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Lee is the grateful momma of three adult sons and an enthusiastic cheerleader and teacher to students with special needs. Her lifelong goal is to live a "pray without ceasing" life and to help others do the same. She is the author of Prayer Gifts While You Wait.

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  1. I cried. So proud of you and your ability to write from the heart about your relationship with God.

  2. Lee, I love this post! I am so encouraged and challenged to pay special attention today and forward in this regard. How many times have another’s hands been as Christ’s own to me? Sometimes, I get this. Most of the time, I see where I should have, could have been those hands on the backside of something. Thanks for the admonition to open up my eyes.


  3. Thank you for this…God continues to show me He doesn’t need me to to do some ‘big’ project somewhere else but to just be His hands, feet, or mouth right where He has me today. I am seeking to be more sensitive to His leading in this way, right here in my community each day, even if it is just my unbelieving husband that He wants me to touch or minister to. I’m realizing that a lot of (what I think are) ‘little’ things can add up to a ‘big’ thing for God. My willingness to be obedient is the key. God Bless.

  4. Beauitful post LeeBird. I have this dream of holidng a sign up that reads “Free Hugs” in a public place. The birth of my dream: I saw a music video a few years ago where the main actor in the video walked around giving random people, random hugs….. While the responses in the video made me laugh- they also made me want to try it. Then, one of my friends while she was visiting San Francisco took a picture of a guy holding a sign “Free Hugs.” 🙂

    people need our ears, hearts, and touch.

  5. What an honor that He chooses to use us in the process! Thank you God that you’ve chosen to use us as your hands and feet. Thanks for this beautiful post.

  6. Lee,

    Thank you for your precious words! Just two weeks ago my husband, daughter, and I stood at the bedside of a 96 year-old man from our church who was in his last days of life. I’ll never forget his squeezing of my hand and his feeble, but oh so sweet, hug. I’m thankful for that memory, not just for me but for my 13 year old daughter whom he loved so much. He even had his son prop him up on pillows so he could give Olivia a “real hug.” I know she will remember that moment for the rest of her life.

    We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and I am thankful that you are exactly that for this precious couple at your church. Thank you for sharing your story with us. You made me smile!

    Tammy (Your She Speaks Coffee-Line Friend!!) I love how God connects His children!

  7. Thank you for this reminder of the importance of physical touch and how God can use us to bring much needed comfort, encouragement, and love to others simply through our touch. I’ve been the recipient and the giver and there is blessing in both.

  8. Lee – Your ability to find the beauty in such a simple act speaks to all of us about the importance of making those connections. Keep writing and making connections with those around you. The impact is tremendous.