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Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach. Her newest release is The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You. She's also wife to Mark, Mom to Lovelle, and Nana to Eula and Clem.

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  1. The ten pack of Hope and Encouragement cards perfectly depicted so many of my thoughts and feelings for my friends. Thank you the generous gift and working so hard to make such applicable and relevant cards. I love them!

  2. I am so thankful for the Dayspring cards this week. I have a very good friend who was married in June, moved to a completely new part of the country, is totally used to being busy (she is an addictions counselor) and can’t find a job. She is struggling with a lot of changes – her new status in life, living with her husband for the first time, being a newly married woman, living in a new town, having a lot of spare time, feeling like she has no purpose, and struggling with trusting God. I sent her one of these incredible cards and she called in tears – it changed her day and her outlook, even just for a few minutes. Thank you for the prayers for us all and for the inspiration – you are truly touching hearts!!!

  3. I received my cards yesterday & they are BEAUTIFUL!!! I knew exactly which one I was going to send & to whom…my sister-in-law. She is married to my brother who was diagnosed with multiple myeloma 8 years ago, thankfully, he is doing well now. They also have 2 sons, 12 & 13…the 12 yr. old is autistic. To say that her life is complicated is an understatement…this woman is brave, strong & never loses her cool under some very difficult circumstances. Many times I watch her in amazement & think to myself, “oh my goodness, how can I complain over small, trivial things, when she is dealing with so very much!” And I knew, when I opened my pack of cards that the, “Life is hard sometimes…crazy, mixed up, messed up” had her name all over it!

    I hope that when she receives this card she will be encouraged to carry on, to take her courage from the Lord & stay strong and to know that we are there for her & her family, always.

    This site has inspired me so much to go out of my comfort zone & reach out to others & I thank you all so very much for that!! God bless you all!!

    • Hi Patricia! We are so glad to hear that the cards will be a blessing to people in your life. We love what you have to say about them, could I have your permission to reuse your comment in the future for Dayspring? Blessings! Mandy @ Dayspring

  4. I am co-coordinator for a Sister group to the Hugs and Hope kid’s site (sending card support to chronically and terminally ill children)……our “sister”area (known as Parent-Pals—-our link is at the kid’s site) is supporting the PARENTS of these children…finding volunteers who’ll walk alongside the parents thru the illness and often death of their child.
    Not only do I work with the volunteers and mommies as a whole, I’m also a Parent-Pal myself. I will use EVERY card (not just one) in the pack, to encourage these amazing and incredible Moms, who’s entire world is consumed with ministering to their child/children. Several of our Moms have SEVERAL special need kids in their family….and for some, not only are ALL their kids facing health crisis, they are themselves as well. It can blow your mind, as well as remind you of how incredibly and insentrically blessed each of us are, far beyond our wildest understanding.
    Some of these Moms do round-the-clock health-care (multiple tubes they deal with), juggling medical appointments, specialized care, trreatments and therapys….while taking care of their home/family, and often having to work and/or attend school as well. Our cards are a breath of fresh air, and a reminder that they do not travel alone. That prayer-support surrounds and uplifts them and that a heart is nearby, to help carry the load.
    Often our cards (your cards, in this case) are the only piece of mail they get that is not a bill of some sort.

    Am excited and blessed at the oportunity to win a free pack of cards for our Mommies….and if you’ll accept this entry for your request for the 12th, I’m excited about the chance to win $500.00……1/2 will go to our H&H kid’s site and 1/2 I’d simply prefer to recieve in actual cards from your site, rather than $, to send to our Mommies. You see, I’m mostly homebound due to a myriad of my own health issues (MS, congestive heart failure, seizures, extensive allergis), and can’t get out much…and your cards are the best-of-the-best. The kid’s site can use the $, and I can use the cards…..life at it’s best. In other words, the ripple of love going forth from God, thru you, ever outward.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity to share amazingly wonder-filled things,

    • Thank you so much for all the love and prayers you are sharing with these amazing parents!!! I was so touched by your comment and how you are using the best of you and your situation to reach out to others who need encouragement. I just bookmarked the site and plan to send some cards out to the children and parents myself!!
      May God bless you abundantly for all that you are doing and for the overwhelming love you have for others!!

  5. The cards couldn’t have come at a more pressing time. My sister has been having some difficulty in her marriage, my best friend just lost her brother and my spouse has been having a rough time at work. It’s been tight around here since our new baby was born so it was nice to be able to have not just one card but many!

    The month of giveaways has made me appreciate Dayspring even more. I am a Christian writer and have mingled with some of the Dayspring folks before at previous ICRS’s. And between the two, it has become ever more clear that you guys aren’t just a company but a ministry. This year at the retail show my young daugter and I were on the elevator with one of the gentlemen from Dayspring . . . who smiled warmly at her and then encouraged her to press every elevator button to see what was on each floor. 🙂 And reading the blogs, giving away beautiful and encouraging products . . . well for lack of another word, lol, it’s encouraging.

    I’ve found a lot of joy from this blog and even though the giveaways are now offically through the giving keeps going through ministry, sisterhood and praising Him. I will definetly be back to get my daily dose of encouragement on In Courage.

    • Brooke– So glad our cards came at such a fitting time. I pray your family and friends will find peace in the Lord while dealing with such hard issues. We love what you have to say about Dayspring, would you mind if we use your comment in the future for marketing purposes? Have a great day!
      Mandy @ Dayspring

      • Of course, Mandy! Anything I can do to help your ministry thrive. It’s a great one! And thank you so much for your prayers. Sending prayers back your way!

  6. These cards are absolutely beautiful, thank you so much for your generosity. As I opened the pack and read each one I immediately knew who each one was for. A far away friend that I miss so much, a sister in Christ at church who I am so thankful that I met this last year and so glad for our friendship despite the differences in our ages, for a mother whose young daughter (the same age as my son) has had to deal with the diagnosis of brain cancer this year and now dealing with constant testing to make sure that it is not returning, for a neighbor dealing with her own struggles, for friends that I am so glad are in my life, for my aunt dealing with her husband wanting a divorce after so many years, for someone who I am sure would be glad to receive a card in the mail today, for my Mom, for my Mother-in-law. All women who I am so thankful for and glad to have in my life. Thank you for making me take time out this week to make a difference to these women, if only for a moment or two while they are reading the card that is in their hands. Thank you!!!

  7. The cards are beautiful! I heard so many of my own thoughts in these cards! I just got mine on Friday and I have picked out one or two that I want to send out. One will go to our assistant worship director at church. She just sent her son to grad school about 2 weeks ago and now her daughter just left for college for the first time this past Thurs. They both have gone out of state and she and her husband are empty nesters for the first time. I havent decided if I am going to hand it to her at church this morning or if I am going to put it in the mail.
    Thank you!

  8. Ok. So cards are great. The problem is….I feel like I need several of them sent to me! I’m am needing encouragement and as I was reading these cards I started getting teary and then started actually crying. A couple of them were just what I needed to hear. BUT I was able to get my act together and start choosing whom I was going to send each card. I have a relatively new friend (of about 1 year and half) who has turned into the best girlfriend I may have ever had. I met her at a time when I was feeling so lonely and in need of community. I was beginning to homeschool and has no connections, so was she. We hit it off and became very good friends and it i so obvious that she, that our friendship is a gift from the One who knew just what we needed. I sent her the “friendship” card about how God blesses us with special friendships. Thank for these cards and thanks for this site.

    • Melinda, as you read those cards that really touched you and that you felt you needed yourself…..the Holy Spirit was speaking that encouragement directly from God into your life!! I pray that your new friendship will be a strong bond of love, peace, encouragement and hope!! May the Lord bless you as you begin the homeschooling of your children as well. I hope you enjoy every moment spent with them! Much love and blessings to you :))

  9. I was soooo very excited when I opened my mailbox and found the Hope & Encouragement cards!!! I read through each and everyone later that night and I was so touched by the sentiments on them that I had tears in my eyes!! As I read different cards, the Lord instantly put close friends on my heart who I just knew needed that particular card. The first card is for a very dear friend who is going through some trouble in her marriage and her husband is being deployed to Iraq in a very short time. She has three beautiful children at home and we just reconnected awhile back on facebook! God has used her to touch my life in some recent trials and now I am able to pour that encouragement and hope back into her life with at least one of the cards in this pack…..
    The second card I am sending out immediately is for the pastor of my church women’s ministry. This weekend we held our women’s conference and she was in charge of it as well as one of the guest speakers. I am sending her the “Thank you for sharing God’s love…” card for all that she does. I know that she is always pouring out into others lives (Including mine) and I want to encourage her!
    Thank you so much for these beautiful and anointed cards to use to touch the lives of my dear friends and sisters!!! I love each and every one and I know they will be gone soon as the Lord puts more ladies on my heart to send them out to. :-))

  10. I love the cards! I am sending one plus others, I’m sure, to a young lady with ALS who is in a vent center. She loves getting mail! Please pray for her-Heidi. She’s so young with a husband and little 5 year old.

  11. The Hope and Encouragement cards are beautiful and thoughtful, making it easy to send heartfelt Christian emotions to those precious to us. One of my cards is destined for an older woman in my life who probably doesn’t know how special I think she is. Her kindness, patience, and endless Christian love have blessed me so many times. Now I have a way to express how thankful I am to have her in my life. Thank you!

    • Jan, we are glad to hear the Hope and Encouragement cards are going to special people in your life! I’m sure it will make the day of the special lady you are sending a card to. We love what you have to say about the cards, could I have your permission to reuse your comment in the future for Dayspring?
      Have a Blessed Day! Mandy @ Dayspring

  12. I’ve linked. I just wanted to tell you how much I love the cards. I have the list all made out about who is getting which card. I love that I’ll be able to encourage so many with a beautiful card. Thank you.

  13. Holley,

    my blog is having techical issues so I couldnt post. Thank you for the sending the cards they are beautiful.

    I just returned from a Mocha Club trip to ethiopia, and the women on that team have become dear friends. And many of them still processing the trip and trying to discern what God is teaching them through the whole experience. I dropped a few of the cards in the mail to encourage them.

