college tomorrow that she would allow the Lord to lead and direct in her future.

  181. For our kids we pray for wisdom and that they’ll love the Lord more than anything else in their lives and will walk in His ways always. We pray for protection and for purity. For compassion and for obedience. Oh boy we pray a lot! 🙂 Kudos to your daughter and to you for raising her to appreciate her uncommon-ness.

  182. I pray that all my children will follow the Lord. Serve the Lord and be called faithful. I have one daughter who is almost 10, I pray for her to love her daddy and be able to spend more time with him. She is so attached to me and I didn’t want it this way. I want her to allow her daddy to love her the way a father needs to love his daughter. They say a girl will see her earthly as her heavenly Father. I pray this changes Big time. My boys spend time talking to their daddy and me so I just pray they stand up for Christ when the teenage years take over their lives. They are 12 and 14. Life is hard and unfair but God is good all the time.

  183. I have prayed for my daughter to be a strong woman in the Lord, to stay close to Him. Well, my daughter is now 44 yrs. old and all my expentations have gone far beyond what i prayed for her. She a strong woman of the Lord and beautiful mother of three beautiful children. Now we have a granddaughter and my prayer is the same..and so far it is amazing seeing her grow in the Lord. My son has also given his heart to the Lord…he has his ups and downs but i’m just believing God will win out. I also have two wonderful grandsons who are close to the Lord..I am so blessed. God bless you for your post.