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Lee is the grateful momma of three adult sons and an enthusiastic cheerleader and teacher to students with special needs. Her lifelong goal is to live a "pray without ceasing" life and to help others do the same. She is the author of Prayer Gifts While You Wait.

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  1. Wow, wow, wow! God bless you for this. I can identify as I’m clumsy both on my feet and mind and could identify with each scenario you listed.

    Really needed this today – God bless you!

  2. love it! I have very similar stories…my husband calls me “grace!” Love the tie in to our minds. Makes me think of 2 Corinthians 10:5, ” we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”. Thanks for sharing you story!

  3. I was laughing as I read the first portion of your post b/c growing up (umm and still now) I ALWAYS trip as I am walking UP the stairs in my parents house. Same stair. every. single. time. My parents always laugh at me (still) from the 1st floor as they hear the loud thud. Still manages to amuse them! 🙂

    I love this verse if 1 Peter that you referenced. I don’t think I have ever read this verse with this “topic” in mind and it goes hand in hand. I am definitely guilty of a cluttered mind and letting unwelcome thoughts linger too long. Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. Oh I love this writing of yours! I read a book once as a child called, “Megan the Klutz” and though my name isn’t Megan my dad still calls me by that name when I act without thinking and klutz in my living.

    I’ve not thought about how klutzy my thinking can be, though, and how I trip up on my own mind. I know what is true and what I should do, and yet I still do it. It’s necessary to *gird* ourselves, as you so wonderfully explained! So. Important. You write more than encouragement, you write real-true-instruction-living.

    Rich blessings, sweet Lee, as you continue to accept your own unique self…clumsy and all…

  5. Absolutely loved this!! Loved the mental image of tucking in those stray thoughts into our armor!! Thank you so much!

  6. I too, am a clumsy person. If I am honest (which I see as the best thing to be) there is one thought I stumble over more often than any other one. Writing a blog feeling really passionate about it, then getting no comments on it. I often think, “No comments? Really? maybe I’m not a good writer.” When on the contrary, I’ve had several people tell me otherwise. I know people read the blog, and I don’t write for them, but I get crushed by them. Doesn’t make sense, I know. I write to God and that’s all that should matter, but that’s not all that seems to matter.

  7. Oh, boy, Lee, I can definitely relate to the clumsiness. Your post reminded me of the first time I was clumsy with my 5 month old son and he fell from his carrier. It shook me up so much!! I do believe my heart stopped beating for a few seconds. 🙂

    “but, thanks to Jesus, my mind can be sure and steady.” So thankful, we have this assurance when we keep our eyes and hearts focused on Him

  8. Thank you for being obedient to the call of “tweeting encouragement”! My quiet time this morning was spent asking the Lord to help me to take on his yoke because His burden is light. The burden I’ve taken on over the past several months has been quite heavy. And what do you know? I find your blog! I’m thinking maybe you’ve been to my house or something, because that’s me you’re talkin’ about!

    I’ve spent the past few months exhausting myself with trying to catch up with all the things I’ve put on myself. “I fail to stick to my eating plan or my cleaning schedule or my to-do list…again; discouragement weighs heavier than my will to begin again.” …I think you’ve been spying on me! 😉

    Not only have I exhausted myself, but I’ve let the enemy call me names like “failure” and “inadequate” and…well, you get it. Thanks for reminding me to “tie up the loose ends of my mind so I can run the race with confidence.”

  9. Nice encouragement Sweetie!
    Love it!
    I chained up the ladder before I left to see the folks just in case! 😉

  10. Excellent Leebird!!!!! I loved the story, chuckled thru most of it as I saw myself in those shoes of yours, scraped & bruised legs & all…..congrats!!!!!

  11. Great honest encouragement. Aging makes one lose that flexibility that you had when you were young…the joints are stiffer, everyone worries about you falling and breaking a hip so the clumsiness does get worst on the physically side.
    Love it that you took it to the spiritual whelm though …..those traps are still out there but that
    I Peter I:13 will shut those trap doors and keep the spirit strong even when the physical flexibility is decreases the new man will increase. I plan to pass this one to my fb….got some wise hearted women friend who will love your post.

  12. i often joke that the security people watching the camera’s at walmart get excited when i walk in the door because they know there’s about to be a show! i often trip, bump into, knock over, etc and think i must be the least graceful person alive. thanks for your post that reminds me that i’m not alone with either my physical or my mental clumsiness!!!

  13. Great post Lee! I’m such a clutz sometimes myself…I have so many of those moments you described!!! My husband actually looks at me from time to time and says, “HONEY! I feel sorry for you!” LOL. I really appreciate what you had to say about stray thoughts…so hard to get them under control sometimes…keep up the good work! If the Lord inspires you to encourage someone, or do something, you don’t need the other person’s approval!!!