    Also sent a card to my sister, a friend from highschool and the women in my small group who’ve been such an encouragement to me over the last few months.

    Thank you for the way you all encourage us through this site.


  14. The Dayspring cards are beautiful! Even before they arrived, I knew who was going to receive one of them. This dear young lady is my daughter-in-law’s sister. She has just recently followed God’s leading in her life and moved 1,600 miles from her home to bring the love of God to people who are living in darkness. As a full time missionary in a new place, there is a lot of adjusting for this former homebody who will miss her large family terribly. I wanted her to know just how much she is in my heart and prayers as she launches on this new adventure in faith. One of the cards was just perfect for her. Thank you!

  15. My Dayspring cards just arrived, and already I have 3 folks picked out to give them to. One is a lady I know who has strong environmental sensitivities, which means she can’t go a lot of places with people (esp outdoors) and often is too ill to come out of her house. She doesn’t have too many friends because of this, but what she can do, she does – she volunteers at the local prison ministering to women and her courage and strength just amaze me. Also, I’m planning on sending one to a close friend who’s held me up through hard times, and another to my best friend who lives out of state (who I miss dearly!)

    Thanks so much for these cards!

  16. I am so grateful to have received the pack of cards from Dayspring. They were beautiful and a joy to share with others. I have always been a “card sender”, but sometimes struggle with having just the right words to say. I truly know the importance of encouragement and that is my prayer…to live in the spirit of Barnabas and be a great encourager.

    I am a divorced, single mother and have been so for some time. I have found that God has really placed me in situations/relationships where I can share my faith and testimony. I sent a couple of my cards to those friends to offer up hope and prayers for the future. I pray that they will find the thought and message uplifting and be encouraged to press on in their struggles.

    Thank you Dayspring for helping me make a difference in the lives of others.


  17. Our family just lost a dear, dear member. He’s home now, but it’s been a difficult and sad time. There are two wonderful women in my family who could use a reminder that they are being prayed for, that God holds them in his hand and maybe, just maybe, it is possible to receive a hug in the mail!

    (Thank you for the beautiful cards!)

    • Anjanette– so sorry to hear of your loss, but rejoicing with you that he is now in such a wonderful place. We love what you have to say about the cards, would you mind if we reuse your comment in the future for Dayspring? Praying for you and your family during this difficult time.

  18. My DaySpring moment came not when I sent the cards but when I received the cards.

    I was gathered in my sunshiny kitchen with my 15 year old Dear Daughter and my Dear Friend. I had been telling them about the monthly card program from DaySpring that I had just begun to make use of and they were so excited to see the free package of 10 cards I had gotten in the mail that day from (in)courage!

    As we were opening, reading, oooing and ahhhhing over these inspiring cards, the Spirit of God began moving amongst us.

    “Mom! Can I please-please-please have this one with the bunnies on it? I want to send it to ——! I know she’ll love it and it says just what I feel!”

    “OH Connie! I know just who I would send this card to, if it was mine!”
    “Well, it’s yours! Take it! Use it! Speak words of encouragement with it!”

    Thank you. Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for the talented people you employee to say with words and pictures what our hearts want to say to our brothers and sisters in Christ, but we just can’t figure out the way to say it. Thank you for a program that motivates me to send just a tiny piece of the love of God to someone.

    My cup runneth over!

    • Connie– Wow! We are so happy to hear your story of how you are using the cards. We are so thankful to have great people like you sharing the love of Jesus through encouraging cards. We love what you have to say about the cards, would you mind if we use your comment in the future for Dayspring? Hope you have a blessed day.

  19. Thank you so much for the beautiful cards!
    The first one went out to my Mom, along with a bottle of Zyrtec she needs and can’t afford. The card I picked for her was just perfect, I know it’ll make her smile and lift her spirits. I can’t wait to send out the others, you guys are such a blessing!

  20. My cards didn’t arrive until late Saturday, so I haven’t sent any yet. However, I have a few people in mind:

    – A dear bloggy friend who’s having a rough time (I’ve already chosen the “one of those days” card for her)

    – A sister in Christ whose daughter has a chronic illness

    – My grandmother, who–in spite of her own troubles–always has time for everyone else’s needs

    Thanks so much, and happy birthday to (in)courage!

  21. I kept looking and waiting for my cards and fnally got them on Friday. I first had planned to send them to just friends and be an encourager to them. I thought about it and prayed and really wanted to make a difference. As i looked through each one of them, i felt a tug on my heart. I had the maintenance man Robert fixing my ceiling fan. we just bought a house in Feb and some things still needed fixin. Robert had been over several times. I knew I had to give one to him, but then i also had an idea to really get the most out of 1 encouragment card! I wrote him a short sweet note, wrote Sept. 12 National Day of Encouragement at the top and Please pass on to someone else and let’s see how many people can be encouraged with 1 card! He loved it and agreed to pass it on. Next I went to get groceries, I went through the guard gate (military base has an id checker posted at the front gates) gave one to the gate guard, didnt write a note in it, but encouraged them to write one and pass it on to someoen else, got gas, walked up to a stranger and explained my plan and gave him one ( he looked at me like i was going to sell him something) and then finally made it to the grocery store and ran into a sweet friend i haven’t see in a long time, we caught up and i wrote her a swet note and asked her to read it and pass it on as well. With the other cards I plan on bringing them to church today and handing them out and asking everyone to write a note of encouragement to someone and keep passing the cards along. My heart is filled to know God gave me an idea that will potentially encourage more than 10 people and has used me to be an encouragement to other people! Thank you so much for doing HIS work and allowing us to come together here. We have all been truly blessed!

    • Marlene, what a great way to share encouragement with others!! That really is a great idea– to start a chain of hope and encouragement. I know the people who came in contact with one of your cards will truly receive a gift of God’s love, from maybe even a stranger! You are awesome!

  22. First of all thank you sending my cards I loved them all… I had two friends that I wanted to encourage today and was able to get my cards yesterday… The first one is the thank you for showing Gods Love, I have a friend that we have become closer every day and is always ready to offer an encouraging word and always showing the love of Christ in all conversation and phone calls and the card fit perfectly the sentiment in my heart and I thank you so much for creating these cards, I know I will be using them all soon and purchasing more…. thanks so much…

  23. hi — i didn’t receive my cards yet and i did send an email in any event i plan to send one to a dear friend who is having a difficult pregnancy and is feeling overwhelmed in other areas of her life. i want her to know that her journey is her journey and to try not to compare herself to other people – to be strong in who she is and what God’s plan is for her life. i want o (in) courage her to believe in herself to do what’s right for her and that she is loved and so precious!

    thank you everyone for a wonderful month of posts and giveaways!

    blessings to you all


  24. As soon as the cards arrived I sat down and went through them. They are better than I could have hoped for. Having just recently suffered a loss of a loved one, reading those words of encouragement brought such a lightness to me. I’ve found with my own heart opened so wide lately, I am very sensitive and in tune with those around me going through their own trials. It didn’t take long, a handful of cards, a rainy day, and a grieving daughter felt good writing the names of her neighbors, friends, and acquaintances who will receive their own encouragement in a beautiful card in the mail.

    Thank you for the gift of (in) courage-ment…

    • Vicky– I am so glad to see the cards go to such great use! We love what you have to say about them, could I have your permission to reuse your comment in the future for Dayspring? I hope you have a blessed day!

  25. I’d been looking for an dedicated block of time to prepare my cards, so I took mine with me to fill out while I waited for my oil change. I planned to only send two or three, but the Lord put a name to all ten! I know the people around me noticed as I worked on them. I pray they saw the love of Jesus as I put a name to each one. I know the ladies I sent them to will also be blessed as each one has a special need that the Lord spoke to through your cards. But truly, the real blessing was mine as I got to share the love of Christ and encourage them in such a beautiful way. Blessings are never singular, are they?

    Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful opportunity to encourage others!

    In Christ,


    P.S. I posted something last night on this page before it was updated and now it’s gone… is it lost in cyber-space?

  26. Your cards are so meaningful and inspiring! A family from our church lost almost
    everything they own in a tragic house fire. Luckily, no one was lost in the fire and
    even their beloved dog; Daisy, came out alive! Donations of every kind came pouring
    in from the community…I decided to send this family a card of encouragement.
    One’s basic needs must be fulfilled, but also their emotional ones.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  27. I received my cards, and I decided to send one of them to a good friend. She is going through some struggles right now. I was with her at our bible study the other day and the card fell out of her notebook. We both looked at each other, and she said, ‘yeah, I keep this with me’. I was really excited that the card had encouraged her, and I praise God that he touched her life. I am so glad and thankful that you guys opened your hearts because I know that you touched hers. May God bless you for blessing her in her time of need. There have been so many times that I have been in a valley and someone else sent me a card. Wow, it just makes you feel like you are not alone. Praise God that we ARE NOT alone. CHRIST is always with us, and I believe he opens our hearts to others when they need it most. You know, just reading all of the cards you sent me, brightened my day. Thank you so much for your gift.

    • Brandi, I LOVE your encouragement story! It must feel great to have made such a great impact in your friend’s life through the encouragement of God’s Word. Your comment is great, could I have your permission to reuse it in the future for Dayspring? Hope you have a great day!

  28. We just got back from a weekend retreat with my husband’s job, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to do a blog post today. So, I’m going to leave a comment here. 🙂

    Thank you so much for the Hope & Encluragement cards! The whole 30 Days of Giveaways showed how much you value this community and want to bless us. It was so fun to see all the great things people were winning.

    For my card I wanted to make sure I gave it away with purpose and not just came up with something to try to win money.

    Because we need money. I lay awake at night worrying about bills, groceries and our debt. I know God is our provider, but I worried that our poor stewardship in the past might have made us ineligible for His help.

    I month ago I applied for a balance transfer at our bank in an attempt to consolidate our credit card debt. Our interest rates and monthly payments had gotten severly out of hand. I was praying and counting on this as a way to ease our monthly budget. Then I got a call from Patty. She is the senior loan officer at the bank and she did not have good news. Declined.

