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Mary DeMuth is an author, speaker and book mentor who helps folks turn trials to triumph. : She blogs at Mary DeMuth Her recent book, Thin Places, details God's surprising transformation of a life.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Thank you so much for sharing, Mary. Beautiful and so encouraging, I love THE MESSAGE, it bubbles up with life and joy and there are beautiful word treasures just waiting for discovery. Applauding God with you!!!

  2. Thanks for your words…I too have learned to dance in the puddles of life! God has put me where I am in this season for a reason and I may as well dance in the rain!!

  3. I can completely relate to your analogy of the little black cloud following you around and your suggestions are so true. Finding gratitude is huge! And, I have found myself always having the same encouraging song in my car’s cd player to go to whenever that dark cloud doesn’t roll away. I loved your post. Thank you for your encouraging words and reminding us that God is with us every step of the way.

  4. “Thou hast turned for me my mourning into dancing…”
    Psalm 30:11a

    May we find ourselves dancing on the ashes.

  5. Your description made perfect sense to me. You used the word missionary family…but I would insert Pastor’s family for myself.
    We felt that black cloud and all the defeat that went along with it.

    Still crawling away from the wreckage and putting back the pieces that satan stole away.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • So sorry, Wanda. Yes, a pastor’s family goes through it too. So hard. So painful in the aftermath. But sweet in the healing. Praying the sweetness comes to you today.

  6. I play music 24/7 almost. It’s encouraging and comforting and beautiful…just whatever I need. I want to go a little further and dance to it just to be joyful and have fun while I go about my day. That’s one of my next goals. :o)

  7. Thanks for sharing Mary. The entire time I was reading I was thinking of my sister and one of my best friends who are on the mission field in the Philippines. The sister has been over there 2 months and the friend for 2 1/2 weeks but that will eventually be 3 years and 2 years and I know they’ll have days where the little black rain cloud is hovering over them. They probably already have. I shared this with them so that they might be as encouraged as I was to stand, applaud, laugh and praise Him when those clouds come along.

    Thanks again. This really spoke to me today.

  8. Thank you for your encouraging post. Look for the rainbow, no matter how very faint it might be, I know God allows all things. Cloudy days and rain much needed for the cleansing process, not only for the landscape, but more so for my soul, so my spirit can break through my soulish outer woman. Then and only then can I do the work He has for me.

  9. Oh ministry is such a scary thing. Our faith is tested so often. It’s so important to cherish the small moments, the good and bad.

  10. Your words could not have come a t a better time. I was under a cloud of rain and having my own self pity party. I love the whole idea of dancing under the cloud. Reminds me of a song that talks about God dancing over us and singing all around us …wish I could remember that song title…oh I have digressed…thank you for helping me see I can still dance amid the clouds.

  11. Mary, I have been a silent admirer for a very long time now. I just wanted to say how much you bless me – how your words uplift and encourage. Thank you for faithfully writing your heart and walking in obedience.

  12. Mary, I am sorry that you had such a painful time as a missionary. I grew up as a missionary kid, and I know how hard it can be sometimes. But Europe is so desperately in need of people to bring the message of the Gospel! All my extended family is there, and the culture has drifted so far from God as to make the Bible seem like a fairy tale. I’m sure that made your ministry so much harder, but thank you for making the sacrifice of going, thank you for being willing to live under that rain-cloud for a while in order to share God’s love with these people. My prayer is that you may see abundant fruit, a result of what you and your family gave during your time in France.

    • Thank you so much, Alexandra. I so agree that Europe is hard. I personally believe it’s the hardest place for sharing the gospel right now.

      I do know that growth in me has happened as a result, so perhaps that was what God was after.

  13. Woohoo! Dancing in the puddles – with our dog…LOL. He’s my daytime dance partner. Now when we dance, I’ll remember to stand on fearful feet, applaud God, laugh, and sing myself right into His awesome presence.

  14. Thank you! “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

  15. Mary, it does my heart good to see your face and words here in this place. I love how you are forever pursuing God–finding Him in the hard, the far-away, the everyday. You help us chase Him too. And you remind us whatever path that leads us down, it always takes us to love. So grateful for you, my word friend.

  16. Mary, I can’t specifically relate to your struggles on a foreign mission field… but, as a born worrier, I can really appreciate your encouragement to stand, applaud, laugh, and sing our way through challenging days. I’ve always loved the Message… thanks for pointing me toward a great verse.

  17. Mary, I can completely relate to your mission field experience. (spent 6 years in the southern Philippines) My heart ached for you, and me, as I read this. Often God moves us, geographically, through uncomfortable circumstances, but thankfully we can trust his sovereignty, and his will as we seek him in all we do. Sometimes we need to be outside our comfort zone to be teachable. Those hard times are the times I find myself closer to God and learning the most.

  18. Mary,

    Your words speak into a time I am preparing for…we are preparing our family of myself, husband, son (3), daughter (1) to move to Hungary as long-term missionaries with Student Venture International (middle-high school students)…God has led clearly and so we continue in faith, but there are many costs in this season to make such a move–as the Lord confirmed this calling/next steps this summer while there (our 3rd time) I laid my heart before Him and could see the tears and loneliness in advance…

    I appreciate your words and want to carry them in my heart for the days ahead–thank you again for sharing:) blessings, Abby:)

  19. I love the idea of applauding God. And like you said even if it is just for the small things it will change the outlook on your day. I need to applaud God more often than I do and switch to a more positive and greatful mindset for all that He has done for me of which I deserve none.