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Jessica Turner is the author of Stretched Too Thin: How Working Moms Can Lose the Guilt, Work Smarter and Thrive, and blogs on The Mom Creative. Every day is a juggling act as she balances working full-time, making memories with her family, photographing the every day and trying to be...

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. I like the new blog. So funny cause I just used the designer of your blogger blog to make mine. 🙂 What can I do for me? Actually schedule to use the spa gift certificate my hubby gave me for Christmas. With Joy, Carey

  2. What a great reminder that receiving the desires of our hearts are intertwined with delighting in our Maker and committing our way to the Him. And trusting Him. Puts a different spin on it… different than many of us were raised. Delighting in the surrender almost. Wow, thank you.

  3. I do the same kinds of things … reading a book or working on crafts help me to focus after a long day. Taking the time for devotions is such a blessing. Thanks for the reminder that God likes to see us delight in the talents that he has given us.

  4. Jessica,
    You sound so much like me at your age. Juggling. I am happy that you are finding a balance as God intended. He will give you all the energy you need when you work for him. I love the Colossians verse of Paul – all His energy that works so powerfully in me. I still have to remind myself to take the time – that I can’t do everything that is asked of me. I have to pray and find my way with His blessing.

    I have found watercolour, reading and walking our dog to be my personal balances – with of course my prayer time and quiet time with God foremost.

    Have a wonderful balanced day.

  5. I’m in my (late) thirties and am just learning the importance of self care. To accept that “I count” has been refreshing and empowering, allowing me to more richly serve those I love. I’ve noticed in times of stress, change or increased demands that caring more gently for myself gives me the energy and courage to move forward. Thank you for the reminder!

    Best wishes as you move forward in your own season of increased demands.

  6. Blogger to WordPress. That is consuming enough right there. (I am in the midst of it as well-ALL BY MYSELF.) Your site is adorable- love the scalloped edging!

    I try to get away every week, to get an extended time to journal, study Scripture, write, read; enjoy being able to finish something uninterrupted. It is by mini-retreat to refresh and renew my connection with the Lord. Love it.

  7. Me time? What is that, anyway? I work at a church camp that is year-round, but a lot of our focus is on summer camps for children and youth — and I am in the middle of preparing for it! Last night, I just started crying… stressed about work, family, and finding balance with everything. I need some “me” time… and I shall work to find it — even if it’s just a few minutes. Thanks for the advice, Jess! A much needed article for me. 🙂

  8. I have a chronic illness which forces me to take care of myself, which I was never apt to do before I got sick 5 years ago. It’s one of the reasons I’m thankful for this trial, because if I ever get better, I will probably live a healthier, happier life because of the self-care habits I’ve developed as a result of my illness. On a daily basis, “me” time involves watching old 50’s and 60’s comedy shows during lunch and laughing my head off, taking a walk every afternoon, taking the time to cook all my meals, and soaking my feet in the sink every night and rubbing out the pain and tension. The little things make a big difference.

    P.S. I’m madly in love with your new blog design.

  9. Thanks for sharing this! I really needed the reminder today. I can’t wait to start the new book with you and Angie by the way!

  10. i totally relate to this post, especially the part about the days going by so quickly that i barely comprehend where i am going. like you, i have to remind myself to breathe, to take a moment for myself. to not feel guilty about refreshing myself so that i can go and refresh others. for me, my get away is writing. it is who i am. it is what connects me to God. thank you for the verses because of course my ultimate connection, my ultimate refreshment comes from His Word.

  11. Thank you Jess. I appreciate the verses you shared with this topic. The Lord gently guides us and leads us. Especially those with young! *smile* We were never intended to lead a fast paced life–taking care of ourselves forces us to slow down and see what the Lord has for us and rejoice in that! Thank you for this topic, it is a passion of mine.

  12. Why do we do this to ourselves? All these life changes at once?

    I’d be really interested to hear what you think of WordPress and why you decided to switch. I’m thinking of doing the same.