    Have you ever cried in front of a perfect stranger? I did. I felt like I was having a panic attack and just broke down then and there. My four children were concerned but I couldn’t stop. Patty was so gracious to me and encouraged me that we weren’t alone in our situation and it would turn out all right in the end. I appreciated her kindness toward me and thanked her for listening to my woes.
    A couple days later I got a call from Patty. When I called her back I was surprised to hear that she had an alternate plan for me. Her plan was for us to take our an auto loan on our car at a lower percentage rate than our existing loan. Through that process we could pay off all our debt and have just one monthly payment. This woman that I’d only talked to once had gone out of her way to make a significant difference in my life.
    So she is getting a card. I’m sure that as a loan officer in a bank she doesn’t always hear encouragement. She has the tough job of telling people no…a lot.
    Also, God’s been laying the idea of sponsoring a child on my heart in the past few months. I didn’t think we could afford it, but I really wanted to. Now we can. And I’m hoping to use one of my cards to send to my sponsored child.
    Thank you, (In)Courage for the opportunity to share my story and providing me with these lovely cards. If I win I will take the money and give it to Christian Community Credit Union to support their ministries!

  29. Thank you so much for the beautiful cards. I love each one of them, and know exactly where they will be sent. One of my friends Diane started having one of those days, weeks, and it has turned into years. It is the perfect card for her as she continues her job search. I am also sending the “time when words are hard” to my aunt who recently lost her husband. I have no words of comfort for her, but want her to know how much I am thinking of her and praying for her. Thank you so much! I adore your website and blogs. They are a great addition to my day.

  30. I didn’t receive any cards either. I sent my email before noon when the comments that day were still in the 200s, but somehow I was still too late. But, none-the-less, I have been working on encouraging my girlfriends lately. I have several close friends who have chronic illnesses, and they are mostly homebound like me. There is one friend in particular with whom I have kept in close contact, and I like to encourage her any chance I get. Often it is through text messages. When we are both stuck in bed, those little messages mean so much. Texting back and forth, knowing that our friend is “right there” with us, makes it less lonely and more bearable. As energy allows, I also like to send cards and small packages in the mail. Those are huge bright spots on days that otherwise mostly remain the same at home.

  31. I sent one (about hard times) to a friend whose husband is in Afghanistan. She spent some time with the family over the summer but is now back, by herself with their 4 yr old (and she’s expecting a boy in December). The day after I mailed the card, she posted about how miserable she was that day. I believe her card arrived at just the right time to be reminded that others were lifting her up in prayer even though we weren’t going through the same thing. Thanks for the opportunity!

  32. Hello,
    These cards are so beautiful, I love them all!!
    In looking at them and seeking who I should send them too, I have sent them to 2 of my penpals who are serving some time in prison.
    A friend I have not seen in 5 years in Arizona, she is more like a big sister to me!!
    My spiritual mother who is very dear to me!!
    My mother I will see her today and I will be giving her one,

    Thank you all so much for these cards, they say the perfect words and the diversity of them is simply great!! Great job!!!

    Many blessings and thank you again,

  33. I just received my cards yesterday in the mail and had to look through them right away. So many of them put those words on paper that I always want to share, but can never find the right way to say it. So thank you first and foremost for the beautiful cards.
    Right away I wrote one out to a beautiful friend of mine who I just found out last month that she is heavily addicted to vicoden. I have been walking through this daily with her and she is now starting a group and is doing wonderful with her recovery.
    She has 2 beautiful small children that she is fighting through all of this for. I sent her card to her last night and I am praying that it will encourage her.
    Thank you again for this opportunity to express to others how I am blessed by them.
    Enjoy your beach house! Im right up the coast in Virginia Beach!

    • Sarah– Thank you for the great comment on the cards. I know the cards are going to be a blessing to so many people, and it’s people like you who will touch lives of those who need it most through the encouraging word of God. We love what you have to say about the cards, would you mind if we reused your comment in the future for Dayspring? Have a blessed day!

  34. Maybe one day I’ll create a blog….as for now I’m leaving my grateful comment about receiving these lovely cards.
    As I read and studied each card a vision of a girlfriend popped in my head. I thought, “Oh this one is perfect for Carol.” “Kathy needs this one.” “I’m going to give this one to my new friend Kim. Thank you God for answering my prayers.”

    I love giving cards. It’s my gift God has given me. To give people just little reminders that they matter.

    Thank you again for the cards. I feel I’m bursting with so much to say, but don’t know how to express it (thus the reason I’m not writing a blog yet ) =-)

    Blessings and Hugs to each of you!!

    Janet Stark

  35. These cards are such a blessing…just like my BFF who has had some rough years recently…but she faces EVERYTHING with such joy and contentment it amazes me…I chose to send her the Life is hard sometimes card because it seems to be written just for her…I tucked in a little bottle of pink nail polish to remind her to take some tyime out for herself…:>)…thanks again for the beautiful cards!!!!!

    Amy M

  36. What a beautiful set of encouragement cards! I am so excited to share these with friends and family. The first of mine is being sent out to a dear family friend who is fighting cancer right now. The second is going to my sister who has been in the hospital this past week and is facing some challenges up ahead. I’m sure the perfect opportunities will come up to share the rest as well, and I thank you for allowing me to share them.

  37. Thank you so much for the gift of these cards. Like the many women who commented above, I was touched to the point of tears as I read through the cards. The thought that went into drafting the sentiments on the cards is sooo obvious. You are beautiful women, and your beautiful hearts shine through in the words you put together.

    Since I just got the cards yesterday, I have several waiting to go out to friends tomorrow. I am sending one set to my sister. She and her family have been in a great period of transition recently, including several moves, new communities, small living spaces, and disappointing outcomes. It has been particularly hard for her to watch her three children struggle with this barrage of changes… to see them lonely and struggling to make friends in new places. The first card I wrote went to her.

    Another card is going to a friend who is currently living apart from her husband because of work circumstances. Thankfully he is just a couple states away and they make efforts to see each other monthly, but it has been difficult for her to be apart from him since they have been married less than a year.

    A third is going to a friend who I had lunch with the other day. I had no idea until our recent lunch that she was really struggling with some things at work and church. It’s a perfect time to shower her with some love and encouragement.

    Again, thank you for having hearts to encourage us to encourage others. And for giving us the opportunity to do so with these beautiful cards. Thank you for your love and emphasis of community and spurring us on to love and encourage ours.

  38. Just got my cards yesterday….they are beautiful & I am so excited to be able to encourage some of my sweet sisters in Christ. The first one went today to a dear friend going through a really rough time emotionally. The second will be going to my MIL – just because. I’m praying for the Lord to lead me through the rest of the cards & help me hand pick who He wants to receive them. Thank you for this & God bless all of you!

  39. Thank you so much for the cards! They were so beautiful! I have sent one to my friend Katie. The card about having a bad month, etc. Katie has been married less than a year and has had a bad year. Her new husband is having a lpot of seizures and can’t work. The doctors don’t know why and he has attempted to end his life because of it. On top of this, Katie found out she can’t have children and had to have a hysterectomy at only 28. I know this beautiful card gave her encouragement!

    Should I win the drawing today, I choose From Jesus with Love Ministries as my charity. This is such a fantastic ministry. They offer people items to meet their needs. Food, clothes, furniture. I’ve even heard they have taken car seats to our local hospital when parents couldn’t afford them.

    Thank you for your ministry. You are an encouragement to me and a breath of fresh air in this world that we live in!

  40. Encouraging each other is a gift that we can give, I’m so thankful to be in a community of friends that lives, loves and builds each other up. Each week I pray through my friends and ministry partners to see who I should send a card to. Just a simple, “I’m thinking of you”, or “you’ve been on my mind” card goes a long way in a world where there is so much sadness and hardships.

    I absolutely adore my dayspring cards and have been making my list of who He wants me to send them to. The words are just perfect for so many of my friends, thank you so much for allowing us an opportunity to reach out, love, cherish and more importantly (in)courage those around us.

    I am so blessed by this ministry and can’t wait to see what God has in store this next year for (in)courage! Sending you all my love, prayers and support!

    Melissa in Mel’s World 🙂

    • Hi Melissa! Thanks for the comment. It’s great to hear you putting prayer and thought into who you are giving cards to. We love what you have to say about the cards, could we use your comment in the future for Dayspring? Have a great day!

  41. Thank you so much for the lovely cards! I didn’t receive them until yesterday, so I haven’t sent them out yet. But I have someone in mind for each one already! I will send the one about “two friends going to coffee” to someone I’ve known since childhood. She called me the other night, absolutely livid on my behalf at some spiritual warfare I’m experiencing that is about to cost me my job after 26 yrs. Her concern was so genuine that she wanted to stand up for me against the CEOs… after I calmed her down, I knew I wanted to encourage her for being such a loyal friend, for her prayers and support but most of all because she is in the same boat right now with her husband’s recent unjust loss of job. We women are like “mother bears’ to all our friends when they are under unjust persecution, and the message of this card seems like a perfect expression of friendship, prayer and encouragement. I also found another card of encouragement from DaySpring last weekend that I want to send to an elderly man I’ve been encouraging to see God’s Love all around him. He is a celebrity I began praying for as a child, and unbelievably God opened up opportunity for me to share Him with this man over the last ten years. Now I just want to send him cards every so often just reminding him of God’s love, planting seeds for him to recognize Jesus in his daily life and allow the Holy Spirit to draw him into true relationship. God is good! I love to encourage and these cards are heavensent! Thank you!

  42. I sent one to my mother who has been taking care of my mentally handicapped brother since the death of his wife in Feb. of this year. She has been having a hard time handling her affairs as well as his and the card was truly uplifting for her, and has given her hope in helping him to care for himself. Thanks again for the cards, I have many more friends and family that need uplifting.

  43. I had the cards on my counter, when my youngest son’s girl-friend came over to spend the day. She was not feeling well that day and came over to sleep and study. I have had the privilege of leading her in a deeper walk with the Lord. She needed a card or note to give to her sorority little sister for that evening. I gave her the choice of my cards. She was so excited to have such a meaningful message to extend to her new sister( and who knows maybe in the Lord). I know that she was also encouraged. I have sent one to a couple of my good friends (that live miles from me physically but not emotionally) with whom I have shared life. One is on the way to my 84 yr old mom who never sleeps when it comes to sharing the Lord with women in prison.

  44. Thank you so much for these cards. I haven’t received mine yet, I’ve been out of town, but my mom, Kathy (her post is above) has received hers.

    As soon as I do receive mine, I want to send all of them our right away. The need for encouragement and hope is so great in our world today. I can’t wait to get them sent out and bring a smile to someones face!

    I would also select From Jesus With Love as my charity. Its so close to my heart!

    Thank you for your ministry. I’m a new subscriber and I love receiving emails from you!



  45. While I wanted to give a specific example of someone I was able to encourage with one of the cards I received, I could not do that on my blog. Here I can. One of my friends has a husband who has decided he no longer believes in God (maybe he never did). She is continually on my heart. I can never find the words to express to her the way I desire to share her burden. While I pray for her and her husband often, there is not much else I can do. I was able to send the card about “when there are no words…” to her. Thank you for helping me bring some encouragement to her during these difficult days!

  46. The cards are beautiful! I used one to encourage a speaker we had come to talk with us about The Balanced Life. She’s been a wonderful inspiration despite diffiulties with family health issues and ministry demands. Another card went to a mom struggling with young children and sibling rivalry. I saw someone’s face on each card as I looked through them, like they were written specifcally for them. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to be doing what we need to do for one another!

  47. Thanks soooo much for the cards!!! I’ve been sending them to some close friends and it’s funny how there is a perfect card for each of them! I haven’t heard yet if they’ve received them, but I pray they feel encouraged. Thanks for giving me the chance to bless them and speak truth into their lives!

  48. Hello! I am still waiting for my cards..I am in the county and things usually take an extra day. However…I know how I am going to use my card to encourage. We have friends in Zambia, Ethiopia, and Guatemala who have sacrficed so much for our Lord. I had planned to send them all a card and thanking them for being the hands and feet of Jesus day in and day out. I know that it is a lonely and emotionally exhausting road at times!


  49. I *loved* getting the pack of Encouragement cards…as I went through them there were several that just had names already attached to them in my mind! I just sent one yesterday with a dear friend of mine who is going to be ministering this week to a group of young girls, many of whom have deep hurts and needs. My friend will be pouring herself out in Jesus’ name to them and I wanted to encourage her with one of those cards. I choose the “Two friends met for coffee” card because that’s what we do all the time! She is huge blessing from God in my life. It’s amazing how such a simple thing as a card with a few words and prayers can mean SO much. Thank you for encouraging people to encourage people!!!

  50. I thought these cards were some of the most beautiful I have ever read. I picked one out right away to share with a friend who went back to work after maternity leave this week. I almost didn’t need to write anything else in it because the cars spoke for me! She sent me a message yesterday after reading it and was so touched.

    I already have plans for almost all of the other cards – one for a friend struggling with health issues, another for my coffee buddy. Thank you so much for this pack – I can’t wait to encourage more of the beautiful women in my life!

    • Erin, it is great to see so many of the cards go to such a a great cause. Encouraging and giving someone hope through a difficult time can be so uplifiting! Thanks! Your comment about the cards is great, would you mind if we used it in the future for Dayspring? Hope you have a great day.

  51. Dear Holley & Girlies: I am so thankful for my pack of Encouragement cards, as there is not one amongst us that don’t need encouraged in some way or another. We **all** have things going on in our heads and hearts that need the uplifting words of God and great friends!! Can’t wait to hear about the trip to Hilton Head…I have a home there on Sea Pines Plantation…where did you guys stay? and eat? and play? Ohhh to have been amonst you all…what **fun** in the Lord!!

  52. When I signed up for the free encouragement card pack, I prayed that God would show me the person I needed to send a card to.
    On Wednesday of last week, I received a phone call from an old friend. I had not talked to her in several months. She told me that she was pregnant with her forth child. She was upset and worried about the future. I knew then that God had sent her to me so I could send her one of the encouragement cards. I have not heard if she has received her card yet. I pray that it encourages her and helps bring peace to her heart.
    Thank you. I look forward to using the rest of the cards!

  53. I have been dealing with being more open to those around me and being more outgoing toward my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I am going to use these card to let them know how much I care.

  54. I was so excited to receive the pack of encouragement cards – they are each so unique and reflect perfectly many situations my friends and I find ourselves in.

    My first card was sent to a young woman who is battling numerous life-threatening health issues; I sent her the umbrella card, because if I could, I would do anything to take away the overwhelming issues – rain – she is facing. But since I cannot take them away or protect her from more bad news, I walk in the rain with her daily.

    I have sent a second card to another friend who moved away with her family to start a new job in a new place. Throughout her struggles, she has been an amazing encourager of my family as we face a struggle, and I sent her a card to thank her for her support and friendship.

    My third card is ready to be mailed tomorrow to a friend who has always been there for me, even when I didn’t want anyone around. She is priceless – a treasure, and I thank God for her every day.

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this way. You are all a blessing to so many people.

  55. Thank you so much for the wonderful cards!
    I sent one this past week to my husband’s Aunt. She has been battling Breast Cancer and then had to have an unexpected, serious surgery involving her heart this past Monday. My husband and I have been praying for her, as the news of the emergency surgery was really hard, emotionally, on her as well as other family members. I sent her the card that said: “You’ve been on my mind, in my prayers, and close to my heart” on the outside, and “That’s where you’re going to stay” on the inside. I hope it will bless her and encourage her to remember and know that there are many prayers being lifted up to our mighty God on her behalf.
    Thank you, again, for such beautiful encouragement cards! 🙂

  56. I got my cards right away and love them!!!
    I sent one card to my Aunt Eunice who just had to put her 14-year old cat to sleep.
    I sent the other card to my blog friend Lauren who had complications with her third baby.
    Can’t wait to use the rest!!

  57. What a treat! One card is for a widow, one is for a mother struggling with staying home, one is for a woman in jail… Thank you for the blessing to bless!

  58. Thank you sooooo much for the beautiful set of cards! I spent a few hours on Friday writing out the cards to my friends — half were friends that live far from me now, so I had such a great time thinking about the times we’ve had together and how they’ve impacted my life. In a way it felt like Christmas when you are carefully selected gifts that you know will mean something special to those you love … but then you realize you get more out of giving the gift than receiving them. Don’t get me wrong, receiving the card set from you was truly a gift, but you guys knew we’d get so much more from sending them, didn’t you? 🙂 Thanks for giving me that gift. Not only are my friends so “incouraged”, but I am too!

  59. Love the “Hope & Encouragement” set of cards! Thanks for making them available. I actually have three friends in mind to send them to. But the first one will be to my friend JoAnn. Her dad passed away recently and now her mom’s health is failing. I saw her about a week ago and there was such sadness in her eyes. She needs to be encouraged – a card, something she can read and reread, is one tangible way to do it.

  60. I’ve had the blessing of sending one of the cards you shared with a precious woman who is separated from her husband and trying to work through abuse. Thank you for beautiful cards to brighten someone’s day (mine, too!)


    PS: i thought I submitted this early this morning, but didn’t see my comment and wanted you to know how God used your generosity. 🙂

  61. Thank you for the marvelous cards – I sent them out to various friends needing a giant lift spiritually. One financially, 3 spiritually, 2 for health reasons. these were so wonderful, that I was uplifted sending them out. Bless you all! D 🙂

  62. Thank you so much for the cards. Due to some financial issues, I cannot afford to buy cards very often so I really appreciate them. I mailed 3 out yesterday. My 78 year old mother has been in a nursing home since having a stroke last October. She is in Virginia and I am in Texas so the only way I can encourage her is by sending her cards or talking to her on the phone. My 83 year old Aunt fell a couple of weeks ago and cracked a rib. She is now in the same facility as my Mom. She is going through rehab and is struggling. She has been very down so I sent her a card to hopefully lift her spirits. The last card I mailed yesterday was to my sister in Virginia. She is in physical therapy for chronic pain and could really use some encouragement. Her pain is so intense that some days she cannot do much but try to cope with it. She is very discouraged and I hope that the card I sent her will cheer her on to hang in there. I love encouraging others and will use the other cards to continue to brighten someone’s day. Thank you again.

  63. Thank you so much for the cards. They are beautiful! I dropped off a couple in the mailboxes at church today. One was to a friend whose husband is dealing with a difficult medical condition. They are having a hard time finding a good specialist, getting a proper diagnosis, getting disability, etc. I am in awe of her grace and fortitude, and their 6 children are such a beautiful reflection of the work God is doing in and through her and her husband.

    I gave the bunnies card to dear friend who just helped me with a DIY project for my house, and I’ve never tackled something like that before. Her patience with me was such a blessing! Our mantra soone became close enough is close enough and good enough is good enough–no perfectionists here!

    I also plan on sending the umbrella card to a friend whose marriage fell apart. She and her husband lived very far away, so I haven’t had as much contact with her as I would like. Cards are such a wonderful reminder that you are there for someone when they may not be ready for you to be in her face. But I am going to get in her face soon, and squeeze the stuffing out of her! 🙂

    Thank you again for giving us this opportunity.

  64. Well my cads came yesterday as I was headed out the door to go to a church overnight, so I have not gotten a chance to actually open them or use them yet, but one way I like to encourage people with cards is the “pass-it-on card” This was introduced to me by a small group leader when I was a junior in high school, and I love it. What you do is you get a card and write on it about how a pass-it -on card works then if you want to you can also put a post-it in it with a personal message for the person you give it to then you give it to someone and after they look at it, they have the opportunity to give the card to a different friend who might like to see it. I currently have an Easter one in my room that I got at the end of the season that I plan on restarting this season, and am going to start some Christmas cards to pass along this year too. It is so much fun, and it totally blesses a ton of people and if you get one you can experience the joy of giving and of receiving.

  65. I missed the first opportunity, but I love the idea of encouraging each other with your cards! Thank you for this ministry, and yes, it is definitely a ministry.

  66. I can’t even begin to express how beautiful the pack of cards were, I read through each one and made a mental note of who would be getting each specific card. There have been so many women in my life who have made a difference. Some are my own age, others are not, but they are all equal. I sent the coffee card to my friend Grace, because we have literally shared many of life’s hurts and celebrations over a cup of coffee. Sometimes we can afford to go buy it at a coffee shop, and sometimes we find ourselves with our coffee grinders in our very own kitchens. Thankfully tears are always involved, but the beauty of encouragement amongst sisters in Christ is the fact they are completely acceptable.

    Thank you so much for all you do on this blog!

    • LeAnna, thank you for sharing your story of encouragement! (In)courage has meant so much to many women, and we are glad you are one of them. We like what you had to say about the cards, would you mind if we used your comment in the future for Dayspring? Have a great day!

  67. I absolutely LOVE receiving mail AND sending mail! 🙂 When I signed up for the Dayspring Cards, I knew a handful of people I was going to send them to before they even arrived! One in particular laid on my heart – my college friend. She has been married for a few years and recently opened up to me about the challenges and struggles she’s having in her marriage, which I had NO idea! She expressed how alone and scared she is and how she hasn’t been able to tell anyone, until we met for dinner a few weekends ago. When I opened the cards and I read the one with the coffee cups on it…I knew this was made JUST FOR HER! As we talked over dinner, we both agreed that neither of us had the answers to life but we knew that HE did, and since we knew that…we knew…it was ALL going to be okay! Thank you for giving me the chance to send her a reminder of Encouragement her way to reassure her she’s loved by her friends, family, and most importantly God!

  68. Hi ladies! I didn’t get a chance to post in time for the cards so i bought a pack. I gave a card to my pastor’s wife. she was praying and waiting for test results from a cat scan about some growth on her lung. It was inconclusive which concerned the doctors. They decided to do another cat scan before making a decision to do surgery. I gave her the card of Hope. Inside it saids “praying for you and believing with you”. PRAISE THE LORD! THE GROWTH HAS SHRUNK! Oh the wonderful gift of praying for one another!

    Thank you Holley! for encouraging us to share these wonderful encouraging stories!

    Love in Christ & prayers
    Sis in Christ

  69. I did not receive those cards … wish I did. I am going through a major marriage problem right now, I have 2 friends who are standing by my side and keep on cheering and encouraging me. I want to return their friendship and let them know that they make a different in my life, though perhaps they don’t realize that. Friendship are such a beautiful thing, you know for sure who your friends are especially when you are walking in the darkest part of your life – and know that you are not alone because true friends stand by yourside through the bad and the good. I am thankful for those 2 sweet ladies!

  70. Thank you so much for the beautiful cards. I have been in recovery from an eating disorder for a few years. God has brought me out of a pit of despair that was so deep I thought I would never climb out. For the past few months I have been praying to know God’s will for me and how I can use my (to borrow a word from Beth Moore) “plunder”. This past week, not one but two friends approached me about the physician supervised liquid diet that began my journey to God’s voice over 4 years ago. I felt God moving me out of myself and into His service. I used my cards to encourage my friends and to let them know that I will be their prayer warrior during this difficult time. I was also feeling very sorry for myself as I am preparing for my first “baby” to leave the nest for college. How wonderful is our God-He has helped me give purpose to my life while serving my friends!! I wanna be like my Jesus!

  71. “Paying it forward” today with “words of encouragement” and love!

    Our words are filled with faith that we are all making a difference in the “tone” of our world.

    Today is the day to encourage someone, and ask them to “pass it along” to someone they know who needs to hear some hope, encourage their faith, and just needs a verbal hug!!!

  72. I am sending the “Hope is a seed…” card to a close friend who is going through an uncertain time in her life. Thank you for these cards that we can use to bless others in our lives!

  73. What beautiful cards! I so enjoyed going through each one and picking someone to send it to. I have a friend from church that is awaiting surgery patiently due to an injury at work. So patiently that she is an encouragement to me each time I talk to her. I think that I may be having a not-so-good day, then I talk to her and realize how upbeat and happy she remains to be despite that her family has been turned upside down by this. She has not received a paycheck for over two months. I will be sending a card to her. I also have friend that I feel needs some prayer and encouragement. I have invited her to our wonderful church and she had admitted to needs to come. I will send her a card to let her know I am here and will continue to be. Interestingly enough, our pastor spoke with morning about helping one another carry burdens. What a comforting thought to know we have one another to not carry that alone and ultimately Jesus Christ helps us to bury that burden forever. Thanks so much for the gift of encouragement!

  74. Thank you so much for the wonderful cards! I used one for a friend this morning at church thanking her just for her being such a treasure of a friend and I’m so glad I did! 🙂 She thanked me and said that she actually had needed some encouragement today, so it was perfect!!! 🙂

  75. Thank you so much for (in)couraging us to encourage others. I am so thankful I got to send some tangible encouragement to some beautiful friends in my life. I made a promise to myself to do it more often.

  76. I have a friend who I’ve not been able to contact much lately via phone, because of both our schedules and some health issues on her end. As convenient as email and other forms of technologically enhanced communication is, I preferred to use a more personal method – a greeting card. So under-used these days, and perhaps underestimated, they are an incredible tool – you taking the time to hand-write a note means (in most cases) that you are thinking of and caring for them enough to really think about the words you use, and the message you want to get across. So, this past week, I sent her one of the DaySpring cards I received in my package, in an effort to help her know that despite her health issues, despite not having the job she wanted this year, and despite feeling very alone in her situation, that she is very much loved and thought of – by God and myself. Thank you for sending the vehicle by which that message was delivered!

  77. As I read each of the 12 Dayspring cards, I could see in my mind’s eye the person who needed the words of encouragement in each card.

    My best friend, who I have been friends with for 24 years, has three babies under three and two teen-agers, one of whom is a Marine, just deployed to Afghanistan. She has to work four days a week outside the home, and her a husband is a long-haul truck driver, and is on the road a LOT. But my friend maintains her home, does all of the scheduling, nose-wiping, cradling, comforting, cleaning, carpooling and cleaning that every other mom has to do, all while alone for the majority of the time, and living away from family. She has happy, healthy children, is a beloved wife, mother, sister, daughter, employee (yes, her boss LOVES her!!), and friend, and manages somehow to maintain her sanity, her beauty, her integrity and her faith, AND does it beautifully.

    She told me the other day (over the phone, because I live in Utah and she lives in Wisconsin) that she doesn’t understand why people say to her “I don’t know how you do it.” She says it’s almost hurtful to her, because she feels like people are saying her life is bad, and they wouldn’t want to live it. But she loves her life, adores her husband, and dotes on her children. She is happier now than she’s ever been in her life.

    But still, I know how stressed I am with my life, which appears to me to be worlds easier and less complicated than hers. I think she is phenomenal, and I wish we lived closer, so that I could see her often (instead of once every five years or so). The inside of the card says this: “Not everyone can do what you can do. Not everyone can handle things the way you can. While you wonder sometimes if you’re doing ok…the rest of us are just watching in WONDER.”

    When she opens the card, I hope that she understands why people look at her in amazement. Yes, we all do what we have to do in this life, but some people do it a lot more gracefully and thankfully than others. She is my example of that, and I’m so blessed to call her my best friend.

    Thank you for the free cards. They truly express such heartfelt and on-target messages, while not being embarrassing or corny like so many greeting cards are!! 🙂

  78. The card just arrived Friday evening so I haven’t had time to end them. They are beautiful though I knew they would be because I have been sending Dayspring cards both through regular mail and email for many years. I have sent them to
    widows, dying friends and their spouses, chronically ill friends and children, and many others. One lady told me that every time she went to the mailbox, she hoped there was a card from me. That made me cry and made me feel very humbled that something so small could mean that much. You see, I really can’t do much for anyone. I am at home taking care of a daughter who as been sick for many years. But, I can send a card. And I appreciate the ones like these that have some substance and real meaning, that help people face the serious hurts and problems in life. Thank you.

  79. Thank you so much for the Encouragement Cards. I have a friend who is struggling with raising her kids. It felt good to send her a card and let her know that she is doing a great job. God knows her struggles, and He cares! Thanks again!

  80. Oh how exciting! I never realized you were only a year old. I must have found you when your first got started. Then I lost you and rediscovered you! I thank God everyday that you are back in my life. I need you and all the women that touch my life through (in)courage.

    Encouragement is very special to me. I feel everyone needs it. I do not want to get into a big discussion on it as I will be blogging on it on Thursday! Very excited to get into that.

    I love you and I love what you do!
    God Bless!
    Grandma Patty Ann

  81. did you all know one of Beth Moore’s daughter’s(Amanda I think) are with Compassion also? She is in the same country as the two bloggers…Wow! God is good.

  82. I LOVED every card !! I sent the “HOPE” one to a family many states away for whom we have been in prayer for their daughter Emmalee who is battling cancer. Our daughter Emily battled a brain tumor too at a young age and because of a “Miracle” is now twenty-one years old. We have tried to ENCOURAGE other families for twenty years now. I chose to send the others to a struggling friend, a dear friend I am thankful for but don’t always remember to let her know , an elderly aunt just finishing radiation, a woman that just invited me to a bible study, a cousin that just resigned from a job she was so excellent at but pressured to do so, and to an owner of a restaurant that went the extra mile on a special occasion. I have always loved Dayspring cards, the words some times seem to come right from my own heart. I thank you for this opportunity to send these cards to those I wanted to encourage. I’ve always sent cards, yet after we went through what we did so many years ago with our daughter it made me even more mindful. I try to take one day a week to sit down and write in and send cards. I believe it makes a difference!

  83. I was so excited to receive the cards in the mail!! I think each of us was thrilled to be able to send a GIFT of hope, of love, of encouragement– a smile- in the mail to a friend or loved one who could use a lift. I used one of mine to lift up a friend who is going through some financial trouble…she has so much on her mind, so much weighing on her heart, but is always so kind and offers to help pick up my kids or do anything she can- for me!!! Being friends with her is a true blessing and I enjoy her company. I don’t think she knew just how I felt about her- but hopefully, the card you provided me with gave her a taste. I haven’t sent them all out, a few I’m still trying to pray and wait and see who God wants me to use them for- but I really loved each of them and am excited to hit up the Dayspring selection at my local Family Christian. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift!

    • Shelley, it is awesome to be able to send a smile in the mail, isn’t it? 🙂 I hope you find many more at your local Christian store, or check us out here: http://store.dayspring.com/enprgrca.html for more hope and encouragement cards! We love what you have to say about the cards, would you mind if we use your comment in the future for Dayspring? Hope you have a great day!

  84. you for giving me the opportunity to encourage other family members and friends who I felt needed encouragement. I loved the cards I received and sent them out to my 2 best friends one local and one may states away, my grama who recently lost Grampa to age in July, our daughter in ND whose husband is deployed 3 mons going to be w/out him till Nov, holding down the home, 2 children, opening up an Etsy shop can all be overwhelming, her last recent items on her shop have been donating 100% of the funds to causes, Skin Cancer, MS, Breast Cancer and even to a friend who is trying to adopt a little girl. She is so giving but she also needs encouragement this card was perfect for her,. My mom who just got home from the rehab center yest due to dehydration. My mother in law who is battling Triple Negative stage 3 breast cancer, my neighbor who has been there in prayers for me. I just wanted to name a few I know I can go on for a long time.. In closing these cards hopefully hit the spot where those loved ones I sent them too really needed a bit of encouragement. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to share something special. I did write a special note inside each one making it a personal note btween me and the loved one I sent it to. I even dressed up the front and back of the envelopes w/washi tape, stamps and embellishments!

    I wasn’t sure where my comment was to go for the feedback of this Encouragement day.. Hope it is in the right place.. looking forward to see who wins your giveaway as well.

  85. When the cards arrived I was sending 3 homemade meals to a woman in my church who is dying from cancer. What a blessing to be able to include a card with the meals. Thanks for sending them to me. They are a good reminder that it is better to give than to receive.

  86. Thank you very much for the gift of the cards you sent. Dayspring cards are my love. They speak to so many of life situations and needs. When I saw the card with the lady carring the umbrella and the sentiment written on it, I knew who it had to go to. A lady at work has been going through a traumatic time with family health crises, more than one, and she has been so strong, loyal, real in expressing her journey, loving–there isn’t words to adequately express her courage shown. Those of us around her have been encouraged with her strength of heart.
    I look forward to sending the rest of the cards to those God nudges me about. God is so good to convey to us words of encouragement in the written words.

    • Esther–I know you will find many more to spread hope and encouragement to through cards– Keep spreading the love! 🙂 We love what you have to say about the cards, would you mind if we use your comment in the future for Dayspring? Have a great day!

  87. thanks for the great pack of cards. i sent one on behalf of our moms in touch group to a teacher who’s child is in the hospital. It was a great way for the family to know that there is hope and that prayer does make a difference.

  88. Thank you for the beautiful cards. When I received them I knew instantly where to send five of them. I did so, and plan to send the rest this week. Talk about excited! Thank you again for the generous gifts! God Bless!

  89. First of all, the cards are just lovely! I am so excited to be able to send such beautiful cards both in artwork and words.
    I chose to send the one about how sometimes when we’re going through difficult things we aren’t even sure how we’re getting through and what we’re feeling, but the world around us is really is awed by our life responses. I have a dear friend who has been through a lot in recent months. She has really been a huge testimony to me as God has strengthened and held her up through these difficult days. I just wanted her to know that God’s life in her really shines bright.
    Thanks so much for the beautiful cards. They are a joy to send! (And I’m sure a joy to receive!)

  90. Thank you so much for the encouragement cards!! When I received the pack, I opened them immediately and sat down to read them. I already have half of them set aside with friends and family in mind.
    Today I had the opportunity to hand deliver one of these cards to a friend. I met her two years ago when I went back to school to start my journey towards graduate school. She’s now a fellow grad student, and was in need of some hope and encouragement. The joy that filled that moment will stay with me for sometime! In this day and age of technology, taking the time to find a card that is personal to someone you care about and delivering, or sending, that to them really does make such a difference! I have found in my own personal experiences that just knowing someone cares makes difficult situations that much easier to walk through 🙂
    Thank you so much for providing me the means to instill and pass hope on to my friends and family! Know the cards will all be put to great use!
    Your sister in Christ <

  91. Received my cards at just the perfect time. God seems to work that way. I’ve blogged about it today 😀 I know others will be blessed receiving their card in the mail all too soon.

    Thanks Thanks Thanks for the wonderful blessing!


  92. The cards were wonderful. I loved all of them. Thank you for making them available. I sent one off this week to a friend who has been struggling with finding a job and not knowing what God has planned for her life. I sent another to a friend going through a difficult time as her mom battles cancer and then she lost her dog this week. I mean to do a better job of encouraging my friends, even if there’s nothing dramatic going on. A note to say hello and I’m thinking about you can mean to much. So thanks for spurring us on to do that!

  93. Thank you for the cards. They came in time so I can encourage all my friends who live around the country. As a former military wife and veteran, I want to remember all the friends I have met and still keep in contact with. Some are struggling with finances, some have job issues and others worry about their family members. I want to thank you for encouraging me to remember them and keep in contact with my friends!

  94. The encouragement cards were just wonderful! As I read them, I thought of who I should send them to right away. I have mailed out 7 cards. A friend with cancer,one looking for employment, one receintly divorced having trouble figuring out her life. A friend that lives in another state that I am missing. I have come to believe in some way we all need incouragement! So, thank you so very much for the wonderful card. God Bless you as you have blessed me and the people I love with these beautiful cards.

  95. I received a free 10 pack of encouragement cards from (in)Courage and Dayspring. They are visually beautiful. But, the most stunning thing was that they speak to the heart of so many things you would want to say to someone that you would hope to encourage or let them know that you are there for them.

    I have sent two cards.

    One to a wonderful lady at my church who has become a mentor to me. She has grown daughters my age, but when I speak to her or serve on a committee with her, she inspires me in so many ways. She encourages me to spend more time with Jesus and to focus on my relationship with him. But, she also encourages me to be quiet in my manner and to think before I speak. Boy, do I need that!

    I sent another to a lady that was in two of my book groups. I know that she doesn’t feel particularly worthy of much. But she is such a strong woman. She is always so encouraging of others and she is so supportive. I don’t get to spend much time with her. But, I wanted her to know how special she is to me.

    Thank you for reminding me to stop and look around. God puts wonderful people in your life and often I overlook them. These cards helped me to stop and take time to remember.

    • Teresa– It is easy to forget to show others how much you appreciate them, and I’m glad you saw the cards as an opportunity to look around for people in your life who mean the most to you. I hope more people do the same! Your comment is great, would you mind if we use it in the future for Dayspring? Have a blessed day!

  96. I so enjoyed getting these cards! I opened them the day they arrived, and as I read through them, I kept envisioning different women.

    I sent one to a girlfriend who has been unemployed for six months. It has been such a long, hard road, and she is now facing the foreclosure of her home. She has done this whole process with an amount of grace and beauty that has been inspirational to those of us around her. Wouldn’t you know that there was a card in there JUST for her. She sent me a text yesterday and let me know that it caused her to tear up. 🙂 Yay for encouragement.

    The second card went to a girlfriend who has been divorced for four years now, due to infidelity on her husband’s part. She, like the Isaiah 54 woman, was abandoned by her first love and has no support from him whatsoever. So much of everyday life is left to her…by herself and with Jesus.

    Another friend came to mind for the card that talks about a woman who is consistently faithful. I am blessed to be loved by a true giver. A stay-at-home mom, she also loves to scrap-book, but turns that into making gorgeous hand-made cards, invitations, etc. She also does coupon walks to get coupons from the recycling bins of her neighbors (with permission, of course) so that she can get incredible deals and give significant amounts to our church’s food pantry. She does all these things with very little or no recognition, including praying for friends regularly, hostessing home group, cooking dinners for lots of folks in our community, loving on her neighbors…she’s the epitome of a rock star in my book, because it all flows out of a heart of love for Jesus.

    The fourth and final card went to a girlfriend with whom I have met for coffee for about four years now. Hard to believe that its been that long, but it has. We go through seasons of meeting every week, but sometimes its every other week or once a month if life is busy. We talk about Jesus, life, our families, things for which we need accountability and anything else that comes to mind. She has become one of those friends that I know….I KNOW deep in my knower that she will be there for me come thick or thin. Because of that I am blessed beyond measure.

    And now I have six more cards to give. 🙂 Thank you so much. It has renewed a passion in me for encouraging via card/letter.

  97. Thank you for the beautiful Dayspring cards. I knew exactly whom the first recipient would be before they even arrived in the mail! In March 2008, my Mom was diagnosed wiht breast cancer, she had to leave her job teaching 5th grade . She underwent a double mastectomy, and several months of chemo. Throughout it all, her strength in the Lord never wavered. She was given a clean bill of health and returned to work in October 2009. November of 2009, she fell at work and broke her shoulder And found a lump in her neck which turned out to be Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Just as her hair was growing back, she faced losing it once again. This time she endured 6 months of chemo! Again, she clung to the Lord through it all. She really missed the kids in her class and couldn’t wait to go back to teaching. After missing nearly a full school-year, she went back to work this month! She is so excited to be back. I am so encouraged by her faith that I wanted to give her the first card as an encouragement to keep stong in the Lord!

  98. These cards are wonderful! As I read each one, I thought, this is perfect! Then I opened the next and it was perfect as was the next, and the next! I will definately be looking for more of these after these ten are in the mail. I have recently been wrapped in the arms of new friendship by two truly awesome gals lately – and we call each other Soul Sisters. As we have shared tender parts of our lives, it became apparent why we are so attracted – through pain we have learned how to carefully pick our friends and just as important, how to shower grace on a friendship. These gals will receive my first two cards – a thank you for sharing life, motherhood, being a wife, and being a sister.

  99. I don’t know how to thank you guys for sending me the most beautiful cards I’ve ever come across. So encouraging and a true blessing. I only received my pack of ten cards yesterday, and because of the limited time, I’ve not sent my cards out. Nevertheless, I have selected 4 choice cards for the following people in my life:

    -a friend who has just lost her only brother to death (I will give her the card that says, “at a time when words are hard to find…”)
    -a friend who has had the most tumultuous of relationships (I will give her the card that says, ‘I wish I had a big yellow umbrella that will keep the rain away…but I don’t have a big yellow umbrella, so I’ll walk through the rain with you)
    -My lil sister who is currently searching for funding to continue school (“Sometimes life is hard, messed up, mixed up…”
    -for a very special friend, “Once in a while a friend comes along who changes things.”

    Again, thank you so much for these beautiful cards. Since the people I’ll be sharing them with are not in a close location to me, I will be mailing them out this week (or as soon as I can). God bless you.

  100. The cards are simply beautiful. Thank you for helping us to share some encouragement with those dear to us.

    I have a list of women who will be receiving a card, one being a dear sweet friend who is facing some life changes and I know could use a little “pick me up” during this time.

  101. My cards just arrived yesterday and they were even better than I had hoped. Every card has such a moving message. My first card will go to a coworker who always has time to support the rest of us and be a positive influence but doesn’t take time for herself and appreciate what she does every day is amazing.

  102. A friend of mine is going through a tough time in her marriage and every one of your cards were perfect for her! I’ve been using them to help me say what is so hard to sometimes… thanks for your incredible gift!

  103. I loved the cards – thank you so much. I sent one to my mom to remind her how appreciated she is esp. in her role as a hospice nurse. She carries a lot on her shoulders and I don’t know the half of it, and I’m not the best at always remembering to check in with her about it. I wanted to give her an extra ounce of encouragement to keep at it and to let her know how much I respect what she is doing.

  104. I love the cards. Thanks so much for the opportunity to encourage others. I really feel good about it. One went to a teacher friend of mine from high school. She’s in her late 80’s and her health is failing. She has always been such a huge support to me and she put me on my career path. Another (the meet for coffee one) goes to my friend who I meet every Saturday for coffee!! It is just perfect for her. Another goes to another friend who is the administrator at my church. She makes such a difference in peoples lives. Even though she has a very busy job, she always has time for the church members who wonder in and out of her office. She works many hours a week and has very little life outside of her job, but she makes such a huge difference in the lives of many people. The rest of the cards are still works in progress as I find more people to encourage. Can’t wait for that. Thanks again.

  105. Thank you so much for the cards! They are beautiful and came at just the right time. The day I heard about them, a friend wrote to me asking for prayers as her boyfriend of many years whom she had long been expecting to marry broke up with her. She’s having a tough time seeing God’s plan for her. One of the cards is on its way to encourage her! Thank you!

  106. These cards are amazing…thank you so much for them! My best friend has been going through an incredibly trying time in her life, and one of the cards in the pack was perfect for her. I was so excited to send it her way.

    Thanks again for all you do to encourage us everyday.

  107. I forgot to post how I used my cards today! I have some very close friends that I just let know how much they mean to me. Their friendships are so dear that I couldn’t let today go by without letting them know. Thank you for the card pack.

  108. Do’h! I accidentally pasted the wrong website into the DaySpring’s entry list. Apologies. I was working on my Life After Miscarriage blog and trying to multi-task…Anyhow — I would love to send these cards to my mission sisters — We just got back from Medellin, Colombia. That’s what my other blog is about — the one I meant to leave the address to! I miss the mission field because it was such an encouraging place. Now that we’re back to our ‘real’ lives, it’s hard to find that kind of encouragement. Thanks for creating an online space for it.

  109. I got the cards on Friday and was so excited, since one of the people I wanted to give one to was leaving for a mission trip in Mexio today (Sunday). She had been really a great friend through a tough time I was having and you sent the PERFECT card for me to be able to tell her thanks! I have another one going out in the mail tomorrow and a third already slated to go to another. I am excited to see who the other cards become “perfect” for! THANK YOU!!!

  110. I got the cards yesterday and sent one to my best friend from high school that still to this day remains my best friend. We live so far from each other and don’t talk or write or see each other very often but her friendship has been such a blessing for me throughout life. I sent the card that spoke this most clearly to let her know that and encourage to continue being God’s instrument for me and others.

  111. I was so excited to be receiving these cards to encourage those I know who need it. I was thrilled with the cards after actually seeing the different messages. It felt like a name would come to mind as soon as I would read the card. One of my cards was sent to a friend whose father is battling cancer. Another to a friend with a husband who is very busy with work and has two small children. One will then go to my grandmother who lost my grandfather to cancer last December. He would have had a birthday yesterday. Thank you for helping me to be an encouragement to others.

  112. The ten pack of cards arrived the day we learned that my father-in-law had passed away after a 6 yr battle with cancer. I cried as I read each one and was able to share one with my mother-in-law when we drove up for the funeral. When she read the card, she cried and said that it was the most beautiful card she had ever received. Thank you to Dayspring for helping me bring God’s compassion to a grieving heart.

  113. I will never forget the day I received my FREE dayspring cards. Talk about perfect timing. My husband has been out of a job for over a month and just recently found a job (praise God). That means I was going to have to find someone to watch my son when he gets off the bus. (sounds simple, huh?) Well, my son has microcephaly, autism, and is non verbal. Yet my friend is able to look outside of the normal world view of those who are different and she accepts my son. She was a teen Mom at one time, and she now homeschools her two children. So I am mailing her the card that says, ” Life is hard sometimes, crazy, mixed – up, messed up.”….because I want her to know how thankful I am for her willingness to watch my son. Like the card says on the inside “Not everyone can do what you can do” . So I am excited that your cards came at the perfect time, with the perfect words, and pefect timing to offer encouragement to someone who makes a differnce everyday.

    In a world full of uncertanties, I am looking so forward to “The differnce A Greeting Card Can Make” . Guess what is going to be at the top of my “Santa List” this year? Day Spring Card Club…(hint, hint)

  114. I do have a blog, and I will be posting about the cards there, but the ways I used them are a little more personal than my friends would prefer I explain over there, so I wanted to post here with that. Here’s how I used my cards:
    1) One friend has cancer (and hasn’t shared that with many of our friends).
    2) One friend just found out that her baby has a neurological disorder and will never walk.
    3) One young friend is 19, just graduated from high school, loves Jesus, and is 22 weeks pregnant.
    4) One friend is that girl’s mother.
    5) One friend is an assistant principal at a tough school in DC.
    6) One young friend isn’t getting the playing time she expected in volleyball this year.
    7) One friend lost her husband recently.
    8) Another has given up on God because she feels like the church let her down.
    9) One friend has been trying to get pregnant for two years.
    10) One friend has a brand-new baby and is readjusting to mothering her other son too after having spent the last two months in the hospital.
    11) & 12) Two friends are just having a tough year. Nothing major, but still in need of encouragement.
    13) One friend is still single long after the days when she had hoped to have a husband.
    14) One friend just celebrated one year cancer-free.
    15) One friend is having a difficult pregnancy.

    Yep, that’s 15. I’ll be buying five more cards. 🙂

  115. First of all, thank you for the absolutely beautiful cards – I can’t wait to send them all out! I did get a chance to mail out two of them which I was hoping would have been received by Saturday (the 11th), but they weren’t – so hopefully tomorrow. I sent them to two of my friends who are going through adjustment periods in their life. One of my friends got married in the spring and moved to South Carolina where her husband works and it’s been a bit of a lonely time for her coming from a big family with lots of nieces & nephews where she is a super aunt – and now she is far away from everyone and it’s tough on her missing out on so much. Ironically, the other friend I sent the card out to is also living in South Carolina! She left a crazy relationship last fall and has been starting her life anew – but it hasn’t been easy with lost jobs and such. She’s had a pretty rough life but is one of the strongest people I have ever met with a strong faith and always an encouraging word for her friends, so I wanted to return the favor and encourage her with the card and bring a smile to her face! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to bring smiles to other faces. I can’t wait for them to get their cards!

  116. I am a horrible procrastinator and in a busy funk right now, but I did get my cards and I am planning on sending them out. They seemed to each be a perfect fit for many of the wonderful women in my life that have encouraged and supported me through my walk in faith. I did send them all an email letting them know how they have touched my life as well as letting them know that they each have something so special to give the world. My hope is that later this week I will be able to sit down and use your beautiful cards to let them know more specifically how they have changed my life and how I hope that they continue to touch others with their special gifts. Thank you for the opportunity to do this!

  117. I just received my pack yesterday and they are absoltuely lovely! I can’t wait for God to bring the right person to mind at the right time for each card. I already have plans to send out a couple this week–one to one of my dearest friends who discipled me while in college, and another to a college student who I am now discipling. I blogged about this, but didn’t give specifics on who I’ll be sending them to yet because I didn’t want friends to read about it before they got it. But perhaps the details will appear in a future blog.

    My heartfelt thanks to (in)courage and DaySpring! You ladies know us well!

  118. Just wanted to say THANK YOU to all you (in)Courage gals for creating this space for us to gather together. In the last few months you have touched my life numerous ways with your words of support, encouragement, and hope. And those words have in turn inspired me to make better use of my gift of encouragement by creating handstamped cards to surprise people with,not just for ‘special occasions’, but just to brighten the routine of daily life. I’ve also volunteered to write cards to new believers in our church as part of our “What’s Next?” process.
    Thank you for being obedient to the calls God has placed in your life and for passing the torch and calling us to pay it forward…which after all is said and done is the biggest blessing we can know, to pour the light and love of Jesus into the lives of others. 🙂

  119. I just needed to say – I was sick yesterday. But you were on my heart. Didn’t get to put my post up, but did, on Saturday, get one of those beautiful cards to one of my beautiful friends who needed it. Encouragement and community are keys in this life. Surviving this time, no, truly living this time here requires help. Thank you (in)courage for providing that. Sincerely, p.

  120. I sent one of your cards to my former mother-in-law who had been hospitalized with a heart attack last week. The words on the card were perfect for this time in our lives.
    Thank you (in)courage for all you do to encourage us!

  121. Hi! I’m a day late posting about the cards. Please forgive me. They are absolutely beautiful and perfect! Currently, I’m sending 2 cards. I’m sending one for encouragement for my friend, April. We’ve been friends for 13 years now. She is a great mom to 2 wonderful children, Lauren (age 3) and Drew (age 5). She’s also a fabulous stepmom to Dylan (age 12). Her husband recently got a new job which is initially requiring him to travel a lot. Then, she got a new job and they had to move. Also, she was recently diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome which causes her to be tired all the time. So, I’m sending her a card of encouragement to help her keep going and to let her know that God is there. Luckily, she has very supportive family and friends. May God bless her with the engergy to sustain. Another card will be sent to my friend, Jamie. We’ve been friends for 20 years. She is a wonderful mom to 2 adorable little boys, Jayce (age 2) and Joshua (age 6). She also has a stepson who is in his late teens who struggles with depression. She has a very demanding job as head of occupational therapy at the local hospital. She also sells Arbonne and works part time at the nursing home. Her husband is gone a lot due to his job that requires him to commute more than 2 hours a day. So, my card will be for encouragement to her that God is with her during her every day struggles as well as the big ones. Thanks again! Have a wonderful God blessed day!!

  122. I just posted a long comment, and it disappeared 🙁 Know that I am sending cards to my wonderful friends, April and Jamie. They are mothers of young children and older step children. Both of them have demanding jobs away from home and husbands that are frequently gone. So, my cards are for encouragement for them. I am reminding them that God is there for them in their everyday struggles as well as their big ones. Thank you so much for sending them! They are beautiful and perfectly suited for my needs!

    Have a wonderful God blessed day!

  123. I received the package of cards on Friday afternoon, and did not have time to get on here yesterday. I am giving one of the cards to a dear friend today. She lost her job a few months ago and is getting ready to go back to school and change her career. Life at home for her has been hard for her lately and I just want to encourage her on her new adventure and that everything will work out.

    My neighbor lost her husband to cancer last year and I just want her to know that I am always thining about her. When she talks about her husband, you feel nothing but the love that they shared. See, we have been neighbors for about 7 years and never really talked just waved……One day she was driving down the road and stopped to say something kind about my children and I had asked her how her husband was and that is when I learned that he was dying. We now have breakfast together every once in awhile and it always last for hours. Sometimes I don’t know what to say and one of the cards says it perfectly.


  124. I’m a day late, and I’m sorry – just didn’t have time yesterday. I got the package of cards a week ahead of time, then spent the week trying to decide who to send them to. I only sent one, to my mom, who was weary from so much happening and discouraged by offhand comments; it was a perfect card for her, about living out faith. So thanks to DaySpring! I’m saving the rest for opportunities that arise.

  125. The cards are beautful! Thank you so much! There are several people in my life that I will be sending the cards to:
    1) Two different girlfriends who have husbands back in school. Although this is a positive thing it means that they will spend a lot of time apart and on their own with their small children.
    2) One woman who has a 4 year old son with cancer.
    3) One friend who is struggling with the thought of going back to work after having her baby.
    4) My brother-in-law was laid off months ago and has struggled to find a new job.

    Although I have a blog, all of the people that I want to send these cards to read my blog. I don’t want to “air their dirty laundry” or make them feel like they only got a card because of this promotion. However, thank you so much for the cards. I will certainly recommend them to friends.

  126. What a beautiful set of cards! I could’t send just one!
    I sent 6 women on my prayer list twoof your beautiful HOPE & ENCOURAGMENT cards. One written to them with a note from me. Then I asked them to “pay it forward” by Sept. 12 (the national day of encouragment) and send the other card on to someone they knew who could use encouraging words from a friend.
    The biggest blessing to me was all the thank you calls and emails I received from those women. I didn’t realize the impact a simple card and note from a friend could have when you are down. Thank you for the cards – I won’t be waiting until next year to send another round!

    • Traci, so glad your cards are making an impact on so many people! That is great. We like what you have to say about the cards, could I have your permission to reuse your comment in the future for Dayspring?

  127. I’m sorry I missed commenting yesterday but Sundays are church/family days and I try not to get online much. But I still wanted to share what I did with your beautiful cards!!!!
    I posted on facebook asking for friends who knew of somebody that needed some encouragement. Then I sent them out anonymously. They went to women who lost a baby, were getting ready to lose a house, started a new job, waiting on an adoption (2), recently divorced and more. I prayed for each woman as I wrote out their card and addressed it to them .It was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to get to the store and get some more cards. They’re so perfect! Thanks for the gift!

  128. I LOVED the cards! Thank you so much! I plan to send the blue one with the yellow/orange flowers to my Grandma. She has always encouraged me and she’s prayed for me daily my entire life. I love being able to encourage her whenever I can.

  129. The cards are SO beautiful. I took time to go through them, reading each one, soaking in the encouraging messages they offered and praying over who I know that most needs that card’s message. A very special one is going out in the mail today to a friend who is working so hard for her family but who still takes the time to lift up and encourage others and did so for me recently. My prayer is that giving thanks for those that support us creates an outward ripple of support and love through my community. I am not great with words but I am so grateful to be able to share some beautiful messages of inspiration and encouragement.

    • Heather, it’s great that you put so much thought into each card. I know that each one will be a blessing to whoever you decide to give one to! We like your comment about the cards, would it be okay with you if we used it in the future for Dayspring?

  130. I missed the 9/12 post date, but I did get the cards and it was such a blessing to ME to send out the cards. As I was writing the cards, I was able to stop and reflect on the blessings I received from these special women. I hope the cards were a blessing to them too as they received them!

  131. So sorry I missed posting yesterday as well (newborn & toddler in the house!). The cards and their messages are so beautiful. I sent one to my dear friend who is battling her 3rd round of chemo for colon cancer. It was a beautiful pick-me-up to send on a treatment day! I also sent one of the cards to a friend struggling with infertility to bless her with words of hope. Love these cards and will definitely use each and every one to share God’s love and grace with others! Thanks for blessing us with these so we can go out and bless others . . .

  132. Well, I missed posting yesterday, too! This college girl was visiting her family, and as such wasn’t on the computer much and didn’t even bother to look at her calendar, where she had circled the date to come back and write for (in)courage. Oh, well!

    BUT – the cards were stunningly beautiful. And it’s rare that I find a card that says exactly what I mean. I sent the “wonder girl” card to my older sister, battling her senior year of college, an honors thesis, and a break-up. She said it was perfect and immensely cheering! And I also wrote a long letter to one of my best friends, who is trying to adjust to college several states away. I know it will bless her, too. (who doesn’t like sunshine in their mailboxes?)

    I’m so grateful for this beautiful opportunity and the gorgeous cards! If I had the money, I would buy all of the Dayspring card collections =) For now, I’m delighted to share these gems with the beautiful girls around me. Thank you!!

  133. i loved my collection of encouragement cards and i have so many “people in need” that it is hard to pick who gets what. i am surrounded by parents who have recently lost a child to cancer, parents whose children are still eager to win the cancer battle, a co-worker who is in the midst of battling that same dreaded disease, many young friends who are serving our country in the military – including a niece who recently completed boot camp, college students who struggle with the rigorous academics and their need to find and be happy with their identity, married couples who need a boost to look for the good and to enjoy the journey and the list could go on and on. sunday surprised me with some opportunities to encourage in person so i did not get a card out to any of these people but i did share several hours with people who needed an understanding ear during the day and was surprised by a young married couple who needed some “not their mom but needed a mom” help in the evening. thanks for giving me the tools to touch lives with these beautiful cards.

  134. I just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying the Make a Difference cards, too!

    The very morning that they arrived, I learned that a friend was having a rough week. I sent one of the cards to her, with a note saying that I was praying for her, in that afternoon’s mail. When I saw her a few days later she was so thankful for the lovely card that encouraged her so much. She said that she’s keeping it displayed on her piano, so she’ll see it often.

    A few days later, I sent one to a couple who have almost become our adoptive parents. I just wanted to tell them how much we appreciate them.

    Yesterday I planned to take one to my pastor. I was running late and didn’t have it ready by the time I left home. When I walked into his office, I saw that he already had a Make a Difference card on his desk. 🙂

  135. Today is 10/11/10 and I’m a month late in posting my comment regarding the Encouragement cards I received from Dayspring! Mail problems, family health emergencies and my own illnesses prevented me from being on time. However, I wanted to do what I promised and post my comment on how I used the cards and to let anyone know who reads this that the post is on my blog. I used 8 cards to encourage people in my life. I sent one to my grandmother who had just gotten out of the hospital for the 2nd time in one week. I sent one to my Mom suffering from a severe and chronic pain condition and four open wounds. I mailed a card to my best friend whose husband is heading into remission from lung cancer for the second time (including one bout with brain cancer). (God is awesome!) I sent a card to a friend of mine in Texas that struggles daily with making ends meet even though she works two jobs. I sent a card to a friend in California who just underwent surgery. I also sent a card to an elderly man I care for in a nursing home to try and show him more of the love of Jesus. I sent my 8th card to another blog friend in Florida who has been having a lot of down days and has been in a lot of physical pain. The cards have all been received and have been very appreciated! Thank you for the opportunity to send them to those I care about. The post will be up today, 10/11/10 at http://www.staceydawnimages.com/

  136. I so look forward to living in the states soon so I can enter these little gift give aways. I love sending cards along with receiving them. Tucking them away in my bible to be pulled out during different times have been exactly what i needed. but sending cards from over seas carries some risk, mostly then not reaching their destination. There is nothing that encourages more then receiving a home made one from a bush missionary who had had to use what is available to her. You know lots of love was put into the making of it. Looking forward to living without some of the limitation living in such an undeveloped country can bring. keep giving away, hoping to win somethings sometime.